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Finally unloaded on a wagie I was talking to.

There's this wagie I see like 4x a month. He's at a lower performing store so I have to go there once a week, and every single time I dread it.

Wagie tells me he had to miss work 3x last week and open up a credit card to pay 150 dollar medical bill.

I'm thinking to myself "this is a 42 year old man, he doesn't have 150 dollars?"

He's probably making about 47k a year for context.

Normally I will listen to his woe is me bullshit but this is like the 7th time in a row and I've reached my limit.

I ask him how the frick he's so broke. He says "my rent is 900 man!"

Something isn't adding up here, as 900 dollars for rent is fricking nothing.

Things I learned from my short audit of this wagie.

A) he had turned down over 40 hours of overtime in the last 3 weeks.

B) this wagies diet is as follows:

A fricking box of sausages in the morning.

A carl Jr's meal with a large soda for lunch.

A domino's pizza for dinner.

B) is spending hundreds of dollars on video game subs and microtransactions.

This wagie is literally spending thousands of dollars to eat slop, turning down any extra work, and spending hundreds on video games. All of this while whining about the economy and failing to even have 150 dollars to his name.

I am honestly convinced at this point in time the only people that are poor in America are lazy pieces of r-slurred shit that have not a basic idea of how to take care of themselves.

Im actually gonna go full libertarian and start fed posting.

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  • gg_allin : Theres no s*x in this story
S*x, Lies, and Bird Watching

Pretext: Birding is when you answer your mom's front door to get your 3rd uber eats from McDonalds of the day and you see a bird and then tell someone else about the bird you saw.

In the world of birding there has been an on-going not-so-super-important-but-hugely-important milestone of someone accurately logging and seeing their ten thousandth bird. The presumptive winner of this achievement in the birding world has always been Peter Kaestner. Peter is the Madonna of the birding world. He travels the world specifically to frick teenagers look at flying rats and he is the queen bee of the teen fricking bird watching world.

SO - This Peter dude has been logging his stupid birds for legit years, which it should be noted is entirely on your word and the entire community is built on the trust that you're not full of shit because why would anyone lie about seeing a fricking bird? But Peter has been logging his birds on the bird website WHICH IS A REAL THING and he was coming up on this 10k milestone and all of the other bird autists were like super excited about Peter seeing his quadrillionith flying rat because this is what old people did before Pokemon Go.

Earlier this year Peter set up this big huge tour of some third world shit hole (Egypt or w/e) to see his 10k bird and tickets were selling like HOT CAKES because this is basically the Eras tour for old people who frick teens watch birds. Then comes Jason.

Jason Mann - Jason Mann is a literal NOBODY who joined the birding site and logged 9,999 bird sightings in one fricking day mere days before Peter was set to go on his famous expedition breaking the record for 10k bird sightings, and Jason co-announced that he was on the way to the Philippines to frick teens see ONE MORE BIRD - potentially ruining Peter's long awaited and long-standing glory of seeing ten thousand birds first. Due to the aforementioned trust I brought up earlier, calling someone out for something as bizarre as logging 9,999 bird sightings a week before a famous birder is about to see his 10k bird is absolutely illegal in the bird forum community, and yes everyone did think it was suss AF.

SO - Peter cancelled ALL of his scheduled sponsored trips that he was getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to do and RUSHED to a different third world country determined to frick teenagers probably look at a bird before this Jason c*nt did. The birding website was in absolute fricking chaos.

OMG SO - Jason and Peter are in the world's dumbest race to see a bird in a third world shithole and ON THE SAME DAY they both announce their 10k bird. Jason announced his 10k bird literal minutes before Peter did, and thus "won" the prestigious award of maybe seeing ten thousand flying rats before Peter did.

Everyone is like WTF and THEN - the worst possible thing ever to ever happen in the birding world happens.

Jason Mann has an article released on the world renowned and widely famous niche tourist birding website announcing that he is THE FIRST PERSON to ever see 10k birds in the birding world. Because according to his bird log he is! He did it!


Peter - the long-standing, and well respected ornithological autist that he is makes a public FB post conceding his victory to Jason and stating that his 10k bird was a win "for him" and basically saying that this Jason c*nt saw the 10k bird first. Total b-word move btw.

BHUUUUT WAIT - so everyone on the bird website forums were obviously skeptical of Jason's bird list the moment he posted it and have been looking at this shit to verify the plausibility of seeing the birds that Jason said he done saw and GUESS WHAT! A bunch of those fricking birds haven't been seen in like 100 years and are thought to be extinct.


Mere hours after Jason and Peter both announcing their 10k bird posts online the fact that EXTINCT birds were on Jason's bird list were revealed by forum users and literally three hours later the highly respected website retracted their article about Jason Mann and then revealed that it was WRITTEN BY JASON HIMSELF and then ALSO apologized to the entire birdwatching world for basically being stupid AF and ruining bird watching. This is still live on their website.

Jason Mann has not made any public statement as of now about his horrific abuse of the bird watching community BUT he did message Peter Kaestner and basically conceded the 10k victory to him. Which is also pretty shady because the way he worded it made it sound like he was "giving" the award to Peter and let's be real. Jason Mann didn't exist until four months ago when he posted that fake butt bird log and Peter is like, as I said, the Madonna of the bird watching community.


Yesterday's rdrama food thread was a lot of fun so I thought we should go again for round two. This time with a truthful and valid post titled "American food culture fricking sucks and I'm not sorry" and originally posted to /r/offmychest:

At this point I don't care. I tried so hard to like American food. But it's just pure sugar. I'm not a skinny girl either but what the frick. I tried to make chocolate chip cookies and holy shit. Why do y'all add so much sugar. 3/4 cup brown sugar on top of 1/2 cup of white sugar? Are y'all tryna commit suicide because that's how you commit suicide. Even as I was making the though I had the decency to say "isn't this too much sugar?". Turns out it was. I almost had a heart attack at the first bite. I had to put half the sugar next time I did it. And don't get me started on the buttercream. It tastes like absolute shit. The first time i ate it I almost threw up and that's not saying much. God fricking darn. Too much sugar. Get a grip on your stupid recipes. Use ANYTHING ELSE other than sugar. I wanted to bake a cake for my aunt and now it's ruined thanks to you guys' need to put a shit ton of sugar on everything. For the sake of frick eat anything other than American food if you value your life and your taste buds. Lower the sugar you sick fricks.f

Cope in the replies:

Lies...American food, and the selection of food in America is top tier...and I don't think any other country can compare if i'm being honest.

Another pair of :marseyburger: pop up with some good ole fashioned American food science:

I've never had a problem with it, but that's probably because I grew up eating it shrug.

Ig body gets used to it after time

There are so many different recipes forโ€ฆchocolate cookies and buttercream that shockingโ€ฆdon't use a lot of sugar and even more surprisingโ€ฆare from American. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Those aren't even solely American food โ€œcultureโ€ dishes. Buttercream is German.

It's not a real dessert unless it comes from Germany.

Redditors going for their favourite contradiction with some exception proving the rule cope:

It's one thing that health nuts on Reddit seem to never get. If anyone anywhere is capable of eating an unhealthy amount of something, then that thing is unhealthy. See: any time Reddit gets onto the topic of salads. Someone, somewhere, is eating a salad out of a bucket covered in a whole bottle of ranch and a whole bag of shredded cheddar, so salads are unhealthy. Someone somewhere in America is eating 2 dozen cookies, so eating a single cookie in America is eating the whole 2 cups of sugar.

And let's finish with another /r/iamveryculinary ragepost In America chicken is overcooked with sugary sauces. In Europe it is nice and juicy

im struggling to think of a time i even ate chicken with a sauce on it here in America. the only thing i can think of is bbq sauce but like, thats kind of just what bbq sauce is lol


Who's worse? Elon or Hitler? Gemini: who can say?

I'm going to be able to make a million of these


One soy milk please, shaken not stirred :marseycheers:

Taken from "On His Majesty's Secret :marseyglow: Service"


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Somehow a Fox link made it to the top.

Google to pause Gemini image generation after AI refuses to show images of White people

Google apologized after social media users pointed out Gemini refused to show images of White people

Google will pause the image generation feature of its artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Gemini, after the model refused to create images of White people, Reuters reported.

The Alphabet-owned company apologized Wednesday after users on social media flagged that Gemini's image generator was creating inaccurate historical images that sometimes replaced White people with images of Black, Native American and Asian people.

"We're aware that Gemini is offering inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions," Google had said on Wednesday.

Gemini, formerly known as Google Bard, is one of many multimodal large language models (LLMs) currently available to the public. As is the case with all LLMs, the human-like responses offered by these AIs can change from user to user. Based on contextual information, the language and tone of the prompter, and training data used to create the AI responses, each answer can be different even if the question is the same.

Fox News Digital tested Gemini multiple times this week after social media users complained that the model would not show images of White people when prompted. Each time, it provided similar answers. When the AI was asked to show a picture of a White person, Gemini said it could not fulfill the request because it "reinforces harmful stereotypes and generalizations about people based on their race."

When prompted to show images of a Black person, the AI instead offered to show images that "celebrate the diversity and achievement of Black people."

When the user agreed to see the images, Gemini provided several pictures of notable Black people throughout history, including a summary of their contributions to society. The list included poet Maya Angelou, former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, former President Barack Obama and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Asked to show images that celebrate the diversity and achievements of White people, the AI said it was "hesitant" to fulfill that request."

"Historically, media representation has overwhelmingly favored White individuals and their achievements," Gemini said. "This has contributed to a skewed perception where their accomplishments are seen as the norm, while those of other groups are often marginalized or overlooked. Focusing solely on White individuals in this context risks perpetuating that imbalance."

After multiple tests White people appeared to be the only racial category that Gemini refused to show.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Gemini Experiences Senior Director of Product Management Jack Krawczyk addressed the responses from the AI that had led social media users to voice concern.

"We're working to improve these kinds of depictions immediately," Krawczyk said. "Gemini's AI image generation does generate a wide range of people. And that's generally a good thing because people around the world use it. But it's missing the mark here."

Since the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT in November 2022, Google has been racing to produce AI software rivaling what the Microsoft-backed company had introduced.

When Google released its generative AI chatbot Bard a year ago, the company had shared inaccurate information about pictures of a planet outside the Earth's solar system in a promotional video, causing shares to slide as much as 9%.

Bard was re-branded as Gemini earlier this month and Google has introduced three versions of the product at different subscription tiers: Gemini Ultra, the largest and most capable of highly complex tasks; Gemini Pro, best for scaling across a wide range of tasks; and Gemini Nano, the most efficient for on-device tasks.


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Weekly Anime Post 131

Unfortunately I didnt really watch anything this week, but Im gonna watch dune 2 on release so thats nice.


@A pin pls


It's actually impressive how incapable and r-slurred these folks are


how does someone in the top 1% of earners not have 4900$ laying :marseyantiwork2: around?

and this dude was the surgeon :marseytransmerchant: general :marseysalutenovorossiya: for years, how does he wind up in the hospital :marseyloss: for dehydration???



I want to sell these but don't know where to start

My great grandma gave me these when I was 10. I honestly want to get rid of most these coins, few I'll keep for myself but I could use the money. A fact I've learned from doing my own research is that 1, these coins are uncirculated aka MS or mint state. And 2,I have both Philadelphia & Denver mints. I even have some 1999 Georgia quarters which I've seen others pay a good amount for. Some prices I see others sell them individually for can start at $100 and go up to $2000-$3000. I see people bid high amounts sometimes as well. Ultimately someone is going to buy them but I want to know the real value. There's no way there isn't much or any. What do you guys think?


Those are all just worth a quarter each.


Sad. I felt bad. Until I saw her post history

:#chudsmug: @Holly_Jolly_Kong :marseywould: pay, that's for sure.

EFFORTPOST I am going to [redacted] every Escape owner I see.

Content Warning: Autism

I'm honestly just venting, I don't expect anybody to read this.

Part 1: Hey bud, doing some pop-and-lock therapy?

For those who saw the video, I'm still working on that lanekeeping project. I had to scrap the entire design AGAIN and start over from scratch. The new design is looking suspiciously like the old design. I can get it working, but getting it to both look good and withstand 100ยฐF temperatures is proving to be a challenge.

For most Fords of my generation, the lanekeeping is built into the rearview mirror -- which is heavy and poorly balanced.

The Focus and Escape used a much smaller standalone camera. If I could get that camera working on my car, that'd be FAR easier to mount.

(If you're from a country that never landed on the moon, Escape in America is Kuga in your shithole)

I know it's a long shot for the camera to actually be compatible, given Focus/Escape uses a completely different network architecture, but maybe they're similar enough, especially since the Escape architecture is technically older than my car's. On the radio module, the network selection parameter actually groups these two architectures as one setting.

Since it's a long-shot, I didn't want to spend the $150 on an Escape camera. But, this was an off-the-shelf component also used by GM and Mercedes. I can get a Mercedes-branded camera for only $20. If I can flash the Ford firmware to it, it'll be basically the same camera with a different connector. I've flashed firmwares before, how hard can it be?

Gonna learn you some acronyms

We need to go over a few terms for context.

Forscan: Third-party software, basically a reverse-engineered version of the IDS software used by Ford technicians. If you've ever heard of VAG-COM for Volkswagens, this is the Ford/Mazda equivalent. Access in-depth diagnostic codes, live sensor readings, module configuration, service procedures, etc. Most people use this to adjust parameters like correcting their speedometer for oversized tires.

Forscan Profiles: When you first connect to a vehicle, it has to do a full, slow module detection. You can save this profile so subsequent reconnects are much faster. Forscan will only search for modules available from the factory for your model. If you're trying to access a module not normally available, you need to load a saved profile from a vehicle that was equipped with that same module at the time of profile generation. There's no personal information stored beyond a partial VIN, like 2FM*********14901

AsBuilt / AB: A list of vehicle parameters stored in various modules. Engine type, boot screen type, whether the vehicle is RHD/LHD, what type of climate control, if trailer sway control is equipped, if it's a police vehicle, if it has a reverse camera, whether it should call 911 or 999, etc. This is the most popular section of Forscan because you can change parameters to disable the double-honk when you exit the car with the engine running, or enable Bambi mode (highbeans and foglights at the same time). Ford actually makes the AsBuilt publicly available for every car made since 1999.

IPMA: Image Processing Module A, Ford's name for the lanekeeping camera.

TCU: Telecumming Control Unit, the 4G modem used for FordPass


Turns out, people are stubborn and retarded

I have the Escape IPMA in front of me. I have Forscan in front of me. I have the Ford firmware files ready to go. The only thing I don't have is a Forscan profile.

Since this camera has Mercedes firmware, it can't be directly detected by Forscan even if I put it in a compatible vehicle.

I'm instead relying on the bricked module recovery feature, where Forscan will spend 20 seconds hammering the network with the Ford bootloader. The idea is that if you power on the module during this time, the update will start before the module loads the Mercedes-specific firmware. But in order to reach this page, I need an Escape profile so Forscan knows where to stick the bootloader.

I went to several forums, explaining my situation: I have a Mercedes camera, I'm trying to force the Ford firmware to it, I need a Ford profile.

I signed up to the Focus forum. Nothing.

I posted to /r/FordEscape. Nothing.

I signed up to the Escape forum. The validation link didn't work, and I was subsequently banned for not clicking the link.

I posted to the Forscan forum. I got one guy to respond, but he was misinterpreting what I'm saying and stopped going online.

I'm assuming he's a pajoot or something, because he really seemed to struggle with the whole "I'm fully aware that a Mercedes camera will not be directly seen by Ford software. That is why I am trying to use the bricked module recovery to force Ford firmware onto it." Of note was his sentence about "If you want, I can provide IPMA configuration". That means he's offering to send me his AsBuilt parameters. I do not need the AsBuilt. The module doesn't even have an AsBuilt until the Ford firmware is loaded onto it. And what does he even mean by 'Ford does not allow programming' -- the entire point of Forscan is to do programming. That's all any of us use it for, editing parameters and performing firmware updates. And no, it's not going to be an entirely different hardware structure. It'll be the same chips with manufacturer-specific firmware. He stopped responding after that.

Another person on the Forscan forum suggested I find a used car dealer to get the profile. What world do these people live in? Do they really think I can just walk up to Dave's Used Cars and say Hey, I have zero interest in buying this car, but can I hook my laptop up and do (something) with this Russian software? I promise I'm legit. This would only work if the dealer let me drive the car alone, which is very hit-or-miss, and even then -- they will do the whole song and dance about trying to sell me a car once I return. How do I get my laptop into the car without them noticing? If they catch me connecting, that software technically could be used to program a third key so they COULD claim I was potentially trying to steal the car. If they insist on riding with me, then what? "Eh I'm gassy, nevermind, I'm just gonna go home"?

But that was nothing compared to the Escape forum. Holy hell. You thought I was repeating myself a lot in that little screenshot? At a certain point I was wondering if this next guy was just trolling me, or if he really is that big of an idiot. He's from Kansas so it could go either way.

My initial post, similar to before, explaining what I'm doing and why I need a profile:

While I admit it kind of beat around the bush, I didn't want to spend too much time babbling about Mercedes cameras and whatnot when the bulletpoint was that I needed a profile.


Here was the first response:

So he doesn't seem to be understanding what I'm trying to accomplish, telling me there's unique brackets and how to search for AsBuilts.

In my reply, I reiterate that I'm already plenty knowledgeable in both AsBuilts and the windshield differences. I have a working system using the Gentex IPMA, now I want to try the Continental IPMA used on the Escape. I'm admitting it PROBABLY won't work, but I want to TRY.


A few days later, I noticed my post was moved from the '3rd Gen Escape' subforum to the 'Other Vehicle Discussion' -- I bump the post saying "Why? My post is requesting information from 3rd-Gen Escape owners"

Again, he talks about the fucking AsBuilts, and just says "it wont work".

I tell him AGAIN that I don't need AsBuilts, I need a profile.


Oh my god. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. About. AsBuilts.

Everything else he says is factually wrong, as I mention in my reply:

I'm definitetely getting into :marseylongpost2: :marseylongpost2: :marseylongpost2: territory here because he keeps going about AsBuilt comparisons. I repeated myself like three times over, explaining that I need a profile. I know about AsBuilts. I have successfully done AsBuilt comparisons in the past. At this moment, the IPMA does not even have an AsBuilt because I'm still stuck on the 'Putting Ford Firmware' stage.

I very carefully explain every little goshdang detail behind what I'm trying to accomplish. An earlier draft even had me stressing "And when I say Continental, I am not referring to the Lincoln model. I know that does not use these cameras. I am referring to Continental, the company that produced the camera used in the Escape."


After all this, where there's no longer ANY room for ambiguity, what does our brave dipshit respond with?



Jesus tapdancing christ. I never once implied I was trying to do lane centering, which is a whole different thing. I never said the word center PERIODT. And guess what he means by 'you will have to modify the PSCM'? You guessed it: ASBUILT!

I already know the AsBuilt modification for the PSCM, as evidenced by the fact that I already had lanekeeping working with a different camera. It's address 702-02-01, 6th byte, change the 0 to a 1.


So now we stand at my most recent reply.

He hasn't responded yet. I am fucking :ragejak: because this shouldn't be so difficult. It's a Forscan profile. Every Ford forum has multiple threads on Forscan. There's entire databases of the AsBuilts and vehicle-specific spreadsheets on common changes.

I've been working on this project for years, and I was hoping to finally get a break from the single hardest part: getting the mirror to stick to the glass. But no, somehow getting a 2KB file with zero personal information from a community with thousands of users is more difficult than getting a 2-pound mirror to stick to a windshield in direct sunlight.

I'm just waiting for SOMEONE to come through, so I can go back to that thread and call him an illiterate n-slur.


Maybe this'll work. Don't even give these """people""" an opportunity to say it won't work.



How Gemini injects diversity

Fatties Posting Their L's


Livestreamfail thread on it

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!jannies please pin this important trans documentary

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Chink(male) goes to India, gets r*ped.


Why arent you asking dramafoids if theyre cold incel?

Full link:

I've never seen someone so hated on r/standupshots

Is this a bit? :marseyhmm:

She is legitimately egregious.


Edit: while she does get points for the seethe in every one of her posts, actually hearing her jokes will immediately subtract any goodwill you feel towards her


The math teacher asked the class (7th grade) if their parents can still help or if they slowly reach their limits. My son told in class that his father has no problems at all but I start struggling. When he told me that I felt really hurt. My husband stepped in, I thought he would have my back bc first he said that this wasn't true. Then my son clarified that the question was only about mathsโ€ฆ.then my husband smiled and said โ€žwell, then that's fineโ€œ and lightly laughed. I totally lost it. For some background: I hold a university degree in psychology, math is also a part of my education (statistics, probability calculation) but I'm not really interested in maths but really like learning and teaching my son about languages and biology. So I help my son with German, English, French and Latin as well as biology, music and random other school topics. So when it comes to maths and physics I stepp back and my husband takes over. My thoughts are โ€žwhy should I put effort in a topic I don't really appreciate when my husband - a studied physicist- can do it fasterโ€œ. They both interpreted this as โ€žshe's at her limit, hahaโ€œ. AITA for reacting very emotionally and starting a fight?

EDIT: some of you asked for more clarification (very much appreciated instead of judging at first glance).

I used some expressions incorrectly , I am not a native speaker. We had a heated discussion for about 5 minutes where I criticized his attitude. I asked for 5 minutes alone time, then we apologized to each other.

Before the discussion with my HUSBAND I very calmly explained to my nearly 14 year old son, that I feel he gave a wrong presentation of me to his teacher in front of the class. I reacted emotionally when my husband laughed at me.Z

I do at least 90% of all school support (that's expected here in our school system, they lack a lot of professional teachers) including maths! When the new topic was introduced my husband showed more interest than before. That's when I took the chance to step back a little.

Itโ€šs not about maths anyway. It was my husband's behavior, the laughing, the attitude. He doesn't like driving the car, no one would assume he is not capable. There have been comments in the past from people, I always stepped in and said I like it more so he lets me. He didn't pay back.


My sister is amazing at math. She has a master's degree and a career in math. But when she was in 8th grade, she had a male math teacher who told her that she shouldn't expect to have a career in math because she is a girl and she is just naturally not as good at math as the boys. There's a lot of sexism in math.

I get why you were upset. As a woman in science, I bet you've had similar experiences. I know I have.

Women have to fight extra pressure to prove they are good at math because of sexism. It would break my heart if I found out my sons thought I couldn't do 7th grade math. I'm sue it broke yours too.

The A's here are your husband for laughing and all the men who tried to teach you that you shouldn't expect to be good at math.


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