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If you guessed "edgy humour and follows mainstream chuds on Twitter", you'd be correct! Tldr he made a 1488 reference as a joke on a couple of occasions, and he follows such people as Tucker, LoTT and Meatball Ron. He also made a pronouns joke. Anyway-

From my understanding this side of him is a lot easier to pick up on his twitter where he's more actively supports far right a-holes (as in not just the guy you mentioned)

His twitter is where I expect most new evidence to come from. I discovered that he follows Gavin McInnes on my own, and was quite shocked no one else had taken note of this before.

In the same bike lock video there are some pretty disgusting pronoun “jokes” about ten seconds in too

:brainletmaga: hehe pronouns lol

:marseysnoo: NAZI

To be real with you, internet historian always had a very... 4chan like vibe, not just him but his videos.

For those of you who have a... spotty internet history you know his videos all feel like 4chan /b/ jokes but edited to be pg

The hacker known as 4chan still haunts these people :marsey4chan:

Do people really find this that surprising? If your entire personality is built around making jokes about marginalised people there's an extremely good chance you're alt right, at the very least you're a peepee.


Thank you for compiling this. Now we can all have an easy post to link to when people go "Just because he doesn't agree with you doesn't mean he's a Nazi"

He may not be, but he sure doesn't mind telling jokes that only a Nazi would laugh at. I'd love to hear how that isn't or shouldn't be concerning.

If there is one Nazi at the comedy festival then it is a Nazi comedy festival

I always thought it was pretty obvious he was part of the alt right, at the very least. I mean have you seen his bikelock guy video or the ones about Shia lebouf and his flag protest? It's pretty obvious what he thinks.

If there's anything that particularly stands out in the Shia Saga, let me know and I'll add it.

The entire tone of the video is implicitly pro-Trump.


Generally if you are stuck in a hole you need to make lifestyle changes.

Here is more notes from me to help you with self improvement.

Generally if you are stuck in a hole,i.e, living a life that's not enjoyable and not going anywhere, it's not because of something you did wrong for one day, or even just one week, it's usually because the habits and coping mechanisms you have developed over a lifetime, irrespective of the cause, end up with you living a day to day life that leaves you unable to leave that hole and climb up.

To get out of a hole you need to make lifestyle changes, changes that will stick and you can implement day to day, every single day, as you keep building yourself up.

You cannot fix your life by doing a few days or a week of effort, they can help you in the short term, but as long as your baseline behaviors don't change you are again going to fall back to the same bad spot in life as before.

This is why it is better to make small long term changes than to make one big change that lasts a few days at best.

You can keep building up over small changes, and keep consistent with small changes till you get used to them. It's near impossible to do the same with big changes at once in your lifestyle.

Also, in one of my earlier posts I said be motivated, but actually, you want to have willpower. Keep motivating yourself if that helps you, but focus on willpower as well, the difference is motivation can fluctuate even when you don't want it to, you can always lose interest, or have days where you don't really feel like it. It's nice to build up motivation but you can't always depend on it to do everything for you.

Instead you want willpower. That is the belief that you can get a task done, and have the capability to get the task done, and follow through on that belief. You teach yourself to do a task because it needs doing and you intend to do it and you know you have the capacity to do it.

I hope this helps you on your journey.

Take care.

Good luck.

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DRAMA INCOMING :marseyjones: IS GOING TO BE BACK ON X (twitter)
Wolfbow Dash

@ZombieRudolph you are now gay horse

Happy holidays and God bless.

DC suburb house gets drone striked :marseywtf2:

Reddit thread

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Black Brazilians seethe over :!chadblack::chadwomannordic: | White women for marrying and the Brazilian solution to race: the elimination of the black race | Black Women of Brazil

White women for marrying and the Brazilian solution to race: the elimination of the black race

June 29, 2013 Marques Travae

Musician Jair Oliveira with wife Tania Khalill and child

Note from BW of Brazil: Below is a piece written by George Oliveira that takes yet another look at interracial relationships in Brazil and a short analysis of some of the reasons for the increase of such marriages over the past few decades. To have an idea of this sharp increase, in 1960, interracial marriages represented only 8% of all Brazilian marriages (1). This percentage had increased to 19.5% in 1987, to 22.6% in 1998 (2) and, today, according to the 2010 census, this mixed marriages represent nearly one-third (31%) of all marriages (1). Now before moving on with this discussion, it is necessary to state that this article doesn't aim to denigrate interracial marriage, but rather share and broaden the discussion of the phenomenon as it pertains to the situation in Brazil.

As has been covered on this blog in two previous posts (here and here), opposite to what happened in the United States where the black population was purposely segregated from the white population in order to eliminate or significantly diminish the possibility of racial mixture, in Brazil, the goal was to encourage inter-mixture so that all traces of the black race would eventually disappear from the country within a period of about 100 years. With this in mind, this article and the comments that follow, are similar to the discussion of a previous article in that this “is not about love”. Although there will be individuals quick to read this article and make comments like 1. “You are attempting to spread reverse racism in Brazil like it is in the US” (3), or 2. “Love has no color”, or 3. “There's no problem with interracial relationships in Brazil” or other arguments along these lines.

But if people were honest about this discussion rather than reactionary, they would look beyond the surface of the topic and analyze it a little deeper. In reality, many Brazilians already note something “not quite right” whenever they see top black soccer players with white women. The simple fact that this is a common discussion on Brazilian blogs, social networks where Portuguese is written or comments sections shows many people see this question as more than simply “falling in love”. Brazil's very history was constructed upon the disappearance of the black race thus the deeper question is why does it seem that so many black men are so eager to participate in this racial genocide? And quiet as its kept, this is not simply a question of black men in Brazil. One will note that a number of prominent black Brazilian women featured on this very blog are also married to white men.

As such, I would ask the following questions: 1. Why has interracial marriage in Brazil jumped 23% since 1960? 2. Do black men/black women prefer white women/men in relationships? 3. Are these marriages between BM/WW due to love, socioeconomic interests, the “trophy” syndrome, the lack of available BW in certain social circles, socially constructed self-hatred of blackness, a combination of all of the above or other reasons? 4. Do black Brazilian women marry white men for the same reasons mentioned above or is this a case of so many black men pursuing white women that they must open their options or face the possibility of solitude?

This article doesn't plan to answer these questions but rather stimulate the debate. With that said, read on…

White women are for marrying

by George Oliveira

Here I make an invitation for a brief reflection on racism and interracial marriage. Where does one begin a discussion so serious, so delicate and so controversial? I chose a path and I hope it's on point. I chose neither to present statistical data nor historical facts. The proposal here is to present a point of view, dialogue and provoke reflection.

Love at first sight is for the weak.

People more romantic than I can think it's absurd to discuss relationships “of others.” They can even say that love is blind, asserting the existence of a perfect chemistry between amorous unions or when cupid makes a choice, it's no use trying to escape. They are in search of the “other half of the orange”, the “pot lid” and enchanting princes and princesses.

The talk here is serious. It's about racism, but it could be about social issues, sexism, religion or education and so many other things that can help or hinder the relationship “of two.” The free union of people in Brazil should not be disassociated from these issues. These feelings and the various issues are present in every type of couple.

Singer Alexandre Pires and wife Sara Campos

Singer Alexandre Pires and wife Sara Campos

White Passport

Does racism “shape” the interest of a black man or black woman when making the choice for an interracial relationship/marriage?

Then came the memory of an old saying: “Branca para casar, mulata para fornicar, negra para trabalhar (White woman for marrying, a mulata to have s*x with, a black woman for work).” According to (well-known anthropologist) Gilberto Freyre, this saying was quite popular in his time and reflected the role of women in Brazilian society.

Late, great Afro-Brazilian actor/filmmakerZózimo Bulbul and wife Biza Vianna

I also remembered the “white passport” which is a term used by a militant of the Movimento Negro (black movement) to talk about interracial relationships in which social mobility must be postmarked or “rewarded” with a white partner. For what? To show society that one is well off. A bank account and diploma does not call as much attention as strolling hand in hand with people considered “beautiful”. Those people that look like the hosts of children's programs

National craze

When reading about the virtual absence of (black) soccer coaches (the topic of an upcoming post), I came across a text archived since December 2012 at the end of Brazilian soccer championship. At the time, I selected the ten top goal scorers and their girlfriends, fiancees and wives. Looking at each, all (were) white. That was the best way I found to talk about the subject, reflecting that the national craze is racism. You are mistaken to think that it's soccer.

Each person with whom you share the idea of a text makes suggestions that you may or may not accept. In a conversation with a friend through a social network about the idea of writing about interracial relationships, he tells me something that hit me like a punch in the stomach:

“I think that to speak only of the players is very worn out. It's the “Pelé syndrome” that everybody already knows. Now you talking about this in the new black middle class is another thing, it applies to everyone who knows and accepts this.”

Indeed, many people have talked about this. Then this same friend, who is married to a black woman, said a few days ago that he was talking about this issue with his partner and five key words came up to further enhance the discussion and complicate my situation of talking about a controversial topic in few lines: “Probability, Militants, Political Stance, Eugenia and Self-destruction.” But this is for an upcoming chat text. For now, stay tuned.

George Oliveira


Militant of the Movimento Negro

Master's Degree from CIAGS/UFBA

Comments on the article

Comment by Flavio M. Oliveira

It is very ridiculous the insistence of some people that have this cute vision of Brazilian miscegenation, as if it were a bed of roses, which makes even more important discussions on the topic.

Still there are blacks who involve themselves with black women, but they are increasingly rare, and if they improve their socioeconomic status they exchange her for the “trophy blonde” without the slightest ceremony, moreover, the white women know these deformed desires of black men and know how take advantage of this very well.

Likewise, the white man knows that most black women still suffer from a certain self-loathing, which feeds the desire to rid the descendants of the stigma of blackness. I have no doubt that many of them take advantage of this! So it's not hard to understand why there are more black women alone and raising a pardo/mulato (brown) and bastardized child than white women in the same situation.

Former ‘Globeleza' dancer Valeria Valença, husband Hans Donner and children

I don't say that all Brazilian miscegenation is motivated by the problems of identity of African descendants, but most of it is surely a result of what was planned long ago, so although we have already left the nineteenth century a long time ago, the poison that was spread there in the past remains in the minds of men and women of African descent today. It is the ideology of miscegenation! It is this mutual contempt between black men and black women! This shit has been perpetuated through generations, but there are people who still turn a blind eye to it all and make an apology to miscegenation as if it is the solution to the ills of Brazil.

In an attempt to maintain the Status Quo, they still try to distort our reality talking about how racism manifested itself in other countries where they didn't resort to miscegenation as an auxiliary force to exterminate black people and our identity, as has been happening in Brazil.

Incidentally, the source of these “modern” theories about miscegenation in Brazil is the old theory of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, generically known as “praise for miscegenation” that basically proposes the “dilution of races,” assuming, devilishly, that there might be some sort of gain from this.

It's worth remembering that, in Nazi propaganda, the German state was keyed on the invented superiority of one race (also invented, the Aryan race) to justify the genocide committed against the Jews. On the other hand, the ideology of mestiçagem (race mixture) promoted in the early twentieth century by the Brazilian elites (which, interestingly, did not practice miscegenation) sought the “extermination of difference” by miscegenation, instead of encouraging respect for differences and the human right to live worthily with the characteristics it had.

Conclusion: While the Nazis preferred holocausts and genocides to eliminate unwanted people, the ideologists of Brazilian miscegenation tried (and still try) to exterminate blacks by standardizing the populace physically and culturally around a fictional mestiça (mixed race) identity.

Comment by Flavio Martins de Carvalho

‘Natural' is the engagement between two people free of complexes that can influence in their choice of partners, and it is evident that the ‘complexo de negritude (complex of blackness)' of most blacks and black Brazilians ends up reflecting in their choices and leading them to reject persons of the same ancestry. Therefore, I agree with Flavio Oliveira, despite the insistence of some in ignoring this reality, prejudice of Afro-Brazilians is against people of the same ancestry, and not against other people, much less against whites with whom they are so keen to amalgamate.

Actress Adriana Alves and husband Olivier Anquier

Black men and black women need not condone miscegenation because they ARE NEED OF EXACTLY THE CONTRARY, incentives to value each other and free themselves from mental slavery that has remained with them since the days of captivity.

Comment by Flavio M. Oliveira

That's it Marilene, the word ‘self-destruction' applies very well to the text. Incidentally, this word reminded me of a painting called ‘A Redenção de Cam (The Redemption of Ham)' (5). In this screen we see a very dark skinned grandmother; a mother who is also black but already shows signs of miscegenation (mixing) because of the lighter skin (“parda” or mulata/mixed race), and the child in the center of the screen that looks more like a European, it is the result of crossing with a white man. The most revolting thing of this scene is the black grandmother with an expression of tremendous satisfaction, and a gaze directed to the sky with her hands raised in a gesture of thanks to God for the white grandchild.

The 1895 painting 'A Redenção de Cam' which represents the Brazilian ideology of 'embranquecimento' or whitening

This scene of (painter) Modesto Brocos was painted to promote our extermination and give strength to the ideology of miscegenation, created and promoted by intellectuals, artists, politicians and writers who believed in white supremacy, and who preached that blacks could be eliminated from Brazil through intense mixing and massive European immigration. Brazil would then become an increasingly white country.

We need to overcome this ideology that was disseminated among us and that is perpetuated through generations. All stereotypes that cause us shame and suffering were intentionally implanted in the national imagination to generate feelings of low self-esteem in the black population. The elites have been using this cowardly strategy (creating discriminatory values) to induce black men and black women to flee their ethnic origins and reproduce the dominant ideology of “whitenening” Brazil.

Note from BW of Brazil: The process of miscegenation in Brazil easily recognizable in many families, particularly in prominent black public figures. Below are just a few of literally hundreds of example. Please keep in mind that some of the third generation of children presented below don't necessarily look completely European but the pattern and progression toward whiteness is clearly evident.

A few examples of the “whitening” process in Brazil

Singer Wilson Simonal (1938-2000)

Son of Wilson Simonal, Simoninha and wife, Camila

Simoninha with children Tom and Gabriel

Singer Djavan, cerca 1980s

Singer Djavan (right), with son, musician Max Vianna (center) and grandson Gabriel

Samba singer Jair Rodrigues on LP cover, cerca 60s/70s

Samba singer Jair Rodrigues, with wife and children, singers Luciana Mello and Jair Oliveira

Singer Jair Rodrigues's children, singer/musician Jair Oliveira (brown jacket) and singer Luciana Mello (in pink) with their partners and children

Source: Correio Nagô↗️


1. “Estudo de professor revela aumento de casamentos inter-raciais”. FGV/EBAPE – Fundação Getulio Vargas/Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas. May 14, 2013.↗️

2. Petruccelli, José Luis. “Seletividade por Cor e Escolhas Conjugais no Brasil dos 90”. Estud. afro-asiát. vol.23 no.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan/June 2001.

3. In regards to the first accusation, Brazil's own collective black civil rights organizations, the Movimento Negro itself once advocated the growth of more black men/women relationships keyed on the following. According to historian Petrônio José Domingues's research, the Movimento Negro developed “a political campaign against miscegenation, presenting it as an alienating ideological trap. The assessment was that miscegenation would always have a negative role of the dilution of black identity in Brazil. The mestiço (person of mixed race) would be an obstacle to political mobilization of that segment of the population. According to this generation of activists, miscegenation historically been in the service of “embranquecimento” (whitening), and the *mestiço would be the first step in this process. Therefore, it condemned the official pro-miscegenation discourse. Instead, it defended endogamous marriages and the formation of the black family. The black man would have to inexorably marry the woman of the same racial group and vice versa. For this design, interracial marriage produced the phenomenon of miscegenation which, in turn, would result in long term, ethnocide. The national pro-miscegenation discourse was thus conceived as a strategy of the ruling class to trigger the “genocide” of blacks in the country.” (4)

4. Domingues, Petrônio. “Movimento negro brasileiro: alguns apontamentos históricos”. Tempo. Vol.12 no.23 Niterói 2007

5. This painting and the accompanying ideology of embranquecimento (whitening) was also discussed here

There's some additional drama in the comments and almost all the links lead to more kangizilôs seethe, the author himself has made more sneed posts on the subject. :marseysmug3:

!macacos :marseybrasileiro:

ITT: teams that are top of the Premier League

Not so fast literally everyone else!


You can block that stupid bot. I did after the 15th one. Transphobes and trolls got nothing better to do with their day than be nasty little wussies. I bet not one of them would show up if I challenged them to a fist fight. It'd be fun watching them cry like the baby men they are. Waaa I'm an incel with no personality or game so I pick on people on the internet. I'm such a man! hahahaha I want no balls and they actually have no balls.


A very feminine comment, must be a very feminine woman...

Honestly a huge improvement :marseyshrug:

And now for the best part :#!marseyspit:


Absolute milkers. No wonder terfs seethe.

...but tanner stage? :marseyyikes: Bardfinn moment!

I'm like wow 😲 You are full blown. You broke the tanner stage meter... Be careful with them mammalian weaponry you will hurt someone. Did you even apply for a license ?!

I think I did break the meter. I got one opinion from a teladoc that I looked stage 4. but in one year? Estrogen and my genetics I suppose, all the women in my family are well endowed with massive tracts of land! :marseycringe:

I live in a conceal and carry state, so no license needed.

E2 mono is Goddess Tiddy Juice. I am Goddess! Bow and give tribute unto the twins! lol just kidding don't send me pervy stuff. Unless it's with your bank acct info....then we can talk. Kidding again. Not a whore! I'm a nice elderly retiree in Florida. Living out my "Golden Girls" years. I need 3 more like me to get a hit sitcom.



All my most upvoted comments are throwaway spam and marsey reacts on carp posts

Actually funny jokes I put thought into languish at +3 on unread threads. Meanwhile if I post, "carp thread lamo bussy" as the first comment under Carp blogposting about going to the mall, +125.

Now I see why twitter replyguys exist.

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Ponysona of aevann and carp 100% made by me

Look at the detail, is it not so beautiful? Took me hours to make by myself x

@Merryvann @CARPMASflorist

HIL's pick of UNDERRATED lesser known movies that are worth watching

I remember posting a review of almost every Kim Ki-Duk's movies and dramatards were like "huh? who?". That's when I knew the dramatards were deeply uncultured and in desperate need of my guidance.

The Baby's Room - this is a TV movie but don't judge a book by its cover. It has a pretty unique world building and was engaging throughout. It is Spanish so there's bound to be some screaming of EL DIABLO in there but that's to be expected.

Ghostwatch - a movie that aired on British TV and gave the bongs quite a scare. This movie presented itself like as a live TV program that viewers could call in and there was no indication that it was a movie. Bongs were pissed off and one man took his own life after seeing the show.

Creepy - well, it's a creepy movie and very weird too. Hard to mansplain it.

Satan's Slaves - I thought this movie copied Hereditary but then, I noticed that it was released before and it's also a remake of an old Indonesian movie.

Séance - Another TV movie. If you like that depressive dark atmosphere from late '90s Japanese horror movies, you will love this.

Папа, сдохни / Why Don't You Just Die - one of my favorite Russian movies. Incredibly entertaining from the beginning to the end. Won't spoil anything.

The Medium - for lovers of the Wailing. Written by the same person but directed by Thai director and takes place in Thailand. I love seeing folk religions and stuff like that. Shit gets hard to follow so pay attention.

Cold Skin - if you wanted a tower defense game version of the Lighthouse

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes - those who think Interstellar was too complex shouldn't watch this movie

Murder Death Koreatown - I still don't know how much of this movie was fiction and how much was the main white character actually harassing a bunch of Asians while exploiting an actual death for this movie

The Door - watching lesser known movies is just making me realize the stuff that I love has been done before lol Ain't no way the creators of the German TV show Dark have not seen this movie. It also has Mads.

Tale of Tales - so glad I stumbled upon this movie. The cast is not even some nobodies. How did this movie have no publicity. I have no idea. It's very different and I loved it.

Villains - another movie with pretty well known cast but I discovered by accident. Quite good.

Dead Set - technically, a mini series but who cares. Bongs do zombies right.

Au-delà des murs - another mini series but it's basically just as long as one movie. Closest thing you will ever get to House of Leaves

Butterfly Kisses - not a regular found footage movie and spoilers alert. The director died in the same way as one of the characters did in the movie. It has some genuinely spooky moments too.

The Incident - I prefer the first half but the premise makes it worth watching imo

Viy - This movie aged like a fine wine. CCCP 4eva muah

Occult - For Noroi: the Curse enjoyers.

Angst - best dog ever

Deadstream - imagine a streamer you hate and pretend this is him suffering

A Classic Horror Story - I really enjoyed this but some really hated this. So, I don't know. Find out for yourself. I think the atmosphere and the story is unique enough.

When Evil Lurks - since this just came out I cannot gauge if this is becoming known or what but gonna put it here because it's amazing and you should watch it ASAP.

Incel :marseyblops2chadcel2: gets rejected :marseyabandoned: once, develops benzo problem post haste
More Hamas terrorists surrender

BTW I lied last time when I said they came from flooded tunnels there is no evidence of that sorry for misleading you all.

me irl


Update: Energy Drink Popsicle Successfully Boofed. Trip Report

Hey guys, its limp peepee calvin, many of you might of seen my post yesterday about my practice of freezing my energy drinks into icy caffeinesicles for my sucking pleasure. Now, quite a few creative folks recommended that I boof the popsicle for maximum caffeine absorption.

I've always wanted to boof something, whether that be alcohol, acid, or caffeine, but I never have. Acid is feasible I guess, but the idea of pouring a liquid down my rectum just sounds difficult and unpleasant. For one, my butthole is rather tight as it has never been penetrated, so I can't imagine my brown balloon knot would be accepting of any liquid visitors, if you know what I mean. Another thing is if I managed to get the liquid in there, and then stood up, is it just coming right back out? Just a total mess of a concept imo.

However, a caffeinesicle actually provides me with the perfect way to get an energy drink up my butthole. So, I froze a thinner than usual popsicle last night with a mixture of C4 and monster energy, and this morning at 11am, I went into my backyard and used a chair to sit on the popsicle, successfully boofing it.

I didn't know if I should bob up and down on it like a dildo, so I just sat there. And boy, was it COLD. I felt like I was being possessed by a frost demon. However, I felt absolutely electrified. Like my blood was made of energy drink itself. I don't know if it was the freezing cold, or the rapid absorption of caffeine through my colon, or both. This felt like adderall being mainlined into my veins.

After about 3 minutes or so, the popiscle had completely melted in my butthole. I looked around for witnesses, stood up, pulled up my pants, and went to go take a shower in case any leaked out onto my legs.

It's been 3 hours since and I still feel like a thousand bucks. I feel like all my brain fog is gone and if I wanted to, I could teach myself how to do commercial real estate in like 6 hours of research. I feel like my brain is limitless.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys. I'll probably be doing this a couple times a week now. That's about it. See ya.

Edit: So I photographed my first energy boof to send to my friends, and enough people have expressed interest in seeing it that I'll post pics of it. Stay tuned

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Chiobussy in an alternate universe mogging Keffals the right way :werechioback:



IMAGINE HAVING TO UNIRONICALLY PAY FOR ICE IN YOUR DRINK :marseylaugh: :marseyemojirofl: :marseyxd:

:marseywave2: hecko!

posting a repost of a recap of drama comments is funny to me :marsey57:

“He Was Always Envious”: Video of Mohbad's Father Recording Song in Studio Causes Online Drama

Another video of Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, has been shared online In the video, the old man was seen passionately singing and recording a song in a music studio. The viral clip raised mixed feelings among netizens, with some accusing him of always being jealous of his son's success.

Late Nigerian singer Mohbad's father, Joseph Aloba, is trending for the umpteenth time for interesting reasons. Recall that Mr Aloba earned the criticisms of many Nigerians following his moves after his son's unfortunate demise. Mohbad's dad was seen recording a song in the studio.

Another video has emerged on social media of the grieving father singing and recording a song in a music studio. However, it was unclear whether it was a recent or old video. In the clip, the man was wearing noise-cancelling headphones as he held a notebook while singing passionately into the microphone.

From the song's lyrics, it appears Mohbad's father was singing about people conspiring against others and how they should be mindful of their words and actions.

Nigerians react to video of Mohbad's father recording song in studio Nigerians were divided over the video of Mohbad's father in the studio. While some netizens bashed and accused him of always being envious of his son's success, others defended the old man by saying he had always been a musician and even taught his late son how to sing.

Read what some netizens had to say below:

anjysworldprd: “Mohbad got talent from daddy.”

Shagbakwase_tarem: “Other people children dey take over when they are no more, but this man decided to flip the script. Hian.”

real__princessadex: “Bella shmurda released song for mohbad. People don't castigate him. Leave mohbad's father if you don't want the wrath of God. You can't love mohbad more than him. This man is in pain beyond words.” i_am_oyinsexy: “All I can say is OMO ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️. What a shameless father.”

missdivaluscious: “So he thinks Mohbad's fans will automatically become his fans…Dey play. He was always envious of his son's success. You can never be Mohbad. Try harder….” winny_355: “This man was probably jealous of his son's fame and talent. So sad.”

bbmaxfrozenfoods_villageblock: “If shamelessness was a person.”

Yemytpx: “God Will console you We can't feel how you feel cos it's not us.”

olaoluwaprincess: “This is one of his old videos for GOD sake let this man breath, in all mohbad interviews, he has always said that he learnt singing from his dad, wetin this man do, team wunmi ,iya po oo,they kpai his son and keeps bullying the man ,huumm.”

amyskitchenandtreats: “Nawoo has he always been a musician abi he's discovered the talent after his son's death.”

Emmy_young_official: “You all should let this man be!” omotea12: “He always wanted this for himself,na who die f up.” justflou_flou_: “Father that wants to live his son's life so badly… God abeg oh.” tt.dd.ff.aa: “He said it's my time to shine .” muna_here99: “This man was envious of his son.”

thearrellgurl: “May God heal him from what he can't share cos this one pass madness.”

nikkyfizzy: “I talk am say this man is jealous of his son's success in music godfobit this kind of papa.” kultural.kev: “Did he forget about what happened to his son? Wow.” Did Mohbad's dad refuse to pick his body? earlier reported that the Nigerian police have concluded their investigations and autopsy inquest into the cause of death of the young singer. A report said the police were ready to release Mohbad's body for his final burial rites.

It was further revealed that the singer's father was the one delaying the burial rites of his son.

:marseyhmm: thought provoking
Shin Bet Shiba :marseydoge: Inus




Biden administration cucks are afraid Israel is going to ignore them and try to invade Lebanon again

Nooooo you can't just take the weapons we're giving you and use them to start an unwinnable war for no reason! We trusted you! :soycry:

So today they rushed through another 15,000 tank shells to the IDF. Maybe if we just keep giving them everything they ask for then someday they'll let us know what they're planning on doing with it.

It's not NSFW on Twitch so it's clearly not NSFW at all :marseydrunk:

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