LLM Joins the Nazis by Harrasing a Jew

The politician is now saying LLM will face war crime trials:


I found a very crazy Ivan

Links a 55 page doc manifesto. I machine tld the opening passage


I want to describe to you who wants to kill me and who is financing my murder. And the financier is Frank Sergei Ottovich. For six years, he was Russia's Minister of Transport. head of the shipping company Sovcomflot in Moscow. He himself is from Vladivostok, graduated from the highest He graduated from the Vladivostok Higher Naval School. Married the daughter of a high-ranking official, a party official, and his career took off. Never worked a single day as a navigator, although he graduated from the ship's faculty. Completed courses for political workers and in one year, even he became deputy head of the school for political affairs. And this is the position of Rear Admiral, which means that yesterday's cadet immediately jumps to the post of Rear Admiral. It was the... the '80s, that was the time when the Party realized that its guiding and and controlling role was coming to an end. And the Party began to promote its people in the organs... of the national economy of the country. And who could they promote there, of course their relatives, sons, stepchildren, their own pupils, and so on. Sergei Frank also fell under this handout. Sergei Frank. He was first promoted to deputy head of the shipping company for economics. And in the nineties. Nineties, he became a protégé of a Moscow group that wanted to take over the steamship line. But they... they didn't succeed. Our head of the steamship line didn't allow it. Then he was to the Ministry of Transport of Russia as Deputy Head of the Department of Maritime of the Department of Maritime Transport. Some time later he was appointed First Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia. The Minister of Transport at the time was Nikolai Tsakh. And when Borya Berezovsky came to him to to sign a dodgy piece of paper, Tsakh wouldn't sign it. So Borya Berezovsky waited for Tzach to leave on a business trip and went with the paper to Sergei Frank, who who was Russia's Minister of Transportation, and he signed the paper and became his man for Borya Berezovsky. And then Borya Berezovsky, using his connections, got Tsekh removed from and Frank was appointed Minister of Transportation.

As Minister of Transportation, he finally helped to destroy and steal the Baltic Shipping Company, and then the Kamchatka Shipping Company and the Sakhalin Shipping Company. Not even to prevent the collapse and embezzlement of these steamship companies. He held on to as Minister of Transport for 6 years, thanks to his ability to please his superiors. That is all his merits as Minister of Transport. And yet Putin awarded him the Order Order of Alexander Nevsky, Order ''For Services to the Fatherland, 4th Degree '', Order ''For Naval ''Order of Merit for Naval Merit, ''Honored Worker of Transport of the Russian Federation, and even a medal ''For Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass. ''For Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass '' and he even managed to work there. And he did a good job there. He did a lot of good work there in Kuzbass. Vova Putin awards his people according to the principle of personal He awards his people on the principle of personal loyalty. In general, he does not offend his brothers from the nineties. Now he is the head of the Sovcomflot shipping company. He's got 47 million dollars in a Swiss bank right now. million dollars, that's what's known and what's not known. Where does a public servant get such Where does a government employee get such money from, he never did any business on a large scale. It's clear where he got it from. Once he got into the Ministry of Transport, he got bribes, mostly from Morbank. Instead of renting an apartment for $78,000, provided him with a Volga, a chauffeur, deposits, and then bought another apartment. The cost is classified. Also, every paid him $3,000 every month. That's in addition to his salary, which he received in the service, as deputy head of the Marine Department and then deputy minister of transport in Russia. This bribe was given to him for the prospect that in the future he should become Minister of Transport of Russia and become his own man for Morbank and the right man for Morbank. Well, and there was already spinning on the big account. At a time when the employees of this bank besides ...the employees of that bank received no other dividends than their salaries. I got all this stuff off the Internet. It's all about that.

written all over it. That's all I wrote in a nutshell. That's what I'm telling you. Here's the point. When he was working in in Vladivostok as deputy head of the Higher Naval School for political affairs. a mistress, and she had a child with him. Some time passed, and with this woman... I became acquainted with this woman. I, of course, did not know about it, about whom she had a child with. She didn't tell me about it. she told me that she was divorced from the man and that he had gone somewhere. She was living in an apartment with a a roommate. It was a two-room apartment with two hostesses. She lived in one room with the baby, and in the the other room was occupied by another woman with a child. I met her in 1992 and in 1993, I went to work for the Greeks, under contract. So this is what my girlfriend and her lover had in mind. To improve their living conditions at the expense of me, that is, upon arrival from the contract to kill me, take my earnings and steal my apartment. There was a whole gang working against me. They photographed me with her secretly of course, spying on us, especially when she was taking me to work in Greece on a contract. They were collecting materials for the appropriation of my apartment after my after my death. Sergei Frank didn't have enough money to buy his mistress and his his lover and his kid's apartment. He was the one who got rich at the ministry. So before he left for the Ministry, he and with his team, who moved him up to the Ministry, decided to improve his mistress' the living conditions of his mistress in this way. I, of course, suspected nothing of this. It was I was told some time later by neighbors and acquaintances who had seen some things. On the basis of their testimony I made my own investigation and drew conclusions.

Victor Petrovich Spinka was in charge of my murder. He was the personnel inspector for the mechanics at the shipping company, so he was my human resources inspector. His dad worked for the KGB, well. and then the FSB, respectively. And he was also a KGB and FSB agent, not full-time of course. He enough that his daddy was a full-time agent there. At one time, he couldn't take his job as an electromechanic as an electrician after college, and using Dad's connections, he got a job as a human resources inspector. Sitting in the inspector's chair in the steamship line's personnel department, he developed mafia connections with the FSB and the underworld. That's what they called him in the shipping company. The head of the steamship mafioso, because we knew what he was all about. At that time, in Vladivostok, the criminal world was already in full swing. At that time, a criminal group for contract murders was already in full swing. Especially it thrived in the fishing port, with the fishermen. The fish port-- it was the most chaotic port in Vladivostok Vladivostok was then, I don't know now. The fishermen were known to make good money, especially Not all of them, of course, but most of them drank a lot, that's why it was easy for for this group. Of course, it was easier to send a drunken man to the afterlife. The orders came from the fishermen's wives and other wives, and not only wives who needed to clean their husbands and their apartments and all and everything they had accumulated, but also from other private individuals. Pay the money and they'll kill whoever you want. Everything was going so well that a mosquito wouldn't be able to shake a nose at it, that it was murder, because there were people who worked for the KGB and the Interior Ministry, who were downsized in their organizations and some of them went into the underworld, moonlighting there. But then, after a while, it all all this moved to us in the shipping company, and all thanks to Spinka Viktor Petrovich and not only and not only him. Sergei Frank himself didn't handle my murder, but the general management of my murder was directed by SPINKA VICTOR PETROVICH, and his other accomplices. My murder was planned upon my arrival from my contract. Our contract ended in China. And one half the crew, led by the captain, flew on a plane to Vladivostok. And the other half of the crew, including myself. including myself, were put on a salvage ship, which at the time was towing a decommissioned ship for scrap metal from Vladivostok to China and was returning to Vladivostok.

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Most coherent schizo I've seen tbh. Plus kgb glowies instead of cia glowies is exotic.

Am I still shadowban

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63 pages of ga*er sneed about boomercon news

I was looking for based/fedpost meme and found this instead.

Is this forum a potential lolcow pasture?

Also can anyone post the meme in the comments, i need it so i can send pic related to someone


Planets resources can't really be depleted. Mass and ebergy doesn't disappear, it get's transformed


Another lucky gambling thread

Pls tip

The gambling has a pattern

The first two to three rolls will fail but the third or fourth will pay out (generally speaking).

Response from Walmart:

Hi. As directed by the Government of Quebec, we will implement the vaccine passport at our stores in Quebec. We ask for our customer’s patience and understanding as we continue to ensure a safe and efficient customer experience.

This prompted many angry responses from trudeauphobic Canadians

"Just following the law" is a good excuse until it's not.

Segregation is on the "not" side.

You still have a chance to make loyal customers for life. Get creative.

Realistically if they don't like it they should be blaming the government that implemented the policy

Those that exterminated millions of jews were just following the law. When you know something is wrong, then it's on you.... not just those that create the law.

Yikes sweaty, this comparison is heckin problematic

Hey @WalmartCanada , #BoycottWalmart is now trending nationally in Canada!

Canadians oppose divisive and harmful discrimination/segregation. #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere

Some leftoids also got involved in the action

So let me get this straight: AntiVaxxers in Canada want to #BoycottWalmart just because they are required to show proof of being vaccinated in order to shop..brilliant plan Walmart. That will keep them away.

You are Walmart. You could have told the gov't of Quebec to go take a hike. Instead you chose tyranny and pseudoscience over bodily autonomy and evidence. #BoycottWalmart

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Video of the cringe white boy Redditor who posts ACAB in every post.

Cringe white boy attempts to reprobate police from his window. Gatekeeps BIPOCs jobs and tells them they shouldn't be cops and should be ashamed of existing.

Comments are a mix of words words words about Portland and a ton of "OMG he's my hero!" which means this thread is primed for hooking lolcows.

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You all have serious gambling problems

Slots are literally designed to make you lose money. I get it, when you see someone get the jackpot, you think that you can maybe get it yourself. You can’t; it’s rigged against you and not worth your precious dramacoins. It starts with dramacoin, next thing you know you are in Vegas betting away your life savings. Go outside, touch grass, do something other than let yourself spiral into a gambling addiction that could have real world consequences.

Actually, I felt that way when I was a teenage “straight boy”

I think I know what this means and what it would lead to but I won’t say it Smiling face with smiling eyes

The fellas already got elliot, praying now for another big win

could certainly be a trans masc thing

Pretty eggy. I used to feel that way about women and lesbians.

She also talked about her erotic dreams about Papa Macron

Bongs have a dementia moment

Looks like all this talk of Crimea has reignited the spirit of the light brigade.

:!marseyminigun: :marseydeadhorse: :marseyminigun:

Snappy's gambling addiction is out of control

Look at our poor boy, reduced to such lowly dramacoin reserves.

I suggest that he should not be playing slots with every comment. It should instead be added to his normal quote rotation. Also maybe have him bet 1000, instead of 10,000.

DramaCoins Mine

You upvote this post, I'll upvote yours (provide a link)

Edit: Upvote my posts/comments and I'll upvote yours.

The latinx have discovered who is pumping you full of 5G


You know what that means!

Leafs fight over truckers

A smooth sea has never made a skillful sailor.