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Cover of “OUR SONG” by Taytay: A boo joint :marseymiku::marseymiku:

:marseyvibing: Our Meme (Cover of "Our Song" by Taylor Swift)

Our Meme

By Boo and Crisco (Cover of "Our Song" by Taylor Swift)


Verse A

@Crisco was on Drama / Laughing at the trauma / Of a train on display

@Crisco wanted too comment / But before @Crisco sent / There was a small delay

Emoji picker / @Crisco start snicker / From the choices @Crisco saw

They were all funny / 'Cause I'll tell you honey / She rises above them all

And that's 'cause


Our meme is an orange-and-white cat,

More iterations than excuses for you're body fat,

When you're online and you wanna react,

Marsey's best, and you know that's a fact

Our meme is the queen of the heap,

From the first day she knew it was gonna be a clean sweep

And when you log on, 'fore you press submit

Pick a Marsey as well, 'cause Marsey's the shit

Verse B

@Crisco was loggin' in / After Reddit banned / @Crisco for reporting lots

@Crisco was just pickin' / On the dumb chickens / Who think they call the shots

Got too the front page / Imagine my face / When too my delight

A new Marsey / When so far she / Had not seen the light


Our meme is an orange-and-white cat,

More iterations than excuses for you're body fat,

When you're online and you wanna react,

Marsey's best, and you know that's a fact

Our meme is the queen of the heap,

From the first day we knew it was gonna be a clean sweep

And when you log on, 'fore you press submit

Pick a Marsey as well, 'cause Marsey's the shit


I've seen every Pepe / Every Soyjack / Every Chad

But none of the them quite seem

As good as our meme, 'cause


Our meme is an orange-and-white cat,

More iterations than excuses for you're body fat,

When you're online and you wanna react,

Marsey's best, and you know that's a fact

Our meme is the queen of the heap,

From the first day she knew it was gonna be a clean sweep

And when you log on, 'fore you press submit

Pick a Marsey as well, 'cause Marsey's the shit


@Crisco was on Drama / Laughing at the trauma / Of a train running out of steam

Emoji picker / This time was quicker / 'Cause Marsey is our meme

And remember, Trans lives matter

protip: click the little diagonal arrows below the post from the thread list to read without awards rDrama presents: :!marseyparty: THE RDRAMA 1ST BIRTHGAY BASH :marseyparty:

Sorry it’s a little late, there were some technical issues and very high level stuff being discussed to resolve them before we could deploy:


Anyway, onto the original post!

Well, we did it. We somehow spent an entire year on this shithole and, more than that, we grew this shithole for an entire year. Well done you pathetic, no-life losers. And thank you!

What started off as a direct rip of the Ruqqus (lol rip bozo) codebase and as a place for @dw-im-here, @l1terallyh1tler & co to dox and harass Ruqqus users quickly turned into Aevann wanting to make it into a new home for /r/drama. This was a beyond r-slurred idea, because the /r/drama mods are all massive cute twinks and had refused to leave the site for years because they were addicted to the taste of Chtorrr clitty. So I didn’t expect it to go anywhere and when Aevann kept pestering me to make an account, I pretended to be busy or not to see it because I reeeeeaaaaally didn’t want to get his hopes up about this dumbass idea.

When I finally did join to support him, though, I immediately began salvaging the place with quality threads like this first draft of our now-iconic anime shariah preview image, telling the ghost of @tappy to get FUCKED and lazily agendaposting, all of which are now beloved hallmarks of our 1-year-old(!!!!!) home. You had your chance to stop me, and you blew it. You even let me rig the poll for what to call our karma system (my dramacoin won, you’re welcome).

p.s. I asked Aevann to write this post since it’s his site so that would make sense, but he was like “i cant write more than a sentence can u do it pls” so that’s why you’re getting a carp-centric post. I’m sorry. This was NOT BY CHOICE and I’m actually not sorry at all. Now, back to the history lesson!

So. Anyway. Back when we first started, this was literally just a straight fork of Ruqqus. And Ruqqus fucking SUCKED. Didn’t even have the most basic functionality. Want to DM someone? Too bad lol, DMs are antithetical to free speech. Emojis? Why? What do emojis have to do with anti-censorship? Followers that actually do something? No, that’s annoying, go to (((YouTube))) if you want to actually be able to see your followers. Why would you want visible profile pics or animated anything? No one wants that, it gets in the way of WORDSWORDSWORDS about freedom. And on and on and on. Seriously, there was fucking nothing here. You couldn’t even see voters or anything. Downvotes subtracted karma and hurt ranking. You weren’t even allowed to have a pfp without like 500 karma. No flairs! No colors! Name changes for $20! No leaderboards, shop, or awards!

Fortunately, I was around to yell enough to get these oversights remedied, and Aevann is freakishly talented enough to make them happen almost as soon as I typed them. And you were all as useless as ever. Remember when I asked you for emojis? And you provided bullshit on Discord and on-site? So I had to provide them myself. This would become a recurring theme on rDrama.

For a trip down memory lane, to the pre-shop, pre-Marsey era, check out this “welcome, dramafugees!” thread from the day after Reddit gigajannies blocked our domain and forced the emojiposting on the sub. Virtually all of you waited until this point to come here. Dicks.

Have a look at @Joan_Wayne_Gacy’s adorable first thread and Aevann’s deeply informative response. Watch him try to set rules for you little rapscallions like some kind of fucking square. Check out his thread that finally forced the migration from Reddit to here, Well we’ve really bungled it now! AKA Incredibly Serious Sanctionsgate.

Other interesting early-developmental threads:

The first attempt at Marsey OC

@K31 produces the first viable Marsey OC!!!! presents: THEMES! 🤯

The time we got AHS to link to us so we changed the link to Bardfinn dox

MySpace meets - introducing PROFILE SONGS

Reddit madmins blocked one of our domains and banned r/drama from typing about us, so here’s a QR code

Aevann once wanted to let you guys make money here but you emphatically said no is now blocked in Saudi Arabia

Bulk-harassing you Redditors to get you to migrate here

That time we almost got a train to shave xer cat so we’d remove a thread here

The Grift Begins

Ancestral homeland archives are now available

We just passed 1000 Marseys

Some other highlights from over the last year, in no particular order:

The beginning of the 3000+ comment powerjannie leak saga. This is what PUT US ON THE MAP.

@TracingWoodgrains’ Medium article about abortion bounty hunters and how stupid the media is which gave us a much-needed toe in the water for that media.

Speaking of the LAMEstream media, one of many examples of how much cooler than them we are.

rDrama baits a fucking Congressfoid.

Continued appropriation of incel culture presents the finest bastardization of chadfishing ever: Pizzafishing!

@Landlord_Messiah notices AHS noticing us and brings forth hilarity.

The first of like 64 Kylie threads that appeared in under 20 minutes after her acquittal.

@HeyMoon almost singlehandedly brings to its knees.

@GlowShark_donGERous_’s kino as fuck murder of the first 3D printed Marsey.

Recently, the ACLU took notice of rDrama :nervous:

@Mom begins the tradition of Marseyfying fine art.

/u/BelleAriel makes an attempt on @arsey’s life.

@kindness (lol rip bozo) tracks down Marsey’s real dad.

@YALLAHblessYoTraplord finds our first media appearance - in Vice 🤢

The time we got delisted by Bing and DuckDuckGo.

Fartmode and its consequences have been a blessing for the neurodivergent race.

There was that whole /r/place megadrama last month that is far too much to list, but lol Chtorrr got doxxed for Marsey erasure.

Our amazing interview with Wired, facilitated by our very own @lv1_skeleton!

The handicapable creator of child porn + terrorism haven 8chan declares war on rDrama.

When Gabby claimed another victim after Brianna’s :marseybear: failed to protect us, too.

There have been a lot more. It was an extremely busy, incredibly dramatic year. We’ve appeared numerous times in major media publications, we have a large thread about us on KF, Reddit has blocked dozens of our redirect domains, we’ve terrorized everything from Reddit to Twitter to Instagram and beyond. We went from 0-purpose “rep” (karma) to the robust dramacoin and marseybux economy we all know and love now, with an incredibly cool shop to spend it in. We have Houses (these will be fleshed out very soon, codecels are almost ready to deploy the first phase of this very elaborate system), we have video hosting, we have chat, we have everything and the kitchen sink that could be expected of an ancient online community and we’ve gotten it in less than a year. We have mountains of unique and amazing bullshit features. We are the best.

And it’s all been possible thanks to you bored, out of shape midwits. Thanks for that. A few of you are alright.

General neurodivergent number fetish stuff

  • We are currently serving more then 1,330,000 pageviews per week. More than half of these are burgers, followed by bongs at a respectable 12%. sexy Indian dudes view about 44k pages per week. Please put your sisters in touch with me. I can get green cards for your whole family.

  • The mobile master race has become the dominant majority, outpacing desktopcels by around 15%. Get dead, boomers.

  • The downside to that is that poors with Androids outnumber iOS chads by about 2:1. For now. We’re considering the Truth Social route of blocking all traffic not originating with an Apple device.

  • We serve just under 200,000 unique visitors per month.

  • There are 90 million requests per month.

  • Most of our data is cached and we’re largely text and lightweight webp-based, but we still serve 3 terabytes of data per month.

  • Despite these huge numbers, there are only about 2,000 people who post every week. You have a very large audience and I’m glad to see we’re making the most of it with our recent media appearances. Seriously, great work.

  • Average daily threads are around 300, average daily comments are around 6500.

  • Prior to the gift (below), we have 8,696,999 dramacoin in circulation. Total sales in the shop are a whopping 8,967,353 dramacoin, marseybux unknown but it’s well in the millions.

  • We have over 13 million comment votes holy shit. 194,000 of these are downvotes.

  • 16,577 awards have been given out :marseywholesome:

  • We have yalled 1,608 threads and 9,067 comments for absolutely no pay.

  • This is the top thread of all time, and this amazing comment is, according to you all, the greatest thing ever posted to rDrama.

So, happy birthday rDrama! Our gifts to you are as follows:

  • 1000 dramacoin has been deposited into each of your accounts (provided you have > 250 truescore)

  • Double dramacoin weekend, three days!

  • These SICK party hats on every avatar!

  • The FIRST BIRTHGAY BASH badge by the incredible @McCoxmaul, who also wrote and performed this absolute banger you’re currently hearing on this page:


And, finally, three new permanent awards:

  • Fireworks: It makes fireworks appear. More awards = more fireworks. Simple.

  • Confetti: It makes confetti appear. Does not stack to accommodate our incredibly poor users and their ancient devices.

  • Stripper Cake: it’s a secret! :marseybutt:

Lootboxes are returning for the holigay weekend. Remember to try to buy 150 total for those three slick badges. This time around, lootboxes contain a random assortment of five (5) cosmetic awards. ALL cosmetic awards, not just the new ones. Lootboxes are 1000dc each, while the value of tbeir contents range from 1500-2500dc. You’re literally losing money by not buying these.

The badges for lootbox purchases now grant a permanent 1% discount per tier on all shop items, it DOES stack with other discounts (paypig and spender badges)

HUGE thanks to @geese_suck and @TwoLargeSnakesMating for these beautiful new awards. Snakes is going to be rolling out a MASSIVE update soon, and he’s also a fancy new Cabal-tier uberjanny, so be sure to be extra nice to him.

Our new roster of 19 birthgay banners are by @idk, @Dramamine, @Modern_Major_General and @HeyMoon and they are MAGNIFICENT. You will see nothing but these until Monday, at which time they will be added to the permanent cycle of all banners. Jeff is also working on a very special present for everyone, but that’s still a secret 🤫

Happy birthgay rDrama! And thank you again to all of our wonderful users, and even the (many, many, many, many) not-so-wonderful ones. You’re all beautiful.

I love you

xoxo carp 💋


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:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

Reported by:

RIP Bill Maher made fun of trains for almost 10 minutes :!marseyraging:


:#marseydisagree: literally genocide

But wtf there's no gays marshalling this year's pride parade? :marseysob: @August @ThatHoeOverThere

Correction: Your cake is disgusting.

So like.. you’ve never made a cake just to have it around? Never ordered dessert at a restaurant and it’s cake? Parents never made cake for a dessert after dinner? The only time you’ve EVER had cake was at functions? You’ve legitimately never enjoyed any slice of cake you’ve ever had? All the times you had cake prior to your husband you were miserable and hated every moment of it? Because in one sentence you say “with exceedingly rare exception it just doesn’t taste good” which indicates you’ve had good cake. But the next line it’s “doesn’t matter what form, it’s all disgusting.” Soooo it seems like you do like cake, just not all cake.. and your opinion is clouded by your husbands opinion.

I don't know where you live, but most cakes I know are delicious AF. We've got marzipan cake, chocolate cake, marbled cake, probably a few dozen variants of fruit cakes, cheese cake, a few types of poppy seed cakes, cakes with pudding etc. There are hundreds of different cakes, maybe even thousands. Unless you detest sweet things in general, there's a cake for you.


Do you have any idea how completely stupid you make yourself sound.

Now let's run through this again. You ate cake your entire life until someone told you they don't like . So no you don't like it. If that same person worshipped the ground that cake sits on you would love cake. Lay off the cake for sure and grow yourself a brain.

With Netflix dropping to nearly a quarter of its maximum price from 6 months ago, something had to give. First they came for the trains, then they came for other train-related employees, then they came for the woke cartoons (ohhhhhh, hoo boy - yep)

And now they're going scorched Earth in general, as they cut 70 animation studios, 60-70 social media roles and lay off 150 employees.

But all is not sweet bird-song in Twitter land and many tweeple are NOT happy:


Our Netflix film was laid off today and had a crew of 90% women with a wide range of diversities and perspectives.

I’m so sorry Amanda. :( they can’t keep doing this. god…

For real 😤 the amount of people laid off and the time span of it happening needs to be regulated or something, Because now we have a bunch of talented folks all looking for the same job all at once with only a few weeks of pay to live on.

If only there was something people could do when they have income to prepare for times when they don’t have income. Like some sort of reverse layaway for money.

Followed by the usual cliched "Learn to code" and "Get back to the Kitchen" replies along with countless others after that.

From here:

Netflix cut all of its diversity departments including Strong Black Lead, Asian American-focused Golden, Latinx-focused Con Todo, and LGBTQ-focused Most

@starbyter said:

Unfortunately, cannot say I'm at all surprised 😕 I remember ppl voicing concerns about diversity hires being done just for show, for brownie points to look good in the face of black tragedy; and how they were suspicious about its legitimacy. Low and behold, they were right

Yep, I was one of them. As a latinx and bisexual, I'm not happy, I'm mad that we were proven right in the end.

Some trolls come out to play: :marseytroll:

I mean what did y’all expect getting hired for the look and not for your skills

They think they should be hired to make crap content and be activists all day swiftly met by @starbyter's response:

Silence racists, my replies aren't a place for you to be used pieces of tissue. BEGONE

...with the rejoinder:

I agree we should silence racists. This Netflix purge is a good start.

Even jannies deserve to be happy.


Found this tweet interesting, upvote if do too!


Voting for Greens because Richard di Natalie offered me a spring roll as a kid, who’re you voting for?

Reddit :marseytrans2: gets a :marseystroke: trying to become even more cute and valid :marseytransflag2:

After about 2 years of waiting, I finally got medi-cal to cover FFS and they referred me to someone I'd never heard of and couldn't find much information about online, Dr. Alex Kim in Beverly Hills. I walked in to commiefornia Hospital in downtown LA the morning of the procedure feeling hopeful for my new future, then afterward spent a long night in a recovery room begging the nurses to loosen my head bandages because they were so tight under my chin that I couldn't swallow or speak without pain and felt I couldn't breathe properly.The nurses pretty much told me to stop complaining, that my blood oxygen was normal so I was breathing fine. One of them said "you need to calm down, you just had a major surgery, if it was easy everyone would do it." Another told me I had already lost a lot of blood and if they loosen the bandages I might bleed out and since I'd already had a transfusion they wouldn't be able to give me another. Another noticed my left arm was limp, which I thought was just due to laying on it weird. They said I may be having a stroke and I need to calm down if I didn't want to end up in the ICU. The next morning I was discharged, my brother drove me home but once I got inside was having trouble breathing because I was swallowing too much blood and couldn't spit it out into the trashcan fast enough. I told my brother to call 911 so they could hopefully open my airway. Paramedics arrived and noticed my limp left arm and suspected I may be having a stroke, then they drove me back to commiefornia Hospital ER which transferred me to Keck USC hospital which ultimately saved my life. Doctors there preformed an emergency tracheotomy to allow me to breathe again despite the severe swelling in my neck and did imaging to confirm that I had indeed sufferred a stroke in my right frontal lobe, after which a neurosurgeon put in a stent to clear the clot. When I awoke I could not even open my eyes, all I could do was listen to the medical staff all around me commenting on how 30 is so young to have a stroke and how much of a shame it was for all this to happen to me for cosmetic surgery. I couldn't speak either to explain to them that this was not a cosmetic procedure but was medically necessary.

Turns out that during the mandible reduction, something went wrong and caused severe trauma to my carotid artery resulting in significant bleeding, all of which resulted in a stroke and brain damage. Now I can't use my left arm. I can't play games or type or work or tie my own shoelaces. My eyes are also different sizes now, with one dilated more than the other and I have some difficulty focusing or looking at bright light. I'll need to take blood thinners for the rest of my life to ward off a second stroke. I feel like my life is ruined. I don't know how to process all of this, I feel such regret. It's so hard knowing that if I could have just accepted the way I looked or if I had enough money to choose my own surgeon that I might still have a future now.


Entire thread is full of fun shit:

"Monica Lewinsky is a fuckin hoe and Bill Clinton is a god damn pimp!"

-Kid Rock

~ just tryna make a change :/~

Sia just went on Martin Shkreli's Twitter space and rambled about her autism for 2 HOURS

This is, without exaggeration, the most neurodivergent thing I've ever witnessed. She put out some Chris Chan-level shit just now. She called into Martin Shkreli's Twitter space and just poured her heart about about having autism.

She also asked him if he committed financial fraud, then asked for advice in case she commits financial fraud through NFTs (saying Web3 is the only way she can socially express herself) then thanked him for being a role model to people with autism, then continued babbling about autism

Watch out for the recordings. This is so much better than you're imagining.

Reported by:

BREAKING: The Buffalo Shooter Was an Anti-Dentite

Denying these people Communion is an explicitly laid out, dogmatic requirement.

The pendulum swings.

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

I have taken my VYVANSE for the first time in three days and I am now ASSIMILATING INTO MANIC EPISODE


























There is a Reddit group called /r/dykeconversion that is focused on abusing lesbians. Members post content on kidnapping and raping lesbians.

The moderators for this group are:



/u/divergent_curiosity is a part of openly misogynistic groups, and racist kink groups. This person is ‘trans’.

/u/aimless_ascendant is active in several lesbian rape themed groups, and hentai groups. This person is a ‘trans-lesbian’.

All of the women that participate in this group have talked about being abused in the past, all of them. The men in these groups degrade them, and are making them relive their trauma. The men all crowed around them and have convinced them that wanting to be abused and raped is a healthy, normal, and safe thing to do. They have asked for their locations frequently.

The creators and members do all of this and try to pass themselves off as a support group for abused women, and supportive of lesbians. aimless_ascendant even states the group is “for” lesbians, and that he is doing lesbians a favor, that because of him that group is “less” homophobic, and women would be taken advantage of even more.

Reddit will ban lesbian groups for saying that lesbians do not like males, but will allow a group that is centered on lesbians, and their girlfriends or wives being kidnapped, abused, and raped until they become straight.

The moderators deflect any and all criticism of being a lesbophobic hate group by saying they are trans. Reddit refuses to do anything. Which is why I am reaching out to you. If you can spread awareness then this group could be taken down. Hate groups against women and especially lesbians are rampant; they are allowed to stay, but if a woman voices any Radfem or gender-critical views, she will be instantly banned.

Should I replace the sidebar with this?

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

Holy shit what a top tier spergout essay by Xueen Bardy this time :

xe says that the owner of 4chan needs to have his assets seized as retribution.

This has to be on of the saddest subreddits ever lmao

I hate that these comics always portray trans women as big, muscly hairy dudes with beard shadow. You can tell they've never met a trans woman.

We love and support trans women who are big, muscly and hairy though. Not everyone can fit into the narrow box of acceptability we made for women. Comics like this that are trying to make fun of trans women just seem excessively cruel.

It's incredibly cruel as well. Removing facial hair in particular takes hundreds of hours over many months and costs thousands of dollars (which is almost never covered by insurance) so it's not exactly accessible to every trans person who needs it.

I really hate this caricature of trans women that transphobes always use. Also, fuck Sinfest. Shitty, pro-TERF webcomic

My favorite thing is that literally nothing happens. She goes in, speaks to the girls, and pees. The girls are surprised, maybe even afraid, but say nothing and just leave. Nothing happens that couldn't happen in real life with cis ppl.

What's funny about this is they are trying to be offensive but idk if it's just me but they have failed miserably. Oh no a trans woman who doesn't pass using the right restroom and not hurting anyone. Soooooo spooky

chad downvoted guy

sigma male


post thumnail
Nepal supports Israel! :marseylove:

This morning, Cum went to the park. I went with Coom. And Cum brought Coomer frisbee. At least I think it was Coomers. By the end of the day, Cum started throwing the frisbee to Cumself.

Now watch this drive.