Trump wants to impose massive penalties on companies that off shore jobs. Dell, one of the most American companies there is, has 120 software engineer jobs open. Only 13 are USA jobs and 50 are India. This NOT OKAY. This is GREED. America needs to come FIRST in America.

If Argentina's Milei can turn the country around so quickly, so can Trump (who runs in the same ideals). The economy is NOT okay. It just looks okay for Biden. People are poorer than ever right now. Job numbers look okay but that's only for retail, service and labor. Every skilled white collar sector is hurting.

DO NOT let the H1Bs at work bully you into being against Trump. They're not even citizens, their opinions are irrelevant and do not matter.

The H1B's have invaded the work place at all levels and have been internally lobbying for preference towards H1B candidates and off shoring for years. They don't care about Americans because they aren't Americans themselves.

We have massive layoffs and 85k H1B's coming in every year. WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE!!! It doesn't. There is NO WAY to make it make sense.

If you want your $500k TC or whatever ato last long term and not be devalued, vote for Trump.

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  • cherry : Check my comment, it's really insightful :marseybigbrain:

Here the student version

Here chud on Twitter making haha

Here Joe Biden on Twitter giving L to Trump:

Anon is dangerously based
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  • Sphereserf3232 : Most monarchs were actually โ€œnomadicโ€ during that time, including Europe
Ethiopians and Somalis have a we wuz contest (April)

{This isn't true at all the reference comes from a 19th century book called kitab Al Zunuj which has been discredited by historians as unreliable & outright false. Somalis built Mogadishu & this is backed up through archaeological & oral evidence.](


Debunking the lies of notorious dalit "RasDemi" and comparing the histories of Somalia and Ethiopia, a thread. Pictured below, 9th Century Chinese depiction of dark skinned Somali king of Mogadishu, so much for "muh arabs" that ethiobugs cope with

This is coming from someone whose Emperors lived in tents & moved from straw-hut village to village like wandering nomads until the 17th century. All Ethiopia was during this era was a backwater devoid of cities, ruled by a bunch of illiterate monarchs who presided over peasants

This is really just cope and we wuzzing how can mogadisho been built by yemenis when the site of mogadisho was also home to an ancient city called sarapion Ajuran were Somali and married to native hiraab dynasty. We did and enslaved Ethiopians including tigarus, amhara, gallas

They built the Ajuran Empire

Watch this video. There's was never an Ajuran Empire. There's no historical evidence. Somalis so desperate they are resorting to making up fake empires.

A link by a raw meat eater yea I'm going to believe western historians who verified Ajuran empire. Not only that but evidence of coins exist look galla boy you were our slaves know your place

So more coping huh? Give me a single source to back up your claim or catch this block ๐Ÿšซ

Lol typical Galla monkey expected run away I've already debunked mogadisho being started by Arabs debunked you Galla slave I will debunk Ajuran one in like 5 minutes don't run away monkey

LMAO ran away like a runaway slave

There is no such thing as "somali" history. A concocted myth. There has never been a "somali" nation that was carved up by Europeans. Criminal Somalian politicians have lied especially to the West

I completely agree,when you look at isaaq history (the same history "somalians" love to claim) you can see a very big difference between isaaqsand the rest of the "somali" speakers. isaaqs have ancient history, Empires, Kingdoms. While somalians were uncivilized desert dwellers.

Truth hurts and Somalis are hurt. Without leadership from elsewhere, Somalis are bottomline primitive. Give them power, they destroy everything.

The cognitive dissonance of the aidstopian is amazing. They need Somalia but they hate Somalia. If not for the galbeed, we wouldn't care for them. The only thing they could ever do for us is manual labor. As long as they don't want to be butlers and servants we can't coexist.

Listen lil kid, we came into zoomali land and did as we pleased. We practically subjugated zoomalis for most of their history.

๐Ÿฅฑ๐Ÿฅฑsultan Jamal ad din ensl*ved so many of you it became a joke. Just one emperor

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So this guy is fed up with Chipotle portions and calls for a review bomb on the app store, getting over 1 million views

This protest gets amplified massively when a popular influencer named Keith Lee gets over 15 million views on a lengthy video pooping on Chipotle and basically claiming they fell off

Our protest guy ups the ante big time by telling people to go in, place an order, and walk out if the portions aren't big enough

Content creators seize the opportunity for engagement and start walking out on orders regardless of whether the portions are good or not

^This last guy even admits his portion was fine

There are more videos but gauc is extra so you'll have to go look them up yourself :marseywink:

Currently Chipotle is sitting at a 4.5 on the Apple Store and 4.4 on Google Play


In 2016 U.S. average woman height was 5'3 but with open borders policy we can upgrade it to 5'2 and this queen weight is spot on and 50% US women weight more than her :marseykneel:

Edit: bros we made it

You can find post con Reddit from 10+ years ago saying it's normal for woman to eat less than a man because it's biology

Now Reddit scientist saying women need to eat more then men

We now reached the point when it's normal for women to weight more then men

You see in the past after marrying men would fit his wife to become fat so no other man steals her. We basically cut that part and now you get already fat and ugly woman. That's what a progress is :marseykneel:



Also thats not how "reccession" is defined anymore

Dumb chuds dont know shit!

:soysnooseethetalking::electro::marseytrumpgrill: FRY HIS BUTT :marseyplugged::marseytrumpitsover:

Grippy house jail diary 3

Apparently I was deceived into coming here. I was under the impression that I would get some kind of mental health care but instead it's just detox from alcohol plus telling you to think more positive and stuff. I'm actually more hopeless and suicidal now than I was coming in.


At least it's a really pleasant place. Someone gave me some advice on a place that might actually be viable but I would have to switch my fricking insurance which I don't know is even possible. And kind of difficult to do with a phone available 1 hour/day. Of course the basic information a person would want to know is unavailable on the internet.


Six tips from @TherapyJeff for when you're a relationship girlie but still in your healing phase but horny AF.

My dear commenters, this is an r-slured concept but its pretty fun. You have been given a scenario and you must achieve your quest of getting marsey :marsey: a birthday present :marseyblush:. I will be the neutral arbiter who will help or hinder you in achieving your goal.


You awaken in your room with pj's on. In the fever dream of a nightmare you had last night, a glimmer of truth was revealed to you; you didn't get your beloved cat, Marsey, a birthday present! How foolish of you! You must get your present before the party starts at noon. You also must get a birthday cake, party decorations, and a clown.

Post your replies in a single comment chain, branching paths will be converged into a single path. Post your comments and I'll maintain continuity as they're posted. If it ends up being too much of a clusterfrick I'll just ignore some comments.


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