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racist IQ posting soon follows


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Eventually the real menace (redditors) is named


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  • Melchizedek_Bishop_Thomas: If youve ever downmarseyed youre not a true rdramautist
  • MinecraftSteve: This post stroked my ego so hard I just came all over my keyboard
  • Chinchilla: 🐈̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚̚
Dramatards mald when someone makes an edgy joke :soycry: :soycry: :soycry: :soycry: :soycry:

It was a joke ffs chill (-6)

A horrible joke (+19)


This is the most dramatic thread I've seen on here lol

New Marsey Catgirl Art! :marseyinabox:

Got some commissioned art of my favorite marsey emoji! Plus autism hat variant! Artist's Instagram is


Ryan Cohen dumps bags on Reddit apes.

The past few weeks the apes over at WSB and other meme stock related subs have been trying to squeeze BBBY (Bed, Bath & Beyond), due to a few reasons. First the stock was heavily shorted, even at near all time lows, next the cheap price meant it didn't cost much to buy a few dozen shares or so, perfect for the 17 year olds on Reddit stealing their mothers credit card info, and last but probably the biggest reason, Ryan Cohen had disclosed a purchase of 7.78 million shares and a shit ton of call options with far out the money strikes (around 80$ iirc).

This mattered greatly to apes because as we know Ryan Cohen is the current CEO of GameStop, and the God King of the cult of GME. If you don't know about the absolute batshit insanity based around GME just take a look at (, in short Gamestop was another heavily shorted stock that got squeezed two years ago causing a global sensation, but while some made life changing profit on the run up, others "held the line" and "hodled" until red. These bagholders then spun some grand world spanning conspiracy centered on evil hedge funds conspiring to keep the dying brick and mortar funko pop stores stock down to prevent the "real" short squeeze from happening.

Anyways the BBBY squeeze was looking good for the apes. The stock had run from around 5$ to over 25$ in just about two weeks, the apes celebrated their win over the evil hedgies with many memes and shitposts such as ( or (

Many of these posts no doubt hit /r/all, giving BBBY exposure to more potential bagholders ready to FOMO in at all time high prices, such as ( or (

Everything was going great for the r-slurs, the stock was rising rapidly and showed no signs of letting up....until it wasn't. Wednesday afternoon, following another 20%+ gain for BBBY the unthinkable happened, it started to tank in the after-market. This was due to Ryan Cohen filing a form 144, this is a form the SEC requires of executive officers, directors, or affiliates of a company when placing an order to sell more than 5,000 shares of a company. The apes reacted with denial, after all this form did not mean Cohen HAD to sell, or even that he wanted too, this could just be another of his 5000 IQ chess moves against the hedgies ( / (

This was obviously just more FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) being spread by the elites (

The price fell for most of the day today, at a steady pace, but nothing too crazy, that is until Dear Leader Ryan Cohen filed another form, this time confirming the selling of his entire stake in BBBY (

The stock has now fallen almost 50% in one day and is still drilling in the aftermarket. Reactions have ranged from

coping (

seething (

crying (

denial (

And of course conspiracies (

As for me I bought some puts when the stock was hovering around 10 dollars two weeks ago thinking this kind of thing may happen, unfortunately I got the timing and the strike all wrong and will be lucky if I can make even half back by expiration tomorrow assuming it keeps falling, but still watching Reddit r-slurs lose money with me does take the sting out a little.

When memes have a kill count

A common belief that circulates on this site is that nothing that you post online really matters. Not only is this idea wrong, it is dangerous. Some things you post online can incite violence against other people, and this becomes very serious when that violence is against marginalized groups. Now here comes the juicy part.

In my current cutting edge anti-hate research, I am quantifying how dangerous memes are. Believe it or not, some memes can be deadly. This is no laughing matter. Let's take the trans community, the most vulnerable minority, as an example. Posting transmisic memes threatens trans lives in two ways. Not only do they encourage domestic terrorists to enact physical violence against trans people, they also make trans people more likely to commit suicide. Scary stuff, isn't it? Let's look as some examples.

Because we are dealing with literal digital weapons in this research, I cannot stress enough how carefully this must be done. The memes I am about to show are for research purposes only. They are NOT for the eyes of chuds. If you are a chud, please stop reading now. Remember, do not repost these memes ANYWHERE. They are only to be used for research in order to protect trans lives.


Meme 1: 148 posts per kill

On average, it takes 148 posts of this meme to result in the death of one trans person. The most horrifying part is that this isn't even close to the most dangerous meme.

Meme 2: 93 posts per kill

It really doesn't take much to create a dangerous meme. This one doesn't even require 100 posts to kill one trans person. Just terrifying

Meme 3: 46 posts per kill

This is one of the most dangerous memes analyzed in my research. Posting stuff like this is a literal act of terror.

I hope you learned a lot about how transmisic memes aren't "just a joke" and are actually incredibly dangerous. If you see anyone post a meme like this, contact me immediately and I will be sure to take care of the situation. Stay safe.


I could keep going, but ten seems like enough. If you want to see more, check /r/nfl yourself. But here's a bonus from /r/sports. And here's one from /r/fantasyfootball.



‘Dark Brandon’ Rises, and Buoys Biden’s Beleaguered Faithful

Inside the White House, the vibe is shifting, even if the polls have not budged much.

Nobody would ever accuse Joe Biden of being Extremely Online.

As a candidate, he strongly implied that he was not especially interested in social media. In a reversal of the usual way of the political world, his aides made it known that a communications team crafted his tweets and posts, not Biden himself. His campaign focused on winning local TV markets, not winning the morning with the Twitter cognoscenti and the "Morning Joe" regulars on MSNBC.

In an age of micro news cycles that come and go like puffs of wind --- and running against an incumbent president who tweeted at all hours, about whatever seemed to cross his mind --- Biden's fuddy-duddy approach to the modern news media offered an implicit promise to voters: I'll be the remedy to the way that Donald Trump lives rent-free in your heads.

During the Democratic presidential primary in 2020, a Biden adviser vented to Ryan Lizza, my former colleague at Politico, about how Biden's extremely offline persona was actshually part and parcel of his winning strategy of appealing to what political operatives often refer to as "the normies."

Those normal voters weren't glued to their phones all day; they were doing "normal" American things like traipsing off to work, shopping for groceries, calling their grandkids, watching "Wheel of Fortune" and generally going about their lives without following the latest memes or chattering-class obsessions du jour.

"I get this question all the time: Why does the press hate him so much?" the aide told Lizza. "And the answer is because they are younger and they want someone cooler."

First of all, let's make one thing clear: The press does not "hate" Joe Biden. But this unidentified aide's point was that, in lavishing attention on fresher candidates like Pete Buttigieg or more fashionable pols on the left like Bernie Sanders, elite reporters and cable talking heads were missing Biden's genuine appeal to the older voters who make up the base of the Democratic Party --- and who would end up lifting him to the nomination.

It was a chin-out expression of confidence in Biden's political strategy at a time when the outcome of the primary was uncertain. But it also betrayed enduring, Rodney Dangerfield-esque feelings of resentment among his advisers that Biden don't get no respect among media tastemakers and pundits.

"People who went through the primary and the general election with him learned to take this longer view of the vicissitudes of the political news cycle," said Anita Dunn, a senior White House adviser.

She added that, for all the criticism of the president's age --- he'll be 79 in November --- and the decades he's spent in the Senate and as vice president, his years of experience in Washington had given him a "wisdom" and a patience about the rhythms of deal-making in Congress that would be hard to replicate.

At times, the Biden team's resentment of what it sees as the press and pundit class's constant underestimation of his political instincts and abilities has burst into public view.

One incident from the primary stands out. In January 2020, in a sit-down interview with the editorial board of this newspaper, Biden blurted out: "I ain't dead and I'm not going to die!"

The New York Times editorial board (which is completely walled off from the news operation, where I work) decided to endorse both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar instead of Biden, a Solomonic exercise that infuriated his team.

In response, the Biden campaign released a video of a gushing encounter he had with Jacquelyn Brittany, a security guard who had escorted the candidate up to the Times boardroom for his interview. Brittany returned during the Democratic convention to nominate Biden, a story his aides fed in advance to The Washington Post.

Inside Biden's campaign, his phrase --- "I ain't dead and I'm not going to die!" --- became something of an internal mantra, an expression of the grit with which aides felt they approached an election in which they were never accorded the respect they were due.

So, to me, it was especially interesting to watch as White House officials recently began to embrace "Dark Brandon" --- a palimpsest of an internet meme that has been painted over with almost impenetrable layers of online irony.

Stick with me here as I try to explain it, briefly.

The net roots of 'Dark Brandon'

The series of memes, according to sites that track such things, has wended its way from sarcastic jokes about Biden's supposed dementia to, now, a bear hug by the very team that still goes by the maxim "Twitter is not real life."

It began in the winter as a tongue-in-cheek appropriation of "Let's Go Brandon" --- a right-wing catchphrase that developed from a TV commentator's mischaracterization of what the crowd at a NASCAR race was saying about Biden (hint: a rude insult) into an entire ecosystem of coy bumper stickers and T-shirts.

The repackaging of the "Brandon" slogan soon combined with the "Dark MAGA" meme, which had grown popular among online conservatives and roughly conveys the message that Trump and his most loyal supporters are plotting a vengeful comeback.

Highly stylized images of the current president featuring an otherworldly glow or red laser beams coming out of his eyes, often including stock Biden phrases like "No malarkey," began popping up in meme factories like 4Chan, a rowdy internet messaging board, or on Twitter.

At the time, Biden was struggling to pass his agenda on Capitol Hill. But as the president has started to rack up legislative victories and favorable jobs numbers, Democratic Twitterati began jettisoning the irony and embracing the meme wholeheartedly.

The White House jumped on board early this month, with several aides tweeting out Dark Brandon images after a spate of good news for Biden:

Inside the White House, the towel-snapping Dark Brandon tweets were an expression of a changing mood after months and months of feeling besieged by coverage of Biden's lousy poll numbers, his struggles to tame inflation and the predilection among Beltway insiders for prematurely declaring Biden's political demise.

The president himself has seen some of the Dark Brandon memes and found them funny, according to several people close to him.

"The Dark Brandon memes are a light take on the fact that Biden actually has abilities and power that most elected officials don't --- and he wields it in his own way," said Greg Schultz, who led Biden's 2020 campaign through the Democratic primary and has occasionally been critical of the White House.

And they also served to mock the Extremely Online right, whose obsession with concepts like "memetic warfare" has indelibly shaped the political conversation in this country and beyond.

Most of all, the memes were a subtle reminder to the press that, collectively, it doesn't always get Biden right --- and that, in the view of his staff, the president is playing a long game that doesn't always jibe with the frenetic rhythms of the internet news cycle.

The president nodded to those sentiments on Tuesday during the signing ceremony for the Inflation Reduction Act. As Manchin stood behind him in the State Dining Room of the White House, hovering near the ceremonial desk used for such occasions, the president said, "Joe, I never had a doubt."

For now, a lot of this mood shift is still just what the Gen Z folks out there might call "vibes."

Biden's poll numbers have gone up, but not by much.

Tuesday's election results in Alaska and Wyoming suggest that Donald Trump remains the most potent force in Republican politics, and that --- as of today, at least --- he would enter a hypothetical 2024 rematch against Biden with his party solidly behind him.

Inflation may have peaked, but it remains at or near record highs, and it remains to be seen how actual voters will process the changing narrative in Washington come November. Republicans may yet win over significant numbers of centrist voters with their arguments on cultural issues like transgender rights or the teaching of race and gender in schools.

Biden's allies are painfully aware, too, of just how fickle the conversation around the president can be.

"I promise you," Schultz said. "In six months, a lot of the media and D.C. elite will be complaining about Biden again."

The actual study:

Since this study focuses on users and their content, we cleaned our user collection by dropping any deleted or removed users (i.e., users with a removed or deleted “author” field).

Probably not very accurate if you leave out likely jannied users :marseyxd:

I tried to find what they consider toxic but it got way too :marseylongpost: so I only have this table


More than one in eight Reddit users publish toxic content, according to an analysis of more than 2 billion posts and comments on the social news aggregation platform.

Hind Almerekhi at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar and her colleagues gathered a data set of Reddit posts and their comments from between 2005 and 2020. They looked at any Reddit user who has posted on one of the 100 most popular subreddits -- akin to forums on the site -- as well as another subreddit. That filtering resulted in a total of 2.2 billion posts and comments from 1.2 million users across more than 100,000 subreddits.

To judge the toxicity of the comments, the researchers hired people through a crowdsourcing platform to manually label the toxicity level of a sample of 10,000 posts and comments. The team gave them very clear criteria on "what we consider highly toxic, slightly toxic and not toxic", says Almerekhi. Each comment was assessed by at least three workers.

The resulting data set was used to train a neural network to categorise the toxicity of the remaining posts.

The algorithm found 2 per cent of posts and 6 per cent of comments were highly toxic. A further 7 per cent of posts and 11.5 per cent of comments were slightly toxic, with the remainder of posts and comments classed as not toxic. Highly toxic posts included direct insults and swear words, slightly toxic posts included milder insults (such as "hideous"), while not toxic posts contained neither.

Overall, around 16 per cent of people in the data set were responsible for toxic posts and 13 per cent for toxic comments. However, that behaviour could and did change depending on the community. Four in five people showed changes in the average amount of toxicity in their posts, depending on the subreddit they posted in.

Savvas Zannettou at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands says that the analysis only focuses on the mainstream side of Reddit. This means it's likely to understate the impact that a user who visits a fringe web community -- which could be more toxic -- will have, he says.

A Reddit spokesperson told *New Scientist: *"The study in question confirms our own research and insights: that the vast majority of content on Reddit is healthy, and users tend to positively adjust their behaviour in accordance with community norms." They added that some of the data was approaching 20 years old so does not encapsulate how Reddit's policies on speech have changed.

Journal reference: PeerJ Computer ScienceDOI: 10.7717/peerj-cs.1059

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  • AgainstHateSoldier: BLATANT FATMISIA
  • eThotMarsey: Carp is obese?
  • Chudnny: no carp ain’t fat bb at all
  • Chinchilla: 😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀̀😢̀̀
The "Losing Weight is Impossible" Starter Pack. | r/starterpacks

Trash thread

Sort by controversial for fatty meltdowns

Her moms reaction to seeing her lip tattoo that says daddy : WatchPeopleDieInside

Just a big ole reminder that rule #1 is BE CIVIL.

1. Be civil: Racism, sexism, general bigotry, personal attacks, threats/advocation of violence, and lewd descriptions are all grounds for immediate bans. Do not respond to incivility with more incivility.

If you want to disagree with her life choices, that's fine. "That's not something I would do" "I would also be disappointed, as her mother" "This choice doesn't make sense to me" "That's a weird thing to do, especially to show it to your mother" " I hope she understands the choice she made, with this". Do you see how easy that is? Not one derogatory term or assumption of her promiscuity.


janny out here defending this foid with his broomstick. just sort by controversial for more people defending some random foid on the Internet who doesn't care or ask.

Redditors once again beeing prude af and brutaly judging people for absolutely insignificant things. Name a more iconic duo


It's under her lip. It's fun. It's a laugh

Not that serious prudish people 🙄

:marseyseethe: omg guys it's not that serious stop judging her :soycry:

Blowjobs (this mouth belongs to "daddy"), gives me the heebie jeebies

yeah sorry we gotta keep this line of questions going. What is wrong with giving someone a blowjob, or enjoying giving blowjobs. Some people like the sub dom fantasy, some like to be experience this in sex. If her sexual partner gets off on it and she in enjoys it so what.

Edit to the point below: The issue is the fathers inability to deal with it and put negative connotations, not that I am impkying that he should want to fuck his daughter or something.

The only problem with this is the idea of the daughter in the head of the dad. Like the dad cannot see his daughter as a sexual being. Which just seems like a weid thing. Like why is it not the dads issue for having trouble not sexualizing his daughter and on top of that making it a negative thing.

The other issue is people fucking aweful reactions to it. So what if a women has 30 sexual partners. Its mens reaction to that that is the problem. Like it doesnt effect her in the same way as society is effected by it. Like if there was no negative conotations to it, then it would have no effect on her life. and there is no real material cost to her for doing it other then some form of repressive puritanical relgious understanding of sex and gender roles.

just think of your daughter as a sex object you religious, puritanical chud

Basically the message is kiwifarms killed 6 gazillion people, is a hateforum, and Null is gonna slip up and no one will help him when the time comes.

Also of note is that the ontologically evil terrorists, in addition to swatting them, also sent them multiple pizzas under their deadname :marseyohno:

HWNDU keffals edition season 3 is a go!

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Formerly incarnated teach Robert D. Weide started beef with Black Guerilla Family[1] word ho Brittany Freidman. She snitched and got him booted out of the conference for harassment.

Weide puts Brittany's snitching on blast, claims an academic presentation she gave led to intra-gang violence.

B-girl claps back... "This is not academic drama. It is abuse... Let's be clear of who I am. I am a system-impacted Black scholar, not someone who parades in the Ivory Tower."

  1. Edit: this is a prison gang.

Here's a thread on her stochastic terrorism!

I know the AGP thing is a myth but I'm afraid that I just have a fetish and I'm not really trans. I don't know what to think.

What a mistery, i guess we'll never know :marseythinkorino::taythink::marseyfranklin::platythink:

Girl listen I get horny when I shave. Because it is so euphoric for me. Euphoria Boners are real and they don't take away from your validity.

totally not a fetish btw

Do you not like trains? Are you a perpetually seething TERF? Milquetoast transphobe chud? Read inside!

All of this could have been avoided if women had never been given the vote. It can all be undone if you give up your misguided right to vote. Is being barefoot and pregnant really undesirable, compared to being a high-powered career woman who no one will ever take seriously trying to take a shit next to a dude in a dress? Do you honestly like cats that much? Do you REALLY think all these guys would transition if they couldn’t vote or work or find a man to support them?

Repeal the 19th. This is a MUST. EVERYONE can agree on this, I should hope.

Sexplain It: We're in an Open Pansexual Relationship, but No One Will Sleep With Us :marseypikachu2::marseyattentionseeker:

Dear Sexplain It,

My partner (nonbinary, assigned male at birth) and I (cis woman) are in an open, pansexually-fueled relationship. They recently started going by more gender-fluid pronouns and clothing, and I am so proud! Since we’re both sexual beings, we’ve been on Tinder, and they’ve been on Grindr.

I want some advice on how to throw a sex party! I just moved to Denver and want to get down and dirty, but not sure where to start. Also, we can never find anyone on these dating sites that want to fuck the both of us. It’s one or the other, and it’s SO FRUSTRATING!

That said, we really haven’t been finding anyone to play with either separately or together. Hence, SEX PARTY! Any advice on how to throw one? Obviously, we’ve tried going to awesome queer-friendly bars and clubs but have had very little success getting a threesome or orgy started.

Facebook seems so 20th century and kinda embarrassing, so not sure where to look! Maybe that’s where I should start? Eek, please help!

—Sexually Frustrated Bunny

Dear Sexually Frustrated Bunny,

First, I can't express how much I love the phrase "pansexually-fueled relationship." Letting you know now that I'm going to steal that.

Unfortunately, I'm not as onboard with your "hence, SEX PARTY" logic. If you've struggled to meet partners thus far, how will you lock in attendees? People aren't going to magically appear at your home just because you announce you're throwing a sex party. (Site note: They also won't automatically want to fuck both of you just because you're hosting a sex party.) Throwing a sex party isn't a solution to your problem---it's something you can do after you've solved your problem by other means: namely, finding the queer/swinger/polyamorous/kinky "scene" in Denver.

All it takes is meeting one person or one couple who's in the scene; they'll introduce you to everyone else. You mention that you've been using Tinder and Grindr to meet potential partners, but those aren't the best apps for your specific needs. I suggest using apps that cater more to queer, sexually-adventurous folks looking for thirds/gangbangs/sex parties: FeeldSniffies, and FetLife.

Feeld is geared toward the non-monogamous community, from polyamorous people to couples looking for a third. (In my personal experience, there are also a lot of queer folks in the "scene" on Feeld who can take you to play parties and introduce you to other likeminded people.) What I really like about Feeld is that you and your partner can link your two accounts to clearly show you're a couple, while still retaining individual profiles. You're much more likely to find partners DTFYB (down to fuck you both) if you can prove you are two autonomous people, instead of some sketchy "joint profile" situation where potential partners aren't sure who they're actually talking to.

Sniffies is specifically a queer male cruising app, and there are a lot of bi guys who use it (myself included). I've had threesomes with mixed-gender, pansexually-fueled couples on the app. I recommend that your partner create a profile and mention in their bio that they are pan and looking to have a threesome with their female partner. Then go ahead and message all the guys on the app who state that they're bi/pan. (Normally I wouldn't give this advice re: assuming any bi/pan folks are open to a threesome, but on Sniffies, a cruising app, these men are indeed looking for three-ways.)

Last but not least, I suggest getting on FetLife for their "munches": non-sexual meet-ups where you can meet other kinky/poly people.

Getting on the right apps and finding your community will hopefully solve your core problem of not having any partners. Then if you still want to throw a sex party down the line, you'll actually have attendees.

As someone who's hosted multiple sex parties and attended well over 100, I can't resist giving you a few tips.~~\


When throwing a sex party, you want all the necessary supplies: Condomslube, wet wipes, sex toys, etc. "For your first play party, pick a sexy theme that will encourage others to dress up and be playful before they arrive," says Claudia Aguirre, co-founder of Luxury Lifestyle Vacation, which runs sex resort takeovers across the globe. Underwater, wild west, winter wonderland, circus, and red wedding are all classic themes. Then create an ambiance with lights and candles and decorate your space in line with the theme. You should also make a little sex playlist for the occasion, so you're not constantly futzing with the music.

Lastly, I recommend doing a spiel once guests arrive. Start with any house rules (e.g., are there places guests can't fuck?). Then move into consent guidelines. Below, I've provided an excerpt of what the consent monitor reads at the door of BISLUT, the mixed-gender sex party I throw in Brooklyn. We handed out a piece of paper for all the guests to read out loud.

"All right, now in order to make sure that everyone has the sluttiest, creamiest, and sexiest party, we need your help to create a safe, inclusive, and inviting party.

As a group, please read out loud what you see on the paper I've just shared with you.

I understand that BISLUT is a party for ALL sluts and will respect each person's experience.

I understand that consent is a vital part of respecting each person's experience.

I understand that consent is ongoing, grateful, reversible, enthusiastic, specific, and very, very sexy.

I understand that sexual activities are fun, collaborative, and sometimes silly activities that I have the privilege of experiencing with others.

I understand that I do NOT need to partake in any activities and that I have complete agency to be my sexy slutty self all by myself.

I will bring my communicative, open, friendly, kind, and sparkly self to all at the party."

From there, let the crowd run wild and get your freak on! If, by the time you throw your party, you still haven't found partners who are DTFYB, perhaps you can have one-on-one sex in the same room, side by side?

Wishing you all the best on your journey to find your sex-positive people!

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[🤓🤓🤓🔘🔘] Huge Thank You!

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Man you really just can't help yourself but to go all in again and again on this type of shit can you. All these lies are all going to catch up with you sooner or later Jeremy. Tell your two gay black DEA secret agents I said hi. (152)

I am going to make $10,000 off this comment alone. How does that make you feel? (-205)

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There's a reason your wife prefers the Pilot over you. (147)

Theirs a reason you still live in your mom's basement too. (-76)

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I think you already have more money than you know what to do with and if it wasn't you lying about this to sell coffee it would just be something else, so better you rage at this sub than yelling at some trans person they have a penis for the umpteenth time. Keep taking your fan's money, after talking with them on here they clearly deserve to be giving it away to a millionaire while they cry about gas prices or whatever.To answer your question I feel about the same as when people donate money to any other millionaire. I don't really understand it and I'm confused how people can be so stupid. Not like it matters you are just going to buy toys with it. It's not like that time you used your fans money to put that down payment on your truck, know what I mean? I'm much more pissed my tax dollars gave you a $35,000 PPP loan in the grand scheme of things.You should probably get your sweepstakes up to legal standard. I didn't report you but at some point someone's going to come along a... (44)

Now It's going to be $20,000. keep raging child. (-84)

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I own a home with 3 cars, married with 2 kids. Nice try though incel.Why are you using a throwaway account. What is up with you quartering dick riders. Weird ass losers. (38)

LOL I find it hard to believe you own a house and 3 cars. Because if that is your car in the PFP you barely own one with that POS looking car. Also, funny how you call everyone incels but accuse someone's wife of banging other dudes that is literally what incels do! Maybe you are projecting on to Jeremy. Did your wife cheat on you? is that why you post a reddit about "the millionaire who sits in his basement" jealous much? Talk about a loser ass mfer.. go back to your pretend house and 3 cars and complain about other people on the internet because your life is sad. Boo Hoo.. goofy ass haters. Thanks for the discount on cocoa btw! (-12)

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Haha your crying so hard. That why your here to cry about a YouTuber, that's how much of a loser you are. Instead of not watching his videos your felt the burning need to cry online. I can feel your cope and seethe from here. (1)

You keep saying I'm crying but you're here defending your internet daddy. I don't watch his videos. He talks at the speed of a sloth and he's perpetually angry and depressed. He is utterly boring. Dude made something like what, 100 videos on how much he hates Brie Larson? He appeals to that special niche of incels with daddy issues. That's where you come in giving him money on shitty coffee and coming here on his beck and call. That's the power he has over the weak. He literally gives zero fucks about you but you are here defending him. Maybe if you had a real father in your life you would actually have a real hobby other than watching a depressed millionaire in his basement make 20 videos a day. I actually feel sad for some of you. (2)

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You are a fan of a moron who just reads articles and interjects his shitty opinion. Try again. (5)

I am not a fan of anybody, but I will call out the absurdity of what people like yourself are doing when I see it. The ironic thing is, you are so blind that you can not see what is wrong with trying to drag a person's family member into an argument just to insult that person, and in this case, the wife of a person you personally do not like by making claims about her which you have no proof for. If you can not see this for the incel like behavior it is, then you must be a really confused individual. (-1)

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A few observations



>Renaissance Faire


>Earlier this year, Jackson also denied Williams’ request to lift some conditions of her release, which included home detention and ankle monitoring. Williams was not fully compliant with the current terms of her release and is a flight risk, Jackson said.

White trash behavior

>Williams is accused of breaking into the United States Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021, and stealing Pelosi’s laptop before later disposing of it, according to court records.

lol, r-slur didn't even do anything with it

In conclusion: Good Morning

post thumnail

Throughout the past few months of /h/foid operation, these polls have been conducted to allow me to find our hidden foids. I thought that my methodology was perfect but the stealthy demon infecting so much of academic research reared its ugly head: unconscious bias. It seems that due to my current velocity towards The Wall, the poll questions are confusing the zoomers amongus.

Like my advisor in undergrad, I decided to take a sabbatical with no warning, causing a student’s academic records to be lost in the shuffle (which for some reason were still kept on paper), making them fill out multiple forms all over again, only for them to get lost later, again. So, I have created the following poll for our non-crone friends:

Who is your favorite:

Twitter foid posts list of :quote:problematic:quote: authors

Notable entries:

  • Dr Seuss

  • Dav Pilkey

  • James Patterson

  • Shakespeare

  • George R R Martin

  • John Green

  • Neil Gaiman

  • Stephen King

  • JK Rowling

  • Margaret Atwood

Edit: The Redscarepod sub reacts, complete with pictures of the list.

Edit 2: she privated the entire thread lol:marseysmug3:

'Fortunately I returned home in the nick of time and caught him red-handed.'

She explained how her panicked boyfriend even tried to attack her as she fought to protect her daughter from him.

'So I brought a knife from the kitchen and chopped off his private parts to teach him a lesson,' she declared. 'I have no regrets for what I did.'


And on top of that my boss doesn't even believe that trans lives matter

TIL the slavs love Carp so much they named some mountains after him.
:marseychonkerfoid: gets BTFO by mean family chud. Dramamisia ensues :marseyschizotwitch:

>Im pretty sure the way she acts stems from her being a classic mean girl and really shallow. I’m not all that attractive and have health issues that impact things and she sees me as a target. One of her favorite pastimes is scrolling on her social media with people and making fun of everyone on there while her minions laugh or making fun of complete strangers on the street. She’s not nice.

Somebody needs to mod this woman immediately.