neurodivergent men want NT women? : AutismInWomen

(I hope it's ok for me to post. I'm in the process of seeking a professional diagnosis.)

I have suspected I have autism for 5 years now, so I have tried getting to know neurodivergent men because we share a lot of the same symptoms and behaviors. I can't relate to NT men. But my experience has been that these neurodivergent men want NT women to balance them out. Possibly to fix them, share their social circle with them, or comfort them without the disrupting "baggage" of having neurodivergent symptoms of their own. And I can't give them that, I don't have a life either LOL. I was hoping we could have a weird little life just us two together. And once I reveal myself to be a bit "out there" myself, they seem to be like oh... Never mind. This has happened several times. I don't know what to do.

What has your experience been like? Or do you, as an neurodivergent woman, prefer an NT partner yourself? I don't. I really would like someone who understands. Not just going "yeah I accept you", but someone who knows exactly how it feels when you're overstimulated or suddenly need a whole week to yourself.

Sorry if this post is rude or if I stepped on anyone's toes.

You get one and only one chance to mansplain why The Fountain (2006) is not your favorite film. Defend yourself.


:chudsey: Straightest rightoid goes to gay cruising spot :marseysalutepride: to expel the demons (from his balls) :marseycoomer2:

In the age of tiktok and :#marseymisinformation: I don't really know if this is real or troll.

Apparently he is a reformed chaser :marseytroon: and is now some kind of rightoid schizo who preaches at people in public.


Anyway It's really giving Sean Cody circa like 2004 :aniki:

:#marseyhomofascist: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! :#marseyhomochingchong:



Making women :ethot: look dumb :marseygigaretard: is a disturbing new podcast trend :taylorlorenzcrying:

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Similar Vice Article

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A podcast with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers across online platforms is stoking the flames of controversy — by belittling female guests and making them look dumb.


“Whatever,” hosted by Brian Atlas, masquerades as a dating talk show while delving into gender roles, body counts and the legitimacy of the patriarchy.


The podcast team uses social media to seek women panelists, only to later “roast” them online in snippets


While OnlyFans model Nicolette Nicole admitted that her appearance on the podcast was to bolster her own following


“definitely chosen to create controversy” and make her “look dumb” and “shame” her


On Twitter, “Whatever” often promotes videos from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and champions disgraced internet personality Andrew Tate.


The podcast’s following has grown amid backlash

“Tell me you despise women without telling me you despise women…and don’t forget the condescension,” one Redditor snarked.


“Is it just me, or do all of those women look INCREDIBLY uncomfortable?” wrote another, in part.


Drew Afualo — who counts 8 million TikTok followers, thanks to her zingy clap backs at misogynistic men


has expressed her displeasure for Atlas’ content.


“What was once a space where people could report and speak on specific topics (with experts) has become an opportunity for someone to project their emotions and opinions that don’t involve them,”


urging viewers to “amplify those who approach the craft ethically and responsibly rather than constantly fueling the ego.”



Although tbh, from this pic this guy is either a closet case or a complete sociopath.

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!friendsofpizzashill he said she stole his car but he can’t even drive :marseydarkxd:

Deleted or removed by mods a long time ago, as in years, so I don't have the link lol sorry :marseyblowkiss:

bf really liked my skirt :marseycapyexcited:
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  • Fabrico : :marseybountyhunter: Get a gun, if you can't, move somewhere you can.
Happy saturday :marseysad:

I got beat up on the street last night. I wasnt robbed which was good, but I got fricked up hard. My lip is swollen and I have a huge scab on my face and my tooth kinda hurts but it doesnt feel loose. I feel so ugly now and everything hurts.

Sorry for being a downer. But be careful out there.

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Love this

I overheard a convo recently where people were talking about clothing and how some men said they shouldn’t wear those clothes. This made me quite upset and I had to join in saying they looked great and we as women should wear what we like and what makes us comfortable. As someone with a bit of extra weight and love handles from health issues and pregnancies I took offense on their behalf and it reminded me of some disgusted looks over received in the past from men and women alike. They left with smiles and thanked me for the chat and it felt so good to have a real conversation with other real women just trying to make it in this world.

Ladies! Wear what YOU want and what YOU feel good in. Forget what everyone else thinks.

The holodomar happened megathread

Eurocucks seethe


Argentinia remains Naziland



My taters bring all the micks to they yard, but not going to feed you going to let you starve




Slovenia tells the Russian people to go to hell


The deprogram is a stupid subredditd full pf stupid people


French do the right thing for once


The deprogram embraces antisemitism


Uk is on the side of good for once


Russia loses the propaganda war


Communists belong in hell


Learn about the bengal famine and how we shouldn’t let subhumans who take bribes live


Rock and Morty communist fans


Nintendo fans don’t seem to realize they’ll be the first against the wall when communists take over


Hobbydrama sucks


Eastern europeans hate the Soviet trash


Truth hurts the communist


Soviet propaganda enjoyers cope


fricking communist scum proud of being communist scum


Commies are liars


Socialists in Berlin are like Nazis: the city is infested with them.


Soviets talk about breaking chains.


Free speech in the Soviet union




Anti-semetic communist


This is a ballet and concert hall


Berlin tells Russians to go to hell


The old Eastern European gang hate the Russians


Poles also tell Russians to go to



Austin hero fights communism


Open season on Soviet monuments


/R/conspiracy nazi simps


Schizoboss told me to stop mixing uppers and downers

What did she mean by this?

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Family Guy Funny Moments for 30 minutes - YouTube
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Marseyismywaifu, it’s NEVER going to happen. Please stop messaging me.

I don’t want to have to block you.

Least parasocial Jerma fan gets a WOMB TATTOO of their favorite Twitch streamer

I bet I'm the only person with a Jerma Womb tattoo


People wanted proof so here it is Yes it hurt and yes I get bitches marked nsfw bec the womb is a gray area lmbo

Context: Jerma985 is a ex-Youtuber current Twitch streamer. He makes a very concerted effort to be inoffenssive, apolitcal, and doesn't really get involved in streamer drama so he's cultivated a fanbase of parasocial wholesome 100 Tumblreque types. Here's a good r/drama post about his run-ins with the trans community if you want to get what I'm talking about. If you want to know what a "womb tattoo" is (I didn't know either), this comment on the original drwawing of the tattoo mansplains is better than I ever could:

Had an idea for a Jerma-themed womb tattoo, thoughts?


For those confused, a womb tattoo is a tattoo you get on your abdomen where your womb would be that resembles a womb, popular in Japanese Doujins, mostly seen on succubi.

Now you might be wondering to yourself: "Surely this is fake, right? No one's r-slurred enough to get some weird hentai shit of a Twitch streamer put on their body?" And I'd be inclined to agree with you, but also everyone on Reddit is acting like it's real so in the spirit of blowing things out of proportion we should, too. Also, it's pretty weird either way, innit? You might also be thinking that that looks like a male abdomen, and how could a male get a "womb tattoo"? And I'd tell you to stop being transphobic

this is so true


This is literally the truth LMBO
Take notes, artcels
Saw these ducks chillin at the local supermarket

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Whypipo don't season dey babies :marseyhmmhips:

I hope she washed them with dawn first.

Pour one out for "Ja'Karta" and "Ke'Yaunte" :marseyxd: How will NASA ever recover?


:marseyhappening: hunters 10k penus crack hooker pics are here


And site is already crashing from all the chuds looking at his huge dong

Trans lives matter

Scene Kid Garfield (OC)

I'm back. I now draw slightly better. Maybe I'll redo the marsey vivec but it's so bad it's good. I'm conflicted.

Let this be a warning to all harassers and malicious trolls who think it's funny to send death threats to Bardfinn.

Imagine what's going through this trolls mind.

As Russian bullets zip through the air and he sits in fields surrounded by the stench of death, he knows his choice. Wait for death, or wait for US law enforcement to serve him extradition papers.

Either way, he surely rues the day he ever decided to take on Bardfinn.

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I just left my imaginary friend and I feel horrible



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