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I'm okay... but I'm feeling like... but I'm okay...but news got me like....

The fucking government is in bed with media and media's acknowledging the GOOD NEWS!

People without Covid are in permanent concentration camps in Australia.

Lesbians have to suck the girl dick.

Christians can be demonized, but every other religion is untouchable.

Black Lives Matter wants you to boycott white businesses for the entire month then tweets that capitalism hates black people.

We don't talk about Waukesha.

The recent school shooter's parents got arrested but Timothy Simpkins is out on bail.

Mostly... I just fucking can't.

I guess that's why I'm here. Because you will hate this post, too. TLDR.

I'm watching people rewrite history that I actually lived through and experienced and I wonder if it was always like this.

Maybe I need to sniff some glue or something. OMG.

And DRAMA.NET when I was looking for fun you became a subsidiary of

FUCK IT... I'm pinning this because omg get over the .win and meta shit already. The FP here has sucked for two days. Just dunk on reddit or feature a .win post if dramatic.

I don't care about any .win posters or novelty accounts made by mods. There's enough drama out there without this goddamned motherfucking bullshit.

All Capys are Beautiful! Thank you @christmaspathianflorist for yesterday's submission. Well done Carp! :marseyfuckoffcarp:

Here is yesterday's thread

If you haven't seen them, The Princess Switch movies are hilariously bad Christmas movies, worth watching to get into the seasonal spirit.

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“Haha, drama culture is so esoteric and deep, an outsider would have to spend months lurking to fit in :marseysmug2:
New rule: EVERY comment and post must say "trans lives matter"

In order to counteract the rampant transphobia on this forum, we are requiring everyone, not just agendaposters, to include "trans lives matter" in every comment. Slip up once and you're permabanned, so don't test me!

Some candidates.

Thread: I've noticed a trend with most of Nintendo's recent Black & MENA characters in that they aren't voiced by Black or MENA actors (at least in English)
Comment: Something something, voice actor pools or not wanting to go union and some more things that would be a better explanation than "Nintendo bad". Casting ain't easy.
Ban reason: User Banned (2 Weeks): Dismissive commentary concerning representation and institutional racism

Thread: The Phobic Crimes of Katsura Hashino (Director/Producer, ATLUS)
Comment: I'm not sure Hashino, or anyone at Atlus, is really transphobic or homophobic. Those games, that I've been playing for decades, are made by people that simply don't understand what they are talking about. Most of the plot points of Persona 4 and Persona 5, or the thematics of Catherine, come from stuff they read in the newspaper or heard about on TV but not something they have first-hand experience with. Their sin is not hate but ignorance and naiveness.
Ban reason: User banned (1 month): Dismissing transphobia

Thread: CNET - PSN Vice President fired after appearing in libertarian sting video
Comment: Sony really be parroting "think of the children" when it comes to crossplay and then have a libertarian as a PSN VP. Put this guy in jail.
Reason: User banned (1 month): Inappropriate drive-by in a sensitive thread

Conspiracy Theories: Big Normal

You need to know about Big Normal.

Big Normal is the people behind normies. There are as many people in the conspiracy behind Big Normal as there are people: the conspiracy runs deep, to the natural forces of the human race which must normalize the behavior of its weirdos so that the civil organism can function. Civil organisms which destroy other civil organisms, civilophages as they were, are how we got to this state of affairs.

Rich people don't know shit.

But to the Wise, the Conspiracy Theory is never about the particulars.

Who really killed JFK?

Doesn't matter. What matters is that it illuminates a portion of the civil organism which has been referred to, with great precision, as the Deep State.

Deep State is just people in jobs tasked with securing us from attack in a dangerous world. Some of them, it must be said, are good people. The rest are unthinking automatons who are a danger to us all.

Some fantastic, truly fantastic things happen in the public mind when the presence of the Deep State becomes immanent upon the stage of concepts, as it were. That's what happens when a term develops for something. Deep State.

That there was a Deep State that opposed the president the boomers elected in their feeble old age as a pitiable attempt to hearken back to the days of their strength, when the United States stood above its vanquished enemy and glowed with the power of the Golden Age that was the 90s.

And Golden Ages never last. (So saith Civilization, the living word of Sid Meier, God's prophet. Few have dared sketch human existence itself with such precision.)

When I say fantastic, I mean colossally convoluted stuff. Postmodern fascism is all about what you don't know or can't prove. You can't prove people aren't racists, you can just notice when they upvote racism. If there are a bunch of people around upvoting racism then what you are around is a bunch of postmodern fascists at work. Generally speaking. It's not 100% true, but the times in my life I've been around upvoted racism have also been the times in my life I've seen the most sincere arguments for authoritarian strong-men to come in and set things right.

Big Normal shifts fast. What's normal in one age is not normal in the next. The people who believe that they are outside of participating in the normalizing forces are those who propagate them the most. The biggest reason discourse failed is politeness is more elegant cruelty in service of normalization.

But if we're talking politics here let's talk politics.

:marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot: :marseypatriot:

If you lay it out so people can understand, maybe they'll understand:


You have religious fundamentalists who imagine themselves to be the heirs to the legacy of a long-dead civilization famous for conquering the known world and instating its variety of Order everywhere, where Order basically meant transporting the troops, and a lineup of national stories revolving around the resurrection of this legacy. There is a problem with leftists and this is that they learn to see through the lies of nationalism and forget that the national story has a reality to it.

These religious fundamentalists: their religion was founded and its spread was abetted by the size and standard nature of that civilization's hegemony.

And the present Empire spans the entire globe and comes with these ultra-cool carrier ships.

This is an anime.

Sometimes the bad people really are just bad people in front of other people. This is the thing I have the hardest time getting across to people who seemed to think that plots are competent, in our history. No. They're incompetent; all the time there have been incompetent plots.

All the time.

That doesn't stop them from working. You fucking numbskulls.

We have this anime setting where the religious fundamentalists long for an end times battle and an aging dementia-ridden population is along for the ride, they have built the same industrial capacity for dealing with humans and processing them dead en masse.

And there are people who still don't think that this is fascism. That we have a political party full of these religious people continuing to insist upon a reality which is specious and false.

They will try again. There is no learning the lesson. There is only one problem we have right now politically, and it is the existence of a fascist movement on US soil, taken root in the boomer mind fog and a party willing to believe anything their leader says.

I'm not going to say you're either with me or against me. I'm just going to say you're either with me or you're fucking stupid as shit.


Just something interesting I found

Literally 1984
Broken clocks can be right sometimes- Even resetEra isn't impressed by Santa Inc

I don't understand how filmmakers still think animated characters doing "R-rated" things is novel and funny in and of itself when you can turn on any comedy focused cable channel at any hour of the day and see things like South Park, Family Guy, Rick & Morty, etc. doing just about every crass thing a cartoon can do. I'm sure there's more to this show's comedy than that, but in the first few seconds the jokes are a cute little elf swore and a different cute little elf flashed her breasts. I haven't been entertained just because a cute cartoon did something dirty since junior high.

stop noticing things!

It doesn't seem to be funny? Like it's just regular dialogue with swear words thrown in?
Hopefully the story is compelling on its own.

oh, sweety

Looks really stupid to me. They just put the word fuck in every sentence and hope you laugh.

This is also what they did with Faye in the new Bebop

This joke of putting hiphop on a character that wouldnt be caught dead listening hip hop, was not funny 20 years ago and now is less funny cos everyone listens to hiphop.

das rite


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Based Kamala, Fuck Bluetooth
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:marseypizzashill: KKKonservative (probably) parents in Los Angeles got BTFO-ed by pizza over the vaxx issue :marseyvaxmaxx:

y'all need god to save you

RENT FREE :marseykneel: woke up to 50 notifications lmfao rent free

What will she do???

This is surely a wise strategic decision that won't have unforseen consequences.

IJN aviator Marsey brought to you by the gifted hand of @chiobu .

And no I wasn’t either of these people.

In a spiritual crisis the people look out for spiritual leadership

Marsey is being defiled by people pretending to be from consume.dipshit.the.product and we look to Brother @jinglebelljihad and the others of the Islam faith to restore the situation.


:!marseykyle: :soyjakfront: Kylie commits hate crimes against 🏀 Kang & Twink Lawyer :!chadblack: :marseykyle:






full podcast if you want to find more bigotry

off-topic, this is what a Russian AI generated from "Marsey" :marseyexcited:

y'all need god to save you

remember my cause
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That's it. That's the post.

Furrycide when

I love him so much :marseyxoxo:

I've posted my created memes for over a decade(s) across the chans, and onto almost EVERY FREE SPEECH SITE. So much of the internet's humor is from me for a very long time.

So many memes that are world famous are MINE. Mine mine mine.

NOTE THAT MY MEMES here are often SUPERB quality vs the fuzzy shit I sometimes drop elsewhere, and I have 4K versions of many before I downrez for here.

I do indeed , if it is not marked "my" ... lift memes from OTHER sites to here, but for tactical reasons I won't get into.

All hail the king of schizos

This post confirms that a 4K version of Cumbo exists :!marsoyhype:

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Seeing the absolute retardation of the terminally online low IQ consumeproductcels (the abbreviation as CP seems a freudian slip on their part) has been a bigger own of me and what I believe in than any of the stupid shit pizza posts to get him through the day. The fact people genuinely this r-slurred are what people think of when they imagine rightoids is just a nightmare.

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Is Twitter always like this? Or is Pete Buttigeig in particular exempt from criticism?

I had to verify my phone number and delete the tweet to start the countdown of my Twitter ban



:!marseyprisma: Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: