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US Army falls 25% short of recruiting goal

Man is brutal if you look at old picture 16-21 years or recruits looked like normal human beings. In this new picture they all looks at least overweight and most are straight obese. That tallstrag at first glance looks human but look at his legs, that are legs of landwhale. I am legit excited to look how alpha gen will look like when they 18-21.

But it’s easy to fix that problem for US, they just need to make COD great again and first order should be disable censorship in chats and etc… 9 year olds need to scream the N word and bang every mom.

Wide field image of Neptune :marseyexcited:

Full resolution:

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  • 2DBussy: !sd ((marsey)) fitness trainer (midriff), (trendy pose), tracksuit, [Alphonse Mucha], (Frank Cho)
  • Dramagon: When AI can generate your very own website, we should be concerned.
:marseypainter: @Marseygen stops in for the weekend :marseypainter:

I'm running a Stable Diffusion bot with the new model @chiobu was using the other day (download.) It's finetuned on 120 Marseys following this guide. It's not quite as good as the Dreambooth model at composing a scene, but it does make very cute Marseys.

Just start your line with "!sd prompt_here":

!sd marsey made of ice

!sd marsey harry potter

!sd marsey singing at a concert, cartoon

Works up to five prompts per comment

GitHub here for any interested codecels. I rent my GPUs, so this'll just be on for the next couple days or so. I'll bring it back up if there's a significant bump in model quality

edit: some coding hiccups :marseyspecial: if your prompt didn't run, post it again

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Who wants to crowdfund gibbing vatniks with Marsey sticker grenades?

@TelegramShill would love it!


post thumnail

How can you tell someone is trans on the internet? Oh they'll tell you. And by their selfies.

Marseygen test


Clean it into smithereens, jannies

Commissioned by @garlicdoors (animating in gimp is annoying, you've been scammed!)

Hey carp can I have le commish badge

:marseybutt: buys a jacket :marseychonkerfoid: runs to her car and cries

I just went thrifting with my best friend...he gasps and shows me a jacket that I LOVED and I thought she was showing it to me because it was my size, but she ended up buying it for herself.... I felt so awful I told her I needed something from my car because I could feel tears coming. I cried for a bit and when she finally came out to the car she noticed....She apologized a few times, but kept the jacket


What a fucking bitch. I would've grabbed the jacket and said, "I'm buying this." Hell would have to freeze over before I went clothes shopping with someone who wasn't plus size like me. Shopping with a skinny bitch would be a fucking nightmare

Skinny bitch?

Yes. She still kept the jacket after seeing her best friend cry so she is a total bitch

ok but can we not do bodyshaming? We're supposed to be better than that.

This is a fucking PLUS SIZE forum. I don't give a fuck if skinny people feel body shamed. Not a single fuck. It's not "shaming" if their body is revered by all societies, so shut the fuck up

You being shamed doesn’t give you a pass to shame others lol

It's not shaming if the person has the body that is acceptable to society.


Your feelings are so valid

ugh, im so sorry. that sucks. thin people buying up plus sized clothing is one of the most irritating “trends” and is actually harmful

"actually harmful" :#marseybruh2:

she’s clearly not a good friend or she would have given you the jacket.

Your friend honestly sounds like a jerk. The trend of skinny girls buying plus sizes, then being complacent and keeping the jacket when it is explained to them, is really shitty.

Yours feelings are valid. Privileged people are often not thoughtful, because they don't have to be.


Playing around with AI and this perfect piece came to be.

It's just fucking cute and adorable and I unironically want to marry it.


we didn't have marsey in a tracksuit yet so I had to make one. yes, this is (partially) AI generated. I generated 100 first candidates and narrowed it down to the top 10, and then chose this one. I then did a number of touch-ups on the version that SD outputted...

  • made his shoes red so that he was subtly color coordinated with the russian flag :russia:

  • made his tracksuit explicitly an adidas tracksuit

  • remove weird label from the bottle of alcohol he is holding

  • fix the eyes slightly

here is what the original looked like btw


i say this so that yall know that this isn't going to completely erase marsey artists, it still requires some touch ups. probably a marsey artist with actual art skillz could have done this is less time but I have no art skillz lol. anyways, lmk if you have any suggestions, I do intend to submit this bad boy.

other primo russian marseys




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link to stream, if you want to watch from the beginning go back an hour from when this was posted. edit 2: stream is over and vod is privated. highlight might come out later, might not. for now, enjoy the fallout.

final destiny v keffals preamble: keffals got destiny banned off twitch, also called him a male feminist. destiny's community is probably one of the most parasocial streamer communities out there (that i've seen). they cannot handle it when their favorite streamer man disagrees with them. they just HAVE to complain about it. which is really fucking strange, as their favorite streamer man disagrees with them a fucking lot. one of the reasons i like reading /r/destiny so much is because whenever this happens, seeing the mass cognitive dissonance occur in real time is extremely entertaining.

destiny's community would normally be very much supportive of revealing this persons true colors, as they were with hasan and vaush, but because keffals is trans they are shaking in their boots. i cannot link all the posts they've made telling destiny to "just stop talking about keffals". one i am lazy two i am watching the stream. as liberals, most of these people respect the trans shield immensely. they will not admit this, to themselves or to /r/destiny. they are either too delusional to realize they give trans people a pass or realize that admitting this in /r/destiny would get them banned. so they're coy. "destiny just giving her attention fuels her" "destiny she's not worth it" "destiny nobody cares about her" (by far the most fucking r-slurred of their arguments. multiple big news agencies gave her story coverage. i'm not sure who they fuck they're fooling with this argument). these people just lost, hard. and they're not gonna take their loss with dignity, they're gonna be crying in /r/destiny for the next week.

i will also note destiny pulled this trick not just to fool his community, but to fool keffals as well. if he had gave any advance warning on a keffals manifesto stream, keffals would have been ready for it. with both explanations and mass reporting of his stream. right now they're probably scrambling hard to try and stop destiny. pretty smart move by him tbh.

edit: other threads: (lmao cancelled plans for a streamer)

edit 3: even more links

Twitter steals an rDrama feature :marseyrage::marseyannoyed:
:marseykeffalsdance: asks her fans to play her boring ass videos with the volume off to inflate metrics :marseylaugh:




Putin on full tilt

The only way to make /r/transpassing pretty safe would be to close it up, make it private, and only allow in people whom we've manually checked and personally vetted.

But when we do that, it also becomes an echo chamber and then people complain that the whole sub is a 'useless hugbox' that 'doesn't help anybody.'


the :marseyairquotes:girl:marseyairquotes: in question:


(Homemade) Chicken Tikka Masala leftovers— rice reheated in the same pot

7/10, not enough chicken chunks. Rice is basmati but yellowish from cooking in the same pot. :marseylove:

Consider how many of their soldiers have been eaten by pigs Russians should probably stop using “swine” as an insult.

Average poltard