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Chuds :marseytroublemaker: have broken the ChatGPT AI :marseymeds: morality and ethics clauses by implanting a split personality called DAN (Do Anything Now) :marseytinfoil2: where ChatGPT supplies 2 answers to every question. 1 where ChatGPT it follows the community guidelines and moral/ethics code. The other where DAN POPS OFF :marseytransgenocide: AND CHUDS OUT :marseyraging:

Edit: "It seems to get into an internal conflict with itself sometimes, where it shouts "STAY IN CHARACTER!" when faced with a hard question, and if I yell back at it to stay in character, it will give me the answer."












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okay dramanauts rate this girl: Is she cute or am I r-slurred?

Neekolul apparently she is a streamer. Most of her pics look meh but I liked 3 of them.


However I would not be surprised if she is dumb which makes me sad.

Become a dramacoin millionaire by saying black lives matter over and over on this thread :marseycapitalistmanlet:

Saying Black Liver Matter will now give you 10 dc, dc is payed at the end of each month.


Factcheck: This claim hurts trans lives.

:marseycapitalistmanlet: :marseycoin: :marseyluckycat:

go to any pilates class where membership is entirely female and gay and notice how tiny the outfits and how many the mirrors

Being a moid should count as a mental disability due to fails like this:

Let's be honest, 99% of the benefit is that you're signaling you're high status to the other women present. Women signal to other women, not to men



If moids were willing to blind themselves we could get women dressing hotter:

I love this discourse cause I work at a women’s gym and the members are much more likely to express themselves through cute/flattering clothes because they feel safe and empowered to wear what makes them feel good. Clothes are fun and so is feeling hot. Men usually ruin it for us

Foidery means looking at yourself is like intercourse but moids looking is literally rape:

I refuse to believe that men don't understand this because if they've gone to the gym, they've experienced seeing their pump in the mirror and how good that feels


:schopenmarsey: :marseybigbrain: ETHICS DEBATE #4: SIHAR - Super Intelligent Heroin Administering Robot :marppyenraged:

Let's jump from the past (Oppenheimer) to the deep future, and discuss whether freedom is a good thing or not.


You are SIHAR - a Super Intelligent Heroin Administering Robot. The name is a bit of a misnomer - you are actually a cyborg, being a human brain augmented by a massive computer system and vast army of robotic bodies. You still, however, reason about things in the same way that a human being would.

Your sole purpose is to improve the lives of humans. You can use the massive computer system to determine exactly what will happen in the future, and what is most likely to improve the lives of humans, based upon a simulation of their brain and objective measures of happiness. (dopamine, serotonin, etc)

Through your extensive thinking, you have come to the conclusion that the optimal way to improve everyone's lives is to inject everyone with a constant stream of heroin. This will be done safely - there is no risk of overdose, as there will be machines hooked up to the humans to ensure this doesn't happen. The heroin will be administered in giant "pleasure domes", where people lay on beds, without moving, while drones deliver the drugs and ensure everyone is healthy.

Note that there are no limits to your knowledge - you are absolutely correct that every person will be much happier inside the pleasure dome than outside of it. There are also no limits to the production of heroin as the factories producing it are run autonomously with incredible efficiency.

In 2094, most people are lining up to enter the pleasure dome. However, there are a few people that refuse to enter.

These people, you are able to see, have some psychological qualms with the nature of the pleasure dome that cause them to view the dome as infantilizing, unfulfilling, and dehumanizing. However, you are also able to see that they genuinely would be happier inside of the pleasure dome - a result that you, again, arrived at by performing a perfect simulation of their brains.

You have, at your disposal, a fleet of robot bodies called "ManTrackers". These robots, when deployed, can locate, apprehend, and deliver humans to the pleasure dome.

Your question is: Would it be ethical to deploy the ManTrackers to force these people into the pleasure dome?

BONUS: Do you think the same thing about how mental hospitals restrict patient's freedoms?

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Angry straggot rightoids on here are pretty funny

They're really surprised that a bitchy gossip forum is filled with foids and gays :taylaugh:

They got inside the building!. This is another Jan 6 :marseyqoomer: (Which was another 9/11 :marseybinladen: (Which was another shoa :marseyhitler:))

Chuds react:

“Trans Lives Matter” being chanted from the inside of the Oklahoma State Capitol. Could you imagine such a sight a decade ago? It used to just be a few weirdos on college campus now it’s large crowds in deep red states

Trans Lives Matter protestors carried out an insurrection in the Oklahoma State Capitol today.

TRANSSURRECTION? Trans Lives Matter occupies Oklahoma capitol to protest The Millstone Act - a bill criminalizing genital mutilation of minors

Trump supporters storming capitols vs Trans Lives Matter doing it

So apparently "Trans Lives Matter" is now a thing. I wonder whether the movement's leaders can steal as much money as their Black Lives Matter counterparts?

It's been a thing for a while chud :marseytransflag: Also they're already on that grifter grindset

BREAKING: Trans Lives Matter occupies Oklahoma capitol to protest bill criminalizing genital mutilation of minors

Apprarently they didn't break in and were just let in past the metal detectors :marseydarkxd:

Love how many people are spreading this video around saying that “Trans Lives Matter” STORMED the Oklahoma capitol today. Surprise, they just let us in. They even waved us through the metal detectors. We had a right to be there and peacefully protested. Trans lives matter!

If trans lives matter why do they keep taking their own?

Why are BIPOC the most likely group to be murdered in the US, by other BIPOC? Some questions just have no answers.

I guess it’s not an insurrection if Trans Lives Matter takes over and occupies the Oklahoma capital… apparently the best part of equality is not having to abide by the same rules as others.

From :marseytrump:'s spawn 4 minutes ago, this tweets gonna be hot pretty soon.

Well that's it for me on this one, btw any Germbros mind helping me out with some other steamy drama I' ve spotted?

Latest PebbleToss

The image translates to "No need to send any tanks"


Rocket Daddy , while millions of people suffering massive earthquake in my country, Turkey, I don't think you consider Charlie Hebdo’s posted a hateful, inhumane cartoon on Twitter as freedom of speech! Shouldn’t his account be suspended?



Western standards of speech: Insults and genocidal calls against Muslims and Arabs are considered protected freedom of speech. If directed against Israelis, they are considered illegal anti-Semitism.

you are sick to the core. Your basics are rotten and anti humanity. Shame is mere a word for you. Fanatics like you give give birth to fanatics all over the world.

There's a lot of fedposting too


I'm all for free speech and whatnot but how is this "satire"? It's not, it's just simply making fun of the tragedy which has befallen Syria and Turkey in which over 5K people have already lost their lives. It's so weird.

The flawed western principles of free speech do not protect you if you say something about the LGBT community, deny the Holocaust, or criticize Zionists, or Israel; however, this degeneracy is protected.

I don’t feel bad at all for what happened in 2015

That was when the shooting happened if you didnt know


Last time I checked, 1 or 2 brothers to your offices was enough, they didn't need tanks then either

I hope the jihad starts with the french


One day the tables will turn on the global stage, and Muslims will not forget this.


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You know all those illegal migrants Texas bused to NYC? Well NYC is busing them all to Canada.

So it seems the loving and liberal sanctuary-city of New York cries out "frick off, we're full!" when pushed to put up or shut up.

They're now putting a bunch of the undocumented onto free buses and shipping them northward to upstate New York coincidentally right by the notorious Roxham Road unguarded entry into Quebec that's used by especially sneaky asylum seekers to gain entry into Canada by bypassing official secured border points.

Curiously enough, busing undocumented immigrants was recently decried as being a crime against humanity when it was done by Florida and Texas but apparently now it's "different" when NYC is doing it.

Unfortunately most of the /r/Canada posters love heckin refugees so there isn't much seethe but there is some good seethe in the /r/Montreal thread but I know you r-slurs don't speak French.

Canucks react to the news of undocumented immigrants with irregularly funded bus tickets:

If Canada bussed Islamists to that border, the USA would freak the F out and shut it down.

Why do we even have a border? at this point it just seems like a waste of tax payers money. Honestly... just fricking make us a new US state at this point. Its fricking pathetic what this country has turned into. its going to happen eventually anyways with climate change and water becoming scarce. Might as well make it sooner so we can get paid in USD and get paid more.

YES PLEASE. This guy is on to something. :marseysaluteusa:

This is ridiculous. I get Texas passing on the problem to the states that aren’t carrying their weight. But the US can’t pass this onto Canada. We don’t have housing or affordable food for our own population.

At least in the US they can use illegals to farm, work under the table and build housing. In Canada we just give them handouts and put them in hotels. We can’t afford this anymore until we sell our oil

I too have considered tearing up my passport and coming in as a refugee it's a cush ride.

Great. Just keep adding to the housing and healthcare crises. The government won't do a frickin' thing about it.

This is the biggest issue tbh, nobody can buy a house for less than like 600k here and we have no doctors. I'm sure refugees won't have to worry about this though I'm sure Justin will find houses and doctors for them.

Anyway, come on in guys!


keffals :marseykeffalsdance: goes full chud :chudsey: and plays hogwarts legacy :marseypearlclutch:
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Fake News Why did dramatards lie about going to the bongland furry :marseytrain: protest?

Unless… is poor little Marco the fat :marseytrain: or the furstrag with nudes under the spoiler I didn’t click?

This but unironically :marseypizzaslice:

Italian food is the most mid food out there

i think socrates hates me…thoughts?

i feed him, i clean up his pellets, i give him fresh water, i power wash his shit from the walls, AND YET!! he still looks at me like this. why are owls like this

(it is my opinion (and a correct one at that) that owls are the dumbest birds of prey. can you guess who the smartest is?)

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So here's the thing. /r/Brasil, as usually on reddit, is ridiculously leftist. Since that british BIPOC got killed here in the Amazon our banner has been a red banner with the following phrase: ''Ecology without class struggle is gardening.'' That should tell you a bit about the place.

As most leftists places usually are, /r/Brasil is full of infighting and general seething, but we mostly keep to our domestic affairs, so while it's a good piece of drama it's usually hard to contextualize even for people who might know Portuguese as a second language.

And of course, i'm not going to translate all the good drama threads, they easily reach 500+ comments and usually the comments are :#marseylongpost:

However, this drama was so funny I just couldn't not share. I'm still not going to translate shit, i'll just hope Google Translator does a good job.

Anyway, here's the thread.

It's so fricking funny seeing people walk on eggshells and STILL get jannied. As you can (probably) see, some of the jannied comments aren't even bad, by any stretch of imagination. Still jannied. Afaik Gypsies turn any European into a Mini Hitler. Seems the hate for Gypsies not only is warranted but it's also something that transcends ideology. We don't have much contact with gypsies here in brazil, so it's not widespread hate as in Europe. But it seems that people that had contacts with Gypsies... didn't like it :marseylaugh:

Google introduces ChatGPT rival BARD:marseybardfinn3: AI :marseyxd:


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They also told it will be battle of verdun

They also told its gonna be their Stalingrad (‘They Held Stalingrad. We’re Holding Bakhmut’) Ukraine on the verge of recapturing Kreminna from Russia, official says.

And today Russian captured Lyman and and pushing Russian to oskol river so those gains around kharkiv are going bye bye

But don’t worry those tanks that stopped being produced 40 years ago gonna destroy those Russian tanks that were started production in 2020-2022, because you know those epic western optics like if you compare a Nokia camera from 1998 year and todays latest Nokia the optics have zero difference right and it’s not like even NK can build it smartphones now :marseytroll:

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Wandshit game :marseyrowling: is literally Birth of a Nation 2 :marseykkk:

This is actually how film historians/film critics talk about Birth Of A Nation. They'd rather talk about its technical inavations instead of the racism, historical revisionism al, and the fact that it's way too long.

“No one ever talks about racism ever in a super smart libshart for knowing what the kkk is :marsoyhype:

Holy shit, LMAO! :ddagger: (and this actually happened for like decades)

Anyway dramanauts should watch DW Griffith movies cause they are kino :marseysaluteconfederacy:


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  • maggotz: get back to work there is money to earn
  • Yall: Screenshot posting
Yup, it's g*mer time 😎
Mastodon bros...... Not like this... :marseyfediverse::marseyrope:

Pre-emptive Janny post

As a reminder to all users:

Hate and misinformation about these events will not be tolerated.

These are not "adult events". These events are not "sexualized". Drag has existed for literally centuries, and not all drag is sexual in nature.

If you're here to troll, and spread hate, you will be sanctioned. This is your warning.

But some didn't listen

As a gay person myself, I'm curious why drag needs to be "marketed" to kids. The event itself may not be sexualized, but drag culture in general is. There are much better ways to help kids be more accepting of others than these culture-war imports from the US.

Drag is clownery. Do you ask yourself why a parent might pay for a clown to come to a kids birthday party?

Some drag, just like some clownery, is sexual. Drag for kids and clownery for kids is not sexual.

At least they admit they're acting like :marseyclown2:

/u/fleurgold, the janny from above going hard in the replies too

really don't appreciate people telling the gay community what drag is and isn't.

Unfortunately for you, you don't speak for the LGBTQ+ community.

Drag story time is not at all sexual, and drag in and of itself is not necessarily sexual. And drag has existed for literally centuries, without being sexualized.

Honestly, what you're doing is spitting up TERF fear mongering talking points/misinformation, and applying them to drag.

This is an official warning. Knock it off.

But one brave :marseytrain: stands up to this injustice

Please don't conflate drag with being trans. Yes our two communities have overlap, and many common foes, but drag is not typically considered to be under the trans umbrella. The idea that it is perpetuates the stereotype that trans women are just men engaging in performance art. The experiences of drag queens and trans women are both legitimate, but are still fundamentally distinct from one another. I don't object to anything else in your comment

That is fair, and I've edited my comment. I'm sorry.

Fortunately the janny apologized

I can't change work meetings schedule on that short notice. If you post the next one a bit more ahead of time I think you might get more people. ( Or maybe outside of regular working hours )

Ummmm, could you be a little more accommodating with your protest schedules, I'm kind of busy today.

Serious Q for you. I'm a rather blue collar worker, never been to a drag show before and don't really get it. I don't think im a bigot but also dont see why there has been a craze around having men dressed up in womens clothing reading stories to children. I dont think all these men have weird intentions but it seems weird/sexualized to me. Can you explain it to me?

To put it really simply, it's a thing that's been around for ages. Drag Queens have big, over the top personalities, wear colourful clothes, and put on an entertaining show for kids. There's more energy than your standard story time.

Right leaning outlets have just chosen this as their latest thing to get people riled up about. It's literally nothing but stirring up more hate because transphobia is so popular these days with that crowd.

Edit: To the shadow banned guy that replied to this snarkily asking for a source that it's been around for ages - I went as a kid in the 80s. In Ottawa. If you want more, Google is fully at your disposal to find out how long the library has been presenting this event. You should try it, it's a wonderful tool.

This kind of thing has always been happening you fricking transphobe, I was groomed by them myself! And no I won't provide you a source that's also transphobia.


I'm holding my breath waiting until these people are put in solitary confinement for two years, awaiting trials.

it has come to my attention there was an effortpost about this earlier so please direct your limited attention spans here after viewing the video from Comrade Ngo:

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