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The Virgin from Aella's gangbang posts a thread on his experience

My highlights if you don't want to read the whole thing

Rightoids sneeding in the replies

F1nn5ter is trans (but for real this time)

For those of you who don't know this is a minecraft youtuber who did playthroughs and competitive events (that's apparently a thing) but got big making trap bait videos and crossdressing on stream. This was all for fun, or views, but eventually he leaned into it and it became the default while also making suggestive tweets with other twitter trains/e-girls, then opening an Onlyfans (non nudes). He is now openly out as a train I guess idk didn't watch the whole thing genderfluid but he's been taking HRT for over a year

I found it funny he justified his coming out by saying a bunch of trains showed up to his stream when he crossdressed and convinced him he was an egg and that he couldnt think of a single reason why not to start hormone therapy lmao :marseyeggirl:

oh and some side drama, he caused some seethe before with the AGP hon communities because he passed without really doing anything besides makeup and outfits. guess this is a win for them since he's been taking HRT for over a year?


The ‘Fake' New York Times Chicken-Sandwich Story Turns Out to Be Quite Real

Stop listening to bad-faith media critics. :marseysoypoint:

Recently, former New York Times opinion editor Adam Rubenstein published an account in the Atlantic of his unhappy time at the paper, focusing on the now-infamous episode when Tom Cotton's op-ed set off an internal firestorm. There are certainly strong grounds to argue with Rubenstein's conclusion — most notably, his implication that the Times opinion page has shut down ideological diversity, when, if anything, it is growing more open to it.

But Rubenstein's argument did not make it controversial. The controversy instead centered on his opening anecdote. Rubenstein repeated a story about an orientation event in which he named his favorite sandwich, from Chick-fil-A, only to be rebuked by an HR representative, “We don't do that here. They hate gay people,” a comment met with snaps of approval by others in the room.

On social media, various left-wing journ*lists asserted immediately this episode was a fabrication. “Never happened,” wrote New York Times Magazine writer and journ*lism professor Nikole Hannah-Jones. “Is anyone going to contact the Atlantic to ask them about the process behind publishing this egregiously fake anecdote,” pleaded left-wing podcaster Michael Hobbes.

Various reporters have in fact taken up this challenge and contacted the Atlantic. Jesse Singal reached out to the magazine and was told the entire story was fact-checked and the details of the anecdote in question were “confirmed by New York Times employees who had contemporaneous knowledge of the incident in question.”

Numerous acquaintances of Rubenstein (one of whom communicated with me) have affirmed that he told this story contemporaneously. Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple reports, “According to several sources, Rubenstein's encounter with the HR official itself became an HR issue in the weeks following the incident. Rubenstein told some colleagues about it, including longtime columnist David Brooks, who was his supervisor.”

It's not irresponsible to question the veracity of a factual claim in the media, even one in a fact-checked publication like the Atlantic. Sometimes fact-checkers get fooled. What's striking about this episode is that professional journ*lists stated without qualification that the incident was not merely dubious but definitively and obviously untrue.

This raises the question of why these critics expressed such confident skepticism. The only possible answer is that they believed the anecdote was so outrageous it couldn't possibly have happened.

I did believe the chicken-sandwich story because I find cringy behavior like that in elite institutions a not-uncommon phenomenon. But imagine Rubenstein had written something different — say, that he had brought to his Times editors evidence that President Biden had committed serious crimes and they told him they wouldn't publish it because it would hurt the Democratic Party. I would react with skepticism toward an anecdote like this because I don't believe that's how the Times operates.

But if the anecdote was proved true, I would have to concede that I had been wrong — not just about the episode but in my larger assumptions about the subject matter of the story. If the Times was shown to do something I thought was totally at odds with its culture, then I would rethink my view of the Times culture. I would hope the skeptics who insisted that the chicken-sandwich story was so outlandish it couldn't possibly have happened will concede not only that it did but that their assumptions about the culture of the Times were wrong.

There is a lively strain of left-wing media criticism that almost monotonously attacks any mainstream organ that publishes any story that creates discomfort for the political left. Hobbes has attracted an influential following by leveling these critiques. He insisted Jamie Reed's whistleblower account of her work at a youth gender clinic in St. Louis was the fabricated claims of a front-desk staffer, when Reed's main claims (including her involvement in patient care) were later confirmed by a Times reporter. He scolded reporters for writing about public concern about President Biden's age, insisting, “If people have a meritless concern, journ*lists' job is to tell them it's meritless.”

There is a ravenous appetite for a strain of media criticism that relentlessly dumps on any reporting that casts the left in a negative light. Of course, some of those criticisms are valid — I've made many of them myself. But the criticism has been a tactic so common it has a name, “working the refs.” Many of these critics take advantage of the high standards of truth aspired to by mainstream media to nitpick their reporting. But episodes like chicken-sandwich-gate clarify what's actually going on. These critics don't care what's true. They only care about what's useful.



Introducing: the trash can. :wow:

Let's take a look to the road that led us here.

In 2022 the city paid McKinsey $4 million to design a “container pilot program.”

They came up with…

(these things cost more than $9,000 each btw)

Unfortunately, that pilot failed, which is understandable, because trash cans are a notoriously difficult technology to learn to use:

“Despite consistent education and outreach efforts, there is regularly waste placed outside of the containers every day of the week.” :thinking:

Yet the pilot wasn't a total loss, as it gave the Big Apple the one thing it needed most - hope.

"The pilot was successful in showing you can get bags off sidewalks."

With that, the city wasn't discouraged, and a year later spent another $5.6 million on a new pilot program which brought trash cans to 10 blocks and 14 schools. They looked like this:

Finally, we were getting somewhere, and the city passed rules requiring all businesses to put trash into bins. Truly groundbreaking stuff. Those rules came into place today, March 1, 2024, (meaning the City that Never Sleeps is now halfway there to not having trash just piled on the street).

But the job's not finished, and the Five Boroughs have big plans for the future. Next up? Garbage trucks (for $500,000 each). :clueless:

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EFFORTPOST The great gaming layoff event

Today is one of those days where I feel urges to self-harm. It's hard to feel any self-respect when you're a 28yo unemployed hermit. Hence, it's either writing another shitty article, or slicing myself. I've chosen to take the less violent route.

I'll try to be a little more entertaining this time around because I haven't been abusing benzos and Ambien today. I'm still depressed over losing my job, but I refuse to be defeated. Lastly - and it really doesn't matter - but I don't use AI. When my writing is shitty recently, I was just abusing pills which treat my creativity like Chris Watts treated his wife and children. My past true-crime articles weren't AI either, I'm just a shitty writer sometimes. But, for me at least, the process of writing is more important than the outcome, so I'll keep writing even if I have no audience.

This time around, I'd like to cover just how bad layoffs have been for the entire gaming industry, and what that means for consumers. Instead of treating my job loss as an end, I'll treat it like a new beginning. How about, just for this article, which switch things around a bit. Instead of Holly Willoughby, we'll post Brittany Venti. I know this will be a controversial choice, but I find her attractive.

Why are the layoffs occurring?

The first question to ask is why? The trend began in 2023 and since then we've seen mass layoffs on a scale that is hard to comprehend. We'll get to the numbers a little later. The source of the problem began around 2019-2020. This was when Covid-19 hit, and suddenly, people were stuck at home. Television and Hollywood came to a screeching halt due to the need for social distancing. Gaming, however, didn't have this problem as work could be done remotely. Consequently, instead of shrinking, gaming's popularity grew exponentially and the demand for this entertainment platform grew greater than ever.

To this day, gaming remains the most profitable form of entertainment. Likely, you don't completely understand what I mean by this. What I mean is that it's more popular than movies and music combined. A single game can make more than the most popular books of all time. There's also the availability of games. Even the third world has access to gaming devices. It is because of this that Xbox's fastest-growing region is not any Western country. No, it's BRAZIL. There, 82% of people say gaming is their primary source of entertainment.

So you had people sitting at home playing Animal Crossing, and movies were out of the way, leaving gaming to expand tremendously. Microsoft and Sony made $45 billion selling consoles alone, and this was during the global chip shortage. Some of that popularity continued in 2021, but all good things must come to an end.

Gaming gets ready

With such a high demand for games, studios and companies began hiring staff by the boatload. People wanted games, and goddammit Sony and Xbox had billions to make. Many people found themselves in the gaming industry to some capacity (including myself), and that was great.

You also have to consider the nature of the games being made. To make a AAA game takes hundreds of people. Let's take a trivial example like God of War Ragnarok. It began with a team of 40 people, which is already more than most studios' entire staff. By the end of development, 400 people had worked on the game. You can expect the same amount of inflation with other hit AAA games with high production value.

The same was occurring with gaming journ*lism. People are going online to read about games more than ever, whether it's news or finding a guide for a game's tricky section. Forbes claims the following: "We saw a 200% increase in the number of people aged over 60 searching for games on our platform" during the pandemic. Furthermore, "Twitch — the world's leading live streaming platform for g*mers — saw an 83% year-on-year uprise in viewership when the pandemic hit, with over 5 billion hours of content viewed in the second quarter of 2020 alone."

The biggest problem, and the one I loathe the most, is the fact that the acquisition wars began. What's easier: training new employees or just buying a studio with staff already working on projects? Microsoft went ballistic, purchasing several studios, including ZeniMax Media (owner of Bethesda) and Activision Blizzard which is the most expensive gaming-related acquisition of all time. Sony wasn't shy either and it did its fair share of acquisitions, including Housemarque, Bluepoint, and Firesprite.

Then we have Embracer to consider. Embracer is a Swedish company that I promise you will be the reason gaming is shitty for the next few years to come. What's your favorite game that isn't published by Sony or Microsoft? Embracer probably has a stake in its studio. From the time COVID-19 hit, Embracer spent at least $8 billion acquiring studios and stakes from around the world. It is this little gremlin right here that pumped money into these studios, promising them stability and creative freedom. The Swedes are so nice, aren't they?

The bubble pops

Well, the coof didn't last forever, and people went back to work. Gaming is still the most popular form of entertainment, but it's been seeing a downward trend. In 2022 alone, profits fell 8.7% according to Reuters. It took a little time for investors and managerial teams to digest it, but they soon realized they had bitten off more than they can chew

So 2023 rolls around and we begin to see massive layoffs. All those employees hired during COVID-19 weren't needed anymore. It was a matter of redundancy. There was also a steep increase in the act of not hiring workers but instead working with them as contracted "freelancers". I could go on and on about all the studios that closed down or cut staff in 2023 alone but I'll highlight something important Embracer said. In an open letter, it claimed that it was past the mass purchase stage and was now transitioning to become a "highly cash-flow generative business this year" and of course this requires cutting down its staff which is around 17,000 globally. Basically, the bosses made bad choices and employees pay the price by getting the boot.

At the same time, the journ*listic side of gaming was also experiencing a downturn. Managing teams are only concerned with profit not quality, so they realized they could get away with firing staff and simply using AI to write articles. Go to a website like G*merant, sites owned by the Gamurs group, or any of the hundreds of shitty g*mer sites and you'll notice that AI quality. Your favorite gaming site probably uses AI now. Basically, it's over in that industry and it no longer needs writers.

How big is the impact?

According to the Verge, about 11,000 people lost their jobs in gaming in 2023 alone. In January 2024 alone, we're at 6,000. Sony recently announced it will be firing 900 staff members, Twich fired 500, and 530 folks from Riot were let go. Embracer is in severe debt, leading to the closure of studios like Volition. If you're in the gaming industry, it's over. You can browse LinkedIn and if you're in the right circles, it's fricking depressing how there's a new person DAILY posting that they've been laid off. A lot of them have specialized creative jobs, and nobody's hiring right now, they're busy firing.

Think of a good gaming website. One that provides quality writing. I'll wait. They don't exist anymore. Everyone's been fired. It's all AI. Resetera and /v/ are literally better than mainstream gaming sites, and some of them used to be good. Not even joking, there's probably like 100 people globally who have jobs in that industry and that number is only going to shrink. Even sites that used to be respected, like Eurog*mer, are relying on freelancers.

How will g*mers be affected?

You can say goodbye to passion projects, unless they're indie. It's Joever. Risky ideas, moving away from common trends is a thing of the past. Look at a recent game like Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It's generic as frick with no soul. Studios like Gearbox want to be creative, but they're getting shut down by Embracer. As a Kotaku article reveals: "2023 also saw a creative shakeup within Gearbox. Following the Embracer budget shortfalls, the studio shelved work on some exciting new projects and IPs to focus primarily on the next Borderlands games which are published by 2K, according to two sources familiar with the changes"

Most importantly, get ready for GaaS to permeate everything. I'm sorry but everyone is trying to replicate GTA Online's success and the sad thing is that it's the multiplayer online games that are the only ones catching headlines these days. Yeah, Helldivers 2 is fun. But it's also indicating to the higher-ups that there needs to be an online component to everything, yet they have no idea how hard it is to get right. So be prepared for a shitload of single-player games requiring internet access to play and featuring unnecessary online elements. Also prepare yourself for a deluge of live service games that don't know how to get it right.

The entire industry is depressed. As Jim Ryan leaves PlayStation he gave the following dark warning: “I would just say that nobody can ever be complacent, and nobody can ever feel that anything's forever.” So be prepared for some shitty times ahead whether you're in the industry or not. Anyone who is invested in games is in for a bad time.


It's beyond Joever. Like, however bad you think it is, it's worse. So enjoy your Helldivers or whatever crap you're playing. The gaming industry you knew as a kid or even 5 years ago is GONE. Personally, there's nothing I'm looking forward to this year except Hellblade 2: Senua's Sacrifice but that's just because it features a schizo like myself.

So it's off to job-hunting on my side, trying not to abuse drugs for a while as I get my life together, and ocassionally admiring my collection of Pokemon cards. I sincerely hope you have a great weekend, and that you have a grea time with your friends and family. I probably won't be writing these for a while.

The dots dunk on Google whitey for Gemini's output of what a ginger looks like.

I'm enjoying Blind for anon techcels being chuddy and pooping on Googlecels.

It starts off like this:

Somehow :!marseytrain:s get brought up.

As long as things go my way, then any noooticing is a boogeyman.

I got a chuckle from this one.

:marseyschizotwitch: :marseytrans2: :marseylongpost:

Some choice sections from this interactive essay:

Isnt half life world just eastern europe??

Mario bros is too scary :marseyscared:



!cuteandvalid !lgbt look i found an essay by ur kind

!chuds schizo train

!nonchuds genius trans woman btfos fascist gaming

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  • Jessie : not true i played pokemon

I've always hated this notion that women are underrepresented in games. They just don't play games. Get women out of the industry please, they make shit worse.


This tale is told in 2 separate entries, the first post was first released on /r/relationships but swiftly locked by jannies, then reposted to /r/parenting and /r/relationship_advice. TLDR: Guy marries the first chick that lets him hit in college, she still rides the peepee carousel behind his back for the entire duration of their relationship, prosneeds to gaslight him after he found out.

God abandoned this cuck 1

One redditor puts it into most simple but beautiful words

Women are whores. In other news water is wet


Final update post

"For the next few weeks we barely said a word to each other; I was hoping she was thinking it over, and I expected her to eventually sit me down and explain herself. I figured she was so far deep in a lie that got out of control, she needed time to think things over.

Nope. I came home one evening to find she had committed suicide by overdosing. So I lost the love of my life, and I'll never know what mistakes she had made. I really wish I could go back in time and forget about it all. Whatever mistakes she made, I honestly wanted to work through it, and now I'm just riddled with guilt that I pressed her for an answer."#

This cuck still stayed in his shed despite knowing his wife kept fricking other men behind his back not once, or twice, but during their entire time together. This strag probably sucked more indirect peepee than tonguing a post wall twink.

The foid meanwhile:

>Frick Chad behind your r-slurred hubbies back

>collect kids from everyone except your husband for 15 years

>get caught

>refuse accountability or an explanation to your family

>keep yourself safe


But I just didnt want to leave it off here, lets look at some of the most r-slurred answers Plebbitors posted in response to this :marseychefkisstalking: bait

"This is gross. My husband and I have slept with other people within the boundaries of our marriage but I would never imagine in a thousand years allowing another man to get me pregnant and bear his child. Nevermind four times. She's so gross. She doesn't care about you."

"Look into chimerism and DNA mutations. Chimeras have two sets of DNA and can have children that do not register as theirs on DNA tests. Also, older dad DNA can mutate."

Yeah bro you are a fricking pokemon look into it

Of course a whole lot of:

"Go to therapy Go to therapy Go to therapy Go to therapy Go to therapy Go to therapy"

:#soysnootalking: :#soysnootalking: :#soysnootalking:

Nah the correct answer would have been murder-suicide but I digress.

Steam Women's Day Sale 2024!!!

Lazily selected games:

Perfect Gold

Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness is a short, coming-of-age yuri visual novel about two former friends who escape detention in order to celebrate the Sunflower Festival. Set in the magical city of Castlecoast, readers get to know Audrey Clary, an alchemy student and heiress who secretly dreams of a different life, and Marion LaRue, a rebellious elemental magic student in search of someone she once loved.


A psychological mystery yuri visual novel about a girl named Amelie. Forbidden from leaving the house, Amelie awaits the arrival of her long time penpal, Sofia, to her dear friend Lilika's dismay. What secrets will Sofia unravel that were best kept buried?

Please Be Happy

A yuri visual novel that will make you both laugh and cry. A story about love, trust, mortality, and about understanding not just how to be happy, but how to be human.


A BL/yaoi mystery visual novel that follows a man named Sebastian as he's forced into a game of life-or-death, alongside three strangers. Who put him there, and more importantly… who can he trust?

Regency Solitaire

Experience the romance of Regency England in this sumptuous solitaire game. Help Bella take charge of her destiny and create the ballroom of her dreams.

Play your cards right as you tour historic locations, from stately homes and lavish gardens to the fashionable towns of London, Brighton and Bath. Decorate the family ballroom to unlock gameplay features and improve Bella's chances of finding true love!

Avoid the clutches of the odious Mr. Bleakley, and reclaim a lost fortune. Cupid's arrow can't fail to find his target - in Regency Solitaire, love is always just around the corner.


The card japs voted for

The card mutts voted for

Both look like AIslop but I would like a sloppy from the sloppy girl ngl :marseybooba:

Guilty as charged :marseyraisinghands:

"lolicon" is just jap culture :marseyjapanese:

Traptrix is a trap card tribe, and the story told in the card art is that they are carnivorous plants and insects that "trap" people with cute girls and then eat them. Would it fly in court? Always felt weird to me that they made little girls and called attention to the fact that it's an elaborate Chris Hansen scheme. Does it really make it better if the card designer was in "on the joke"?



:marseymutt: :marseychingchongshooter:

People are not sure about the actual translation of "sloppy", but its either because shes so strong and independent :marseyjerkoffsmile:, looks like a whore :marseymommymilkers:, or messy :platysleeping:

Sorry for all the pics. My Shift key doesnt work so id need to go really out of my way to get all the paranthesis and quote arrows :marseypeace:

Apparently Dark Magician Girl won tho. :marseyboomer: We won.

One of my favorite new conspiracy theories: The Sky Has Changed


YouTube music employees try to unionize. They all get fired

Here's one of them finding out while speaking at a council meeting 😂:

Twitter thread where it is announced to them in the office:

This is what this union hopes to achieve:

You might be saying, "But Awoo, doesn't Google already do all of that stuff, like to an obnoxious level?" ...moving on.

Are ya winning, son?

Look at this cast of characters :mysides:

I was looking at their website, and not everything is unreasonable, like being against forcing employees you hired as WFH workers to start going to the office, or outsourcing or lowering wages.

And then you got dumb shit like this:

"Google should pay $5000 to their vendors so they can get abortions" :marseygigaretard:

Union website in case anyone wants to have a look around:

Some bonus accomplishments of theirs:

They take credit for this, the motherlovers.

Marvelous work :marseyclapping:




oh no

how could this be?

manlet bros…




@Wojak posted this in the Aella gangbang thread earlier

And it really made me think. With so many young people saying you're no longer allowed to kink shame, I was wondering if the science could prove that in the era of easy access to porn and the growing gooner lifestyle, bodily harm has been on the rise. Naturally I thought bussy accidents would be the first place to search. I started looking for an increase in rectal prolapse (accidentally saw a thumbnail of a BIPOCs butthole hanging out btw. It was very red. :marseysick: ) , but I couldn't find anything concrete. It mostly just seems to be 70+ year old foid bussys falling out (in Korea at least). Then I saw an article about RFBs: RECTAL FOREIGN BODIES :marseynut:



Epidemiology and healthcare utilization for rectal foreign bodies in United States adults, 2012–2021

From 885 cases, there were an estimated 38,948 (95% CI, 32,040-45,856) emergency department visits for rectal foreign bodies among individuals ≥15 years from 2012 to 2021. The average age was 43, 77.8% were male, 55.4% of foreign bodies were sexual devices, and 40.8% required hospitalization. The annual incidence of presentations for rectal foreign bodies increased from 1.2 in 2012 to 1.9 per 100,000 persons in 2021 (R2 = 0.84, p < 0.01).

1.2 to 1.9, that's pretty significant. I think. 77.8% were male :marseyfacepalm: :marseyfeminist:

One study "found that 93% of operative cases were males" :marseypoggers: So scrotes really be shoving things up there.

Males have a bimodal age distribution peaking in the fifth decade, while females have a right-skewed age distribution peaking in the second decade.

I don't speak science, but I interpret this to mean scrotes are pressuring teenage foids to do anal stuff, while the scrotal anal degeneracy continues well into middle age.

98% of the time there was one object in the burger butt. Only 1% of the time there were multiple objects. Absolute chads. Imagine being the 98% :marseydicklet: Losers!

Other countries

Data from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the Caribbean suggest that the incidence of medical evaluations for retained RFB is increasing among adults

Which brings us to


Rectal foreign body removal: increasing incidence and cost to the NHS

A total of 3,500 rectal foreign bodies were removed over the course of 9 years. Males accounted for 85.1% of rectal foreign bodies whilst 14.9% were females. This equates to 348 bed-days per annum. Admission peaks were observed in the second and fifth decades of life.

Foids really need to step it up. Thankfully bong foids (male) should pump those numbers up real soon.

Interesting how in under 20 the peak is 10-14, puberty. Can anyone relate? I can't. I never did such things :marseyworried:

This study shows that the incidence of rectal foreign bodies is higher in men and has been increasing over the period studied. Most foreign bodies can be removed trans-anally with the use of anaesthesia, with only a small proportion of patients requiring hospital stay over 24 hours (mean length of stay = 24 hours). Nearly 400 rectal foreign body removals are performed each year with an annual cost of £338,819, illustrating the effect this has on NHS resources.

About 847 bong pounds per removal. Not bad. I wonder if there's one chad who cost like 20,000 pounds to remove a live rat and it totally skewed the average.



Retained s*x toys: an increasing and possibly preventable medical condition

We show an increasing incidence in rectal foreign bodies in Swedish national data. The increase was most noticeable in men, and in our local register there was an overrepresentation of s*x toys leading to laparotomy and stoma.

To mitigate surgical cost and comorbidity, policies to decrease the risk of retained s*x toys could be considered.

You don't say...

Probably more papers out there. There's also some drug smuggling element to this. Prisoners shoving phones in their butt, etc. But I'd think that would remain consistent. It's mostly sexual degeneracy.

Conclusion: Practice safe bussy enjoyment by making sure your s*x toy has a very wide end so it can't get lost. Of course, there will still be exceptional cases like with @Holly_Jolly_Kong where his butthole inhales anything in reach. Or if you really must use a random object, use something really long, like a broom handle. And never use random glass objects.

With all these thousands of objects being pulled out of buttholes yearly, I think it would be cool if they had a museum for them. If I was a billionaire, I'd definitely put a couple million towards that. What is the largest? The most marbles? The longest? Etc.

Also, I wonder how many people should have gone to the hospital, but managed to shit an object out 2 weeks later.

rDrama dot net: The webs leading source for bussy news.


Trans Women are Women

!edgelords !chuds look at this absolute menace


Libs Of Tiktok seething


!codecels :marseyitsover:

Time to learn to weld

:s::o::m::e::o::n::e: :space: :i::s: :space: :m::a::d:

















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What movies or TV shows made you cry? :marseycry:

:redlight: Spoilers ahead! :redlight:

Since this website overflows with posturing toxic masculinity, I've made this a ghost thread rather than placing it in /h/kino.

Let's share what TV and movies legit brought you to tears. I'll go first.

That's all I can think of for now, but there are probably more.

!kaijufans !lgbt !trekkies (because no ping group for Doctor Who or Farscape).

JANNY :marseycomplain: ABUSE. USURPERS USURPERS!!!! :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight: :redlight:

:#marseyveryworried: :#marseyveryworried: :#marseyveryworried:

If what Ping-Krazy and Ping-Hazy told me was true, then all they did was apply to ping groups using the built in site features!!! Why would :marseymid: he keep abusing these innocent :marseybeanadorable: posters!!! :#marseysad: :#marseysad:

Since when is trying to become part of a group :marseymeangirls: a crime?

!verifiedhot !whites !imposters !ghosts


gay nerds :marseyautism: fight about asking easily googleable questions :soysnoo:

Preach brother. As much information as everyone has at their fingertips why does everyone have to be spoon fed every procedure and detail? +14

Some people enjoy interacting in a community with whom they share a common hobby? Which is kind of the point of being subbed here to begin with? +5

nothing says building community like answering questions that don't leave any room for discussion or debate!

Google :marseygetgle: results have sucked lately, and appear to be getting worse in the last few months. It's even to the point where I have to get to the second or third page before I see something that isn't trying to sell me a 1:72 model of the aircraft in question or a "hot take" tickertocker or YT short about "Su-57 A I DISRESPECTS RAPTOR in VERSUS REAL PILOT" bullshit.

We can try to self educate, yes, but it's getting more challenging to do that.

Besides, some people enjoy the social :foreveralone: aspect of this, or just learn better with an interaction versus a cold document or video.

I know it's a bit annoying to see the same question every month, but on the bright side, it means someone new started their DCS experience and they may end up as a valuable community member.

This is just the enshittification :soysnooseethe: of everything Google +1

imagine being this shit at googling things brother just type the question its not that hard

Oh I'm sorry people may not know what to even ask in a literal sim :marseypearlclutch: and your Reddit experience is hindered. +2

If they don't know what to even ask, maybe they should start with something more lenient than a full-blown study-level sim? :marseysmug2: -4

How'd you start? Did you just wake up and go oh hey I know what bleed air is? Or how to manage systems in a 4th generation fighter? :marseyseethe: +3

No, I looked at every newscast of desert storm when I was a child, obsessively drew planes, built scale models, read several books on aeronautics and the history of flight, watched documentaries, subscribed to magazines and, eventually, started playing a variety of flight games with a progressive difficulty curve :marseyautism: . I started out with stuff like Flight Unlimited and eventually reached Jane's f/a-18 and Lock On. With the advent of those later, simmier games came printed manuals, which I read from cover to cover :marseyreading: . Nowadays, I spend a lot of time absorbing knowledge from articles and YouTube videos from trusted sources.

I built knowledge throughout a lifetime and dug deeper whenever a subject arose that I was curious about. :marseynerd:

blah blah blah someone else says that asking people to RTFM is literally killing the community :#marseynorm:

Because some people want to actually be sociable and communicate? :marseyforeveralone: I take issue with this attitude because sure, I can google everything too and then never speak to another human being again. :foreveralone: Which is part of a larger problem, not a solution. Personally, I like to start converstaions and see where it takes us. :foreveralonehappy: It's not like this subreddit is 1000's of topics deep. Plus, if you see a question and immediately get triggered, maybe step away from the computer for a few -6

and here we see the average redditor in their natural habitat (they have no friends)

Big booty Puerto Rican goddess. +0


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