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(UPDATE) :bluelight: :redlight: :bluelight: :redlight: I managed to get BardFinn's phone number. :marseyfsjal: :marseyfsjal: :marseyfsjal:


I am currently pretending to be his manic pixie dream girl and doing quirky things like scheduling messages ahead of time because my I'm a female neet.

Just showing off my talents. Until the next time my friends.

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EDIT: Would really appreciate it if someone could ping the bardfinn group to bring some of the members over to further mansplain things.

Is It Time to Retire the Term'Genocide? :marseydarkfoidretard:

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Sunday Volvo Appreciation Thread: I have a problem.

I'm going to take a break from working on this car and put sheets on my bed, do laundry, and try to clean my garage.

I love this car so much, but I once loved an E39 540i/6 so much and it became such a distraction that I allowed it to damage my career and alienate me from my social circle. I can't multitask.

lol at that title

Busybody :marseydramautist: vs Panhandlers :marseypoor:

Panhandlers are shit, but this guy is Cart Narc level

:marseydevil: Devilish tactics that you can use to navigate /tv/ :marseyrapscallion:

This post encouraging people to call e-thots men reminded me of this funny thread from /tv/ a while back.

!fellas !truecels

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  • Redactor0 : Carp banished me for opposing the revocation of the Edict of Nantes but I love Bicol with all my hea
Mass in the Shadow of a Volcano :marseyflagphillipines: :marseypope:

Took the last picture just for you, @Redactor0. This is a middling/low popularity vacation spot but as you can see there's a mix of the local vernacular and English. !Catholics belated happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception and may all your families have blessed and happy Advent seasons. I pray God keeps you all in good health and surrounded with love.

We'll be flying to AmeriKKKa for Christmas because I've been away from my parents all year so unfortunately Simbang Gabi Mass posting might have to wait for 2024?

Does your posting on this website reflect the glory and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ? :marseyembrace: :marseyandjesus:

listening to live now, it's pretty cringe but pretty interesting

I'll try and get a timestamp when it's posted,

The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men - It's the song of our people, rdrama!
Elon Musk is now openly attacks khohols

Lira has violated Article 436-2 of Ukraine's Criminal Code.

He publicly denied the Bucha massacre and other RU attacks against civilians, blaming Ukraine, exposed the location of Western journ*lists and Ukrainian soldiers, including their faces, among other crimes.

Bucha :marseyxd: even khohols don't remember that cheap show

Funny part back then Zelenskyy told he can't talk to Russian after they did bucha (omg it sound like English word butcher :soyjackwow:) but when Arakhami talked about peace deal he didn't mentioned that show even a single time and told it was Boris Johnson fault that it wasn't signed and I don't event remember this year much talk about this show

So imagine get jailed because of fiction

And even funnier they were jailing people that told spring counteroffensive will be a failure and later people that were telling spring counteroffensive was a failure :marseyxd:

Will they release those ? Obviously not

But biggest irony, they let โ€œgoodโ€ media film AD work but will jail regular khohols

Khohols laws are like PMS

You don't get jokes like this anymore (Hitman/JLA #1) :Soys REEEEact to a 20 year old, pg-13 s*x joke in a comic book

that's probably for the best

Absolutely for the best. Find it hard to like a supposedly heroic character who thinks it's fetch to use their super powers to be a sexual predator to their teammates.

:#soycry: No the heckin' murderer for hire can't start at booba!

And lol at predator. It's x-ray vision, not mind control.

I mean... sexual harrassment isnt necessarily funny. It's just creepy.

It's entirely funny. !biofoids !fellas this is funny right?

Good. This is gross and reduces Wonder Woman to an โ€œonly girl on the teamโ€ punchline.

Oh quit stragging up the place so much. There's other foids in the JLA.

a shame that the main wonder woman titles are all about empowerment and then she gets treated like this in other books

"How dare comics have men act like actual men?!?"

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Nobody cares about your interpretation of something you aren't even doing. Here's what people like you need to know. Pay more though the app's tip field or your food will sit there. I owe you nothing. Someone might bring you your food, but you paying a delivery fee doesn't hire me, or obligate me in any way. I work for an amount of money I say is enough. Your opinion is not a factor. (5)

if you dont understand the meaning of it's your fricking jobthen there is no discussion to be had here. You just dont understand the fact that you get paid to deliver. If you are unhappy with your salary, then quit. (-3)

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If I was door dash I'd replace you. You're not a waitress. There is no tipping decorum. If you want tips go work in a restaurant. You get paid to deliver plain and simple. Bunch of bums (-5)

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I do like the pay, that's why I do it. I get paid that much because I don't accept no tip orders lol (2)

right ๐Ÿ˜… (-3)

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You tell us champ, you're the one sitting at home still waiting on his McDonald's ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ (4)

Bro is perusing reddit trying to get in 22nd on a creampie situation, bros situation is so bad he needs to get cucked 21 times for a chance at any so he's worse off than just sitting at home hoping for McDonald's thru the Internet ๐Ÿ˜‚ read his sad butt comments before you waste anymore time on them, he was trying to argue with me until I called him out on that shit and then he got real quiet, he's replying to yall in anger instead now because hes trying to pretend my comment didn't happen lmao (3)

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If the customer only wants to tip $1-$5 for something that takes 30+ minutes and a dozen miles are the same mfers complaining their company doesn't pay them enough for a living wage. You cannot have both an attitude of paying the least and making tons of money at work. (2)

again. the tip is not the issue. it's the salary of per order you earn which is paid by doordash and the restaurant. if you would get an $/mile+$/order this would not be an issue. but you cry that the customer isnt handing you out more money that isnt part of the deal.also how fricked in the head do you have to be, to blame minimum wage or middle class workers who just want a dinner, and defend a billion dollar company that pays you a shit salary??? how brainwashed are you? (0)

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Your job is apparently to be poor and out of the house while yet another girlfriend cheats on you with a coathangar. (-2)

Lmao wtf is this schizo butt comment, people don't come up with shit out of absolutely nowhere so that must be something taking up space in your mind a lot. Although I can understand why you'd have relationship problems so it makes sense you worry about that. Didn't realize pointing out you were wrong would do that to you, my bad champEdit: alright I clicked on your profile and now I feel bad, you're trying to become Sloppy 22nds just to get some, straight up perusing reddit trying find kitty because its gotten that bad. You gotta learn to at least delete your comments sometimes homie, that shits embarrassingโ€ข [32F] & [34F] Looking for 22 eager studs for a Colorado Creampie party on 11/5InvisableVagina commented 3 mo. ago (2)

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South Korea is facing "extinction" and needs to embrace immigration to stave off its "demographic catastrophe", the country's justice minister has warned.

"When it comes to immigration policies, we have passed the stage of deliberating whether to implement them or not. Because if we don't, we cannot escape the fate of extinction due to the demographic catastrophe," Han Dong-hoon, told a parliamentary meeting in Seoul, reported the Korea Times.

Deaths have surpassed births for more than three years in South Korea amid a steady decline in the country'sย total fertility rate, the average number of children a woman bears in her lifetime.

The rate hit anotherย record low of 0.7ย in the second quarter of 2023 -- much lower than the replacement level of 2.1 that would keep its population stable at 51 million -- stoking further alarm about the social and economic impact of such a rapidly ageing population.

Experts have warned in particular about the consequences of an older andย smaller population for the job market, healthcare system and military.

The crisis has made international headlines, with one New York Times opinion piece pointing out that if the current birth rate remained it would lead to a depopulation exceeding what the Black Death delivered to Europe in the 14th century.

Immigration has been touted as one solution to help tackle the shrinking population, but it remains a politically sensitive issue.

Mr Han told a meeting of the ruling People Power Party this week that the country did not have the luxury of delaying crucial decisions like the establishing of a new government agency overseeing immigration policies.

"The immigration policy I plan to push ahead is not aimed at bringing in as many foreigners as possible," Mr Han said. "We aim to make thorough assessments and accept only necessary foreign nationals ... while strengthening the crackdown on illegal residents."

He said the new organisation would mirror similar bodies in Japan and Germany, functioning like a "control tower" to oversee ministries related to immigration.

He also stressed the need to improve existing systems related to refugees and voting rights of foreigners in local elections.


Make Poland Iranian again !
Biden invite Zelenskyy for a BJ

It will be last Congress working day and Biden wants to make it about Zelenskyy :marseyxd:

Imagine you work in Congress and it's you final day this year, you wrote all the important flex stories and already imagined how you'll flex to mcmcinson who sit next to you, how you are going to play gold with your rich friends and bang virgin boys in some private island and here comes Biden and destroying your flexing plans and force you to instead listen to zone hobo from Ukraine :marseyraging:

Psychological wise it's very stupid what Biden does :marseythumbsup: Biden already got his answer for this year, no need to destroy the flexing day for hard working Congresscels :marseydisagree:

The Beautiful :marseyglam: Horror :marseything2: of Deep Space :marseyspaceghost:

Don't worry about it goyim

I need a comment on this :marseypraying:

as I was surfing :funkykong: on the clear social side of this internet:carpsurftheweb:.. this poster came in hand :marseydoit:

please comment fellowz :marseysurfing:

Too much twitter, keep it same in the algorithm as reddit

Twitter isn't a small site that needs a drama visibility boost, actually I think not enough good Reddit drama gets traction here ATM

Now what I believe this means for Ukraine in case of a defeat which I again don't want, I don't think it would be the end of the world, I think Ukraine would see a explosion of Nationalist and other Third position political thought. More then it already has since 2014/15 & the start of the full scale invasion.I think itd be very easy for the Azov movement (& all of their many,many units Azov reg,3rd AB,Revanche,Kraken,Azov SOF,Centurion,etc etc enough units for a Army corps/group)& National Corps to either overthrow the weakened liberal regime or they could take a more โ€œdemocraticโ€ & โ€œlegitimateโ€ approach. And ramp up electoral campaigning, they could go as far as to copy the NSDAP with a stab and the back idea. That if the west hadn't betrayed them and cut off support,they could've drove the Russians back.

Surely that will endear them to all the Westerners


I also believe that National Corps (the political wing of Azov) would be the best candidate for the rebuilding of the country and its institutions. I think they would through their already proven honor,loyalty & devotion (by the men of Azov the armed wing) to the Ukrainian nation would be the best,swiftest and most thorough candidate to handle the current governmental and military corruption, which in all honesty is a issue that is negatively affecting the war. Not to say the current government isn't combating it. I just think a Fascist/Nationalist government would be more apt or would more likely have the stomach for the necessary measures that must be done to truly purge the corruption. (Executions and fast trials for the slightest sign of corruption it must be treated as treason even in peace)

Surely this wouldn't be abused


What playing too much HOI4 does to a bipoc


AMAZING Hanania post

New Far Side
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