How do I make marseys??? :marseymeowth:

Codecels help me. I want to make Jessie/pokemon marseys/gifs. How do I do this?

List of my friend pokemon:

  • :marseymeowth: meowth

  • :marseymissingno: rotom phone -- MISSING!

List of my owned pokemons:

1. :marseyarbok: arbok

2. :marseylickitung:

3. :marseymissingno: shellder -- MISSING!

4. :marseymissingno: wobbuffet -- MISSING!

5. :marseyseviper: seviper

6. :marseymissingno: dustox -- MISSING!

7. :marseymissingno: yanmega -- MISSING!

8. :marseymissingno: woobat -- MISSING!

9. :marseymissingno: frillish -- MISSING!

10. :marseymissingno: gourgeist -- MISSING!

11. :marseymawile: mawile

12. :marseymimikyu2: mimikyu

As you can see, only 6/14 of my pokemons are here!

Pls help me fix this

Nic "Long Dong" Pizzolatto
The Jews are getting the Catholic treatment

This event mostly has your typical Slav games :marseylegioncommander: like dota, world :marseyww1german2: of tank and etc and to be original they decided to do some tournament where :marseydrama: you play 50% video :marseyzeldaganon: game and 50% real sport :marcusfootball: a bit like chess :marseycheckmate: boxing :marseypunching: (very gay).

The kek part comes when a 2k team from US came that are good 2k gaymers apparently and they played well agents Serb team till it was time for physical part and then got wrecked because Serb had like basketball :marseydunk: pro tier young :marseytedkaczynski: players :marseyxd:

But the fun part will be tomorrow when Chinese :marseysaluteccp: team that supposedly very good at fifa is going :marseysalmaid: to play the “physical” part against anyone since that Chinese :marseysoldierchina: team is full with gray haired fat men.

The whole combining real sport :marseydunk: and video :marseyzeldaganon: gayms sound :marseyhearnoevil: like interesting :marseylaying: idea and etc but in reality it would :marseymid: end up with real life athletes dominate. Because you mb decent at 2k nba but you won't be good in real life as lebron James :marseymetokur: while he can become very close :marseynoyouzoom: to your gayming :marseygatekeeper2: skills without much effort.

So chink :marseyrabbitnewyear2: team is gonna :marseyvenn6: get own hard tomorrow

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  • gerudo : this post is not provided to me in english, as is my right as a dramatard
  • iStillMissEd : I know for a fact u could translate this for us and just choose not to

J'étais à Montréal, dans le coin du centre-ville, et j'entre dans un petit restaurant de salades. (Je ne vais pas le nommer ici parce que c'est pas la place pour.) Il y a une seule employée dans le restaurant. Je lui demande, en français, quelques détails sur leur menu. Elle me répond seulement en anglais. Je continue à lui parler en français, mais elle ne semble que comprendre quelques mots que je lui dis et me répond en anglais.

Je ne blâme absolument pas l'employée, qui ne fait qu'essayer de faire sa job le mieux qu'elle le peut et gagner un peu d'argent. Bien à elle. Je blâme son employeur, qui a clairement du réaliser qu'elle ne parlait pas français et qui l'a engagé dans une position de service à la clientèle quand même.

Évidemment, c'est pas quelque chose de rare. Mais quand même, c'est mon droit d'être servi en français. Alors j'ai porté plainte. C'est super facile, y'a un petit formulaire simple en ligne ici:

Je vous encourage tous de faire la même chose quand vous n'êtes pas servis en français. C'est votre droit aussi, et juste chialer sans rien faire ne mènera à rien - surtout quand y'a précisément un outil qui existe pour vous permettre de vous faire entendre par le gouvernement et être inclu dans les statistiques pertinentes.


La différence entre une idéologie et un culte de la personalité: aucun anarchiste n'a ever eu besoin de faire un colloque intitulé "En défense de <insert dude="">".</insert>

Parce que les anarchistes n'ont jamais accompli quoi que ce soit.


4chan, DC produces another r-slurred villain

Safe to say, the game massively flopped, the negative press and chudtubers also did it no good.

Keffals leaves twitter after getting r*ped by RGC 💔

Original title: Elon banned a Twitter user for pointing out he was wearing his cowboy hat backwards (see edit)

#FreeLiamNissan hashtag (requires an X account which you should have already)

Edit: Actually it's more likely it was this:


Eternal reminder that this man is bigger then the FGC can ever hope to be lmao.

Also apparently he just got busted for grooming or something IDK

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  • FoidBlaster : This post is a perfect example why rightoids are absolutely r-slurred

:soyjakyell:You totally missed the entire point because the director said in an interview

blablabla stfu. They did the same thing with Rorschach a couple months ago. But none of them have a valid criticism against mobilizing to save your species against bugs trying to destroy your planet.

Luckily, the big-peepeeed chuds are here to make fun of them.

Anyways, there's been a lot of thought-provoking discussion on this the last couple days so I'm curious to hear the nonchuds brilliant insights.

Here's the thread that started the whole thing. Ctl+F "media literacy" for the gayest opinions ever:

Feel good music thread :marseysing:

Post music that makes you feel good/ positive vibes

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  • J : Because your just being a b-word
Why don't they ever tell you how fricking painful buttsex is

Like seriously. I had to b-word out of it today even with plenty of lube cause it felt like I was getting torn in half. Like what the frick bussy? How could you do this to me?

“How to deconstruct anything” - r/philosophy
Former JEWtube CEO Susan Wojak's son found :marseymissing2: dead in his dorm room! Mayocide :marseymayoface: in action :marseyfunko: thanks to latinx :marseymariachi: intervention? Did G-d really :marseythinkorino2: just go and say "kill yt"?

either way my word is spreadinf

Human ritual sacrifice is real and it has an effect on the world (2003 incident with the zoroastrian dakhma in india)

19 January, 2003- Indian officials ventured into deep jungle investigating several missing persons reports from a nearby city. What they found was a “Tower of Silence,” or dakhma. Zoroastrians use these sites to dispose of bodies in the open air. While sites like these are not uncommon in certain parts of India, several peculiarities hint at something more unusual:

1. None of the bodies depicted in the photograph were identified. Villagers from nearby, who were initially surprised at the sheer number of corpses in the dakhma, proved unable to recognize the bodies. The corpses also do not match the descriptions of the missing people.

2. There were no animals except for maggots and flies. Zoroastrians rely on birds such as buzzards to dispose of the bodies in the belief they are contributing back to the Earth. Officials found the corpses relatively untouched by any sort of animal.

3. There is no official count of the bodies. In fact little work was actually accomplished at the site, and perhaps this is the reason only one photograph has emerged. Officials avoided the spot not only because they felt uneasy looking at it, but for the following as well:

4. The deep pit in the center of the photograph was filled with several feet of festering blood. Far more than the bodies on the outside could ever supply. The stench was so unbearable many of the officials began to get nauseous when they first approached the dakhma. The expedition was ended when a villager accidentally kicked a small bone into the pit, penetrating the coagulated surface of the pool. A massive burst of gas from the decomposing blood erupted from the pit, splashing those looking into it, along with the photographer.

Those caught in the explosion were immediately sent to the hospital where they were quarantined for possible infection. They became delirious with fever, shouting about “being tainted with the blood of Ahriman (the personification of evil in Zoroastrianism)” despite never having admitted they had any familiarity with the religion. In fact, many of them had no idea what the dakhma was when they had found it. Delirium turned to insanity as many began to attack hospital staff until they were sedated. The fever eventually killed all of them.

When officials returned with HAZMAT gear the following day, the site was empty. All the bodies had been removed and astonishingly, the pool of blood in pit had been drained. All that remained of the incident was this photograph.

Anyone with a usable account want to post this on /r/starterpacks for me?

lemme know how it goes

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Apparently r/drama has their own offsite Reddit alternative
"Adam ruins everything" more like
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