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Apollo dev whines and demands to know how Apollo hurts Reddit. Chadmin responds with SCIENCE:

“As I asked before, could you please clarify what inefficiencies Apollo is experiencing”

Having developers ask this question of themselves is the main point of having a cost associated with access in the first place. How might your app be more efficient? Google & Amazon don’t tell us how to be more efficient. It’s up to us as users of these services to optimize our usage to meet our budget.

[there is a chart here in the Reddit comment]

On March 14th, Apollo made nearly 1 billion requests against our API in a single day, triggered in part by our system outage. After the outage, Apollo started making 53% fewer calls per day. If the app can operate with half the daily request volume, can it operate with fewer?

Reddit takes some of the blame here for allowing that level of inefficient usage, which is why we haven’t spotlighted it to date, but I think it is a good reminder that inefficiencies do exist. It also highlights the importance of having a system in place that shares the responsibility of managing this with developers.


The Redditors are not taking this well. Choice reply:

So actively using Reddit, commenting, upvoting and downvoting

Aka giving value to the platform

That’s counting against us?

Today Redditors learn that when you updoot a post, it does not, in fact, give Reddit money.

My son is a hateful incel, and I just cannot save him or defend him anymore.

My boy, my oldest child, was so good when he was little, but something broke inside of him when he was a teenager.

my wife (male) and I always accepted, loved, and encouraged him. We pushed him to work hard and treat people with respect. I don’t know where exactly we failed him but as a father I feel responsible for the thing he’s turned into.

It started when he was 14. He had began to become withdrawn and emotional. We chalked it up to teenaged mood swings. For some reason he was just so angsty and bitter all the time. We were worried about his lack of social life and his over-reliance on his computer. He kind of hid himself in the online world so my wife (male) and I began to limit his computer time, but he simply became more aggressive and confrontational.

His hygiene was bad, and he was always confrontational when we told him to shower or do laundry. His room stank horribly and we eventually had a huge fight over it where he physically shoved my wife (male) and called her a bitch, and eventually we got him to at least clean and air out his room regularly on the grounds that it was our house and if he couldn’t maintain his space he wouldn’t be entitled to it - essentially we got to the point where we told him he wouldn’t be allowed his worldly possessions or privacy unless he took care of the space we all shared. the room still smelled and he was still rude about cleaning it but we could tell him to get it clean and he would do it after that.

We ended up getting a call from his school saying that a female student felt harassed by him. We were shown messages where he continually badgered her to have intercourse with him, threatened to “punish” her for stringing him along, sending her unsolicited nudes, telling her some violent fantasies of his, and eventually just descending into some horrid rage-filled rant about how she is just another “whore” and other things.

We were shocked. We mansplained to him why this behaviour was unacceptable, and I mansplained to him that it was ok to be sexually active but his actions were toxic and abusive.

I tried mentoring him man-to-man, taking him on camping trips and whatnot and talking to him about women and girls and trying to give him advice. I suggested he try showering, changing up his hair and facial hair styles, trying out different fashion styles, maybe going to the gym.

I told him some hard truths - that he doesn’t want a gross woman so he shouldn’t be a gross man. By gross I mean hygiene and looks. I mansplained to him that good looks are more hygiene and self care than genetics but he refused to accept what I said to him.

After that I caught him sniffing his sister’s panties in the laundry room - she was 12 at the time and he was 17. He assured me it had nothing to do with his sister, he said he just had a panty sniffing fetish and he pretended they belonged to girls from porno videos, but still I gave him heck for it, and he was grounded and lost his computer for 6 months. I went through his computer and I was disgusted by the kinds of hateful, racist, incel forums he frequented, the horrid things he said about women, and his save file was full of cartoon porn with girls of questionable ages. I wiped the hard drive completely and began strictly monitoring his online activity. I used parental filters to block incel sites and and porn sites that hosted cartoon porn.

The next big issue was something he did to my daughter’s friend. My daughter is 5 years his junior, and one day after a sleepover, my daughter came to me and said her friend wanted to tell me something but was afraid of what I would say.

My son cornered this 13 year old girl and physically blocked her path and touched her hair and face while making very inappropriate comments about her body and asking her if she liked to sleep naked and what kind of underwear she wore.

I tore into my son for that, my wife (male) and I both shouted at him, and told him his behaviour was horrible and I told him then that if his actions got him arrested I would not defend him. He accused us of not loving him, but I told him the reason I was so passionately angry in that situation is because I do love him, and I want to help him become a good man so he can stop being so predatory and bitter and miserable. I told him some hard truths. That he did this all to himself and that he is the only one he can blame for how bitter he is.

I suggested he look to women his own age and he went on a rant about how it was a waste of time because women were already whores (and his definition of a whore is a woman who has had intercourse even just once) by 17. I called him out on his bullshit and expressed clearly that if he harassed young girls anymore I would personally turn him in.

I invited my daughters friend over after and I personally apologized to her for her experiences, I cried in shame for my son’s behaviour and begged her forgiveness for allowing her to feel unsafe in my home and promised her that if she ever felt uncomfortable she could come to my wife (male) and I and we would always believe and help her. Luckily, my daughter didn’t lose this friend, but for safety I installed a lock on my daughter’s door.

We got my son therapy but he refused to engage with the therapist, calling him a “sand BIPOC” and “sexy Indian dude” and “terrorist”. His next therapist was a “chad”, so he didn’t relate to that either.

We fought about him not trying, not getting a job, and he said he couldn’t get one because of the immigrants, to which I pointed out that he was struggling because he got fired from his high school jobs for being lazy.

After those fights, my wife (male) tried to empathize with him and understand what made him so bitter but he flipped out at her, and called her a cock-gargling whore and said that she fricked her way through dozens of men until she found a “beta-strag” who was willing to shelter her for missionary sex.

my wife (male), who works and contributes to the family income, who is an independent, professional woman.

Honestly, I lost it more than ever before. I had never been so angry when I heard what he said. That may be his mom, he may be my son, but the woman he was abusively tearing into is my god darn wife. No one can treat my wife (male) like that.

I am ashamed to say in my anger, he shoved me and I physically retaliated, shoving him back, and pinning him against the wall. I felt ashamed of myself, I have never been an angry or violent person, but I couldn’t control myself. I’ve never put my hands on either of my children in such a way in my life, I hate child abusers... but this boy was no child. He was a grown man.

He was intimidated and backed down, and for a while he was peaceful.

The last straw was this week.

My daughter has dated 3 people her whole life. A boy, a girl, and now another boy. We were as open about intercourse with my daughter as we were with my son. We asked if she would like to have a question-free steady supply of condoms left in her bathroom drawer, and if she wanted to get on birth control. She said no to both questions with her first boyfriend. She never really brought him home but we met him at one of her recitals. When she had a girlfriend she went over to her house all the time, and didn’t want to bring her to the same house her brother lived in, a sentiment I understood.

But her most recent boyfriend has a lot going on behind the scenes in his family. He’s a nice boy but his mom is a single mom of 4 and they struggle.

This boy started coming around a month after they got together. I like him. My daughter is happy with him. He treats her with respect. He is an intelligent boy. He’s an absolute gentleman. He’s respectful and polite in our home. He calls me sir, calls my wife (male) Ma’am, he offers to help with the cooking or dishes or cleaning while he’s visiting, he talks to us, he’s a bit of an amateur cook himself and brings us food all the time to say thank you for taking care of him, when we go out for dinner he always offers to pay for himself and my daughter (though I know he doesn’t have much money so I always pay). When getting out of the car he opens the door for my wife (male) and offers her his hand (he sits behind her for leg room). He holds the doors, when we leave somewhere he helps my daughter put her jacket on like those sweet old fashioned couples.

This young man works hard, and gives what little he has to his mom and siblings. Like I said, I really respect the boy. I offered him money once for groceries for his family but he turns me down and says he would feel guilty accepting my money like that. He’s appreciative of things - in the winter, it was -20 and he had only a hoodie, so I draped my jacket over his arms, and I said “take it son, it’s cold.” He had tears in his eyes as he said thank you, and I made some excuse about wanting to get rid of the jacket and told him he could keep it if he brought cookies for us next time he visited.

When Christmas came along, I invited him over for supper, and when I went to pick him up I delivered some presents for his family, and on the ride back to my house we had a moment. He was crying because he didn’t have much to give us - he got everyone in our house a present but he cried anyways because he felt it wasn’t enough to make up for what we gave him. I pulled over, and I just hugged him, and I said to him that it wasn’t the value of what he got, it was that he got us anything at all. I thanked him for treating my daughter so well, and I told him he would always be welcome in my home.

My own son didn’t get us anything for christmas, not even a card bought with the money we give him. This boy got my wife (male) and I matching wine glasses since we like to share a bottle every now and then.

My son didn’t eat with us. He pillaged the food table and ran away to his room alone while my daughter’s boyfriend met my sister and her family and my parents and my uncle. They all told me how charming he was and how polite he was. Meanwhile after dinner my son told my 5 year old nephew “frick off cute twink” for asking to play a game with him. A man over 20 years old.

Last week, my wife (male) and I went out for an evening to ourselves. We went to dinner, then we went to an upscale bar to play some pool, then we went home.

When I walked in the door, the kids were screaming at each other. I came in to see my son and my daughter’s boyfriend fighting. The boyfriend was just pushing my son back and trying to redirect him, my son was throwing punches and charging him. My daughter was crying and sitting against the wall clutching her face. I got between them and pushed them apart, and demanded to know what was happening.

My son went on a tirade about how he found birth control pills and heard “whore” sounds from her room, so he kicked open her door and discovered them having sex, he said he couldn’t believe his own sister would “be a BIPOC’s whore” and called the poor boy a monkey and other things.

my wife (male) got my daughter and her boyfriend out of there and I yelled at my son for how he was acting. Eventually I got nowhere with him so I made him wait in his room. I went to talk to my daughter. I apologized to her boyfriend, crying as I did, telling him that I hope he could forgive me for letting this happen. He said he was sorry for getting violent but that he only did it because my son hit her. My daughter cried and said he was a psycho and threatened to r*pe her, and that he admitted to ejaculating on her toothbrush and hair brush.

I charged into his room, and I said firmly that he should pack his bags and leave. I told him I would pay to have his things sent to him, wherever he went, but that he was leaving tomorrow.

my wife (male) stayed at my sisters, and my daughter and her boyfriend spent the next few nights at his place.

The next day I practically threw my son out of the house kicking and screaming.

I took his key back and changed the alarm codes and garage door code. A day later I had a message requesting some of this things - mostly his gaming stuff - be delivered to some strange apartment block I didn’t recognize a couple of towns over. A college aged man buzzed me in and I delivered the stuff. I didn’t see my son.

my wife (male) and I then went through his room. My daughter’s boyfriend came over and helped me move his furniture to the garage. We threw out his mattress and some other more gross and smelly things, and we took out the carpet to be replaced.

Hidden in the closet was a treasure trove of my daughter’s underwear, so saturated with old, moldy semen that they were as hard as bricks. The unnerving part was that there were a few pairs my daughter was adamant didn’t belong to her. And they were too small for my wife (male). It was possible he stole them from my nieces.

There was a sketchbook containing graphic drawings of my son violently raping different women and keeping little girls chained up in some kind of intercourse dungeon. I went through his old phone that was still working, and all his photos were screenshots of my nieces and their friends in their bikinis, lots of cartoon porn, lots of red pill and incel and Trump memes. He still had messenger, so I checked his messages, most of them were just him trying to harass women and underaged girls.

I checked his Email and... much to my disgust, he stole private photos of my wife (male) from her phone, and he was selling them.

Today, I went to the police with everything and told them everything.

I gave my baby boy everything... I don’t know why he went down this road. But I’m just so sorry I failed him. I don’t know what the police will do... but I hope they stop him before he hurts someone else.

The sad thing is... yesterday, once it was all over and settled, yesterday we had a wonderful day. One of the happiest we have ever had.

Edit: there is a lot to sort through, it’s impossible to reply to everyone so let me hit the big points.

  • all the incels this post attracted can frick off back to their holes.

  • how do I know the lingo? From my son.

  • “why didn’t I take his computer time away” I specifically said I did. His laptop was forbidden to be used in private, and I banned most of the sites he was using with the parental locks. He bought or stole another laptop behind our backs though and used his phone data. my wife (male) and I don’t use our phone internet much so we didn’t think of it.

  • “it wasn’t Christmas last week” ??? I know? It’s.... November. The young man visited us on Christmas 2017. We had this fight last week. I don’t know how I have to clarify that there was a passage of time between the fight and Christmas, since it’s pretty clearly not Christmas right now, but.... alright.

  • “why wasn’t he in therapy” again this is a common comment from people who must have skimmed because we did put him in therapy. He was abusive towards several therapists, so we gave up on therapy.

  • “why not have him institutionalized” because that is MY SON. to have him locked away is not an easy decision. I love him. We wanted to believe he could still change. But he couldn’t.

  • I have no idea who he moved in with. I don’t care. Maybe an Airbnb?

  • “why didn’t you help him sooner/was he bad as a child” as a kid he was introverted but not especially bad. He misbehaved sometimes but it wasn’t troubling. He had a few friends but they all had a falling out the first year of grade school. Prior to harassing that first girl he had some red flags. He seemed depressed, and his hygiene was spiralling. We tried to help him but he was stubborn. He didn’t want help. He wanted to be miserable. I listened to his problems and he complained about how his dream girl went after some other guy and how he stole her from him, and I tried to guide him and help him understand she wasn’t stolen because she isn’t property, she’s a person who made her own choice. He didn’t like that answer.

  • all the things you say we should have tried, we mostly did. We gave him lots of attention and love before all this and after. We still tried to be a family.

  • my daughter and her boyfriend helped me clear his room since I cannot carry certain heavy things myself. My daughter was therefore present when I found her underwear. She singled out a couple of pairs as not hers and was scared of where he got them from. She suggested keeping them for evidence.

  • there was a teacher who did get through to him somewhat, for a time. But he transferred to a different school district.

  • he wasn’t horrible all the time. Sometimes he could be good to be around. He could be really funny and clever. He was really good with animals. He was good with his games too. He got really passionate and excited about them and it made me happy seeing him having fun with a hobby. Seeing him smile could almost make me forget the things he’d done.

  • telling me to kill myself says a lot about yourself.

  • I’ve seen what toxic ideologies do to families. I’m not interested in joining your red pill, Jordan Peterson, or child beating cults.

  • advocating child abuse as a 20-something brat shows your immaturity. Advocating murder does too.

  • toxic masculinity is considering men weak for having the strength to express their emotions.

  • many complaints about “allowing” my daughter to be intimate with her boyfriend all stem from the same racist incel rhetoric my son used. There is literally nothing wrong with interracial couples. I couldn’t be happier that my daughter is with someone who loves and treats her with dignity.

  • incels struggle with reading, evidently. My daughter had her first boyfriend at 15, and I doubt there was anything going on between them. She is currently 18. So yes, she probably has sex. As an adult woman. Not really anyone’s business. My son is 22, soon to be 23.

edit 2

With new replies coming in by the truckload and 3 new pm’s for every one I reply to, I am getting slightly overwhelmed by the response here. I can’t really keep up, even just reading I have begun skipping comments to keep up. I have things to do today but I’ll try to catch up every so often.

edit 3

Mods locked the thread. I am not sure why but there are almost 10,000 replies and maybe 500 pm’s to sort through.

Making women :ethot: look dumb :marseygigaretard: is a disturbing new podcast trend :taylorlorenzcrying:

Twitter Link

Similar Vice Article

Twitter Link of Vice Article

A podcast with hundreds of thousands of subscribers and followers across online platforms is stoking the flames of controversy — by belittling female guests and making them look dumb.


“Whatever,” hosted by Brian Atlas, masquerades as a dating talk show while delving into gender roles, body counts and the legitimacy of the patriarchy.


The podcast team uses social media to seek women panelists, only to later “roast” them online in snippets


While OnlyFans model Nicolette Nicole admitted that her appearance on the podcast was to bolster her own following


“definitely chosen to create controversy” and make her “look dumb” and “shame” her


On Twitter, “Whatever” often promotes videos from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro and champions disgraced internet personality Andrew Tate.


The podcast’s following has grown amid backlash

“Tell me you despise women without telling me you despise women…and don’t forget the condescension,” one Redditor snarked.


“Is it just me, or do all of those women look INCREDIBLY uncomfortable?” wrote another, in part.


Drew Afualo — who counts 8 million TikTok followers, thanks to her zingy clap backs at misogynistic men


has expressed her displeasure for Atlas’ content.


“What was once a space where people could report and speak on specific topics (with experts) has become an opportunity for someone to project their emotions and opinions that don’t involve them,”


urging viewers to “amplify those who approach the craft ethically and responsibly rather than constantly fueling the ego.”



Although tbh, from this pic this guy is either a closet case or a complete sociopath.

!thotpatrollers !foidmoment !moidmoment Discuss

:marseyhappening: hunters 10k penus crack hooker pics are here


And site is already crashing from all the chuds looking at his huge dong

Trans lives matter

All the nurses working on my top surgery today were Swifties! : TaylorSwift

All the nurses working on my top surgery today were Swifties!

Today in the early morning hours I had gender affirming top surgey! 🥳 And while I was waiting in the hall to be rolled into the operating room, I overheard a crowd of like five different nurses on the ward gushing about their tickets for Taylor Swift's upcoming show here in Chicago and I chatted them up. I was already on an IV of pre-op anti-anxiety meds so that made me extra bold.

It was such a lovely, random little moment that helped me feel at ease before a procedure that I've wanted for years but been afraid to undergo. Thanks for making the world a little friendlier today, Swiftie nurses. This kid was not on his own today.

Anyone else had a random moment of bonding over Taylor Swift's music like this?

Taylor Swift says trans rights! :marseytrans2: :taylove:

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  • FamilyGuyShill : https://soundcloud.com/user-67365806/submissive-and-breedable
Gwen Stacy is Trans :marseytransflag2::marseylgbtflag3::marseylgbtflag5:

Gwen is blatantly a trans woman in this movie, it’s never outright spoken but the implication is unavoidable.

If the “protect trans kids” sign above her door wasn’t enough for you, her entire story as Spiderwoman centers around her dad accepting her identity.

Thought I may have just been seeing things while watching the film. But no, her dad is wearing a trans flag on his police jacket as well.

The sign above Gwen’s door isn’t her just being supportive, she IS trans and her dad is supportive OF her in that regard.

Fun Fact chuds this was even in the comics where Gwen's death mirrors the sad way many trans women hang themselves and snap their necks due to transphobia


Linus Tech Tips Sisters- Linus may need to fire Lily (formally Anthony) Young. He has been outed as a furry by kiwi furmers

You may recall one of the Linus Tech Tips personalities came out as an MtF less than a week ago. Since then, the few kiwi farmers who can figure out how to open a tor window have been increasingly interested in his now her past (intellectual reasons only, I'm sure). They have laid out a pretty convincing case that links his wife's twitter to a furry twitter to a furry twitter and back to Mrs. Young. I thought it was a good bit of internet sleuthing, and because kf is still down on the clearnet, I have a quick summary of the evidence.

First suspicions came when his wife (male)'s personal twitter was linked to a furry twitter account @appleplz

I'm not copying all the pictures if tor is acting bad, but there's

1.clear face/body type match + glasses

https://i.rdrama.net/images/1685816334878387.webp professional vs furry

2. wearing a shirt with what looks to be her custom fursona on both accounts (see the left of above + below (furry account)


3. Shared what looks to be the exact same commisioned art with her fursona on the shirt on both accounts


4. Have the exact same model of keyboard and keysets


Who is this hacker known as therunefox

So who is in a relationship with @appleplz in 2022? One @therunefox it seems

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858163368677309.webp We do a little toy domming together

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858163370338547.webp We try to do a little grooming together

https://i.rdrama.net/images/16858163371790314.webp Our furry is into tech and Anthony's wife???

Wow, a paypal with that same @runefox is also called Anthony Young? That's crazy mane




Direct your eyeholes to the bottom tweet. Whose employer built a petabyte server using Seagate Barracuda drives and made a video about it say 6 years ago around 2017ish?


!furries answer for yourselves

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I’m a straight man who married a dude. AMA! : askgaybros

I’m a straight man who married a dude. AMA!

I married him, because I joined the Air Force, and if you’re married, you get housing pay and permission to live off base. He gets free healthcare.

He’s my best friend who’s forever single and has mad health issues, including recurring prostate cancer.

Edit: Per the suggestion of u/oceanicolas, I’m giving out a massive thanks to the huge amount of gay activists and lawyers who’ve fought for marriage equality for decades, as well as the feminist lawyers in the 70s who sought to use the Equal Rights Amendment to legalize gay marriage.

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Love this

I overheard a convo recently where people were talking about clothing and how some men said they shouldn’t wear those clothes. This made me quite upset and I had to join in saying they looked great and we as women should wear what we like and what makes us comfortable. As someone with a bit of extra weight and love handles from health issues and pregnancies I took offense on their behalf and it reminded me of some disgusted looks over received in the past from men and women alike. They left with smiles and thanked me for the chat and it felt so good to have a real conversation with other real women just trying to make it in this world.

Ladies! Wear what YOU want and what YOU feel good in. Forget what everyone else thinks.

fricking foids stupid fricking gender

frick you foids

Sadly so accurate
Elliot Page: A-List Actor Said ‘I’m Going to F*ck You to Make You Realize You Aren’t Gay’

Elliot Page is pulling back the curtain on homophobia in Hollywood.

Page, who came out as a trans man in 2020 after identifying as a lesbian, detailed a verbal assault in 2014 by an unnamed male actor in his memoir, “Pageboy.” As part of a chapter titled “Famous butthole at Party,” as excerpted by People magazine, Page wrote about being at a birthday party in Los Angeles where an “acquaintance” questioned his sexuality.

“You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men,” the actor told Page, adding, “I’m going to frick you to make you realize you aren’t gay.”

Page recalled seeing the male actor at the gym a few days later, where he said, “I don’t have a problem with gay people I swear.”

The “Juno” actor added, “I’ve had some version of that happen many times throughout my life. A lot of queer and trans people deal with it incessantly. These moments that we often like don’t talk about or we’re supposed to just brush off, when actually it’s very awful. I put that story in the book because it’s about highlighting the reality, the shit we deal with and what gets sent to us constantly, particularly in environments that are predominantly cis and heterosexual. How we navigate that world where you either have more extreme, overt moments like that. Or you have the more, like, subtle jokes.”

Page continued, “[In Hollywood] these are very powerful people. They’re the ones choosing what stories are being told and creating content for people to see all around the world.”

He summed up, “I’m purposely not sharing his name. But he will hear about this and know it’s him.”

Page recently opened up about feeling like he didn’t “exist” prior to transitioning.

“I realize I look different to people now who’ve known me from before, but I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s that person I’ve seen but never thought I’d actually get to see.’ It catches me by surprise sometimes,” Page said. “A friend will simply take a photo and then I get a glimpse, and it just sends this electric thrill through my body, this sort of spark. Because it’s funny — it’s seeing something new, but also not.”

He concluded, “I do feel like I barely made it in many ways.”

Very kind to not out the man who threatened to r*pe her! Maybe he's a bro after all.

Least parasocial Jerma fan gets a WOMB TATTOO of their favorite Twitch streamer

I bet I'm the only person with a Jerma Womb tattoo


People wanted proof so here it is Yes it hurt and yes I get bitches marked nsfw bec the womb is a gray area lmbo

Context: Jerma985 is a ex-Youtuber current Twitch streamer. He makes a very concerted effort to be inoffenssive, apolitcal, and doesn't really get involved in streamer drama so he's cultivated a fanbase of parasocial wholesome 100 Tumblreque types. Here's a good r/drama post about his run-ins with the trans community if you want to get what I'm talking about. If you want to know what a "womb tattoo" is (I didn't know either), this comment on the original drwawing of the tattoo mansplains is better than I ever could:

Had an idea for a Jerma-themed womb tattoo, thoughts?


For those confused, a womb tattoo is a tattoo you get on your abdomen where your womb would be that resembles a womb, popular in Japanese Doujins, mostly seen on succubi.

Now you might be wondering to yourself: "Surely this is fake, right? No one's r-slurred enough to get some weird hentai shit of a Twitch streamer put on their body?" And I'd be inclined to agree with you, but also everyone on Reddit is acting like it's real so in the spirit of blowing things out of proportion we should, too. Also, it's pretty weird either way, innit? You might also be thinking that that looks like a male abdomen, and how could a male get a "womb tattoo"? And I'd tell you to stop being transphobic

this is so true


"Guys don’t bring a gun to pride parades" REEEEEEEEE :marseyrage:


Apparently the chuds are planning to riot at pride parades. Can someone resend my invitation. I think it got lost in the mail :marseybrasileirosad:


“Bring a charged phone” fed post lmbo

A general public pride event and a socialist protest are not the same thing -- and the risks involved are very different. At pride events, you're less worried about being surveilled by the FBI and more worried about needing to contact EMS. It's that simple.

Pride is a protest. Always has been.

jfc you're stupid as shit




Every time I've done a first aid class I've been told to NEVER apply a tourniquet.

They exist for a reason.

Yeah cause they stop bleeding really quickly. However they can also cause more complications and should only really be used with very serious bleeds like losing a part of a limb not just for cut or puncture wounds.

i mean the hypothetical injury we’re talking about here is a gunshot wound, possibly from an AR-15 or similar.


Shut the frick up. People out there are getting killed left and right, i think we got a right to defend ourselves organized or not. If you're capable of doing so, arm yourselves. Also "bring a charged phone" yeah uh huh right you frickin fed. Get the frick out of here.

I'm going to be honest I don't get the bring a charged phone part

I'm assuming to call for help or something like that

it's literally just a way for cops to track you. no thanks!

Do not listen to SDL. Bring your gun. He’s a rich neoliberal who can hide in his gated community while we have to deal with violence. First aid is good, but it does nothing to stop someone who is actively causing physical harm. The cops won’t stop them either.


Please, for the love of God, do not listen to this guy. Fascist groups are infiltrating pride events. People are at a genuine risk. Defend yourself by any means necessary.

Is it really that hard to just... read the thread?If you want to defend, get organized. If you're not organized, you're just adding to the chaos.

shut the frick up loser, go bad to your groomercord and talk about :marseytrain: girl peepee while the rest of us go shooting then actually get some :marseytrain: girl peepee


Xe's referring to these comments made by SDl


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Update to the Iowa teacher sharing a g*mer moment with a black student, it's real lmbo



I mostly wanted an excuse to share this video again because it's pretty funny and it's slow dramaposting hours.

Quite a few people, myself included thought it may have been staged. Thankfully it's not!

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Looks like I have no use for rDrama anymore. Later virgins.

Deleted or removed by mods a long time ago, as in years, so I don't have the link lol sorry :marseyblowkiss:

Moids, you will never have a goth gf
Continuing yesterday’s pizza drama saga, a mystery unfolds

As we all know, pizza is a marketing executive. It’s 7am on a Saturday and he has no car. What’s really going on here?


The holodomar happened megathread

Eurocucks seethe


Argentinia remains Naziland



My taters bring all the micks to they yard, but not going to feed you going to let you starve




Slovenia tells the Russian people to go to hell


The deprogram is a stupid subredditd full pf stupid people


French do the right thing for once


The deprogram embraces antisemitism


Uk is on the side of good for once


Russia loses the propaganda war


Communists belong in hell


Learn about the bengal famine and how we shouldn’t let subhumans who take bribes live


Rock and Morty communist fans


Nintendo fans don’t seem to realize they’ll be the first against the wall when communists take over


Hobbydrama sucks


Eastern europeans hate the Soviet trash


Truth hurts the communist


Soviet propaganda enjoyers cope


fricking communist scum proud of being communist scum


Commies are liars


Socialists in Berlin are like Nazis: the city is infested with them.


Soviets talk about breaking chains.


Free speech in the Soviet union




Anti-semetic communist


This is a ballet and concert hall


Berlin tells Russians to go to hell


The old Eastern European gang hate the Russians


Poles also tell Russians to go to



Austin hero fights communism


Open season on Soviet monuments


/R/conspiracy nazi simps


:chudsey: Straightest rightoid goes to gay cruising spot :marseysalutepride: to expel the demons (from his balls) :marseycoomer2:

In the age of tiktok and :#marseymisinformation: I don't really know if this is real or troll.

Apparently he is a reformed chaser :marseytroon: and is now some kind of rightoid schizo who preaches at people in public.


Anyway It's really giving Sean Cody circa like 2004 :aniki:

:#marseyhomofascist: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! :#marseyhomochingchong:



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