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True China shall rule all China again(Minus Aksai Chin)

Rethuglicans have the opportunity to do the funniest thing right meow

The speaker doesn't have to be a member of Congress


Neighbor butt speaking in a language that ain't native to Crimea :marseyxd:

Then another guy tells this:


Basically admitting being Nazi

So they justify Putins arguments about protect Russian population in Crimea/Donbas and to denazify Ukraine. And then they ask why Russian are fighting :soycry:

Also weren't Russian soldiers supposed to run away because of low moral ? So the whole why are u fighting :soycry: sounds now kinda strange :marseythinkorino:

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16963681639769711.webp https://i.rdrama.net/images/16963682420825067.webp

  • I always hated my breasts and when I came out as nonbinary, I finally understood why.

  • I want to get top surgery, but the only doctor in my state won't operate on me because I'm too fat.

  • My insurance won't help me, so I'm worried my mental health will deteriorate.

I've always had complicated feelings aboutย my breasts. I developed early --- around 10 years old --- and by 13, my chest was already massive.

As my breasts continued to grow, I came up with all sorts of reasons why I hated them: I had to special order bras, my shoulders and back ached all the time, and I got rashes under my breasts whenever I didn't wearย a bra.

But when I eventually came out asย nonbinaryย and decided I wanted top surgery, I learned there was a lot standing in my way.

In my mid-30s, I figured out that I'm nonbinary

Though I was assigned female at birth and raisedย female, I'm not a woman. But I'm not a man either. I'm definitely more masculine than feminine, but my gender identity doesn't exist on the binary gender spectrum.

When I figured that out, my complicated relationship with my breasts finally made sense. I actually hate my breasts because they don't belong on my body. My feelings about my breasts escalated from discomfort to distress. I was so anxious and upset about their mere existence that I frequently sobbed in front of the mirror and had panic attacks.

Myย trans friendsย assured me that this is a fairly normal experience for newly out trans folks. When we finally realize that our bodies don't match our identities, a lifetime of suppressed distress comes crashing in all at once. They also told me that there's a name for the intense distress I felt about my breasts: chest dysphoria.

I started chest binding using garments called binders or medical tape specially designed to flatten my chest, which was no easy feat with F-cup breasts. Though I've found some techniques that sort of work, binding doesn't fix the fact that I still have breasts that don't belong on my body.

I started researching top surgery and was surprised by what I learned

Top surgery is when a surgeon removes breast tissue and reshapes the chest to appear more masculine. When I Googled "top surgery in Vermont" for the first time, I discovered that only one surgeon in the state performs the procedure. But that surgeon won't perform top surgery on people with a body mass index higher than 35. They wouldn't even schedule a consultation until I lost 75 pounds.

I was devastated because I knew I couldn't lose weight. I spent more than a decade of my life battling anorexia and compulsive exercise, and I can't diet without ruining my physical and mental health.

After a few days of feeling despondent, my misery transformed into rage. In the past, countless doctors blamed my medical issues on my fatness --- only to later discover I had legitimate conditions that had nothing to do with my weight. I've been told I couldn't get certain treatments until I lost weight, and the delayed treatment made my medical conditions worse. My physical and mental health has been repeatedly eroded by doctors who won't provide adequate medical care simply because I'm fat. And I wasn't going to let it happen again.

I started researching other surgeons --- only to run into more obstacles

On social media, I found an active community of fat trans folks sharing information about fat-affirming surgeons. After doing some research, it became clear that I might have to go to an out-of-network surgeon in a different state.

I asked my insurance company if I'd be able to get an "out-of-network exception" to cover surgery --- which would cost $10,000 --- because the surgeon in Vermont wouldn't work with me. They flat-out told me that I wouldn't qualify because Iย *couldย *get top surgery from the in-state surgeon if I lost weight. Even when I mansplained my eating-disorder history, the insurance company insisted I could just lose weight and go to the surgeon in Vermont.

I vacillated between misery and rage for a few days, and then I dove back into the emotionally exhausting work of trying to determine if any of the surgeons in-network for my insurance operate on fat people, the exact requirements for getting top surgery covered, and my options for appealing if insurance won't cover the procedure.

As of right meow, I don't have any solid answers

If insurance won't cover top surgery, I can't afford to pay over $10,000 out of pocket, and my mental health will continue to deteriorate.

If I was thinner, I could just schedule an appointment with the surgeon in Vermont, and the procedure would be 100% covered by my insurance. But because I'm fat, I might not be able to access the care I desperately need.

Nobody in our healthcare system really seems to care because they've deemed my fat body unworthy of medical care.

X gon' give to ya - r/europe

Eurotards post particularly whiny dailybeast article on musk and Russia

Russian experts have long predicted that it's only a matter of time before U.S. aid to Ukraine is jeopardized by war fatigue and domestic issues. The MAGA branch of the Rethuglican Party is currently delivering in spades, as a stopgap funding bill that was passed by Congress to avert a shutdown excluded much-needed funding for Ukraine.

As a special bonus for supporters of the Russian war effort, Elon Musk over the weekend mocked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on X (formerly Twitter) for seeking international support to help his country repel a genocidal aggressor.

Predictably, Musk's cruelty brought joy to Putin's mouthpieces. During Monday's broadcast of 60 Minutes, state TV host Olga Skabeeva noted, โ€œIt's impossible not to notice that the West is getting sick not only of Zelensky but Ukraine as a whole, as a circumstance that is constantly siphoning away their money. Elon Musk is magnificent, he is wonderful and perhaps he really is our agent! He published a meme about a beggar that recently became popular, using Zelensky's face instead of that person. It says, โ€˜When it's been five minutes and you haven't asked for a billion dollars in aid.'โ€

a taste of the pretentiousness

Anyways eurotards seethe in the comments on their lack of relevant figures in Europe

AmeriKKKa needs to get a handle on its oligarchs.


Stop buying his shitty cars and delete Xitter and ask your government to stop giving in to rich buttholes.

I'm sure everyone will get right on that. Twitter and Tesla are gonna fail any day now

Musk seems to be suffering from the advanced variation of the Danning-Kruger. He is honestly very smart in some areas and so wildly successful especially considering his stutter, that he probably is sure that he knows most of the things better than other humans, to achieve such success in the world. And after russians has successfully gaslit him that they will launch strategic nuclear missiles at any danger to the regime, he took it hook, line and sinker, and is not doubting this. Because he was mostly right about different things before (or at least he believes so), he is now unable to doubt his decisions (at least some of them).

This Misk fanboy can't stand that X isn't on the right side of history

Why is /r/europe listening to anything Russians are saying? I don't disagree that Elmo is a c*nt, but it is in their interest to sow groomercord among NATO.

Because the internet is full of :#marseywingcuck:

Are there any laws still around being a traitor? Can we lock him up and redistribute his assets?


Least !commies European redditor

I wonder how he felt about communist USSR

Anyways the thread is full of downvoted !chuds, !r-slurs, and !burgers pretending to be Swedish.


Why soy like this ? I can understand spoiling Baldur gates, final fantasy even god of soy

But capeshit ? What is there to spoil ? Spider-Man will bind Batman and create a bdms chamber with his web to bussy blast Batman ?

Well? Which is it?

McCarthy out as Speaker of the House.

King Chud Big Dead for you apolitical r-slurs

Oakland to pay $450,000 to widow of man allegedly killed by neighbor
Didn't know my city has something like China town

So today I was just hanging out with a friend and he told me he want to buy noodles, instant noodles not real noodles for s*x so we entered a wired hood full of chunks sign and empty restaurants and shops in middle of nowhere, like you can see they don't make money there but somehow they still existing there :marseythinkorino:. And I noticed during day light there were tons of prositute there :marseythinkorino: like I didn't know that they do so much s*x work around, most s*x workers are from east Europe.

I also noticed local mayo's getting over yellow fever like my most weeb friend is chasing black girls and told me asian girls are the only girls he wouldn't touch :marseythinkorino: mb jinxxthinker is on something when he tells only pedophils like Asian girls

It finally happened to me

:#marseytrollgun: :#marseytrollgun: :#marseytrollgun:


My girlfriend told me she loves me cause I'm not too smart

Idk how to feel

Big ups to @l1terally_h1tler whose name I can never spell for unearthing this again. HUGE wall of text about Jews keeping Aryan kings from mating with 13-year-old girls to kill off the glorious White bloodline:


If you hung around on Ruqqus at all, you may remember @Xigbar68 (that isn't him on here) for the endless essays and infographics about how I need to be banned because I am a CCP-Mossad agent and my group, the RCP (Ruqqus Corrective Project) was a Chinese-sponsored operation to destroy free speech's last, greatest hope. There's an effortpost about that coming one day when I can be bothered but today is not that day.

Xigbar is also the one who once published a 50-page PDF analyzing some random account called Shitfrick and mansplaining why it is the webmaster's alt, and might be me and/or others, and there was a 2-3 page bibliography. I think Quad probably has the PDF saved. He also put out an hour-long video analysis of the RCP on YouTube.

Some old screencaps of the documentary's teaser trailer and its table of contents:


The documentary itself below :#carprentfree:


Ruqqus almost had pronouns once upon a time


And finally here are some screenshots of his old groomcord server in which he obsessively catalogued evidence to take down the Chinese on Ruqqus:




In closing:



(deux took over the nazi meme guild :marseyteehee:)



Dude you gotta make a twitter account its so fricking easy there

i know 16 year olds are easy marks but this isn't a tenth of it

JEWgle OWNS the latinx race. Not latinx is corrected to latinx
List of schizo subreddits

Please comment if you have others to add to the list. I bit off more than I can chew because apparently there's thousands of these, so I omitted ones that were boring, inactive, and/or redundant.

General or Misc Fringe

New Age


Religion, Politics, & Conspiracy (aka BORING)


Scientific & Historical



Edit: Oops, pressed enter too soon

proud /pol/tard makes it

!cuteandvalid !chuds !nonchuds

That's the funnies ads I seen on YouTube
"Dumb Money" is a flop confirmed

Movie came out 2 years too late, the only remaining people who care about this shit are weirdo cultists who believe their shares are going to one day be worth a million a piece.

Source: Wikipedia

White woman hands typed this tweet.

Oh frick who's gonna tell them


Marsey got arrested at applebee's again :marseysad:

I'm very tired and not feeling so well, but I decided to share this quality drama

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