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Today is an election day in Germany

I know, who cares. Could be lots of drama if the CDU/CSU lose majority.

Anyway, I am not a citizen so I can't vote. But my foid is and she will vote. The problem is that she is a white woman so she is gonna vote wrong.

I know she plans to give one of her votes for the greens. And my problem is that they are extremely bussy/train loving cute twinks that used to be journalists, diversity professors, and book translators before becoming politicians. And I draw the line at journalism.

Should I lock the door and "lose the key" or do I let a woman practice her right to vote?

Baby Capybara
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  • SCD: liquid to adhere to the surface of a solid, continued here because hit character limit.
  • Cathedral: Okay, I pull up, hop out at the after party You and all your friends, yeah, they love to get naughty
  • heckin_cute_and_validpost: fake marmot post
  • Chapose: Gtfo with your retarded liquid definition nobody uses
  • jasongrace999: Everyone uses it, cope.
  • AuntieTran: i cast magic missile
  • GuyOnABuffalo: It has been pinned for hours and isn't drama I'm seething so hard I can't even
  • Man_Bear_Fridge: To every sneed: Take a deep breath and look at this
  • CRUSTY: no
Weekly anime post #4
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Who doesnt love anime, right? Well, everyone on loves them, that much is clear!

And thats why here is our 4th somewhat weekly anime discussion post. Tell us about thr newest addition to your anime figurine collection, the amount of manga you own, how often you jerked off to 200000 year old dragons today, and of course which anime you watched and liked/hated/found suspiciously arousing.

It also makes me feel cheap and like it sets that the expectation that my main service is sex and not true companionship (which is how I’d like my business to be).


kid listens to mama and keeps mask on for school photo and makes $13,000+





yikes, i'm sure it was not because he's black

Lots of people wanted to do something nice for Mason or buy him a treat, so she set up a GoFundMe page with a $7 goal. It has raised more than $13,000, which his mom said will go in his college fund.

Gigavaxxed Redditors of course project themselves onto the kid and self-congratulations ensue

Many years from now, this kid may look back at this picture and tell his kids/grand-kids about the pandemic and have pride in how he was being responsible.

Smart decision. Masks should be required at all times outside of your home.

is it weird i want a copy of this young kids school pic on my wall too?

This made me cry happy tears. The photo is beautiful. And sad. If more people were like this family, we wouldn’t have to be masking anymore!

Same. My 6 year old has a cold right now (not Covid, we tested) and he sweetly asked me if I'd wear a mask around him because he didn't want me to get sick. He and his sister never complain about wearing masks anywhere. It's just another clothing item to them.


Props to this kid! I teach 5th grade and I have a student who wears a mask all day, even outdoors, because his parent asked him to. When all his friends take theirs off to wait outside after school, there he is in his mask… so proud of him!

My 1st grader wears his all day except to eat. I actually told him he can take it off outside but he won't because he "want[s] to be used to wearing it all day". He's basically normalized masks to the same level as wearing pants.

lol smart way to make money tbh

Our school gave us an option to pay extra for a bonus masked picture. I was so confused:

scary if true

I've seen young kids (like 5-6) try to talk to mannequin at the store that has masks on - it took a few minutes for the kids to realize it was not a person who was ignoring them. Yes, r/kidsarestupid but it felt really sad to witness. That being said, every single "pandemic baby" (eg kid born after 4/2020) I've met has been an incredibly smiley, cheerful, happy baby, even the ones with medical conditions seemed full of life and spirit.


This is pretty good bait.

Not much drama, obviously, but all in all it was a pretty interesting read.

BTW, do you guys know abt any place I could post this in to farm seethe?

i couldnt give less of a shit + its not drama

Konichiwa! Marsey sending you luck from Japan
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Marsey cosplaying as a Maneki Neko

Baited Marsey

@jackie wanted to see a baited Marsey though this is not exactly what they described but I figured this would fit better. Might try a more traditional bait later

Man eats [video]

watch me "say the N word" on my Patreon:

absolute mad lad

These people are insane lmao

Non-binary person said 30 proud boys almost killed him #ThatHappened

lmao those must be real shit proud boys

Non-binary hero(ine) Juniper Simmons


It was a typical day for Juniper Simonis. The freelance ecologist decided to break from work for lunch at about 3 p.m. to take their service dog, Wallace, to the local dog park and grab a bite to eat.

But a planned peaceful afternoon quickly turned ugly. Simonis says they survived a gang assault of about 30 perpetrators in Gresham, Ore., a suburb outside of Portland. The Oregon resident encountered the group for only minutes but suffered a concussion, sprained jaw, extensive car damage and verbal assaults, they said.

“They nearly killed me,” they said.

Simonis said they turned into a parking lot to pick up lunch in Gresham, Ore., and stumbled upon a rally that included several members of the Proud Boys — a far-right, ultra-nationalist organization known for its anti-LGBTQ, anti-feminism and neo-fascist ideologies.

There was a “Flag Ride” right-wing rally in a parking lot earlier that day. Simonis was under the impression the event had ended after checking reports on Twitter. After pulling into the lot, originally to look for lunch options, Simonis saw a large gathering still in the lot.

Simonis decided to take pictures of what was happening to post online to warn others and was intentional in keeping their distance, they said. As Simonis was preparing to leave the area, they yelled from inside the car, “Fuck you, fascists, go home.”

“I did not expect this to escalate into violence,” they said.

The attack itself only lasted about three minutes, Simonis said. Simonis was quickly surrounded by several people and physically blocked from leaving the lot. People stepped in front of the parking lot exit, then a car was moved to barricade Simonis. People began to shout homophobic slurs at Simonis, they said.

“I’m in serious trouble now and I know it,” they said.

Simonis was then punched while inside their vehicle and was briefly knocked out. They regained consciousness a few seconds later, and a cinder block was thrown at the car and shattered the back window of their car inches away from their service dog, Wallace.

Simonis got out of the car to assess the damage and make sure their service dog was safe. They quickly got back in their car and was able to leave the lot by maneuvering around the blocked exit, Simonis said.

Wallace, Juniper Simonis’ service dog. (Photo by Mariah Harris)

Looking back at the photos and videos Simonis took before the assault, Simonis said they saw people looking into the camera and acknowledging them taking photos.

“I honestly don’t know if I hadn’t said anything, that … things would have gone any different,” they said.

Last year, Simonis was targeted and arrested by federal police in Portland during the tumultuous Black Lives Matter protests in the city. They were denied medical attention, misgendered, jumped and aggressively handcuffed while taken into custody.

Simonis is still working through legal proceedings in a multi-plaintiff lawsuit.

A witness to the event called the Gresham Police Department, which was only a few blocks away from the incident. But the call went to voicemail and the witness did not leave a message, Simonis said.

Another witness called 911, Simonis said, which led to an officer calling Simonis about 45 minutes after the accident to take a report.

In the police report obtained by the Blade, Simonis is consistently misgendered. Simonis’ sex is also listed as “unknown” in the report. The incident was labeled as vehicle vandalism.

Simonis said the conversation with the officer was filled with victim-blaming and the officer wrote in the report that Simonis should avoid “approaching groups of this nature.”

“At no point in this conversation does he treat me as an actual victim of a crime,” Simonis said.

The Gresham Police Department did not respond to a request for comment.

Weeks after the assault, Simonis is struggling mentally and physically, they said.

The concussion makes working on a computer virtually impossible because of light sensitivity and trouble focusing, Simonis said. The pain caused by the sprained jaw makes it difficult to focus, as well.

Simonis is not able to begin physical therapy for their jaw until November because of long medical wait times, they said. The cost to repair the car damages will be about $8,000, as well, they said.

The times where Simonis is able to focus are usually taken up by piecing together what happened that day, they said.

“The part of my brain that I use for work has been hijacked functionally by the part of the brain that needed to know what happened to me,” they said. “There is such a painful need to understand what happened to me.”

Because of past traumatic events, like the experience of being in federal custody last year, Simonis said processing and living with the trauma is a bit easier to handle. But their ability to work will be forever changed yet again, they said.

“I’m not able to work at the pace that I used to work at before I was assaulted by DHS. I’ll never be,” they said. “And this is just a further knockdown.”

The trauma of the event has increased Simonis’ hyper-vigilance, as well.

“Every time I hear a car go by, I’m double-checking,” they said.

Even though Simonis has the tools to process and live with the immense trauma, they will never be the same person, they said.

“They fucking changed my life forever. Point blank,” they said. “Not just mentally, but physically and physiologically. I can’t go back to where I was before. I’m lucky that I survived.”

Simonis has reported the attack to the FBI and is pursuing legal action with two specific goals in mind: to heal and to prevent similar crimes from happening.

“I am somebody who believes in abolishing the carceral system and the justice system as it exists and policing,” Simonis said. “But also a 37-year-old trans and disabled person who somehow managed to survive this long. And so naturally has become pragmatic about the world.”

Because of the reaction of the Gresham Police Department, Simonis did not want to work with local officers and instead went to the federal level. But because of the alleged assault by agents in Portland last year, this decision wasn’t easy for them.

Perpetrators in the assault threatened to call the police on Simonis, even though Simonis did not commit a crime. Reporting the crime to the federal level is also a layer of protection, they said.

“All of this is forcing my hand,” they said. There is no easy decision in the situation, they added.

“We all know that crimes are underreported. We hear about it all the time,” they said. And there are reasons why people don’t report crimes and they’re totally understandable. A lot of victims are very concerned about what will happen if they break anonymity. In my situation, I’ve already broken anonymity.”

With recent arrests and crackdowns on the Proud Boys and other hate groups in the United States, Simonis is bracing for a long process.

“This isn’t just going to go on a shelf,” they said.

Americans learn that vet access is a privilege

Background: Rice University has a statue of its founder William Marsh Rice front in center at the main entrance. (wikipedia: Unfortunately, despite donating his estate to education, he was not wholesome 100. Rice University was designated "whites only" and Rice had owned 15 slaves. Rice University is currently hyper-progressive and there has been a big movement to take down or move the statue (which holds his cremated remains btw). However, there's been some opposition, particularly from older alumni and donors. That's where you come in:

A little trolling: Rice has made an open anonymous survey for anyone to give their thoughts on the statue. Some people who care way too much about a statue with nothing better to do WILL read what you write. It's our responsibility to shed light on William Marsh Rice's buck breaking that historians have covered up. We can't let Rice get away with covering up all the broken bucks!

Also, if you want to write a more satirical bit, they featured over 200 responses last time, so the bar is low.

One thing to keep in mind: Rice students are like strawmen of progressives. I thought "fatphobia" was a right wing strawman until a Rice student unironically accused someone else of it. You don't need to tone down the absurdity as long it's the right kind.

Edit: copy paste your responses in the comments

I used to go on Fark like 20 years ago and granted I didn't care much about politics back then but it seemed like a cool place where middle-aged office workers hung out and talked about random stuff, free from the children of other forums. There were differing opinions and they even used to have IRL meetups that looked genuinely fun.

Cut to 2021, and it's turned into a low-IQ, TDS-obsessed r/politics seethefest, full of posts with unironic titles like:

Are there any places left online where politics hasn't ruined the community? The Register is mostly jaded middle-aged British IT workers and it tends to avoid politics, but then it's not really a community as it's just comments in news stories rather than a forum.

Redditors seethe and cope after a pre-op train says that nothing comes close to a real vag



A 🚂🚃🚃 comes to the realisation that a neopussy will never be comparable to real pussy

While I do have genital dysphoria, I can only say that a neovagina wouldn't ease my dysphoria. It looks like a bad copy of a cis vagina. I ever never seen a totally convincing one and one analogous with cis women's vaginas.

Nothing comes close to cis vagina.

Of course the truth draws the wrath and ires of the 🚂🚃🚃 army


Your really over thinking this their is no regular vagina look all of them look different. My vagina is comparable to a cis persons sure it’s not the best looking but no ones vagina is perfect I hate these types of post all it does is scare people. This surgery is definitely worth the risks involved. Everyone’s outcome will be different. It’s still a vagina regardless

I just got in a new relationship with a bi women and she says it looks/feels/smells just like any other vagina.

this could be something to work through privately instead of spilling it here. some of us will be extremely unhappy until we have a vaginoplasty, and it is a lot of mental and emotional labor to accept and internalize a realistic understanding of what a neovagina can and can't do. reading this could be damaging to a person struggling with that. there are plenty of trans-antagonistic groups spreading criticism of neovaginal aesthetics and function to keep us scared and repressed. consider what you're accomplishing by adding to that.

I feel like saying what a "cis vulva looks like" as though they all look the same is kinda yikes. Vulvas come in all shapes and sizes in regular women, like its impossible to categorize them all as one and I think that some surgeons are definitely sable to reproduce vulvas that look well within the range that cis vulvas are.

You’re comparing SRS to Cis vaginas that ALL LOOK DIFFERENT. My Cis female co-workers we’re all very open with our bodies in our locker room at work and I’ve seen vaginas that were fat/skinny/plum to some that looked like roast beef and other that looked like hamburger buns (mine included)

LOL this guy had a botched op:

There's actually nothing inherently Bad or Wrong or Inferior about having a vagina that's a little different. It's not a Crime and it's not a Sin. It's just A Little Different, and That's Okay. You say that you want a flawlessly identical vagina, but I posit that what you actually want is to be Happy about your body.

And this dude too:


Credit to the mod though, lmao j-slur-ing a delusional bunch must be nuts

There’s been lots of reports on this post so clearly lots of people unhappy with it being allowed. I left it because it’s not clear to me at this point if it should be allowed or not. Should it be allowed from new accounts or established accounts only? Is it helpful to the individual posting it or to the community itself, or is it harmful?

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Meghan Markle is fat

To be fair, she is about 3 months postpartum but she still seems extra chonk? Explains the giant wool coats in 80 degree weather.

How normal is this? She needs to buy one of those weight loss spells from Etsy!

Twitter all over it too!


Before pic:

Edit: using my mystical proana skills, I estimate she’s about 50-60lbs over her low weight.


Marsey tries the polyamory lifestyle



Ahahahahahahaha wow

Get fucked cute twink

Post that did me in btw: