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This is face of happy man with 2 trans sons


Ars Technica in "defending modern :marseywarhol: pop culture" shocker.

Fallout :marseyklennylegion: as a social :marseyredcheck: commentary

Take a gander at the user score on Metacritic, and you'll see about two-thirds of the respondents giving it high marks. They praise the art direction, the humor, the characters, and the action :marseyfunko: sequences.

The games :marseygamer: were known for all those things, but they were also known for having something to say—for a sharp :marseybackstabsjw: critical commentary on the worst parts of American :marseymanifestdestiny: culture.

The other one-third of those Metacritic users say the show is terrible, but when I looked at the individual negative :marseydisagree: reviews, most were from people who said they stopped watching :marseyoperasmug: after one or two episodes because the show was “woke,” as is so often the case with user reviews. With many shows and movies, I at least know what they're talking about, even if I disagree—like if there :marseycheerup: is clumsily expressed messaging :marseytelegram: that doesn't fit a show's larger themes.

But with Fallout, I sincerely have no idea what's triggering them in this show, unless they object to the mere fact that one of the show's three :marseycerebrus: protagonists is female, or that there :marseycheerup: are a couple :marsey2commies: of non-heterosexual minor :marseygoodmap: characters in the periphery of the story. If that's the case, there's no reaching those people, I suppose, which is too bad—they're missing :marsey404: out on a great :marseynice: show!

If anything, my biggest personal complaint about the first :marseywinner: three :marseycerebrus: episodes of Fallout :marseyburnedman: is that they're short :marseymanlet: on the social :marseyredcheck: commentary and satirical bite the games :marseygamer: are known for.

The commenters all love it too.

@Fabrico I'm afraid :marseyshock: that you're a stupid :marseyretard3: chuddy incel :marseyblops2cel: idiot, sorry. Do better.

The 2024 Tims experience

Why do we keep going there?

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The next Hitler is already growing up in Canada


What is a plural? :marseyconfused:A plural is according to themselves

Plurality is the state of having multiple headmates collectively sharing a single body. A group of headmates is called a system. Plural experiences are extremely diverse. Systems may be spiritual in nature or secular, median or partitionary, small systems or ones with thousands of headmates

According to regular people you might be aware of them as people who fake DID/MPD, You might've thought of it as a small mostly TikTok based community that was around for a short period in 2020 if any of you remember the infamous video

>HI im bunny! :marseybunny2:H-h-h-hey im oliver :marseygigaretard:

Now how do these people explain themselves after being accussed of faking DID :marseyquestion:

DID is a specific psychiatric diagnosis. It is a Complex Dissociative Disorder(CDD) alongside several other disorders like P-DID (ICD only), OSDD, and UDD.

Some plural folks meet the criteria of a CDD, but many do not, as these disorders have very specific criteria- and experiencing 'more than one' experiences of various kinds is only one of those.

So they created a whole new spectrum lol

Some important words used in these spaces:

Plural = a person experiencing plurality :marseyautism:

Singlet = someone who isn't plural :marseygigachad:

System = a group of people inside the body :marseymeds:

Headmate = an entity inside the system

switching = a headmate taking over the system from another headmate

sysmed = someone who believes "systems" can only exist in disorders such as DID

Theres more terms (some are funny asf :marseylaugh:) but those are the most important:


What are the causes of plurality (besides being an attentionseeker even doe i and (you) !attentionmaxxers are one aswell)

Traumagenic is the name for plurality caused from having trauma :marseygiveup:

Plurality can also come from tulpamancy (if you didn't know tulpamancers are the coomers of the occult world)

and other causes are called endogenic which spawns the terms "endo" and "anti-endo"

Internet history

They seem to have begun in 2001 when a website named darkpersonalities created an article on why they don't identify with their diagnosis (im assuming this was actual diagnosed ppl not identifying cuz im not reading allat), But the actual time i found when this whole community i think took off is when in 2019 streamer protomagicalgirl disclosed their plurality, which made the xitter :marseybluecheck: hashtag #pluralgang trend and made many people "recognize" they were also plural


Ok heres the community to troll now :marseytroll: (posts are restricted apparently but i havnt tried posting yet and if not should be easy to get into, also i think comments are free game)

Dramaworthy post to mine btw

MTF 33 year old plural lesbian recieves backlash in lesbian sub (xer whole account is also very interesting :marseylowpoly:)

Fallout fans right now

A 34-year-old woman, who worked as an astrology influencer, killed her partner, 8-month-old baby and herself after posting warnings about the "spiritual warfare" of the total solar eclipse, say police.

On April 8, the same day as the eclipse, Danielle Johnson pushed her two children from a moving car on a busy Los Angeles-area freeway at around 4:30 a.m. local time, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Half an hour later. Johnson then drove her Porsche SUV at over 100mph and crashed into into a tree in the city of Redondo Beach.

While her nine-year-old child "sustained moderate injuries from the fall and was transported to a local hospital,” a press release from the LAPD added that her “eight-month-old child sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at scene.”

“Johnson did not survive the crash and was the sole occupant of the vehicle,” the release added.

Earlier that day, Johnson is also believed to have fled her home with her children after stabbing her partner Jaelen Chaney, 29.

Let's see what else this queen posted on her social media:

She retweeted a bunch of things about how evil the heckin Jews are, so she has a lot in common with rdrama chuds!

Ok OUR SPELL WORK IS BURNING!!! Anyone else feel a weight lift off of them already?? I'm already feeling more clear headed and I literally passed out before I could finish this tweet lmaooooo




Libra Aries Capricorn and Cancer placements you'll feel a HUGE awakening in your power once this Eclipse hits. You'll have solutions to issues you've been dealing with since last October.

Mark my words. Pluto in Aquarius is coming in HOT on all this bs. USA has moon in Aquarius. Public uprises against oppression will be emotional, unpredictable and violent.

Oh, and she was also a Tr*mp supporter. Enough said!


China would try to annex that shit in 10 minutes

Anyone else have this problem?
Apex predator foid vs test pumped foid

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EFFORTPOST Lebanon is having an especially spicy week of assassinations :marseyimam:

Two high profile murders have occured in Lebanon in recent days and they seem to be linked.

Jbail, the biblical Byblos. (See what I did there?)

Pascal Sleiman was the leader of the Lebanese Forces party in Jbail. According to army intelligence, a gang of Syrians pistol whipped him and dumped him in the trunk of his own car where he suffocated. They took his car and drove back to al-Qusayr just across the Syrian border. The motive was just to steal his car and had nothing to do with politics.

Pascal Sleiman.

Many people don't buy it. The Lebanese Forces is one of the two main Christian parties and the most important faction opposing Hezbollah. Hezbollah controls al-Qusayr and has long been notorious for protecting criminals in the nearby Bekaa Valley. And why would carjackers bother to kill him and bring his body back to Syria?

Syrian troops celebrating the fall of of al-Qusayr after a joint operation with Hezbollah, 2013.

On the other hand there are reasons to believe the official story. If Hezbollah did it then why would their allies in the army arrest the suspects? Why not just make up the same story but say they got away?

Karantina, January 18, 1976. The defenseless Beirut neighborhood was destroyed by Christian militias with hundreds killed and r*ped.

LF supporters have understandably gone apeshit and insist it had to be an assassination. They're reacting like you would expect, blocking the coast road in Jbail and attacking random innocent Syrians, of whom there are still a million or more living in Lebanon after fleeing Syria's civil war. Hezbollah's leader pointed to this and compared it to the LF's role in starting the civil war in 1975. Nadim Gemayal, an ally of the LF, responded by putting 100% of the blame for the civil war on the Palestinians and made a truly deranged comment claiming that the LF were actually the real victims when they carried out the Karantina and Tal el-Zaatar massacres.

Nadim Gemayel's father Bashir was the hottest of Lebanese warlords but he looks weird and effeminate like his uncle Amine instead. Also fat.

Major plot twist: It turns out that an important Hezbollah associate who had disappeared a few days before Sleiman's death had actually been murdered as well. Mohammad Sarur was known to play an important role in passing money from Iran to Hamas. He was found a week after disappearing in a house in Beit Mery, tortured to death with 10 gunshots to his legs. A large amount of cash was found with him, ruling out robbery. The killers were pros who have managed to disappear without a trace. It is virtually certain he was assassinated by Mossad.

Mohammed Sarur.

So is this a coincidence or are the two murders linked? It would be wildly irresponsible to speculate, so I'm going to speculate now. The LF has been allied with Israel on and since the 1970s. Did Hezbollah realize their guy had been killed and retaliate by killing a leader of the LF? Or did they believe the LF had some hand in his death? After all, Beit Mery is a mostly Christian town where the LF must have some presence. Why choose Sleiman? Jbail is of no significance to Hezbollah. Did Sleiman have some secret importance or tie to Israel that Hezbollah knew about?

The view from Beit Mery, a resort town in the mountains above Beirut.

Whatever the truth is, we can guess the future will be a total shitshow. Any time when the Maronite patriarch is begging people to show restraint you know things are about to get ugly. Hezbollah's popularity is probably at an all-time low right now. Some Lebanese support its rocket attacks on Israel but many more, especially among Christians, resent being dragged into war by an unelected militia that seems to care more about Palestine, Syria, and Iran than their own country. Everyone remembers the 2006 war when Israel failed militarily but inflicted massive damage to civilian infrastructure that has still never been repaired. Even before the Gaza war began, Hezbollah had already been deeply unpopular for its role in keeping the government totally dysfunctional. Its enemies see this moment as an opportunity to take it down a few pegs, so expect them to make more aggressive moves in the near future.


Fallout :marseyfallout: is now streaming on Prime 93% on RT 72/100 Metascore

!g*mers !kino

EFFORTPOST When whites weren't genocided - The Truth and Reconciliation Commission :marseyflagsouthafrica:

I've been put on lithium for Bipolar Disorder. Apparently it's potentially toxic so I have to take blood samples frequently. My psychiatrist wants me to be hospitalized again but I refused because I don't want to and I don't think I need to. I just admitted I have suicidal ideation but no plans. So long as I don't go manic, I'll still be able to refuse. I'm getting good sleep lately so I don't think a manic episode is coming anytime soon. Shit only gets bad when I only get an hour of sleep and feel fine afterwards. Let's talk a bit about South African history.

Following the end of apartheid in 1994, there were fears that revenge was going to be the norm. Several pieces of writing can be found on this "Swaart gevaar" or "black danger" that would come with democracy. Some whites fled, but many decided to stay and embrace the multicultural society. To help heal the wounds of apartheid, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was held. The aim was to air out all the crimes of humanity that occurred. Those who gave honest testimony would be given amnesty while those who were deemed to be politically motivated would face justice. It was also a platform for victims to tell their stories.

Instead of retributive justice, the country turned to restorative justice, which is an approach to justice that personalizes the crime by having the victims and the offenders mediate a restitutive agreement to the satisfaction of each. Victims take an active role in the process. Meanwhile, offenders take meaningful responsibility for their actions, taking the opportunity to right their wrongs and redeem themselves, in their own eyes and in the eyes of the community. This approach is based on a theory of justice that considers crime and wrongdoing to be an offense against an individual or community, rather than the State.

Do you agree with restorative justice, or do you think retribution is superior? Mull over this as we delve into the intricacies of the TRC.

Reasons for the TRC

It shouldn't need to be stated, but several atrocities occurred during apartheid. This is without considering the several freedom fighters who went "missing". Some of the most tragic incidents are:

  • In 1960, the Sharpeville Massacre occurred, an event that garnered international attention and outrage. When protestors convened outside a police station to protest pass laws, police opened fire and killed 69 people

  • Another notable protest occurred on the 16th of June 1976 when students in Soweto marched to Orlando West Junior Secondary School. Teargas and bullets were released, resulting in fatalities of children. Most famously, Hector Peterson was one of the victims.

Subsequent waves of protests meant that by the end of the year, the government issued an official (although likely underestimated) casualty figure of 575 dead. This was the heyday of apartheid, but it led to complete condemnation from the international community and sanctions were put in place. Eventually, when F.W. de Klerk came into power, apartheid laws were slowly repealed. In 1994, the first democratic election was held and the ANC was voted into power, allowing Nelson Mandela to become president just four years after serving a 27-year prison sentence.

South Africa experiences hope

Americans will be familiar with the metaphor of the melting pot. In South Africa, we have the rainbow nation. When democracy was won, a wave of optimism swept the nation. Along with this came the idea of the prosperous, racially integrated ‘rainbow nation'. The idea became so popular that the rainbow became a shorthand for a nation seeking reconciliation and unity after decades of racial and political tensions.

The TRC consisted of three committees: Human Rights Violations, Amnesty, and Reparation and Rehabilitation. For the first time, the TRC process allowed for the voicing of injustices rendered audible in the public domain, and harrowingly revealed the pain, grief, and trauma that had previously been borne in silence and anonymity by victims and their families. The TRC was also aimed at a restoration of humanity, and comprised a drama of national proportions.

Significantly, however, four kinds of narrative truth were recognised by the TRC:

  • factual – objective, empirical, impartial, legal, forensic

  • social or dialogue – the kinds established by social interaction, discussion and debate

  • subjective – personal memories and experiences

  • reconciliatory – stories about healing that were future-oriented.

The first TRC hearing was held on 15 April 1996 in East London. When Fort Calata's widow, Nomonde, let out a piercing wail on remembering her husband's murder, the entire East London hall, led by Bishop Desmond Tutu, stood up and began singing Senzenima – what have we done? – a chorus to her agony, those present taking on her trauma collectively. (Many who testified to apartheid atrocities were having to ‘speak the unspeakable', and were reduced to conveying their pain in a realm outside of language.) Fort Calata was one of the Cradock Four, a group which included Matthew Goniwe, Sparrow Mkonto and Sicelo Mhlawuli, who were murdered by security operatives in the Eastern Cape in June 1985.

Over 50 public hearings were held over 1888 days, more than 20000 reports/statements on 38000 incidents involving 14000 deaths were taken from victims/survivors (although only about 2000 were heard in the public hearings themselves, i.e. 10%), and 7116 applications were made for amnesty (of which 1167 were granted, i.e.16%). Amnesty could only be applied for in respect of acts committed with the complicity, if not proven approval, of apartheid leaders (e.g. the military, government and security forces) in pursuit of alleged enemies of the state. The Amnesty Committee concluded its work on amnesty applications by perpetrators in May 2001 (3 years after the five-volume TRC report was released in October 1988), but work continues to prosecute those not granted amnesty. Some ex-members of the Security Police and Bureau of Civil Cooperation have been serving prison sentences for murder, illegal arms possession and fraud e.g. Eugene de Kock, the Vlakplaas Commander (known as “Prime Evil” in the media), Dirk Coetzee and Craig Williamson.

Post TRC - Was forgiveness worth it?

Jacob Dlamini's text Native Nostalgia which discusses the possibility of the existence of a nostalgia for a pre-democracy past. In the introduction, Dlamini provides statements from South Africans who reveal a dissatisfaction with post-1994 society and a longing for the past. anxieties surrounding life in the new South Africa have resulted in some portions of the population believing that their survival was more secure during apartheid. Thus, while the arrival of democracy may have brought some hope to South Africa, views of the country's socio-political state after 1994 have led to scepticism regarding the possibility for post-Apartheid prosperity.

These views are exemplified in the case of South African Brandon Huntley who applied for refugee status in Canada, claiming that the government failed to protect him from racially motivated attacks. His lawyer, South African Russell Kaplan, claims that one of Huntley's intentions was to inform the world “what a sickly place South Africa is”.

The biggest setback is the lack of change that followed the TRC. The thing about rainbows is that the colors are separate, which is the case in South Africa. Arial photos taken by Johnny Miller reveal that economic divisions created by Apartheid still stratify the Western Cape. Using a drone, he captures how the segregation is not created by any natural phenomena but instead is caused by the manmade divisions of Apartheid. The photo below is of Lwandle/Nomzamo, a township that was designated for black people by the Group Areas Act of 1950. It was originally built as a low-cost place for workers to live.

According to a 2011 census, Nomzamo still has a black population of over 90%, revealing that demographics have not changed since 1994 and society is still segregated racially. These racial segregations trace economic lines.

Another photograph taken by Miller features Manenberg. This township was created in 1966 for coloured people after District Six and other areas were declared whites-only regions.

Like Nomzamo, Manenberg mostly retains its pre-democracy demographics thus over 80% of its residents are coloured. Furthermore, housing continues to be a problem and the widespread poverty breeds crimes and gangs.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Was the TRC a good idea?

  • Was justice served?

  • Would South Africa be better off with a tribunal?

  • Would South Africa be better off with white genocide following the end of apartheid?

  • Did the TRC do anything good or was it just a show to brush away a bloody past?

To end off, I'd like to post an interview with a jail warden who once jailed political prisoners but now works as a tour guide at Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was held. Do you think he received justice? Hmmmmm...


Jesus man did you not know you can google "How to build an appealing resume"? Why would you pay $500 for a word document?

He was more of a career coach and he was recommended by a few friends who had positive experiences with him. When you are desperate for a job you'd do anything.


Hey thanks for the feedback. FYI, for the leadership positions I do have the proper dates just removed it for this post. Regarding the 5 jobs, those were internships and I graduated during COVID, as you can see I work in research labs when the COVID situation would get out of hand, we'd have to leave. Thanks again

5 jobs in 5 years is too many. Drop the insignificant ones. Usually 3 quick jobs is borderline. 4+ is a death sentence on a resume.

Director of Diversity? Seriously drop that out of there. Just put “Director.” No business wants to hire that at all.



See also: Part 2

Spoiler: the :marseytrain: bans him :marseyscream:

Orange Site discussion


The HN comments get to the core of this:

A moderator on Vaxry's groomercord changed a transgender person's pronouns from "they/them" to "who/cares". Vaxry did nothing about it, and even supported this change, stating that the person was making too big a deal about their pronouns

lmao based

Also someone posted screenshots from his Groomercord where he pings everyone asking for hentai:

Reddit discussions:

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