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Thats what you get for misleading the rdrama population with undelivered promises of dramacoin.

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Thank you to everyone that helped create this beautiful and amazing piece of creative d'art. I am astonished at what people can do when they put their heads together.

I know I said that there would be a dramacoin prize but I'm actually going to be taking a pre-determined amount of dramacoin away from everyone that contributed to the contest as reparations for wasting my time. indigenous peoples day.

Thank you everyone and great job!

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:marseyohno: CͨOͦMⷨEͤ РⷬLAͣY WIͥᴛⷮнⷩ uͧs͛ :!marseyscared:


A̴͔̘̙̽̚N̵͙̘͒͐̓͜D̸̢̝̺͒̀̕ E̴̘̟͊̓́͜V̴̡̠̺͒̿͐E̵̡̺̼̔̾͒R̸̪̼͔̈́͆̈́!̸͓͎̞̈́̔͊

A̵̙͓͆͑͊N̸̘̟̻̐̓͝D̸̞̞̼͐͠ E̸͖̫͇͑̓͝V̸̞͎̪̓͌͌Ë̸̡̼̻́͒̈́R̵͙͍̦̀̕͝?̴̘̼͖́̀͘

M̽̔͝a̿̕͝R̽͋͊s͌̔͘e̐͐̚y͒͊͘S̒͛̈́ w̒̕͠Ä́͒͋ǹ͘͝t̔͒͘s̿͑̐ p̈́͛͘l̀̾̿a͒̚͠y͋̔͝Ś͝͝ w̓͆͌i̿͐t́͋͠h́͑̾ y͒̾́O̿̒͆u͐̀̀


I banned carp
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Some great bird app seethe right here, courtesy of @blacklicorice:

The Verge story tweet:

Hannah Gatsby is trending:

Adding links to reddit spergouts as they appear, courtesy of @chiobu:

r/technology thread got y'alled lmfao

Politics thread

Twitter thread

Imagine "working" for apple

Imagine not knowing that apple is a fashion brand and has been a crooked company since '76

1976, that is


Seriously? You guys think there are hundreds of thousand sof miles of cable going accross the ocean to make the internet work? When would they even have built these cables? And no terrorists have thought to attack them? It sound alike the dumbest lie to hide the real way the internet has gone over the ocean.

AuntyAbortion has downvoted 748 of my comments from 1-3 accounts in the past 3 days
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As a reminder, downvotes give the same amount of dramacoin as an upvote, and increase Hot ranking the same as an upvote.

So thanks for more than a full percentile of my total dramacoin @AuntyAbortion :marseylove:

Also unsubtle way of refusing to acknowledge trans womens’ identifying gender.


But also:

The funniest thing is the reaction they have online vs in person. When I call them out to their face for supporting a transphobe, they don’t launch into freeze peach shit, they just stammer. Rapid-fire them with facts, angrily. Dave “who’s mother should have drowned him as a baby” Chapelle getting all this attention and BROAD CULTURAL SUPPORT shows that society as a whole HATES us.

Remember when Dave said, "These n------ want me dead"?

(changelog) massively lowered the cost of items in the shop (still in beta)
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We are still waiting on the launch of the full shop. Yes. But it’s coming.

Anyway I lowered the prices of the existing items by a ton. Go nuts.

Oh, also, all but the bottom tier of paypig now get free ban awards each month instead of just the top two.

:marseyvaxmaxx: were these posts made by a dramacel? :!marseyderp:

i only joined a month ago so i might be late to the punch :marseybrainlet:


maybe that's why I've not seen similar posts recently

i remember seeing someone submitting a photo of themselves finally getting the vaxx and getting ripped on by redditors for not getting it earlier, will update if i find it


tone it down a bit okay? :marseythumbsup:

:marseymugshot: Incel culture should be classed as terrorism, leading human rights barrister Miss Proudman warns :!marseytaliban:

leading barrister:

someone share this on reddit please, my new account cant post on major subs for being too new :!marseyseethe:


Incel culture should be classed as terrorism, leading human rights barrister warns

‘Incel culture played a huge role in his murderous decisions,’ says Charlotte Proudman during an exclusive virtual event held by The Independent

Incel groups “glorify” violence against women and should be classed as terrorists, a leading human rights barrister has warned.

Dr Charlotte Proudman, an award-winning family law lawyer, said incel groups are a growing problem yet the authorities wrongly see incidents as being “isolated one-offs” rather than joining up the dots.

An incel, which stands for a combination of the words “involuntary” and “celibate”, is a heterosexual man who desperately wants to have sex with women but fails to do so, consequently heaping blame on women for their own inability to form sexual relationships.

Speaking at an event about violence against women hosted by The Independent on Thursday, Dr Proudman said a belief in incel culture was a critical factor in the massacre carried out by gunman Jake Davison in Plymouth in August.

Davison, a self-proclaimed Incel, shot dead six people in the port city on the south coast of Devon - with his mother and a three-year-old girl among his victims - before aiming the gun at his own head.

After the tragedy, it emerged Davison had previously uploaded videos referring to himself as an “incel” and lamenting the fact he had not lost his virginity as a teenager. Davison’s murder spree was the deadliest mass shooting to take place in the UK in over a decade.

“Incel culture played a huge role in his murderous decisions,” Dr Proudman said in the panel discussion hosted by The Independent’s women’s correspondent Maya Oppenheim. “It is not just him. There are many people.”

The barrister noted incel groups are particularly prevalent in the US - adding that it is an ideology that sees men assert their “right to sex” and vent their frustrations about the fact women are “supposedly withholding it” from them. “How dare we,” Ms Proudman quipped.

“Involuntary celibacy has been going on for 30 years,” Dr Proudman, who specialises in violence against women and girls, added. “It has been going on for decades. In my view, it is a form of terrorism.”

Dr Proudman, who was joined by Cristel Amiss, a life-long activist from Women Against Rape and Black Women's Rape Action Project and Rebecca Hitchin from the End Violence Against Women Coalition, said incel culture needs to be incorporated into conceptions of radicalisation and fundamentalism.

The lawyer, who campaigns for domestic abuse victims to be gain protection in the family courts, added: “If someone were to use this type of language and they were from an ethnic minority background or had so-called religious views, then they would be seen as terrorists.

“Then why is it not the same for misogynists? Then why is it not the same for men who are holding these radical views of hatred of women, which have become a glamorous subculture? It is glorifying that violence.

“These types of murders are seen as one-offs, isolated incidents, they are not joined up. They are not seen as part of a larger movement which is taking place online.”

Dr Proudman warned incel culture is an “enormous problem”, concluding: “It needs to be defined as terrorism in short.”

Incel men, who are affiliated with far-right, neo-Nazi movements, victimise themselves and attribute their dearth of sexual and romantic relationships to problems with society.

Incel communities, which have grown in recent years, have sprung up on Reddit, Facebook, 4chan and on websites established by incels themselves. Members of the dark community spout misogynistic abuse about all women on online forums, as well as making vitriolic comments about the women who reject them - even plotting against them.


should yield drama on reddit i reckon


Many such cases.

Here on this esteemed websited, things are a little different, but it was funny to see that then.

The year is 2021. For reference, Freaky Friday released in 2003.

The journalist did a better job on the title than I ever would.

Buying enough rock for the nose would leave them bankrupt.

man should sue his music, tbh

Conservative MP got stabbed while interacting with constituents. Some 25 year old has been arrested at the moment.

I am putting all my money on dramatic lib soy spergout because that would be uniquely dramatic and the conservatives could use that to build an anti pro labor sentiment

OPs post

My (28F) dog (1.5 MN)

EDIT: for those of you wondering "MN" and "FS" stand for "male neutered" and "female spayed".

Who the fuck types like this and why would it be relevant? 🧐

Today he told me that he liked my Hufflepuff sweater.

The memes write themselves, people.


JFC stop trying to vet-splain to me about neutering your dog.

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And not to mention he called your dog classy. The utmost of classy moves right there


Anyway, so far if I do compliment a guy, I usually will do so just as I am walking away and will be inaccessible, e.g. just before getting off a subway car that he is staying on. And I find that the expression, "Hey, looking sharp!" is pretty neutral (as opposed to something that is obviously a come-on, like, "Well, hello, handsome!"). But I would be interested if anyone else has ideas about a safe way to offer compliments to guys.

You know. Because all men are male feminists and will grope you if you casually compliment them.

I just love that you identified the dogs involved with age/gender/status! :)

Yep I'm done here.

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