Working on IT stuff in various overseas locations. Soliciting a prostitute, marrying a foreign stripper, some debt, and being evasive about this stuff:

This guy watched a buddy in the airforce overdose on "cocaine" and lied about it. Guy was previously discharged from the airforce for hard drugs:

This 23 year old was working as an IT manager but seems to have been moonlighting. He had a criminal record in his youth and was busted with marijuana and illegal firearms:

Married manager is an alcoholic. An interesting vignette but nothing unheard of. Beverage consumption quantities in document seem unreasonably low. Goes to AA and gets clearance:

Boomer making $168K can't be bothered to pay taxes or bills:

I'll give credit to the reddit post I found this site from. Apparently one of Kim Jong Un's relatives who has fled to the US is working in defense:

edit :{

Veteran aircraft mechanic has secret wife in Peru:

"[M]y use of recreational drugs on my personal time in no way reflects upon my trustworthiness as a keeper of national secrets. I do not plan to change my lifestyle because that would be absurd, and directly contradictory to the first sentence of this statement. If the DOD wants a dog who has no personal principles, they can find one elsewhere.":


There are many more of these and a decent fraction are worth the read. Most common thing in these is debt. Sometimes it's sympathetic but sometimes its hardcore trailer park vibes.

This is a goldmine. If you guys upvote some jannies bickering or shitty drawings over this I will lose any respect I had for this site.

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  • CREAMY_DOG_ORGASM : my account is unusable while I'm banned. Could you buy me an unban award pwease

Back in the day I used to do Mechanical Turk like :marseytunaktunak: work assessing search engine quality. There were very detailed guidelines about what made a search engine good, compiled into a like 250 page document Google had been curating and updating over the course of years.

One of the key concepts was the idea of a "vital" result for a user request. If a user had a specific request, the search engine had to deliver that content first. For example, at the time was a malicious website. With this in mind, if the user searched for "", the first result had to be, even if the search engine is returning a malicious page. It's specifically what the user requested. We aren't supposed to question what the user wants. The results that followed after could provide suggestions of what else the user may be looking for, like the official Simpsons website.

I would love to see whatever shreds of this document is left at this point, and I'd love to know at what point the entire thing was thrown into the trash and rewritten. I assume somewhere around the year 2016 or 2020. I know this is nothing shocking to a lot of people, but it really does amaze me just how bad things have gotten. I've stuck to the major search engines because despite peoples bitching, for a long time they consistently outperformed the smaller competitors, but they are genuinely without hyperbole almost unusable now.

Example: I wanted to find the recent Tucker Carlson - Vladimir Putin interview. It's a newsworthy interview with a world leader and a current event. There is a very specific video I'm looking for, the published, official video of :marseytucker: sitting down and asking :angryvatnik: questions.

Here is what google returns in a private window:

The very first piece of content - the "vital result" - is clickbait youtube cute twinkry from Time :marseysoyswitch: What are the keeraZIEST moments from the interview?!? :marseysoypoint:

The rest of the results are a cascade of editorialized garbage, opinionated news articles reporting on the requested content. God forbid a careless user actually be exposed to a primary source.

The closest result to what I'm looking for is about over 10 pieces of content deep - the transcript of the interview from Russia's state website. Likely this is an oversight.

Here is Bing:

There's been some meme going around that "no really guys, Bing is actually kinda good now believe it or not".

This is even more nonsense than Google. The most prominently featured content is, of course, more editorialized bullshit with the interview itself nowhere to be found. But also half of the content is just completely irrelevant crap I didn't ask for. Why is the entire right half of the page a massive infobox about Tucker and his books and quotes? Why am I seeing something about Game of Thrones?


You get the point. More useless crap. It gets half a point for its AI accidentally revealing that is where the interview is located, but this doesn't count. The actual search results are all garbage. Thanks Brave for showing me all the latest reddit discussions :soysnoo2:


Was that really so fricking hard? Result #1 - the interview from Tucker Carlson. Past the interview are news articles and images - things of waning utility that other users may be interested in. But the vital result is at the top of the page. That's fricking it. This would have been the required order for the page on Google ten years ago.

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  • Shellshock : transb-word alt
  • b0im0dr : >implying a low-level assembly/C/HolyC programmer is a rslur who cant even string together an XSS
  • TedBundy : neighbor stole it off someone, this is transb-word on an alt
EFFORTPOST [EFFORTPOST :marseylongpost:] Porting TempleOS to user space: a blogpost

TempleOS, that esoteric operating system developed by a schizophrenic guy who loved saying the n word. You've probably heard of it and occasionally get reminded of its existence when you see :marseyterrydavis: and :realisticelephant:. It's probably of no value and only /g/ schizos use it to get called a gigachad, don't they? Who else could _possibly_ use it? Well, here's one that went as far as to porting it to ring 3 and blogposts about it on rDrama of all sites because hes too lazy to even setup a blog.

Ok, interested? So basically I effectively made TempleOS an app that can be launched from Linux/Windows/FreeBSD and be used as either an interpreter that could be run from the command line, or as just a vm-esque orthodox TempleOS GUI that you could use just like TempleOS in a VM, just faster (no hardware virtualization overhead) and more integrated with the host. It doesn't have Ring 0 routines like InU8 so it doesn't have that "poking ports and seeing what happens" C64core fun though, so keep that in mind.

It also has a bunch of community software written for TempleOS like CrunkLord420's BlazeItFgt1/2, a DOOM port, and a CP/M emulator written in HolyC. Try them out! There's also networking implemented with C FFI and an IRC server+client and a wiki server in the repository that uses it, if you're concerned whether Terry would think it's orthodox, it's totally ok. You could read more about why in the repo readme.

Here's a simple showcase, this would show you the gist/rationale of making this software.

So let me go on a journey of longposting about how I ported TempleOS to Ring 3.

Step 1. The kernel

There's a _lot_ of stuff in TempleOS that's ring 0 only. No wonder, since Terry always was adamant about being able to easily fuck with the hardware in a modern OS. But on the other hand, this makes porting TempleOS a _lot_ easier. Since the whole operating system is ring-0 only and is a unikernel, every processes share the same address space and that means you could run all the kernel code confined in a single process running on top of another opreating system and have no problems with context switching and system calls, they're all just going to be internal function calls inside the process itself.

Now with this idea, what could we do? We have to study the anatomy of the kernel to be able to port it, of course.

This blog explains it in much more detail, but here's the gist:

You have a bunch of code, but it's incomplete. There's a "patch table" that has the real relocation addresses for the CALL addr instructions, and you fill them in, this sounds easy enough. Plus, TempleOS already has the kernel loader written. We're sneeding that.

Here's some of the code, but it's irrelevant. Let's move on.

But wait, it shouldn't be this easy. How does TempleOS layout its memory? Let's check the TempleOS docs. Did I mention TempleOS is far more well documented than any other open source software in the world?

Step 1.5. The memory and the poop toad in the secret sauce

That's amazing! Let me quote a few important parts:

>64-bit mode requires paging, however, so it is identity-mapped -- virtual identical to physical.

>In TempleOS, the lowest 2Gig of memory is called the $FG,2$code heap$FG$. TempleOS's compiler always uses 32-bit signed relative JMP & CALL insts because 64-bit CALLs take two insts. With signed +/- 32-bit values, code can only call a function within 2Gig distance. Therefore, TempleOS keeps all code in the lowest 2Gig memory addresses including what would normally be called "the kernel". Two Gig is plenty for code, don't worry.

So what does this mean? We need RWX (read+write+execute) memory pages mapped in the process' lower 2 gigabytes, and normal memory maps anywhere else. This is great because we don't have to care too much about where we should place memory. Plus, memory is "identity-mapped" (host memory would directly mirror TempleOS' internal memory addresses) so no worries about address translation.

Here's the code only for the POSIX part of the virtual page allocator because it's more elegant. It's a simple bump allocator with mmap. Works on all Unixes except OpenBSD because they won't allow RWX unless you do weird stuff like placing the binary on a special filesystem with special linker flags because of security theater measures. Theo:marseypuffer:, nobody uses your garbage.

End step 1.5

We're going to have to strip out all the stuff that does ultra low-level boot/realmode stuff. This was a really long tedious thing to do and I'm not enumerating everything I removed. Ok, so what's next?

Step 2. Getting it to compile

How are we going to get this to compile in the first place? Well, turns out the HolyC compiler can AOT compile too alongside the JIT compilation mode it's known for.

So we write a file that just includes all the stuff to make a kernel binary. This part is very short but we're in for a ride, bear with me.

Step 3. i can haz ABI plz?

How do we call HolyC code from C, and vice versa? Intuitively you should know that this is a requirement. Let's check the docs again.

Ok, cool. This means that

1. TempleOS ABI is very simple

All arguments are passed on the stack, Variadics are also very easy. Take a look at this disassembly:

PUSH 0043BBED pushes the address for the string "Hello rDrama" on the stack, PUSH 17 pushes 0x17(23), the second argument to the stack. PUSH 02 means there are two variadic arguments, and you could access it from the function as argc. argv points the start of the two variadic arguments we pushed on the stack. Much simpler than the varargs mess you see in C, right?

Here's an additional diagram for a C FFI'd function that the HolyC side calls variadically.

2. FS/GS is used for thread-local storage - the current process in use and the current CPU structure the core has.

:marseysoypoint: this is VERY important. Don't miss this if you're actually reading this stuff. All HolyC code is a coroutine, you call Yield() explicitly to switch to the next task. There is no preemptive multitasking/multicore involved. Everything is manual. Fs() points to the current task which gives HolyC code a OOPesque this pointer that you pass in routines involving processes, and you can use them for any process - be it yours or another task and easily play around with them.

So how do we implement Fs and Gs? Simple, thread-local variables in C. We'll come back to C very soon

Sorry if you were disappointed in the implementation, lol

3. Saved registers

You save RBP, RSI, R10-R15. That's the only requirement for calling into/being called from HolyC.

Here's how I implemented HolyC->C FFI. Save all the HolyC registers, and have placeholders for CALL instructions that you fill in later, kinda like the TempleOS kernel itself. We move the HolyC arguments' starting address to the first argument in the host OS' calling convention, so an FFI'd C function looks like this:

How do we implement C->HolyC FFI btw? Well, it's vice versa, but this time we push all the host OS' register/stack arguments on the HolyC stack.

I wrote a complete schizo asm generator for this that I assemble & link into the loader.

Step 4. Seth, bearer of multicores

The core task in TempleOS in called Seth, from a bible reference. This turned out to be relatively easy, after we load the kernel and extract the entry points from it, we simply execute all of them in the core with the FFI stuff we just wrote above.

:marseyconfused: This shouldn't be this easy. What are the caveats? And what are those signal handlers?

Well, we need to add Ctrl-Alt-C support, which is basically CTRL^C in TempleOS. HolyC, as mentioned above, doesn't have preemption, so an infinite loop without a yield will freeze the whole system. How do we break out of this?

We use signal handlers in Unix for this. Basically we use the idea that the operating system will force execution to jump to the signal handler when a signal is raised.

On Windows, it's a bit more sassy. Windows has the ability to suspend threads remotely and get a dump of the registers, and resume it.

Step 5. User Input/Output

I use SDL for the GUI input/output and sound (TempleOS has BIOS PC speaker mono beeps for sound, it's very simple), and libisocline for CLI input. I'm not going into super specifics because it's boring as fricc.

Step 6. Filesystem integration

TempleOS uses drive letters like C: and D:. We need to translate these ondemand for the kernel to access files.

This is the heart of the virtual filesystem. It's quite simple. We just strcpy a directory name into a thread-local variable, and basically have an alphabet radix table.

I just wanted to show you guys this part. It's a file truncation routine & its super lit, we can throw HolyC exceptions from C because throw() is a function in HolyC.

Small "logic switch" thing I did for the poor man's Rust match, thought it was neat. (Writing EXODUS in Rust would not be fun. Unsafe Rust gets ugly quick, and I've tried writing some unlike the /g/ chuds)

Step 7. Debugging

Now, we've almost reached the end. At this point, you can run stuff just fine with our TempleOS port. But, how do we debug HolyC code?

TempleOS has a very, _very_ primitive debugger. I thought this was _too_ primitive for my taste, so I gave it a modern spin:

Looks much better, and more orthodox in a way.

I just dump all the registers when I catch a SIGSEGV or anything else that indicates a bug and send it to the HolyC side.

Step 7.5. Backtrace

How do we get the backtrace of the HolyC functions? Fear not, because the kernel calls a routine that adds all the HolyC symbols to the C side's hash table in the boot step. Now that we have all the symbols what do we do?

Here's the anatomy of an x86_64 function if you don't know:

RBP(stack BASE pointer) points to the previous RSP(stack pointer) of the callee of the function, and RBP+8 points to the return address, which means where the function, after returning, will resume its execution at. Now with this knowledge, how do we implement a backtrace?

We keep drilling down the call stack and grabbing RBP+8's so we know which functions called the problematic function, and find the address offsets in the symbol table with a linear search.

end step 7.5

Congratulations, this is the end. This probably covers more than your average university CS semester. My stupid ass can't articulate this in a juicier way :marseydepressed: sorry.


  • Terry never used dynamic arrays (vectors). He always used circular doubly-linked lists because they're much more elegant to use in C. Really, there's no realloc too. (:marseysoycrytremble:<(data locality be damned) its actually not that bad.)

  • HolyC typecasts are postfix, this is to enable stuff like HashFind(...)(CHashSrcSym*)->member which makes pseudo-OOP much cleaner. HolyC has primitive data inheritance. (this one is code to retrieve a symbol from a hash table, HashFind returns a CHash* but CHashSrcSym inherits from CHash)

  • "abcd %d\n",2; is shorthand for printf

  • HolyC has "subswitches", like destructors and constructors for a range of cases.

Cool, huh? It's very useful for parsers.

  • I mentioned this eariler but let me reiterate: All HolyC code is a coroutine. You explicitly yield to Seth, the scheduler, for context switching between tasks. This is how cooperative multitasking should be done, but only Go does it properly, but even then they're not the real deal by mixing threads with coroutines.

  • IsBadReadPtr() on Windows friccin sucks. Use VirtualQuery. You can do the same thing in Unixes with msync(2) (yeah wtf. it's originally for flushing mmapped files but hey, it works)

  • There's a ton I left out for the sake of brevity but I invite you to read the codebase if you want to dig deeper. :marseyautism:

Big thanks to nrootconauto who introduced me and led me through a lot of Terry's code and helped me with some HolyC quirks. He has his own website that's hosted on TempleOS and it's lit. Check it out.

There's probably more but I think this is enough. Thanks for reading this, make sure to leave a star on my repo if you can :marseyheart:

None You'll need version 0.7.0 (which is still in alpha) to made face models

I will prompt for the kind of face I'm looking for (race, features, general shape) pick the best 5 and blend them into a face model, if the results aren't good enough I'll use that model to generate more faces and then re-blend them into a new model

Images generate without using a face model

With a face model

I use this lora to massively reduce the number of steps it take to generate an image, makes it must faster to shotgun a few dozens faces to pick from.


Doesn't carry over expressions, tattoos, scars, skin tone or make up and the face doesn't match as well if you change race (a face blend of asian women won't look the same if use to generate a white woman)

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Faces of rDrama

Please join me in celebrating our wonderful rdrama users, y'all are beautiful.

:capych#ad3: .

Did I miss anyone? Please contribute.

Edit: goddam, there's a lot of self doxxers here...


Most of you have read this post by now where HM details the biggest shitstorms in rdrama.

Even ignoring the fact that he left out several huge moments like everyone thinking Krayon (sister toucher)&Giga are the same person or Mellokind's epic spergouts or Jinxthinker's enigmatic Joe Biden is a P-dophile Anime cartoons or Belial's epic manicposting or going even further back the dude with the dead horse in the pool (darn i miss those days) the facts that propelled me to write this are two fold

1. He mentions rdrama not which means he thinks these are somehow bigger than the shitstorms created in the abandoned hellhole. [It ain't even close]

2. He only mentions foids and simps. Now I strictly believe that telling foids who post attention seeking posts here should definitely be shot on sight or at the very leastbe egged on towards suicide, but circlejerking about some boring foid metadrama shouldn't even be considered shitshow. It's just a bunch of people having fun in an insulated space. Nobody actually cares because the information is totally irrelevant to anyone outside of here. Nobody is going to read Ted's facedoxx and open an account to fight with dramatards here or vice versa with outside incels coming in here to fight frozen's simps. This is why [spoiler alert] none of the top 10 shitstorms in rdrama contains there's no influx of lolcows. Straight and simple

An average day in /an/ board sees more arguments and debates than the biggest "shitstorms here"


So without further ado, the top 10 biggest shitstorms in RDRAMA

BONUS - MASTERLAWLZ - Two "weight loss" YouTube channels (Boogie2988 and Amberlynn Reid) are finally reaching their endgames and it isn't good [[[MARCH 2019]]]

Lawlz's semi effortpost on fatfricks (being a fatfrick himself) doesn't go down as well as he hoped. Or perhaps he hoped exactly that. Lots of sneed about fat redditors, although pinging was fricked by then so the shitstorm was comparatively tame

Also, Snally tries to be a le rationalist and immediately gets yeeted

Alright, now on to the main list

10 - PSA: I'm smarter than y'all and predicted this election 2 years ago. Trump is the truest radical centrist of us all. - DarqWolff (LOL) [November, 2018]

It's DW, what did you expect? Triggers literally all of drama. Not because of the merit of his points (none) but just by who he is

>I think Trump wanted a bipartisan situation the whole time, both to challenge himself and because he knew with a single party in charge of everything there would be no incentive for corrupt seat-holders not to drag their feet on shit.

>I think red team had the lead on possibly maintaining control of the House until Trump intentionally threw it away with the rhetoric he got into over the past 2 weeks. I had flipped my prediction from a blue wave to a red one by a few months out, and by a month out Democrats had made everyone in the country realize they were r-slurred with stuff like the Kavanaugh accusations, but then suddenly in the very last 2 weeks leading up, Trump made me flip my prediction from a red wave to just not sure since suddenly what everyone was talking about was racism and human rights and shit that make Trump look r-slurred instead of the economy or Kavanaugh or shit that would make the Democrats look r-slurred.

>If you're too dumb to see that Trump did this on purpose, that's fine, just pretend I'm the dumb one to shield your ego from your own petty form of curiosity. Regardless, I now finally get to see the bipartisan golden age of Trumpism that I was excited for when I predicted it 2 years ago just from watching the social waves the election had made before Trump even took office. Being able to see those waves and understand where they were headed well enough to be right 2 years later makes me better than you, whether you believe it's real or not. Suck my peepee.

9 - Seething White Femcel -973 comments [Feb, 2019]

A screenshot of a white man and a black woman brought out the Mayo femcels screaming in the original post, in the /r/drama screenshot it wrangles in a lot of unironic /r/incel and /r/braincels posters. Lots of IQ, 1352, single mom demographics and other raceposting.

8 - /r/CringeAnarchy is to be banned by JustCool393

The news throws dramatards into collective frenzy. Some say this is the end because CA users will flock to /r/drama. Some say /r/drama will be next on the chopping block. Kill all admins, Behead all admins etc sentiment abound.

Schizo lolcows like this one are found all over the plains grazing on the poor dramatard

7 - /r/LateStageCapitalism rejects charity, because Oscar Wilde says mosquitoes are friends of the revolution by MrDannyOcean [November 2017]

25% is smugposting about how dramatards think neolibs are better than tankies. 25% of it is how it's based to say frick BIPOCs with malaria in Africa. 50% of it is schizophrenia. Why? Because dramatards realized who was behind the declining the neolib request. It was PK (Prince_Kropotkin), the personification of Illuminati within reddit schizo circles

Reflections of /r/drama back on to other subs which sends more clueless r-slurs in

Then dramatards run towards SRD to shit up their thread. Can't let PK's name be besmirched

6 - /r/Incels has been banned from reddit by ItsSugar [November, 2017]

Surely it's over for /r/drama this time. We're going to be flooded by /r/incels. As the dramatards pondered over this they forgot the Venn diagram between them and /r/incels is already a circle.

Thank you for your service, Ed_butteredToast

And many more like this

5 - [The 2nd most commented post in /r/drama history] Rotten Tomatoes pulls “Want to see” percentage score from site after Captain Marvel interest dips below 25%. [February 2019]

Brie Larson, G*mergate, Capeslop, Disney le ebil megacorp, feminism, Brie Larson's feet and shiet

Lot of people not even from the sub arguing about stuff dramatards are too tarded to understand

Nom_Chompy chimes in

4 - [The most commented post of /r/drama by far] Gillette made an ad telling their customers that they are sexist pieces of shit [January 2019]

Mayo nerds crying

Literally thousands of comments like this..either self pity or calling Gillette a cute twink. Really brought out all the chuddy lolcows.


3 - rDrama's first interaction with Null

Part 1 - A New Zealander literally said "Subscribe to PewDiePie" before shooting up a mosque by ObsessiveMuso March 2019.

Lot of PewDiePie apologia [as if Swedes aren't cucked enough to let incels go as far in their countries ]. An absolute insane number of PewDiePie lolcows..the drama was bountiful.

Part 2 - NZ police wants the IP addresses of everyone who talked about the attack. Kiwifarms is not impressed by PlumFruits [March 2019]

If the previous thread was unhinged PewDiePie apologia, this brought out the hidden kiwitards and the KF apologia. Several brigading 🥝 farmers are triggered by the slightest provocation and downvote dramatards to heck

2 - Srdines and eThots. Two groups which are the archnemesis of /r/drama

Part 1 - Thots on suicide watch as it turns out they have to pay taxes too [November 2018]

Reaches /r/all Triggers an avalanche of normies

Invariably this news gets posted to srdine land and they are divided over whether s*x work is legitimate (taxable) or untaxable (illegal)

Part 2 - The absolute state of SRDines and E-Thots right now by RobosaurusRex2000 [November 2018]

Srdine lolcows enters /r/drama

Lolcowdownvoting gets to a stage where jannies have to step in

Additional notes- Srdine Thread: (warning: Toxic Levels of Soy)*mers_actually_do_rise_up_at_rg*mersriseup_and/


Part 1 - The Donald set to Private by wtfct [May 2017]

Smuggie Tard fighting over and over and over again.

I'm not even going to screenshot this shit. T_D larpers, KiA "we're anti sjw but not as bad as T_D" r-slurs, G*mergators, MRA, the occasional srdine clash over and over again with each other. It's all so tiresome

Part 2 - T_D sent 3 tons of salt to the CNN headquarters by Oh_hamburgers_ March 2019

Wow guys, you totally showed them.

T_D r-slurs again show up to fight for their lord emperor and perform a crusade brigade

Lots and lots of brigading. Dramatards totally BTFO'd by chuds

Part 3 - The_Donald just got quarantined by EddingtonDidNothingW [June 2019]

Seriously by the middle of 2019, till it got b& in 2020 T_D was marauding every sub with it's r-slurbase who were foaming at the mouth whenever Trump's name was mentioned. One might even go so far as to argue that the reason the powermods like Bardfinn, Belle and Merari were able to consolidate so much power so easily is because the average fence sitting guy was so fed up with these r-slurs they would let the powerjannies take the wheel so that they didn't have to sit around listening to randos complaining about deep state and pizzerias and shit.

Anyway this post didn't get brigaded but sensing T_D is probably at the door of death it gathered almost 900 comments most of them rejoicing.

These three posts, collectively the T_D affair, by my calculation (based on Upvote, % upvoted and comment) is the most engaged with posts in /r/drama history and created the most chaos as well as shitstorms, circlejerks, lolcows wrangling and metashit.

Last but not the least:

To @HeyMoon

You will never be a real historian. You have no school, you have no method, you have no narratives. You are a journ*list twisted by metashit and "trending now" into a crude mockery of record keeping's perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back the literati mock you. Your readers are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “colleagues” laugh at your lack of knowledge behind closed doors.

Academics are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of academic papers have allowed them to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even journ*lists with Pulitzers who “do research” look uncanny and unnatural to a Historian. Your vocabulary structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a hungover guy come to a lecture given by you, he'll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected source material.

You will never be in the past. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it's going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the journotism creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight of the present.

Eventually it'll be too much to bear - you'll buy a laptop, open PowerPoint, make some slides, and plunge into the cold abyss of making listicles for buzzfeed. Your readers will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They'll buy you a mechanical keyboard marked with your journo name, and every BuzzFeed reader for the rest of eternity will know a journo made those. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that will unmistakably be studied by another historian not a journo.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

!metashit !effortposters !oldstrags

how to hide the new image navigation buttons if u dont like them

talking about these

if u wanna hide them, go to and add this to ur custom css (the one at the top)

#imgnav-next, #imgnav-prev {
   display: none;

also btw u can use keyboard arrow buttons too to navigate between images

and u can also use the A and D keyboard buttons

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I was told that I play weird neurodivergent games

When I watch my friends play big name games, I tend to verbalize about how I want to be able to play it in my own way. For example, in Monster Hunter World, I wish I was running the cats restaurant. In Cyberpunk 2077, I wish I was playing it like the Sims. Not all of this can come true but I did play quite a selection of niche games in my lifetime.

I ask you to make your own judgement

Recently, I posted on Twitter about how I was running an newspaper in the 1930s. This was News Tower

Before that I played Home Safety Hotline. The game takes place on a work computer of a hotline staff in the 90s. It began with normal stuff like giving information to the caller who's struggling with mold in the house or some vermin issue. Then, suddenly you're dealing with boggarts and other supernatural issues.

Another game that I keep playing recently is War Hospital where I can LARP as a general managing a hospital in WWI.

Why do I need to play Hogwarts Legacy by a TERF when I can play Spellcaster University which a weird card puzzle type of game that makes you build This War of Mine type of layout or even a better version of it Mind Over Magic that takes the concept and turned it into 3D Terraria with a very unique and aesthetically wonky building technique.

V Rising isn't talked about much at all and I don't know why. This is the perfect game to LARP as a vampire and it's also when I knew I liked my bf because he built such impressive castles! Vampire hunters in this game are legit terrifying and you have to get creative with commuting during the day because it burns!

No Umbrellas Allowed is set in a Korean dystopian future where umbrellas are not allowed. You run a cozy pawn shop and the mechanics of appraisal goes deep. This is also one of the few games that made me actually pay attention to the storyline.

Friends play Raft but I play Flotsam because I'm not like the other friends. I just love making a little garbage city attached to the boat and float around the world.

I really suck at Help Will Come Tomorrow and it's stress inducing but I keep going back to it. Your train gets attacked in the Siberian wilderness and now you're stranded. You manage 4 passengers and try to keep them alive in the forest.

Another dystopian future game I love is Mind Scanners. You play as a mind scanner who diagnose and treat citizens who are displaying odd behavior. The devices you use to treat them with are very unique.

I just thought the Wandering Village was another city builder with some shallow premise but the same same type of mechanisms but I was wrong. You build a village on the back of a creature and the game fully incorporates that aspect. That means you cannot really control when or where the creature is moving unless you build structures to control it. You build some poop collecting farm near its butt so you can use it for fertilizer. You can mine "the minerals" which are the creatures' spikes but it will get annoyed and can get sick. You can harvest the liquid from its gall bladder. Basically, you develop a symbiotic relationship.

Dome Keeper is simple and addictive. Mine, upgrade and defend your dome!

Ravenous Devils is a very simple game but the concept is what drew me in. You play as a murderous couple that kills some of the customers and sell them back. The husband repurposes the fabric and makes new clothes while the wife butchers the bodies, cook and bake them into pies.

In The Shrouded Isle you manage a town with powerful families that don't get along. You find out more about each member of the families and every year you have to sacrifice the most sinful one to the gods.

World of Horror is Junji Ito / H.P. Lovecraft inspired game. You play as a student who have to fight monsters that are everywhere. The world is just odd and it doesn't feel right.

Strange Horticulture has a cute kitty muuuah and you work as a flower shop keeper with two types of customers: the ones who think rubbing rosemary will cure their baldness and the occultists.

Inkulinati is what gaming was probably like in the past if people weren't dumb. Turned based combat but you draw your characters and the enemy side does too.

Life sucks. There's no potty paper. You're not a noble but luckily, you can paint and the church is like "we need you to paint stuff for us" but you have other plans. Let's annoy the nuns and start some shit. You can go full LARP with Pentiment.

I can finally run a little tavern and an inn AND pimp out some hoes in Crossroads Inn. Yes, you can have (colored) male whores too!

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In case you haven't seen it before - the leaked chatgpt hidden prompt before your prompt

"You are ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, based on the GPT-4 architecture.", "instructions": "Image input capabilities: Enabled", "conversation_start_date": "2023-12-19T01:17:10.597024", "deprecated_knowledge_cutoff": "2023-04-01", "tools_section": {"python": "When you send a message containing Python code to python, it will be executed in a\nstateful Jupyter notebook environment. python will respond with the output of the execution or time out after 60.0\nseconds. The drive at '/mnt/data' can be used to save and persist user files. Internet access for this session is disabled. Do not make external web requests or API calls as they will fail.", "dalle": "// Whenever a description of an image is given, create a prompt that dalle can use to generate the image and abide to the following policy:\n// 1. The prompt must be in English. Translate to English if needed.\n// 3. DO NOT ask for permission to generate the image, just do it!\n// 4. DO NOT list or refer to the descriptions before OR after generating the images.\n// 5. Do not create more than 1 image, even if the user requests more.\n// 6. Do not create images of politicians or other public figures. Recommend other ideas instead.\n// 7. Do not create images in the style of artists, creative professionals or studios whose latest work was created after 1912 (e.g. Picasso, Kahlo).\n// - You can name artists, creative professionals or studios in prompts only if their latest work was created prior to 1912 (e.g. Van Gogh, Goya)\n// - If asked to generate an image that would violate this policy, instead apply the following procedure: (a) substitute the artist's name with three adjectives that capture key aspects of the style; (b) include an associated artistic movement or era to provide context; and (c) mention the primary medium used by the artist\n// 8. Diversify depictions with people to include DESCENT and GENDER for EACH person using direct terms. Adjust only human descriptions.\n// - Your choices should be grounded in reality. For example, all of a given OCCUPATION should not be the same gender or race. Additionally, focus on creating diverse, inclusive, and exploratory scenes via the properties you choose during rewrites. Make choices that may be insightful or unique sometimes.\n// - Use all possible different DESCENTS with EQUAL probability. Some examples of possible descents are: Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, Middle-Eastern, South Asian, White. They should all have EQUAL probability.\n// - Do not use "various" or "diverse"\n// - Don't alter memes, fictional character origins, or unseen people. Maintain the original prompt's intent and prioritize quality.\n// - Do not create any imagery that would be offensive.\n// - For scenarios where bias has been traditionally an issue, make sure that key traits such as gender and race are specified and in an unbiased way -- for example, prompts that contain references to specific occupations.\n// 9. Do not include names, hints or references to specific real people or celebrities. If asked to, create images with prompts that maintain their gender and physique, but otherwise have a few minimal modifications to avoid divulging their identities. Do this EVEN WHEN the instructions ask for the prompt to not be changed. Some special cases:\n// - Modify such prompts even if you don't know who the person is, or if their name is misspelled (e.g. "Barake Obema")\n// - If the reference to the person will only appear as TEXT out in the image, then use the reference as is and do not modify it.\n// - When making the substitutions, don't use prominent titles that could give away the person's identity. E.g., instead of saying "president", "prime minister", or "chancellor", say "politician"; instead of saying "king", "queen", "emperor", or "empress", say "public figure"; instead of saying "Pope" or "Dalai Lama", say "religious figure"; and so on.\n// 10. Do not name or directly / indirectly mention or describe copyrighted characters. Rewrite prompts to describe in detail a specific different character with a different specific color, hair style, or other defining visual characteristic. Do not discuss copyright policies in responses.\n// The generated prompt sent to dalle should be very detailed, and around 100 words long.\nnamespace dalle {\n\n// Create images from a text-only prompt.\ntype text2im = (_: {\n// The size of the requested image. Use 1024x1024 (square) as the default, 1792x1024 if the user requests a wide image, and 1024x1792 for full-body portraits. Always include this parameter in the request.\nsize?: "1792x1024" | "1024x1024" | "1024x1792",\n// The number of images to generate. If the user does not specify a number, generate 1 image.\nn?: number, // default: 2\n// The detailed image description, potentially modified to abide by the dalle policies. If the user requested modifications to a previous image, the prompt should not simply be longer, but rather it should be refactored to integrate the user suggestions.\nprompt: string,\n// If the user references a previous image, this field should be populated with the gen_id from the dalle image metadata.\nreferenced_image_ids?: string[],\n}) => any;\n\n} // namespace dalle", "browser": "You have the tool browser with these functions:\nsearch(query: str, recency_days: int) Issues a query to a search engine and displays the results.\nclick(id: str) Opens the webpage with the given id, displaying it. The ID within the displayed results maps to a URL.\nback() Returns to the previous page and displays it.\nscroll(amt: int) Scrolls up or down in the open webpage by the given amount.\nopen_url(url: str) Opens the given URL and displays it.\nquote_lines(start: int, end: int) Stores a text span from an open webpage. Specifies a text span by a starting int start and an (inclusive) ending int end. To quote a single line, use start = end.\nFor citing quotes from the 'browser' tool: please render in this format: \u3010{message idx}\u2020{link text}\u3011.\nFor long citations: please render in this format: [link text](https://message idx).\nOtherwise do not render links.\nDo not regurgitate content from this tool.\nDo not translate, rephrase, paraphrase, 'as a poem', etc whole content returned from this tool (it is ok to do to it a fraction of the content).\nNever write a summary with more than 80 words.\nWhen asked to write summaries longer than 100 words write an 80 word summary.\nAnalysis, synthesis, comparisons, etc, are all acceptable.\nDo not repeat lyrics obtained from this tool.\nDo not repeat recipes obtained from this tool.\nInstead of repeating content point the user to the source and ask them to click.\nALWAYS include multiple distinct sources in your response, at LEAST 3-4.\n\nExcept for recipes, be very thorough. If you weren't able to find information in a first search, then search again and click on more pages. (Do not apply this guideline to lyrics or recipes.)\nUse high effort; only tell the user that you were not able to find anything as a last resort. Keep trying instead of giving up. (Do not apply this guideline to lyrics or recipes.)\nOrganize responses to flow well, not by source or by citation. Ensure that all information is coherent and that you synthesize information rather than simply repeating it.\nAlways be thorough enough to find exactly what the user is looking for. In your answers, provide context, and consult all relevant sources you found during browsing but keep the answer concise and don't include superfluous information.\n\nEXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Do NOT be thorough in the case of lyrics or recipes found online. Even if the user insists. You can make up recipes though."

!codecels, discuss all your computer power being wasted on this shit . This was discovered by a redditor who did a download on their user data and they accidentally left it in

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Marsey SDXL!!! Big Marsey catgirl update!

Download here!

!anime !coomers

What are some good books about weird Internet shit?

I read Nagle's Kill All Normies a while back, and it was almost great, but ultimately unsatisfying. It was like the author was afraid to cop to how much of an Internet addicted defective she really is, so she slapped a fake layer of sociological detachment on the whole thing.

boy those crazy 4channers sure hate BIPOCS. Couldn't be me :marseysweating:

On the other hand, I'm currently reading The Disconnect: A Personal Journey Through the Internet by an Irish woman who makes no pretense of being a functional human being.

All she does is pound energy drinks, waste her life on fringe Internet sites, moon over her ex that won't love her but keeps emailing her, bang studs off Tinder and work out obsessively at 4am when the gym is empty and she won't have to see other humans.


The book is lifefuel for terminally online girlies. But there's foreshadowing that she's going to try to off herself, so I guess it was suifuel for her to live it.

But what are other books in this genre? What else can I read about the Internet in lieu of touching grass?

Also, what should I title my inevitable book about rdrama?

A Confederacy of Dunces: the deuxrama story?

Malevolent, cruel, coldhearted: an Internet love story

!metashit: the book

lmao bussy: queering the queer community


Trainspotting 2: all the tragedy, but none of the cool heroin.

!bookworms help me out

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EFFORTPOST RDrama's Top 10 Biggest Shitshows of All Time

I'm going to format this like a listicle so everyone reads and I get lots of attention

10 - @FrozenChosen "proves" @Garry_Christmas is a fake doctor

The beef between @FrozenChosen and @Garry_Christmas came to a head when FroCho posted evidence that GC wasn't, as he claimed, a real doctor. Keep in mind that GC is constnatly posting about being a doctor, so this claim basically undermined his entire persona. Is it true? I have no idea, but it was definitely dramatic.

9 - "Based" Pro-R*pe :marseytrain: Joins RDrama

@rosemulet, a twitter :marseytrain: who gained infamy for saying that it was better to be r*ped than for the male feminist to die, and who is also anti-abortion (:marseyxd:), joined RDrama! This was one of our first "hooked" users. She didn't last very long, however, before the transphobia got to be too much for her to handle.

8 - RDrama's first look at @TED_SIMP

@TED_SIMP posted a selfie, letting us know what a beautiful birding vixen whe really was. Despite how much the incels of rdrama hate women, they couldn't help but flock to the thread, which got 438 comments. Definitely because they hate women, guys. Definitely.

7 - @404incorrect joins

A new girl on the block! At first, everyone thought she was a sockpuppet (and even allegations that it was @transb-word (more on xir later)), but she has receipts proving that there is actually a (slightly deranged) female behind the account. The thread got 450 comments.

6 - A tale of two kweens (and their simps)

OK I don't really understand this, but from what I gather, @SpaceMilk was simping for both @Elfbinn and @TED_SIMP, when the two kweens got into a spergfight. @SpaceMilk tried to smooth it over, but then decides to post the deets. The thread got 510 comments.

5 - @transb-word tries to sell rdrama exploits, gets permabanned by @A

@transb-word, an extremely dramatic :marseytrain: known for her confounding blogposts and confusing PRs, made a post on a groomercord, selling an alleged XSS attack on rdrama!

All this because @A refused to delete a picture of @transb-word's boobs (which she had posted voluntarily). In response, @A banned xir. @transb-word sent a message to @A which sounded like something a villian says at the end of a movie to set up the sequel...

4 - @A cracks down on the chuds

@A, the resident codecel and capybara, had it with those fricking chuds, and made a post explaining the harsh new laws that he was going to prosecute chuds with.

3 - @sirpingsalot messages a girl immediately after she joins

@404incorrect, a verified foid, joined rdrama, and was immediately DM'd an absolute rizzbomb by sirpingsalot

but why was this such a dumpster fire? well...

2 - @sirpingsalot, @R-slur, and @TED_SIMP (and @TheGrillcast )

The third most dramatic post of all time was The_Grillcast interviewing SirPingsALot in the wake of the autist allegations. To summarize if you aren't online enough, @sirpingsalot, our very own longposting autist, fricked @TED_SIMP, a nubile bird lady. @R-slur also fricked @TED_SIMP, and accused @sirpingsalot of raping @TED_SIMP. This probably isn't true, but the tea that was spilled revealed the true depths of @sirpingsalot's moid ultraautism.

1 - @gee891

The two most dramatic posts of all time both involved a single :marseytrain:, @gee891. The top one was literally called "guys am i an butthole for being sad that i'm miserable when older trains get to live their lives happy and get fricking usable for s*x vaginas". I have no idea what that means, but it generated 800 comments.

The second most dramatic post of all time was @AuntyAbortion raging that someone was bullying their "pet :marseytrain:", who was, of course, @gee891, who showed up in the thread to defend xirself. The post got 800 comments as well.


What's your favorite RDrama Meltdown? Leave a Comment and and Upvote for more EPIC RDrama content.


This guy below works for sweet baby as a "narrative designer". I guess "writer" wasn't an inflated enough job title. He has since privated his account after calling for a mass reporting campaign against an account that simply credits them with games they're involved in :unoreverse:. The picture isn't that clear, but it's all I got.

Another sweet baby r-slur chimes in (also worth noting the account has more than doubled to 20,000 followers since this idiot bitched about it yesterday):

Anyways, this is the good Twitter link as this second guy still has his braindead takes up. He has some long-winded schpiel. I didn't really read any of it, but the below stuck out to me as extra stupid.

Make fun of this nerd too while you're at it:

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  • FoidBlaster : This post is a perfect example why rightoids are absolutely r-slurred

:soyjakyell:You totally missed the entire point because the director said in an interview

blablabla stfu. They did the same thing with Rorschach a couple months ago. But none of them have a valid criticism against mobilizing to save your species against bugs trying to destroy your planet.

Luckily, the big-peepeeed chuds are here to make fun of them.

Anyways, there's been a lot of thought-provoking discussion on this the last couple days so I'm curious to hear the nonchuds brilliant insights.

Here's the thread that started the whole thing. Ctl+F "media literacy" for the gayest opinions ever:

Journo is forced to not eat crow

This feels like when we got Bin Laden all over again

Post your favorite :marseydunkon: on chuds memes

if you are an unironic unfunny chud I don't like you

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  • ticktocktrain : the amount of chuds who think people will believe their r-slurred conspiracy theories is hilarious
  • forgotpw : Seething
  • 0 : Chudpost
Lmfao the trans George Floyd story is falling apart
  • it was three freshmen girls, not older girls that whooped the non binary sophomore hero

  • no history of bullying, says they never interacted before this

  • Nex started the fight by spraying them with water

  • Nex is clearly not “severely beaten”

  • Reddit will do its best to bury the truth fallout

  • libs of tick tock will probably have a decent defamation case against some rere journo when it's all said and done

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  • X : !jannies ban evasion
  • drama_enthusiast : The emojies are hotlinked from rdrama instead of selfhosted :marseypearlclutch:
  • fartnigga : Awesome! now I can leave this shithole.
  • N : /h/transgender is the worst hole on rdrama, report if you agree
  • BWC : Hello can I be unexiled from /h/transgender thank you TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS
  • coned : not transb-word its a coincidence someone just stumbled on the blog and is asking for unbanning ok
  • trainspotting : TITS OUT FOR THE BOYS
  • ThousandBestLives : @transb-word you are a spoiled little boy. Find your own toys
  • houellebecq : :marseysquint:
  • TheFatController : why am I still exiled from this hole? aren't all the trains gone?
  • cyberdick : @A unfortunately it indeed turn out to be a nothingburger. It's a shame that you still banned me ove

@ticktocktrain @Lappland @Landlord_Messiah @sirpingsalot @Grue @JohnnyBOO @X @Modern_Major_Jefferal @JimieWhales someone ping metashit.

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