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  • ACA : We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the Mop-Industrial Complex
99% of my notifications are ping group pings from the same few people :marseytrollgun::marseytrollgun::marseytrollgun:

I am running out of ping groups to leave.

Please brainstorm solutions to the ping group problem itt

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  • uwu : FAKE NEWS: of 19,488 registered users, only 9 have the hot badge. 99.95% of us are uggos.
Reality check: 80% of you are ugly af

Let’s be real, you’re terminally online🤓🤓 , you’re mostly boomers 🤢🤢, and half of you are incels 🙄🙄. I see at least a dozen of you making fun of fats without a thin badge too. Disgusting. If you’re above a 5/10 I want photo evidence.

To whoever sent their selfie to mod mail you’re a 4 at best.

Friendly Friday Ghost Thread!

What have you done friendly this week? A sweet lady at whole foods asked me what my favorite type of apple was, and I told her it was pink ladies! It was a nice thing to do because it's the best variety. And you??

The case is Mata v. Avianca, Inc. involving Mata suffering a knee injury when struck by an airplane drinks cart of an airline that subsequently entered and left bankruptcy, its details are not important.

Here is the whole docket

  • Here is where the trouble starts as plaintiff's counsel Peter LoDuca opposes a motion to dismiss. There are some very well-formed citations like "Shaboon v. Egyptair, 2013 IL App (1st) 111279-U (Ill. App. Ct. 2013)" and "Varghese v. China Southern Airlines Co. Ltd., 925 F.3d 1339 (11th Cir. 2019)".

  • Defendant attempts to find these cases to write a response:

Plaintiff cites to “Varghese v. China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd., 925 F.3d 1339 (11th Cir. 2019).” The undersigned has not been able to locate this case by caption or citation, nor any case bearing any resemblance to it. Plaintiff offers lengthy quotations purportedly from the “Varghese” case [...] The undersigned has not been able to locate this quotation, nor anything like it any case. The quotation purports to cite to “Zicherman v. Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., 516 F.3d 1237, 1254 (11th Cir. 2008).” The undersigned has not been able to locate this case; although there was a Supreme Court case captioned Zicherman v. Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd., that case was decided in 1996, it originated in the Southern District of New York and was appealed to the Second Circuit, and it did not address the limitations period set forth in the Warsaw Convention. 516 U.S. 217 (1996).

The Court is presented with an unprecedented circumstance. A submission filed by plaintiff’s counsel in opposition to a motion to dismiss is replete with citations to non-existent cases. (ECF 21.) When the circumstance was called to the Court’s attention by opposing counsel (ECF 24), the Court issued Orders requiring plaintiff’s counsel to provide an affidavit annexing copies of certain judicial opinions of courts of record cited in his submission, and he has complied. (ECF 25, 27, 29.) Six of the submitted cases appear to be bogus judicial decisions with bogus quotes and bogus internal citations. Set forth below is an Order to show cause why plaintiff’s counsel ought not be sanctioned.

the citations and opinions in question were provided by Chat GPT which also provided its legal source and assured the reliability of its content. Excerpts from the queries presented and responses provided are attached hereto.

  • Now the Court is more pissed and LoDuca, Schwartz, and their whole firm are up for sanctions for citing/submitting false cases and fraudulent notarization.

In conclusion I hope this was a bullshit suit because if this guy Mata had a serious complaint I don't think he's seeing any justice anytime soon

Destiny has taken the chud pill!!! :marseychuddance::chudsey:

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SMASH OR PASS: pizzashill gf edition

Reminder that she has hairy pits.

Note the new pizza lore: he has one (1) outfit for being seen in public !friendsofpizzashill


also holly longposting

US District Judge Amit Mehta said that while Watkins was not the leader of the Oath Keepers' mob - she was not 'just foot soldier,' and recruited at least three others charged in the riots

!chuds so you do love the gock? :marseyinvestigate:

Watkins was jailed the day after the Oath Keepers founder and leader Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy - the longest term for a January 6 rioter.


Mehta said it was 'particularly hard' to issue a sentence for Watkins after she testified during trial about the struggles she faced with her transgender identity and her cooperation with law enforcement officials.


She condemned the violence by rioters who assaulted police, but said she knows her presence at the Capitol 'probably inspired those people to a degree.' She described herself as 'just another idiot running around the Capitol.' 'And today you're going to hold this idiot responsible,' she told the judge.


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♠️♠️♠️♠️♠️ Built for BBC

Roughly 2yr hrt MTF :3 how well do I pass?

She seems like a nice girl, I wonder how she reacts to people calling her pictures filtered :marseythinkorino:

These images are incredibly filtered. So it’s very hard to say.

“Incredibly filtered” 💀😭

There is zero texture on the face. This has become more prevalent as “beauty filters” are essentially embedded in photo processing these days, but a face like that is the result of very aggressive processing indeed.

Bro 😭 good angles + makeup, I jus got smooth skin, I look like this irl

Stop it. We all have phones.

Go back to r/pissdrinkingsluts u weirdo 😭😭

Someone pissing on your echo chamber? I know, they are always super insanely positive here so it must really chafe. Nice call on the kink shaming, at least your unaware irony is cute.

You like piss anything you say is instantly invalidated u freak, ain’t taking shit from a marvel fan with a piss kink get outta here goofy 😭😭

:#marseykingcrown: :#taycrown:

Ur blurred in all the pictures and you seem like a very mean girl

Seems like you a lil b-word 😢😢😢

You know, I got very close to posting your pics on a subreddit for people lying about filters and I got the screenshots and all. But I don’t want anyone coming after you because I care deeply about our community even if some in it act like you.

Go for it buddy ur not scary 👻

Edit: Another great comment thread right at the bottom. The one person who turns up to defend OP is just as catty

God darn Welcome to the club, the non passing ones love hatting😂🥰

“Haha non passing trans women are fricking disgusting freaks am I right girlie pop? They love to hate on us cause we’re pretty and passing and not because we’re acting like mean girls.”

If thats how you see them as “ fricking disgusting freaks” thats on you and no ones acting like a mean girl , she wasnt acting like a mean girl she was looking for support from her sisters which she clearly did not receive and reacted accordingly.

My sister in Christ, she literally called someone a freak and a weirdo for saying the photo looks filtered. This is a place for honest feedback, not a toxic positivity. It’s unreasonable to ask for feedback and then call people freaks when they give you an answer you’re not happy with.

As she should, shes clearly prettier than 95% of T girls just tell her that she looks nice or not , not that she uses a filter😂 no ones passing ability rellies on a filter that just helps with making your skin softer. Atleast she has the guts to show what she looks like compared to other people?

It goes on like that for a few more comments, but you get the idea

If you love our People of Means, please join !neolibs

Body count isn’t stupid MEN ARE STUPID!

Here’s my view. Men have completely accepted the fact that when incarcerated men often have intercourse with other men. They mostly consider male to male intercourse abominable and disgusting but if the only available human/hole to have intercourse with is another man … then it’s OK! Not only that, but those men aren’t considered gay, they did “what they had to do”!

Yet they find it necessary to judge ALL WOMEN for any intercourse with a man! But don’t you dare judge men or kink shame them! Men only care about “body count” if you’ve had more lovers than them. They want young and inexperienced women who can’t compare them and their sexual performance to another man for fear that they may not be as good!

Ladies do not waste your time worrying about the stupid and irrational things men want from you. FLIP THEIR BULLSHIT THEORIES ON THEM AND SHOW THEM HOW STUPID THEY ARE. WE ARE NOT THEIR SLAVES!!!


Mostly stupid. Add it to the list of words that scream “I’m a moron” along with snowflake, woke, cis-whatever, binary blah blah. It’s all exhausting …


I honestly believe that this whole thing is just a massive tangle of male sexual insecurities.

At its core, this all comes from their fear that they aren’t capable of pleasing a woman in bed and will never be capable of pleasing a woman in bed. And since they’ve already decided they aren’t capable of improving, they’ve shifted their focus to making sure we don’t know any better. In their mind, if we’ve never had good intercourse before, then we won’t realize how bad at intercourse they are and so we will just go along with it.

That’s where the fear of cheating comes from. If we’ve had intercourse with a lot of different partners, it means we probably have had great intercourse at least once. And if we know what that feels like, and can tell they aren’t giving it to us, they fear we will go find it somewhere else.

Getting a little more speculative, I’m pretty sure this all comes back to peepee size. Because the obvious question raised by this insecurity is “well, why don’t you just learn how to get better at sex?” And the only reason I can imagine that they would just completely rule this option out is that they are convinced they have a tiny peepee and someone with a tiny peepee could never satisfy a woman. So they don’t want to even try. They would much rather just attempt to control what we do with our bodies and shame us into settling for their utter lack of effort.

:#marseylongpost: "ur pp small"

scrotes btfo

It's a remnant of an evolutionary instinct. Our monkey brains think that a promiscuous woman is more likely to cheat, putting the male in a situation where he wouldn't know if the offspring he is caring for is truly his.

One can argue whether this instinct is relevant in the present or not, but it's a fact that all men have it and are influenced by it. It was only 10000 years ago that we left the caves after all.

In all honesty, despite being aware of this, I would still be put off if I found out my partner had a high body count, especially one night stands. It suggests that she probably doesn't think intercourse between us is particularly special since she has a vast basis to compare to, or has experienced the thrill so many times that she has become accustomed to it. Call it an insecurity or whatever you will, but pretty much all guys think like this. It is what it is.

I hope I was able to give you insight into how the male brain works.

Absolutely not instinctual. This is 100% cultural and driven by social forces like churches. There is no biological concern or imperative about caring for your own child or someone else's. Your male body can't tell the difference, they're the same thing to you. The only reason you care is because society has told you to care, not because of an unavoidable instinct.

>This is 100% cultural and driven by social forces like churches. There is no biological concern or imperative about caring for your own child or someone else's.


this poster seems to be a scrote (since he has lots of gam*ng posts), but still absolutely r-slurred

Boxing should be like this :marseysoycry:

No I wouldn't box and it shouldn't be allowed for anyone because of ouchies:marseybrainlet:

Literally who cares that they become as smart as you :marseyxd:

Are you really that foolish/ignorant? Males of equal weight hit 160 % harder onto a less dense bone structure of a female body. World boxing have said no way, it’s dangerous! And male boxers said no to fighting trans men because they feared killing one & being accused of man slaughter! Do your research

"Olympic medalist, 12 x Olympics 3 racing" why are so many transphobes out today :marseysigh:

You’re 46 with “tiny skinny genes”. Nobody is letting you into a boxing ring with a male.

:marseywoma#nmoment2: I'm using this marsey because that's how most women would end up :marseylaughpoundfist:

Btw, for all the :marseytransrentfree:, this isn't an anti trans post this is an anti cis :marseywomanmoment:. If you comment transphobic stuff I will talk badly about you behind your back :marseymad:

She was shot 10 months ago by a stray bullet while thotting in a club in Texas, apparently, but I couldn't find an old post here, so I'm highlighting it now because it's funny.

She has 2 kids and just turned 33 :marseymanysuchcases:

The post RS unneedfully censored:

I was shot in my leg yesterday won’t be able post much.

The comment in the rs screenshot is deleted, but here's this

Like a bullet shot or c*m shot you mean?


Post she pinned to her profile has some simp vs incel fighting

Needed a blood transfusion 🩸today. Grateful for any and all support I can get. 🥹 Venmo cash app and Onlyfans in my bio if you want to help! Or share me with friends!


darn, sucks you got shot, but shouldn’t you be worried about getting better and take a break from the OF, and asking for money?

:ethot:No that would be incredibly stupid of me still have bills and now pilling up. Thank you for the concern tho

Get a job..

babe she can’t fricking walk who tf is gonna hire her rn

:marseyblops2cel:This is what happens when you depend on naked photos to pay bills. Should have been home at night if you have kids.

To bad she was shot at work dumbass and onlyfans girl usually do it as spare income you ignorant frick.

:coomer: No, this is what happens when the US is the only country in the world without public Healthcare, and half of all ameriKKKans can't afford to see a doctor, that is 200 mil ameriKKKans because half of all jobs in the US can't pay for nothing.

:ethot: Correct and thank you second for the ignorant fricks I got shot at work so frick off.

Little more healthcare debate under that one.

:blacksoyjak: I know what I see Ma…Lookin passed the titties and all the extra…DONT GET ME WRONG…GIVES ME WOOD AND WHATNOT BUT I SEEN STRENGTH WHEN I SAW THAT POST💪🏽🙏🏽🤟🏽💯

Kang made two similar comments in the thread :marseyxd:

:coomer:Glad to see you got that muff nice and shaved 🤤

A true coomer I suppose? Always finding the light to coom in darkness.

Here's the rest of her journey

First off I’m okay just in so much pain. 🥹 I was Shot last night and working on surgery for repairing my knee today. In desperate need of all the support I can get I can’t work for 6 months at least.

She posted that one twice

:coomer: Can we see that butt and or girl peepee w the cast on 🧐

:ethot: No cast and no I’m in the hospital still. Later on my Onlyfans maybe

:coomer: Well at least you have two more holes to post on only fans 🤗

:ethot: Thank please come support definitely can use it or share me with friends.


Post surgery! Please if you can and would like to help my cash app and Onlyfans are in my bio!🥹


Thankfully our Queen has a happy ending. Her most recent post 25 days ago

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.🎂🎉 Going out tonight buy me drinks links 👇🏼

So inspiring to see a strong independent woman overcome the odds :marseylove::marseyembrace::marseyfrozenlove:

I wonder how many coomers have some sort of injury/hospital fetish? :marseyshrug: Wouldn't put it past moids.

Anyway, the most important part of the post is your poll rDrama :abusivewife:

VP for the Bee gets BTFO after beef with botox beauty.

Imagine being fired over Twitter lmbo

Context for dramanauts that aren't following the amazing rightoid primary drama:

Christina Pushaw is the media director for the Rob Desantis campaign. Recently she started a Twitter fight with a 16 yo zoomer rightoid and somehow lost. She made an absolute fool of herself lmbo. The VP of marketing for the Babylon Bee publicly called her out for acting like a r-slur. This angered the CEO of the Babylon Bee because he's a giant Ronstan. So he fired his marketing VP on Twitter.

Commie spouts sacrilege, states that chicken sandwitches sux

then he/her/it cries something about cancel culture?

Galaxy brain :marseybigbrain: Commie has a higher understanding of maymays

Sir, excuse me sir, do u support workers right to the value they create?!



@COMMUNISTHOMOGROYPER and I will begin the great rDrama antisemite purge starting today.

'Jeet stabs wife to death and records it, leafs unsure what to blame

>Your logic: A Sikh doing good=Indian. A Sikh doing bad=Khalistani. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

The curry fandom infighting is always so funny

Tangential reddit thread here

Funny thing is this incident is pretty close to where I live. Gotta get out of here leafbros, before sexy Indian dudes come to your town too

New Rust drama just dropped

Basically this :marseytrain: got his talk on compile-time reflection downgraded from keynote to regular talk. Cope, seethe and dilation ensues.

For more context: a month ago, a lot of what I thought were decent sounding talks were just straight up rejected from RustConf and this caused a lot of twitter seethe. Additionally, there was a whole trademark debacle where the rust foundations tried to claim the rust logo as their intellectual property, causing a lot of pushback.

Overall, I think the larger trend is the corpo-fication of rust. Look at all the jewish chads from Amazon, Google, etc. in the leadership of the Rust foundation. Very bearish on the future of the language, especially since a lot of its semantics remain unspecified. Will rust be coopted by the tech cartel like all the web standards did and become r-slurred? !codecels discuss.

Twitter link as well:

Simps have meltdown because their princess is smoking :marseyscream:
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I started a bunch of shit tonight

But now I'm too drunk to respond lmbo. So there's people who are taking this website really seriously and meanwhile I'm going to drink more beer and go to sleep lol.

I think I banned someone but I'm not going to remember in the morning :marseyxd:

Uh oh, :marseygigaretard: alert! :marseysmugretard: alert!

For the past few hours, this guy has been posting maybe the most amazingly r-slurred series of comments I've seen. I mean I've seen stupider but nothing this consistent. For context, this

is the series of interaction that set off this whole :marseytrain:

Forgot to draft it. Oops. Finishing live I guess.

Let's make a checklist. atheist = 1

fails_to_grasp_basic_logic = 1

illiterate = 1

doesn't_know_what_an_exception_is = 1

And btw there aren't even any exceptions on this. All intersex conditions still fall into male or female.

annoying = 1

muh_fallacy = 1

consistency = 0

dense = 1

define_chair = 1

autist = 0

But autist adjacent for what it's worth. And that's about it for the cataloguing. But I will say that this isn't meant to be another "lmbo :marseytrain:s don't know what a woman is". Rather it's to mock this guy for somehow embodying almost every single thing that makes these people impossible to talk to. And this:

This is all just cope that has come about as a result of the ideological core of second wave feminism. Which is that intercourse doesn't, and shouldn't matter. This leads to the conclusion that intercourse isn't even real. And from that, comes infinite delusion to protect that concept. All beliefs are sublimated to be in service of the ideology, reality and knowledge of it never actually having been something they care about. Hence why these arguments all devolve into meaningless word games. Information isn't the point.

He has several alts too, but hasn't used them or made any new accounts since being shadowbanned

Weird af I am probably just being schizo :marseyschizoschizolove: but I have a weird schizofeeling this might be a literal beebsbot sent here to agendapost

!soren !schizomaxxxers !schizos @bbbblack @AutoChoice @AutoPoller @zozbot !r-slurs discuss

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