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General Flangelious Inprisoned (2065)

literally me every morning


Dylan Mulvaney: Spookgender :marseyglow::marseyfedpostglow: (readcels and schizos only )

use this link instead: http://mileswmathis.com/mulvan.pdf


Freelancer is an arbitrary boring slog - Hitman Forum
I am mellokind/the great I am not. And


This is based, frick sugary cereals. I only have cereal once in a blue moon and when I do it usually something like Chex or Special K

Happy Pride Month from Marsey and Zombie Wolf!

So from my poll yesterday the winner was femboy Zombie Wolf and since it's June I decided to make it Pride Month themed!

Also Zombie Wolf is ftm, you can't change my mind

I'm like the joker but instead of throwing him into a vat of acid you threw him into trans onlyfans

:#marseykingkrazy:anyway check out the latest king krazy marsey, another banger from gigachad @DWHITE___________DYNAMITE:#marseykingkrazy:

From her post history:

she's fat and failed keto, so she's started injecting a diabetes drug to loose weight but is still eating taco bell


she doesn't have a uterus


she whines about weed gummies giving her violent diarrhea


she's upset because Cracker Barrel is closed on Thanksgiving and she is too lazy to bake a pumpkin pie. So both lazy and unable to plan ahead


I saw half of the new Little Mermaid :marseyflushzoom: so you don't have to

So I went in there and it wasn't terrible like somehow the human queen was black but she had a white kid but whatever and King Triton (sea neegan) was white but had black kids so that happened.

:marseyflushzoom: the eyes thing wasn't nearly as distracting as I thought it would be. All the outfits were basically like painted on stuff instead of like a real bra which you know felt a little degenerate for a kid's movie cuz you could definitely see real boob

The singing was pretty good actually but somehow even after losing her voice Ariel would not shut up and kept on singing the entire rest of the movie that I saw.

At the beginning of the show the white people were villains trying to Harpoon mermaids and there was a lot of global homo stuff about the shipwreck of Eric's ship destroying the environment and how many thousands of years Coral would take to grow back.

And for some reason when they brought into the palace when she had legs and they dressed her up like royalty for no possible reason and they had like white maids and black managers or something whatever you want to call it.

Anyways the kids got bored and they just didn't care for the movie so we left.

“One of my partners misgendered me and I feel awful” INSANE POLYSTRAG DRAMA

We need more polyamory posts they’re always so entertaining




Doing your best to accelerate the genocide I see

:marseytrain:Yeah its me that made Biden the genocide enjoyer

Seriously so twisted I feel sorry for you. Yeah good luck getting rethuglicans elected and see how they protect you. Like the 54% of white women voter for Trump. They’re getting everything they deserve. They are dying because of the choices they made in an election 6 years ago.


Loving single issue voters

:marseytrain:“Single issue voter” yeah I want to be alive

You don’t think Repubs want genocide for Blacks or Jews? You are a single issue voter, which means your take is either Repub and you’re baiting or you truly are selfish.

And, obviously, the best way to prevent these cruel and terrible laws is to sit on the sidelines and refrain from voting? Then the rethuglicans win and you feel better because at least you kept yourself pure?


In other words, you approach the election from the perspective of demanding instant gratification, ultimately sabotaging any chance you might have towards progress in the future. Biden is one man trying to make 331 million people happy. He'll keep a path open. No rethuglican will.

:marseytrain: uhhh trans people are being eliminated now--so "instant gratification" it must be

I understand, but are you being practical or emotional? It sucks when we feel our life and voice doesn't matter, but if there's only realistically going to be two paths to the White House - which is also historically true - you may really end up harming yourself and others more.



White people allow rethuglicans to oppress people. Easier to blame Biden than your friends and family.

Biden is the president. My white friends and family—who largely vote for him—are not. This is a desperation point because no one seems to give a frick about trans people of any race.

Baloney. My son is trans. Do you remember the treatment of trans folk under Biden’s predecessor? Biden is trying against all odds to fight for and stand up for the trans community- he does not have a majority in Congress and because of states rights can only do so much.

if he’s doing everything he can, then we’re truly fricked.


White people love accelerating fascism and the destruction of brown people. Just love it.

There's only one way to stop facism


Thing that never happens, happens:marseymanysuchcases:

Anyone wanna take bets if those other kids are gonna :marseytrain: out as well?

i don't know if it's real but it's funny
Reported by:
  • birdenthusiast : Zoomers are second worst. Everyone can agree millenials take the cake

Zoomers coping hard in the replies calling boomers to the worst. Lots of “WhO rAiSeD tHeM?!?” Nothing special but I hate zoomers so that’s why I’m posting

Oh no they white washed a blackwashed character :soycry:


The qouted tweet was an artist that drew Ariel from a scene of the movie as white, then mayos and neighbors bicker at each other over a children's movie character



girl why

Do NOT start anything. Admire the art, please.

do NOT tell me what to do weirdo

because unlike you all, i have a life Alex


Because they hate us. However they try to deflect, it’s because they hate us. They are more offended by being called racist, than actually being one.

How about this for a novel idea, how about creating something for yourself instead of stealing from others?

Babes this is shady considering the hate Halle has received bc of her race/skin color playin Ariel. And the original animated version and tons of fan art already have Ariel like this. It looks good but the fact that you get to be oblivious as to why this is sorta weird is telling

So she can't draw the one she grew up with just because a black version now exists? Christ yourl people deserve the hate you get

I was with you up until that last sentence, NOBODY deserves to be hated just cuz they are black.

[Don't want hate? Don't steal white culture. But hey, stealing is the only thing your race is good at.](https://(https://twitter.com/Attemptnumber4/status/1664484905798057985?t=yTJDLC5F-LA6DvpzTUKL2Q&s=19)

Its just a mermaid bro, touch grass chud


This screams anti blackness

This screams stupidity and lacking of father figure. Also mental r-sluration


When it comes to adults talking about kids cartoons

gorgeous art but how is ops post weird

Thank you! just my opinion no shade ❤️

The way your opinion is definitely shade and you’re trying to act wholesome bout it while avoiding the question lol

stop projecting and cope

you're a piece of shit lmbo praying for your downfall 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

So apparently twitter freaks harassed an artist for drawing Ariel as she is in the 1989 movie. Thanks for letting me know that "representation" isn't about representing blacks, but maliciously taking something away from whites. Enjoy your sloppy seconds, Disney mutants.

"blacks" and "whites" yeah this dude for sure is a right winger, disgusting

So what would you use instead?


True. He didn't say "YT people" to be dismissive while typing "Black" as if it's a proper noun.

Even on an alt account i still can't escape this dumbass discourse this app is so ass

I feel that


Nissan driver tries too replicate the helicopter takedown scene in live free or die hard



She stuck the landing

@BONGICIDALGROYPER stand with israel

Don’t feel sorry for scrotes who get bleed dry by streamers they deserve it :marseyyikes:

Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz - Tse'An
Big #resist Twitter user is apparently a huge liar
Hi, rdrama


Tell me how you are doing. What you're thinking.

How does it feel to be you?


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