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wew are the jannies unhappy

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Apollo dev whines and demands to know how Apollo hurts Reddit. Chadmin responds with SCIENCE:

β€œAs I asked before, could you please clarify what inefficiencies Apollo is experiencing”

Having developers ask this question of themselves is the main point of having a cost associated with access in the first place. How might your app be more efficient? Google & Amazon don’t tell us how to be more efficient. It’s up to us as users of these services to optimize our usage to meet our budget.

[there is a chart here in the Reddit comment]

On March 14th, Apollo made nearly 1 billion requests against our API in a single day, triggered in part by our system outage. After the outage, Apollo started making 53% fewer calls per day. If the app can operate with half the daily request volume, can it operate with fewer?

Reddit takes some of the blame here for allowing that level of inefficient usage, which is why we haven’t spotlighted it to date, but I think it is a good reminder that inefficiencies do exist. It also highlights the importance of having a system in place that shares the responsibility of managing this with developers.


The Redditors are not taking this well. Choice reply:

So actively using Reddit, commenting, upvoting and downvoting

Aka giving value to the platform

That’s counting against us?

Today Redditors learn that when you updoot a post, it does not, in fact, give Reddit money.

Marvis Beacon Teaches Typing

How many words :marseylongpos#t: per marsey :#marsey: do you type :marseytyping#:?

Happy Pride Month from Grindr! :marseylgbtflag5::marseylgbtflag5::marseylgbtflag5: Wait why are the gays unhappy? :!marseyquestion:








:marppy: Drama Report: 2023-06-03 :marseyminer:

Top Drama

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜This Monstrosity on Grimes/r/shittytattoos (322K)63%576
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜What do you think of the Hijab? Do you support its wearing or are y.../r/AskMiddleEast (51K)50%267
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Gentle Reminder: This sub is about our Lady and Savior Meghan./r/SaintMeghanMarkle (50K)41%173
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Michael Higgins: The state has no right keeping children's gender i.../r/canada (2M)49%181
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜What pioneered β€œRINGZ CULTURE” and the absolute urgency to win a ch.../r/nba (8M)47%150
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Dr. Buttar, who died suddenly at May 18,2023, left his last words: .../r/bestconspiracymemes (47K)61%194
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Rate my build. One of the cleanest v6 stangs imo/r/RoastMyCar (275K)52%157
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Guys, just give up…/r/OnlineDating (92K)52%153
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Worried about me & my partners’ safety at Pride-related events in PNW/r/vancouverwa (59K)59%174
πŸ”₯πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Ana has been the most picked hero in the game for a month in every .../r/Overwatch (5M)59%174

Relative Drama (takes into account the size of the subreddit)

πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜What is wrong with you people?!/r/PrettyPastelProof (2K)49%15
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Why all the hate for Bert?/r/BertKreischer (14K)51%97
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Just in case anyone wanted more teaβ€¦πŸ΅/r/zachbryan (14K)54%93
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜What do you think of the Hijab? Do you support its wearing or are y.../r/AskMiddleEast (51K)50%267
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Tesla lied to me about which hardware I have./r/ModelY (28K)50%128
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Gentle Reminder: This sub is about our Lady and Savior Meghan./r/SaintMeghanMarkle (50K)41%173
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜So far, this show has been very underwhelming/r/SiloSeries (11K)52%38
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜So far, this show has been very underwhelming/r/SiloSeries (11K)52%38
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Dr. Buttar, who died suddenly at May 18,2023, left his last words: .../r/bestconspiracymemes (47K)61%194
πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ”˜Pride month/r/huntingtonbeach (9K)49%26

:marppy: autodrama: returning jobs to dramautists. :marseycapitalistmanlet: Ping HeyMoon if there are any problems or you have a suggestion :marseyjamming:

Saturday Documentary: Free Solo (2018)

Again, I hope you have an ad blocker.

Last Saturday I watched Apollo 11, was really good. Today I'm watching Free Solo which is about Alex Honnold, an adult man-child living in a van who pisses in bottles and climbs rocks.

Honestly, this guy seems like grade A butthole so far. He is kind of a peepee to his girlfriend but I saw she married him and a child with him years later. Yikes, sweaty. The wiki I linked sort of implies he has the brain of a psychopath (doesn't register fear) which does not surprise me.

Has anyone seen this docu? Anyone here like bouldering/climbing?

All the nurses working on my top surgery today were Swifties! : TaylorSwift

All the nurses working on my top surgery today were Swifties!

Today in the early morning hours I had gender affirming top surgey! πŸ₯³ And while I was waiting in the hall to be rolled into the operating room, I overheard a crowd of like five different nurses on the ward gushing about their tickets for Taylor Swift's upcoming show here in Chicago and I chatted them up. I was already on an IV of pre-op anti-anxiety meds so that made me extra bold.

It was such a lovely, random little moment that helped me feel at ease before a procedure that I've wanted for years but been afraid to undergo. Thanks for making the world a little friendlier today, Swiftie nurses. This kid was not on his own today.

Anyone else had a random moment of bonding over Taylor Swift's music like this?

Taylor Swift says trans rights! :marseytrans2: :taylove:


who is the fricking target demographic ?

Are :marseyzoomer: really getting erectile disfunction from all the :coomer: to :marseygigatitty: streamers?

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g*mercels react with a screenshot thread instead of an RT because they fear the Wu: https://twitter.com/lyde15/status/1412147818962329602?s=21

i didn't read it :marseylongpost: i'm just posting because of the picture


Moids, you will never have a goth gf

WHEN Sammy, 25, and his partner, Miles, first met at college and fell in love, they were in a heterosexual relationship.

Sammy, who was assigned as a female at birth, decided to start his transition after giving birth to their daughter, Hazel.

Now identifying himself as transmasculine and non-binary, Sammy has been undergoing hormone treatment for six months, with the full support of Miles, who watched his wife become his husband.

Miles told Truly: "He's a completely different person but I fell in love with him as him, not how he looked like."

Last year, their four-year-old daughter started to address himself as a boy.

The family living in St Cloud, Minnesota, say that their transition journey has been backed by their friends.

But it has strained the relationship with some of their family members, who still insist on using feminine pronouns with Sammy and Hazel.

But the parents believe that they are simply giving Hazel the cow tools and space to explore himself at his own pace.

Sammy said: "I have not projected any of my experience onto Hazel.

What I have done is to provide a healthy example of a role model."

@carpathianflorist @Aevann pin this wonderful de-radicalization documentary for the chuds of this site to abandon their extremist beliefs

Update to the Iowa teacher sharing a g*mer moment with a black student, it's real lmbo



I mostly wanted an excuse to share this video again because it's pretty funny and it's slow dramaposting hours.

Quite a few people, myself included thought it may have been staged. Thankfully it's not!



Sadly so accurate
I edited a bad homophobic meme into Elder Scrolls because
Reminder this pride month


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Got fricked up last night with Scitzo and his friend. Discuss

He’s actually really gay irl

:marseyelonmusk: :marseybadass:
neurodivergent men want NT women? : AutismInWomen

(I hope it's ok for me to post. I'm in the process of seeking a professional diagnosis.)

I have suspected I have autism for 5 years now, so I have tried getting to know neurodivergent men because we share a lot of the same symptoms and behaviors. I can't relate to NT men. But my experience has been that these neurodivergent men want NT women to balance them out. Possibly to fix them, share their social circle with them, or comfort them without the disrupting "baggage" of having neurodivergent symptoms of their own. And I can't give them that, I don't have a life either LOL. I was hoping we could have a weird little life just us two together. And once I reveal myself to be a bit "out there" myself, they seem to be like oh... Never mind. This has happened several times. I don't know what to do.

What has your experience been like? Or do you, as an neurodivergent woman, prefer an NT partner yourself? I don't. I really would like someone who understands. Not just going "yeah I accept you", but someone who knows exactly how it feels when you're overstimulated or suddenly need a whole week to yourself.

Sorry if this post is rude or if I stepped on anyone's toes.

why is kiwifarms still down

it's been a month neighbor, literally just bring the site back up @Null

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I’m a straight man who married a dude. AMA! : askgaybros

I’m a straight man who married a dude. AMA!

I married him, because I joined the Air Force, and if you’re married, you get housing pay and permission to live off base. He gets free healthcare.

He’s my best friend who’s forever single and has mad health issues, including recurring prostate cancer.

Edit: Per the suggestion of u/oceanicolas, I’m giving out a massive thanks to the huge amount of gay activists and lawyers who’ve fought for marriage equality for decades, as well as the feminist lawyers in the 70s who sought to use the Equal Rights Amendment to legalize gay marriage.

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