Mr Darmanin said the alleged attacker had shouted "Allah (๏ทป)u Akbar", Arabic for "God is greatest", and told police he was upset about the situation in Gaza.

He said the suspect was sentenced to four years in prison in 2016 for planning another attack and was on the French security services watchlist.


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  • Aba : warning: Lonely catlady inside
took my marsey to see santa

just a nice timeline cleanse.

S*x should be done in the physical between two Lovers .Friend ....

Why would someone be having S*x with a strange Entity in the dream always a night he has a Job Interviews / Visa Interviews ,Besides anytime Someone Promised him some Money or Gifts ,He must have the Wet dreams ,When he wakes up his Boxer is always drained with Sperm ,He do Recollects how he Pleasurably engaged in the Acts before he wakes up .

He Always Feels Sooooo Weak ,So Disappointing and disgusted .

When he Gets to the Job Interviews ,Even with all his Good Qualification ,He is always turned down .

His Interviews at the Embassies are always resulting to Failures .

When someone Promised him a gift of money etc ,once this strange Entity Comes to Sleep with Him a night before ,He would be told to come next time .

Promises upon Promises from Germany ,Sweden from Well to do Friends which are never Fulfilled .

Could the S*x in the Dream always be a Coincidence ,Could the Frequent Experience always be the thought of this Man ,Some Would say it's the Conscious Mind that he has that is being transferred into His Subconscious that made him have such Dream .

Why would a Wise Man that has bedn suffering and needs Success always have a strong thought of Having S*x when he knows such thought is useless at that Particular time ..He wants Success and not one stupid Sexual Thought.

Why must this happens only a night before .

Cobwebs ,S*x in the Dream ( Wet Dreams) Are one of the Strongest Tool Witches, Wizards ,Enemies ,Evil ones use to Attack People and Block there ways of Successes ,They use it to delay there Breakthrough .

Ignorance is Deadlier than HIV ,Ebola ,Covid 19.

Fast and Pray Heavily .

Talk to a Spiritualist now


Holy cow this website is a treasure trove of African nonsense :marseykneel:



Fish hole woman , it's already late. Drop your phone and go cook for your husband and kids and stop constituting nuisance on Nairaland


Justice for short men. They even have it tough in oyibo countries. At this time where fat shaming women is seen as a sin and social offence, short men deserve their own Justice too.

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"Oyibo" means westernized person, usually European. It means "peeled skin"

Fantasies of an 18-23 yr old girl.

U go soon old,dey play


:marseywall: โ™ฅ๏ธ :marseyflushzoom:

Lol your 5'2 and you don't want a man shorter than you. Any man that's shorter than you is a dwarf

GOOD point

There is meta drama I don't understand, I'm not copy pasting the whole comment threads lol

You really need mental help

I've been seeing your posts and the messages they pass. You really, really need professional help

I'm at least thankful that you're directing your psychosis and bile on unsuspecting people on the net, instead of real people offline

If this is how you are irl, you'll die old and alone. You come off as a loudmouthed and insufferable individual

Even your kids (if you ever get one) will avoid you like the plague

Seek help before it's too late


I'm not surprised you agree with her. Na since 2018 you don day kuku craze come

Birds of the same feather do what?

Although you may remember me from a different alias

You've also become lighter than I remember. I hope you haven't started bleaching


Sovereign citizen:marseyrightoidschizo: Dragon Ball Z :marseyss3: Licence plate on a Volvo :marseypuke:

McDonalds security guard just pepper sprayed protestors and press (including me)

๐Ÿ“ท McDonalds security guard pepper sprayed pro-Palestine protestors outside the store in Times Square

Never trust your doctor


That thing that always happens happened again.

Annual reminder that the war on christmas is real and has taken 16 lives

>On December 1, 2016, nearly one year after the attack, authorities speculated on Farook's forced participation in the training event and Christmas party as the trigger. Newly discovered emails indicated that Malik had objected to the party and did not want her husband to participate

>The perpetrators, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married couple living in the city of Redlands, targeted a San Bernardino County Department of Public Health training event and Christmas party of about 80 employees in a rented banquet room

>The perpetrators left three explosive devices connected to one another at the Inland Regional Center, contained inside the backpack left by Farook during the departmental event. The devices were described as pipe bombs constructed with Christmas lights and tied together, combined with a remote controlled car that was switched

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Official request for @sirpingsalot to come on my show

Usually I just DM people to come on the show but this time Im making a public declaration - I want @sirpingsalot to come on my show to discuss his recent controversies. If any of the jannies and haters want to come on to argue, that would be awesome too!

Sirp, we've always been friendly. I'll give you a fair shake and hear you out. I know you're naturally a writer but I'm sure you're an eloquent speaker as well. The people yearn to hear you!

This lethal company game sure is fun with friends :marseywholesome: :marseyfsjal: :marseyokaymilk:
Reddit Mod World has ended and here are my two favorite screens. This is a man in a Snoo costume pretending to speak as a voiceover plays.

And here's a paid gigajanny overlaying his Snoovatar on his face while he talks to avoid being seen.



:chadblackyes: The second coming of Christ hijacks a train :marseytrain:

Sorry trainbrains! :marseytransrentfree: This is a post about an actual train. You know, the choo choo kind.

TL;DW: mentally ill enlightened kang :marseyblack: lays down on the train tracks in Columbus, Ohio to force a train to a stop, after which he climbs up onto the roof of the engine with some flares while the engineers flee the cab. :marseycop: Police are called and the bodycam footage details their attempts to deescalate before he gets into the cab and has to be dragged out, subjecting everyone to his schizo rants holy truths in the process.

1:44 :marseycop: Cops get out of the car and confront the man on top of the engine

Suspect engages in BIPOC flailing until 3:50 when he gets into the cabin, closes and bars the door.

7:00 Second group of cops go up to the engine

7:45 Cops get him to open the door. Proceeds to say โ€œGive me your gunโ€ :gigachad2: before being dragged out forcefully :marseyitsover:

8:13 โ€œI'm lying, this is a publicity stunt! If only the whole world would listen! Muslims are not evil! Christians โ€”โ€” we're both right! We believe in Jesus, why do we fight?โ€ :marseyjesuspat: :marseyimampat:

9:00 โ€œWho do you want to be the president? Trump, or who? Who's the sheriff of Columbus police? We gotta pick or else ISIS gonna blow thisโ€”โ€”โ€œ :marseymuslimitsover: :!marseytrump:

10:56 โ€œI'm the second Jesus. Why y'all make us slaves? Why y'all make us slaves? Why? All we did was [unintelligible]โ€ :marseyjesus2:

13:20 I'm not even gonna transcribe this one, you should all listen to this yourselves :marseyxd:

If you've only experienced s*x with a condom, are you still a virgin?

Discuss @sirpingsalot @TED_SIMP

weakest chinese spy
Neighbors in Paris :marsey69:

Kino that khohols can't protest in Paris without a Russian contra protest that is also bigger :marseyxd:

Good that everyone having fun :marseythumbsup:

@DeletedAccount is somewhere in that group

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  • ticktocktrain : poll results are proof rdrama is full of mysogynistic chuds
  • usernaw : democracycels btfo
  • Wreathsizname : Keyed democracy ignorer
  • Sorenoel : more proof aevann is r-slurred and deserves LIFE! :-)
  • Custodian : jfc at least invite me to the next drama groomercord.
  • UnpackThisSweaty : Who?
  • NoelleHistorian : I dont agree with moralstrag bans,not readin 400+ gay comments, all of u r strags includn spal&Ted
results are in, user has been banned anyway the fricking poll to end all polls

should @sirpingsalot be permabanned

dont whine about @sirpingsalot again, the fricking choice is fricking in ur hands now


Incelcore 4 lyfe BIPOCs

And so on.

Inside Russian Shahed: power bank and a SIM card of a Ukrainian operator

Good for mapping

Anon and Chad at the gym
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