What are some indisputable facts that get wingcucks angry (US edition)

I really only give a shit about leafland most of the time (and even then not really all that deep into politics lol) but I've come to the conclusion that to get people angry online I need to say undeniable truths instead of my usual make shit up approach

Post undeniable truths that'd get wingcucks of either side angry :marseyexcited:


I have been into stoicism for a while and have been using it to cope with life but learning this info has made me second guess the entire philosophy. Now whenever I try to be stoic I think about Marcus sitting in the corner writing meditations while his wife gets brutalized by a gigachad gladiator. Now whenever I think about stoicism it seems like a cuck philosophy. Was Marcus really the adam22 of his time? How can I get over this?

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Beautiful bait


Wait a christcuck destroyer was a cuck?


I feel like OP rn bros.

Only if they happen to my people



OK that is one way to purge the stain of being cucked.


Because women are wonderful chud



The company is Varda Space. They are experimenting with manufacturing drugs in space. Their first batch returned to earth today, landing in the Utah desert.

I know you're asking: why manufacture drugs in space? Well basically when creating crystals on earth, there is sometimes a more stable but less useful form that ends up emerging. I don't really understand this ( I failed chemistry lol) but kinda interesting

The specific drug made in space is called Retonavir, which is used for helping with HIV patients. So no, the title of this post wasn't even a joke. Lest you think that I made this up:

Outside of the memes, this is pretty neat. Who knows what other stuff we will manufacture in orbit, with the cost of space launches decreasing?


"Gender theory is 'ugly ideology' that threatens humanity"


What about his employees banging little boys? Has he got any opinions on that?


The Russian bots and agents are strong in this thread.


WTF is up with this comment section? It's like a far right gathering here :marseysoyjak:

Well, this is /r/Europe. :soysnoo2:

And by that I take it you mean it is heavily flooded with bots that do not represent Europe (the region with the most social democracies in the world). :marseyshitforbrains:

Oh no, you had to read some opinions outside of your usual bubble. Lets hope you make it through. :chadsnoo:

Why i should care about transphobes opinion to begin with? :marseysnoo:

True, labelling everyone transphobe who you do not agree with and ignoring discussion is the way to go. That will definitely drive humanity forward, you are very smart. :chadsnoo:


He's missing the fricking tendies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edit: found they TikTak

It's the good boy points kid irl.

:marseyschizotwitch: :marseytrans2: :marseylongpost:

Some choice sections from this interactive essay:

Isnt half life world just eastern europe??

Mario bros is too scary :marseyscared:



!cuteandvalid !lgbt look i found an essay by ur kind

!chuds schizo train

!nonchuds genius trans woman btfos fascist gaming

I have been unbanned using facts and logic

Btw i heard a rumour moot was a p-do????

Leaves google in 2021. In 2022 a man named Christopher Poole aged 34 (see same age as Chris Poole at the time) gets convicted of s*x crimes.

Notice no noise about Poole ever since he left google abruptly.*pe/

At 15 years old he started 4chan bulletin board because somethingawful banned kubrick films.....

Christer Poole in article confessed to viewing material for 20 years. The numbers add up. Also moot is 5'8....

Arrest Record

5.8 with brown hair. 175 lbs....

That's enough for me!!!! Ban Him!!!!


This guy below works for sweet baby as a "narrative designer". I guess "writer" wasn't an inflated enough job title. He has since privated his account after calling for a mass reporting campaign against an account that simply credits them with games they're involved in :unoreverse:. The picture isn't that clear, but it's all I got.

Another sweet baby r-slur chimes in (also worth noting the account has more than doubled to 20,000 followers since this idiot bitched about it yesterday):

Anyways, this is the good Twitter link as this second guy still has his braindead takes up. He has some long-winded schpiel. I didn't really read any of it, but the below stuck out to me as extra stupid.

Make fun of this nerd too while you're at it:


im not posting screenshots, sign up for Twitter to get LLM get more elonbux

Safe Supply is morally bankrupt :marseyindignant:

A few weeks ago there was a thread in my local sub which I wrote off as schizo rambling. Someone was claiming a chain of foster homes was providing kids in care with weed every day, in an effort to make them docile and easier to manage. Lots of scepticism and basically OP was told to contact both CFS and the CBC. The thread of course is long gone.

Weeks go by and CBC runs a front page article

Province cuts ties with Winnipeg foster home operator after teens given marijuana daily

In which all of OPs claims were vindicated. If you needed any more proof that enabling junkies and letting them wallow in addiction is immoral, this is probably it.

Staff were told by upper management it was better to have workers at the home provide cannabis than risk residents going elsewhere and doing harder drugs, such as methamphetamine and opioids.

"It's easier to just keep [them] placated and happy than to have to deal with the paperwork, police and hospitals," the former employee said.

She said an underage teen who had never smoked marijuana in her life started smoking it daily after she moved into a Spirit Rising House home.

The foster homes were run by some guy who believes in enabling junkies and was giving kids a gram of weed a day. That's over an ounce a month for a kid. Absolutely insane amounts of weed for teens. If you had any doubts this is proof harm reduction proponents lack a moral compass.

Me and who?
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Forbes : Reddit's IPO Filing Shows Lots Of Losses After Nearly 20 Years

Haven't seen this mentioned here yet, but for any of you r-slurs actually r-slurred enough to be considering investing in the shitshow that is called Reddit considered yourself forewarned. Also, this is a great example of how much of a loser Spez and the exec leadership of Reddit are considering Reddit clone sites like The Chive, even Digg and (hopefully) rDrama and WPD can operate at a net profit with far less employees than what Reddit does. A great example is The Chive which was profitable after 2-3 years (estimated $20 million in revenues and approx 6 employees).

In contrast, after 20 years, Reddit is not only not profitable but they continue to post yearly loses in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars a year. In fact, the article points out, that these loses translate to "....$232,432.87 a day, or nearly $9,685 an hour [in loses]."

So, Reddit finally filed for an IPO. After nearly 20 years, starting on its own, being acquired by Condé Nast Publications in 2006, spun out in 2011.

Having a long gestation as a private company getting investment dollars isn't unusual today. For a number of years now, the trend has been to see increasingly long years of waiting to seek an exit so investors can allow the company to develop. To strengthen. To build a capability of making money.

Which makes Reddit's filing — its S-1 using technical terms — so interesting is that it's taken so long to still be losing money by the truckful. That's $232,432.87 a day, or nearly $9,685 an hour.

Maybe this has something to do why Condé Nast's parent, Advance Publications, waved goodbye to Reddit so many years ago.

The company calls itself an “emerging growth company” by the definition of the JOBS Act, and will continue to be until any one of the three following conditions happens: their revenue at least equals $1.235 billion; they reach the last day of the fiscal year following the fifth anniversary of the IPO offering; they reach the date on which during a previous three-year period in which they issue more than $1 billion in non-convertible debt; or, under the Exchange Act, they're deemed a “large accelerated filer.”

There are 54 pages of risk factors, which, after reading many S-1 filings over the years, seems pretty long. One of the most notable is the sentence, “We have incurred substantial losses during our history and may never achieve profitability.”

There are companies that have said that in the past, but they were much younger. AmazonAMZN +1% has a reputation of being unprofitable for a very long time, but in the last quarter of 2001, it had its first profitable quarter. That was about seven years after the company started running out of the garage of Jeff Bezos.

After two decades, Reddit still warns that it's not making money. Losses can eventually be useful for companies when they can carry them forward and finally offset profits, but the profits do have to come. At the end of 2023, the company has $216.7 million in federal and $177.1 million of state net operating losses (NOLs) to carry. The state ones are gone in 2026 if there aren't profits to apply them to. Federal NOLs through 2017 can only be carried for 20 years to fully offset taxable income. After 2017, due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, they can be carried indefinitely to offset only 80% of taxable income annually. So, the losses at this point are theoretically helpful, but practically? Who knows?

In 2023, the company's revenue was $804.0 million. Research and development, at $438.3 million, was more than half, an awfully big number for a company of this age. Total costs and expenses were $944.2 million. The net loss was $90.8 million, which at least is an improvement over 2022, with its $666.7 million in revenue and $158.6 million in losses.

Reddit favors non-standard accounting metrics like adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization). The adjusted part include “stock-based compensation expense and related taxes, other (income) expense, net, and certain other non-recurring or non-cash items impacting net income (loss) that we do not consider indicative of our ongoing business performance.” Which makes it tough to know exactly what's being included or excluded.

The adjusted EBITDA in 2023 was still -$69.3 million.

And they like free cash flow as a “liquidity measure.” Free cash flow in 2023 was -$84.8 million. In 2022, it was -$100.3 million.

On top of that, Reddit is going the dual stock class approach, where Class A is the ordinary stock with one vote per share, Class B getting 10 votes per share, and Class C, no votes. This is the type of structure designed to let a small group continue to control the company no matter what. The public argument is that they will keep doing the right thing for the company. In practice, that has meant lots of losses.


i am currently blowing mushroom bits and snot from my nose after vomiting the (single fricking "shot" of syrup mind you was like 15ml) rest up

:marseydepressed: not nice

>what do?????

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u/ Willywonkafan100 describes himself on his profile as A Tech guy, father, genius, single. Whether that is true or not does not matter. What does matter is the fact that he is a major schizophrenic who has an obsession with everyone's favourite youtuber, Mr. Beast. It may be easy to dismiss this guy as a troll at first, due to some of his posts such as the one where he claims rhinoceros do not exist and the fact that he claims to have named his kid after Henry Kissinger. But most of his post and comment history before his descent into schizo posting seems normal, and I want to believe that this guy is genuine despite the evidence contrary. He's a big fan of the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie and believes that Willi Wonka may hold some racial biases, he smokes weed and likes elfbar vapes, he lives in the United Kingdom, and has the strange habit of looking at hentai in public bars.

His obsession with Mr.Beast starts about a month back with this post asking an innocent question on /r/askreddit:

What would happen if Mr Beast got horny?

He gets some interaction, and says that he would like to see Mr. Beast's peepee as well as him having s*x with her girlfriend. He also admits that he would buy a Mr. Beast branded fleshlight if one was ever released.

Then soon after he releases this post:

Imagine if Mr Beast got horny and started making s*x videos.

Last to stop sucking mr beast peepee wins, $1 s*x vs $10000 s*x etc

This post noticiblly gets less interaction but he is not dissuaded at all and soon comes out with another banger:

Mr Beast should get horny and make freaky videos

Pay people money to have s*x with him and he is naked and everyone sees him. He should make $100000 porn and do s*x challenges.

and on /r/MrBeast he posts this:

Mr Beast should have a lot of children with a lot of different women.

In this post he draws the anger of the Mr. Beast community, and continues to state his love for Henry Kissinger making me believe that he may be a troll but I want to believe that this is a real s*x obsessed schizo so bad.

Continuing his Mr. Beast s*x obsession he posts on /r/conspiracy soon after. He doesn't just want Mr.Beast to be horny and have s*x, no, he knows that he is for a fact.

I think Mr Beast is horny

After coming to this relization our main character becomes terrified. He doesn't want Mr. Beast to be horny anymore, he is terrified of that possibility. He makes two posts one onto /r/confessions and the other onto /r/MrBeast. the one on /r/MrBeast got delted too quickly it seems but it's safe to assume that it has the exact same content as the /r/confessions post.

I am scared of mr beast

Mr beast keeps telling me he is going to have s*x with me because he is horny, he is rich and evil. I am scared of him. He will continue contacting me forever


Dude, your profile makes it plainly obvious you are obsessed with him and that this is a complete lie. Do not slander someone's name, especially when they have the money to sue you for it.

I'd think it would be a waist of money to sue over this dude lol. Not worth anyone's time or sanity

Of course, but that's a risk I wouldn't take over someone I would obsess over, as if obsessing over a YouTube as a self proclaimed adult male (dad) wasn't bad enough...

Whatever fear he has did not last for long though as he soon shares this beautiful creation with the world:

Drawing of Mr Beast I am working on

A little while after he finally gains some confidence and is ready to take his relationship with Mr. Beast to the next level and directly asks on his subreddit how he can get into contact with Mr. Beast so that he can ask him sexual questions. The post gets deleted by the mods and they ban him, but not before the comment section is flooded with soying out over his bravery.


Enraged by his ban he later declares that Mr. Beast has fully joined the woke mob by not wanting to accept his sexual advances.

Just recently, four hours ago he made his latest post. Not only is Mr. Beast aware of his presence but he is trying to reach out to him to consumate their relationship. The only problem? He recieved this info through the voices in his head and doesn't know how to reach back to Mr. Beast. He relies upon /r/advice for help in contacting him.

I am being informed that mr beast is attempting to contact me but I cannot find his message


he isn't trying to contact you

says some hating nonbeliever

Have you tried calling him, /u/Willywonkafan100 ?

I don't know his number

dm him on twitter, upon seeing your name he will surely respond

It's me, im mr beast. Kill your first born child


Just to give dramacels some context, Sweden had a relative stable TFR of around 1.8-1.9 for the past 30 years, it even reached 1.98 around 2010. 1.45 is a very low number for them, and that's accounting immigration. I was surprised by the 1.49 UK TFR's, is also a record low for bongs despite over 1/4 of babies being born to foreign mothers there.

I blame my gaming computer making me not wanna waste any time having s*x and raising kids when I could be grinding in game

Some self awareness :marseysurftheweb:

Hm I wonder why all these nations around the world have such low fertility rates? Could it be that people don't want to get kids because the world is fricked up or because they can't afford it?

A bit too semplicistic, in Africa they are way more poor and fricked up than us in Europe but they make tons of kids :marseynoooticer:

Redditors learn that the global poor have more children :marseymindblown:

The fall of western society.



My ai art post reaches the top of /r/2007scape, many unhappy about this


  • everyone saying they like it downvoted to like -50

  • cries of theft and noooo you can't prompt

  • the same assmad /r/hentai mod still following me around :marseyxd:

:marseybruh::marseybruh::marseybruh: BRUHFUNNY IS REINCARNATED :marseybruh::marseybruh::marseybruh:




Heretical Chili Recipe :marseybountyhunter: :marseydead:

I'm celebrating Texas finally starting to get hot this year by cooking up a big pot of heretical chili.

This chili is considered blasphemous due to the beans - despite this, I have tricked enough Texan coworkers to abandon their morals and win one of those goofy office chili cookoffs with this recipe before I became a pale WFH shut-in.


This makes a ton of chili, and a ton of delicious leftovers. I'll usually put some aside in flattened ziploc bags to freeze for later.


You will need:

5 qt Dutch Oven

Food processor

You could also theoretically throw this all into an instant pot for an hour and get similar results, but I enjoy slowly letting my house smell delicious.



  • 1 diced onion

  • 2-3 chopped celery stalks

  • 1 diced bell pepper

  • 3-4 cloves minced garlic


  • 1 lb ground beef

  • 1 lb italian sausage (not in casing)

  • 6 oz bacon, chopped into bits (about half of a pack)


  • 2 14.5 oz cans "chili beans" (can use kidney instead if desired)

  • 2 15.5 oz. cans diced tomatoes

  • 6 oz tomato paste

  • 1 can "chipotles en adobo/chipotles adobado"

  • 2 beef bouillon cubes

  • 1/4 cup beer - I usually use guiness or blue moon, but any non-crazy beer should work.

  • 1 1/2 tsp worchestershire sauce


  • 2 tbsp chili powder

  • 1 1/2 tsp oregano

  • 1 tsp cumin

  • 1/2 tsp basil

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1/2 tsp pepper

  • 1/2 tsp cayenne powder

  • 1/2 tsp paprika

  • 1/2 tsp sugar

1. Throw everything listed under spices together in a small container and set aside.

2. Throw the chopped bacon, beef, and italian sausage into the pot and allow to cook until the ground meat is browned. Once this is completed, drain the meat and set aside. Keep small amount of fat in the pot.

3. Add onion to pot - stir often and at a higher temperature to allow it to brown. Once the onion has started to brown, turn the heat back down a little and throw in celery, bell pepper, and garlic.

4. Open can of chiles en adobo - take out 1 pepper and scrape out as much of the adobo sauce as you can into a food processor. You can use more peppers if you'd like, but I'd recommend starting with one. Mix the 1 pepper & sauce together until the pepper is fully blended into the sauce.

5. Add the cooked meat to the pot of vegetables.

6. Add the pureed chile sauce and beer.

7. Add the spice mix you set aside in the first step.

8. Add beans, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, and worchestershire.

9. Add bouillon cubes. These will dissolve as the chili cooks. Stir everything together until well mixed.

10. Turn heat down to low, cover pot, and allow to cook for about 4 hours. Stir occasionally to make sure nothing gets stuck to the bottom.

It will taste insanely good the next day after cooling -> reheating.

During grilling season, I'll add a grilled chopped serrano with the vegetables.


Clone Wars is a very serious cartoon guys :carpcrying:
wow much ai such money
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