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Vordrak vs Kiwi Farms

I figured I'd write out something of a summary of Vordrak vs Kiwi Farms since it's quite possibly the maddest I've ever seen anyone get on the internet. It includes a seven month r-slur-feud, an entire school district being shut down after a terrorism hoax, a £10,000 lawsuit for hurt feelings, a £5,000 bounty on yours truly, and the typical swatting/doxing/mean words type of fare you usualy see in an internet drama.

For those who don't know, the kiwi farms are an 'internet culture gossip' forum that began as a Chris-Chan discussion forum and discusses/archives/mocks the internet lives of unusual weirdos on the internet. I've heard some subreddits are iffy about linking directly there due to the open hosting of dox, but you can find it easily enough through google.

Vordrak, who goes by the pen name Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder, as well as openly going by his real name Samuel Collingwood Smith, is a Britsh ex-councilman, blogger, and obsessive g*mergater and wikisperg. You might know him as the guy who tried to blackmail an anti-g*mergate feminists patrons, or the guy who tried to get wikipedia blocked from the UK because they permabanned him, or as the guy who's building his own twitter with blackjack and hookers. His ED article provides a good rundown of his past, while his KF thread features this entire spat in chronological order, through it's like 100 pages now and packed with garbage shitposts the whole way through. You can find his blog directly by googling 'matthew hopkins witchfinder', but if you're interested enough to be reading all this garbage your best bet is reading the KF thread and following the links there to get it in chronological order.

Anyways, I first met Vordrak when he contacted me here on plebbit to try and feed me dirt on some enemy he'd made who does g*mergate or atheism blockbots or something. The first thing I ever said to him was that I'd heard of him before, he's a r-slur, and he's lucky he doesn't have a KF thread himself. He brushed it off (lol) and pushed forward with giving me his info. I'm not up on all that blockbot drama so I just passed his info on to somebody I know who is. That person decided Vordrak was far more deserving of being the subject of a thread, and made one.

The thread was basically a non-starter. People laughed at him a bit and that was it. If he didn't react it would have got maybe 3 or 4 pages of replies and been forgotten. We didn't realize just how insanely he'd react though. I don't want this to read like a fucking novel and I tried making it something of a timeline but verifying dates and shit is too much effort. I'll just put a list of shit what I remember, basically. If it interests you, I'm sure you'll be able to find the full story elsewhere on the internet.

It all started January 21 - KF thread on Vordrak is created

Vordrak quietly reports us to Linode for non-existant child pornography. They dehost us.

Vordrak reports us to our new host, Gandi, again for child pornography. They dehost us. At no time have we ever hosted child pornography, obviously.

Badly forged emails purportedly from the Kiwi Farms admin, in which he openly admits to being a child molester and stealing/blackmailing the KF community, begin circulating on 8chan.

Vordrak begins releasing a series of smear articles on KF, in the style of tabloid yellow journ*lism. I was going to link them but it's too much effort so just google his blog if you want to read them I guess. They start in April and continue up till now.

Vordrak shops for allies in his crusade using sock accounts and gets told to fuck off basically everywhere he can think of. He tried wrongplanet, a bunch of autism activist subreddits, baphomet, /cow/, I can't remember where else. He also contacts every single mentally ill degenerate we make fun of trying to score allies, including actual libertarianphiles (despite almost every single blog post he makes accusing his enemies of being libertarians). To date, the only one he's managed to win over is a developmentally challenged neo-nazi from Metapedia, which is kind of sweet I guess.

Vordrak contacts everybody in KF Admin's extended family and their friends and employers, accusing KF Admin of libertarianphilia and his family of enabling and/or profiting from a child pornography ring. I can't remember everyone he contacted but it got to the point of going after the KF Admin's temporary host's friend's cousin's father's boss or something ridiculous like that.

Vordrak releases smear articles on KF Admin's mother, doxing her and revealing her unpaid parking tickets. Contacts her boss repeatedly insisting she is at the head of a child pornography ring.

Somebody who cannot be proven to be Vordrak, but is obviously Vordrak, impersonates KF Admin to send school shooting threats to schools and media outlets in his local area. The entire school district is shut down in panic and KF Admin gets a knock'n'chat from the Pensacola sheriffs and has to explain why an insane g*mergate nutjob is targeting him.

He makes threats veiled as 'warnings' on his blog that more terror hoaxes will come unless KF Admin is arrested, up to and including anthrax threats.

Realising he's getting nowhere against KF Admin, he starts targeting me. I get some cool smear articles too, and he also starts obsessively contacting his local police, and the police in Pensacola demanding they arrest me for international terrorism (I posted the Hatred intro meme), and libertarianphile sex crimes (I tweeted a dickpic once). He even has a series of insane blog posts in which he photoshops more and more devils horns and garbage onto the Sheriff of Pensacola for his continued refusal to arrest me for being an internet terrorist.

Somebody signs up as 'KiwiDynastia' on ED. Along with Likeicare, they edit Vordrak's article to call him a libertarianphile. Vordrak immediately threatens Likeicare, KiwiDynastia and Zaiger with a lawsuit.

Vordrak serves me papers over email, which I laugh at. I tell him I'm not KiwiDynastia, he doesn't care. So I laugh more. Our email exchanges are hosted on ED afaik. I'm quite rude to him.

Vordrak offers to drop the suit against Likeicare and Zaiger if they submit to certain demands ; namely reverting his article, banning me and KiwiDynastia from ED, unbanning him from ED, and doxing me and KiwiDynastia. They tell him to fuck off, but revert his article anyway because the libertarian stuff is unfunny bullshit.

Vordrak calls for a stay on Likeicare and Zaiger, taking his suit to court against KiwiDynastia. He's awarded a default judgement of £1,000 actual damages, £1,000 costs, and £9,000 in hurt feelings (literally says this). The judge specifically notes that he'll never be able to collect because I'm the only person he properly served, and all I have to do is deny being KiwiDynastia. Oh, and I'm in a jurisdiction that uses British libel judgements as toilet paper.

Vordrak posts a £5,000 bounty on my dox. Before you get your hopes up, it's contingent on him getting a full payout from his lawsuit so like... lol.

I do a bit of digging into Vordrak's past to find out what all the Evanescence stuff was about, and track down a young girl he stalked and harassed for over two years because she got made moderator on the Evanescence forums instead of him. The harassment included her family being harassed, compromising her debit card information and IM programs (presumably with a keylogger), and even a failed parliamentary petition to call her 'mean-spirited'. When these failed he started slandering the band as libertarianphiles until legally forced to stop. His victim was 17 when he started that. I post these new revelations. He immediately emails her threatening a defamation suit if she continues talking to me. That's not actually part of the feud, but I thought the fact that he stalked and harassed a minor for over 2 years is worth noting.

Vordrak gets our paypal cancelled by sending them emails or whatever.

And now, seven months down the line, just yesterday, Vordrak demanded that the British version of 'internal affairs' launch a full investigation into why the police aren't taking him seriously and arresting me right now for terrorism and penis selfies. Apparently an internal affairs investigation is ongoing, because British police are just so darn polite.

That's basically an overview. If you took the time to read all that shit and want to know more, you'll have to go to KF, or Vordrak's blog to get a more detailed version, but at least it won't look (quite so much) like an incomprehensible mess.

A vote against Biden is a dramaphobic vote against the mayo and scrotecide
Russian jannie loses to me again.

2 days ago I mock Russia for losing Lyman.

Russian jannie shows up and calls my claim a "false flag psyop and optimistic"

What is that now, 0-12 for poor Russian jannie?

How can you tell someone is trans on the internet? Oh they'll tell you. And by their selfies.

Chechen leader Kadyrov calls for use of "low-power nuclear weapons" :marseyhappening::marseyhappening:
:marseychonkerfoid: Sneeds About Paying 8 Dollars More for A Massive Shirt

A bigger item means more fabric, sad but true. (-16)

wouldnt that also apply to medium - xl?

Not really as they are common sizes and are factored into the manufacturing.(-28)

If more fabric = should be a higher price then that should be true for all sizes. Get out of here with your shitty logic. 😂 You just don't care about plus size people and you want to justify the outrageous pricing because you simply don't understand how things work.

"outrageous pricing" being 8 dollars more for XXXXL shirt

Yeah its upsetting, but it is simply the truth and makes sense, please use more common sense people. The bigger the amount you buy, in this case fabrics, the more it costs, it counts for everything

I would honestly say to google things instead of stating things are true/make sense. This might sound harsh but wouldn't you rather know instead of spreading misinformation / supporting harmful practices?


Seriously just ask yourself why you think it's fair and okay to simply add a fat tax for one size type over the other. What's the point in clothes being $30 and up if taller/bigger people would have to add on an extra $10 just to be clothed?

Because there is more material and less volume. This isn't some evil fat phobic cabal trying to charge people 2 extra dollars out of hatred.(-8)

It isn't that hard to check the other comments here to figure out why you're wrong and how it IS fatphobia at play regarding the "fat tax" so do us all a favor and educate yourself before you continue speaking from a place of ignorance.:marseylongpost2::marseylongpost2::marseylongpost2: Seriously, go reflect on why you took time out of your day to argue against this instead of educating yourself. Stop wasting people's time and energy.


Ahhhhh the fat tax. Love that. If they were truly worried about how much fabric was used there would be a increase in price for every size.

This user posted about having a meltdown because a doctor told her to stop eating her "comfort/safe foods" to prevent acid reflux

it’s literally a ick of mine, I don’t think they are good people when I see extra added on, especially small shops on etsy (I expected more acceptance from them)

Is it not more likely a smaller shop on Esty will be more aware of their margins and can't just eat disparity in manufacturing costs due to volume? Legit question: has anyone here asked these sellers why these things are more expensive.

Yes, I have. I message every seller I see do this.

It varies. A few “the shirts cost more” when getting a custom tee made, one told me they had to order plus sizes from a different vendor (bs), about half don’t respond. “I have to use a different pattern” - okay, but you already have the pattern, so why the extra cost? No one has ever given an answer that passes the logic/smell test.


Downvoting someone who points out the reason behind this doesn’t make much sense….? I’m plus size, I pay more for my clothes because I NEED MORE OF THE CLOTHES. It’s logic. (4) controversial

[I highly doubt any plus size person would actually go out of their way to support clothing brands that exist to extort us...Just because you think that it should be the status quo doesn't mean you're right! And if plus size people have to pay EXTRA... how would we cloth ourselves to begin with? It doesn't make sense to have a whole section of people pissed off when the easier solution is making sure everyone pays the same price for the piece...It's about 1-3 inches of fabric being added to the chest or length, there's no reason it should be an extra $2 per plus size.]


This isn’t true and not how garment pricing works. You should also start working on your internalized fat phobia. Your need for skinny peoples validation isn’t flattering.


All the fatphobic people who agree that fat people should be charged extra are not fighting for the right to spend less money, they EXPECT us to be punished and suffer for our bodies being a different size from them. They are fighting the wrong battle here and they're not even bothering to do research on the topic because they feel entitled to making outrageous claims against our bodies...

IF YOU ARE PLUS SIZE THEN YOU WOULDN'T BE THROWING DOWN WITH THE FAT TAX. There are other places who treat us fairly by not increasing the price from a certain size. Don't support companies that want to extort us, simple as that.


Your fat

Fat L


From the OP's post history, she's bipolar, cries about her doctor not letting her mix weed and adderall, and is a seething starbucks barista


Chiobu drama

His takes are getting a little bit more deranged. Personally I wish all libertarians were wimps so that kids don't get diddled.

@chiobu discuss.

Artcels and women screech over big ai booba
Softcore porn is art sweaty :marseygeisha::marseypainter:

Their entire reddit history is them getting dunked on for being a shitty photographer and fighting in the comments, but they still routinely get upvoted to the front page by lonely coomer brained redditors.

/r/starbucks and /r/starbucksbaristas are two of my favourite subreddits, full of mostly young female antiworkers who hate their jobs and post long rants with terrible grammar. Past rdrama posts:

This particular post is titled "Should i call HR" and reads:

my store manager looks to be flirting with a barista they hired a few months ago.. Everyone in the store can tell they obviously flirt with one another and we recently noticed they share the same schedules for the next three weeks( same days off and same shifts). Our manager has a history of being unprofessional in the workplace and this is just their first year as a Manager…

OP elaborates in the comments:

there's a bit of an age gap and our manager was seen dating a 19 yr old before this started (they are 30 and their now ex would come into the cafe so we would see them frequently), I'm a bit concerned about the power dynamic the barista sometimes complains about them.. but continues to be seen flirting so it's hard to gauge if it's something consensual

I was surprised to see that most comments were telling OP that it's none of their business, but others disagree.

Let's see what commenters say:

Shocked to hear it's a pattern. Report the perv.


Sounds like if she’s annoyed with him but still flirts, it could be grooming.


Call ethics


Does the barista seem uncomfortable? Have you asked her? If not just mind your business especially if it’s not affecting YOU.

Hey, that's not how hostile work environments go. Other people can be impacted by the behavior of people around them. It's gross for someone in a position of power to then date someone who reports to them. Additionally, it's not fair to the rest of the staff. There's a reason for these rules and policies. Report.

As is always the case:

Redditors on 19 year old sex workers:

You go girl, you're a strong independent woman and no one can tell you what to do with your body!

Redditors on 19 year olds flirting with 30 year olds:

You are being GROOMED by a PAEDOPHILE. Call the police NOW.

Reported by:

Reported by:

  • 2DBussy: mandalore is a BIPOC who accused vinny of rape because "someone I trust told me to share"


Jack Monahan (Gausswerks) and his brother Hugh Monahan are the co-founders of Stellar Jockeys, an indie studio known for the isometric mech game Brigador and its currently in-development sequel Brigador Killers. Gausswerks was a long time Something Awful user, most active on the YCS forum where much of Brigador's development prior to the game's release in 2016 was documented. For reasons I won't get into (genre nerdshit) Brigador was a flop at release before a re-release in 2017 called Brigador: Up-Armored edition allowed it to become a cult hit thanks in part to this video by MandaloreGaming (relevant later).

And then out of nowhere...

The YCS forum had become defunct, and its longtime users had moved to a separate off-site :marseysmug2: that was only visible to logged-in members, and became invite-only after this event. From when YCS has been shut down to mid-2020 Gausswerks was active on this off-site posting horrible transphobic, anti-semitic, homophobic, etc etc content (you get the idea) under the same username and profile picture he had always used. In June of 2020 (when terminally onlines were stuck inside for months) someone from the offsite leaked a selection of some of the things he had said, some of which were only a few days old relative to the leak. It's believed that he had some sort of feud with another forum member who then leaked this as he was a public figure, and none of this is visible without an account.


The reaction

Knowing that he had to save face, Gausswerks posted an apology to the Stellar Jockeys twitter :marseybluecheck:.

For years, I've posted to a private forum where I've made many transphobic, racist, and anti-semitic remarks. I'm deeply sorry for that, but know that apologizing will not change what I have done. Over the last decade, I fooled myself into thinking that my words had no consequence, but over the past few days, I've discovered the opposite to be true. It matters what you say, even in private. I've hurt many people. Effective immediately I am suspending my involvement with Stellar Jockeys & Brigador Killers. I love the game, I love how excited our fans and community have been, but I have jeopardized the trust we've worked so hard to build with everyone. I made this happen, and that means I need to step away. I can't undo what I did, but I can work forward from here. I have deleted my account for the forum in question. I've been talking to people whose values and perspectives I've been critical of. I now need to spend time listening, learning and growing as a person. I am truly sorry for what I have done.

In short, he was leaving the company and had deleted both his SA and YCS offsite accounts, leaving his brother and a couple others as the sole developers for the sequel, Brigador Killers. An important thing to note is that Brigador is inspired by 90s isometric games like Star Control 2 and Syndicate, along with plenty of Battletech influence; therefore it has a niche and neurodivergent fanbase, which means there's a lot of :marseytrain:s. As a result drama was abound during this time until three days later when the aforementioned Mandalore video was released, with its creator choosing to upload it despite recent events, explaining his position in the SJ discord :marseygroomer:.


Much to the displeasure of those who had their lives shattered by the dev of their favorite mechshit game being a :chudsey:, this video was well received as most normal people didn't know or care, or otherwise can separate the art from the artist.

The return :marseyjesus:

About a year later, in mid-2021, Gausswerks returned to the SJ team and work on the sequel was resumed, because come on, killing a game in development because one of the devs said some :marseytransgenocide: things is a r-slurred business decision. This is something that those who were greatly impacted by the events will never let go of. His brother Hugh stated:

My brother took an extended leave of absence but has now returned, and while this significantly delayed progress on Brigador Killers it is still in the works. We will have more news for you over the next month following the 5-year anniversary update this Monday. We appreciate everyone's patience on this, 2020 was a very difficult year.

Brigador is fondly remembered by many, and work on Brigador Killers is ramping up with Gausswerks recently streaming game dev stuff and uploading his work to twitter.


You might be wondering, where's the drama :marseyconfused:? Well, dear dramatard, I saved it for last because despite being such a niche game with a niche audience, this is something people will never get over.

The initial reaction on r/brigador. An equal mix of people outraged and those who know its stupid drama, probably the only rational discussion about it.

Here's a r/hobbydrama post with literally every piece of information about the situation available. :marseypearlclutch: abound in the comments. (also thanks to the OP for doing my work for me)

Ah shit. I'm one of the people who bought Brigador after Mandalore's review because it looked good and was on sale for a dirt cheap price. It really hurts that what is a genuinely fun mech game is now tainted by that prick and his company quietly readding him. I'm definitely gonna avoid the sequel out of spite now. :soyjakfront:

Yep, it really sucks when a creatore being a douche kills enjoyment of a thing. I'm on the same boat.

I already own it so if I ever reinstall it I can just do the "Brigador was co-developed by Hatsune Miku" thing at least. :marseysoyrope:


(-22) I mean in my opinion we shouldn’t just stop playing his games because of his opinions.

(32) We shouldn’t stop giving him money because of his bigotry?

(0) Because I don't think he made the game entirely by himself and there's surely a lot of other relatively innocent people that'd be damned because of someone they have no control over.

(17) But they’re standing with him.


This was a wonderful write up, thank you. As a trans women, I have to keep my eyes trained on companies to make sure I’m not inadvertently supporting open transphobes. Transphobia is one of those things that has no true consequences except for trans people’s pain.

I've started using the Shinigami Eyes add-on lately and it's honestly super useful for things like this - it's definitely made me more conscious of my really self-destructive habit of clicking on things that I know full well are going to make me miserable

These people really look for every opportunity to shill that keylogger.


:marseypearlclutch:: he FUCKING WHAT I had no idea he was back with the studio for the sequel, they can consider my support for brigador killers gone lmfao, thanks for this post


(-10) absolutely nothing in the game would hint at that, so I'm just gonna not give a flying fuck about this and continue loving it thank you very much

(32) The game actually includes a bunch of winking in-jokes to the people from his private hate forum, including at least one of the pilots being an actual guy from there, so the universe and lore and art design of Brigador is inextricably built on and linked to his hate. Also the plot about hyper-capitalists massacring unarmed civilians and causing as much collateral damage to destabilize an independent socialist nation was taken by many to be satirical and knowing the guy was secretly a chud casts the entire game in a completely different and unfavorable light.

The game is explicitly based off of US foreign policy in south america and it's clear from the :marseylongpost: lore entries that the "independent socialist nation" is an authoritarian shithole that you're working to seize for even worse corporate interests. These people thinking that everything is actually face-value just because he's a heckin transphobe is hilarious.


:gigachad2:: canceling people is bad

There is literally nothing wrong with people letting other people know (with evidence) that someone has volatile/inflammatory beliefs.

Accountability :soyjak: is bad? Since when?

Is it really cancelling if you pretend to voluntarily step down, lay low, then reappear like nothing happened?

A twitter :marseyfurry: and apparent oldstrag SA user makes a thread writing :marseylongpost2: about how their love for the game was destroyed by these events. Heckin valid enby (male) btw.


I love this stupid mech game because I'm :marseyautism: and it has a ton of stuff I like, and drama surrounding trains and an off-site made me think of this place. The moral of the story here? If you're gonna post :marseytransgenocide: stuff on a forum :marseywink: make sure you do it under a name you didn't form your company around. :marseythumbsup:

My first effortpost since the subreddit days so if it's shit don't be too hard on me.

Friendship ended with Wisconsin; Oklahoma is now my favorite team.
Spicy Sprats Snack, an Estonian classic!
Hep find fren
Redditors grooming 23 year old guy into dating 32 year old foid

Lots of women in their 30s are total babes. If this has relationship potential, a bird in the hand is worth more. You haven’t articulated exactly what your “future” concerns are. You want to have kids and you’re afraid she’ll be too old when you’re ready? That’s pretty far ahead to extrapolate. Another approach is to enjoy this connection here and now. You have time to make choices about what “makes sense” down the road


It sounds like your gut is telling you to keep dating her, but your mind is focusing on her age. Why do you think her age is turning into a big issue for you? Do you think she is looking to settle down but you aren't?

Why is that important to you? There's no objective reason why being 9 years apart in age is a problem, so this is more about your personal concerns. Maybe elaborate on this part of your post: “I am thinking of the future and I just don’t know if it’s gonna affect it or not." What are your actual concerns about the future?


I don’t get ur concerns,yes she‘s older,but let me tell u,some older ladies may have some good tricks for u to learn,try not to think how it ends,try to enjoy the moments with her…u got this


Also, it bugs me how many comments to your post keep saying 9 years is a big difference... xD. I guess some must be from teenagers here, cause when you are a teenager then, yes, 9 years is a big difference.

But, dude, if you are both past 20, then 9 years is almost nothing! I'm 32 right now, and I can assure you I feel pretty much the same person I was at 23.

Our mid 20s is the time when we seem to stop changing emotionally and just remain the same person. Also the perception of time seems to change too. You'll see your 30s arrive in no time at all, believe me.

When you get to your 30s, you'll understand. You'll be thinking "what?! Already? How did that happen?"

So as for personality differences, no worries.

As for the physical age, I see no worries either. It's not like you're dating a 45+ women, nearing menopause. You still have plenty of time to date, enjoy life and then have kids in a decade or so.


are there any alcohol virgins here?


holy shit i hate alcohol so much. you might think 'oh this feels nice' and it makes you more socialbe, makes you feel like a better person, gibes you confidence. it gets away from you, once you start drinking in front of your computer, alone, it's close to over. you don't understand how swiftly it gets away from you. oh ill have a fucking drink and shitpost on /pol/ ir somehing, it's definitely fun, but you are selling your life to a demon which i can almost imagine actually exists. jesus or somebody else, said, 'the greatest trick the devil played was convincing the world he doesn't exist" and yet he does. i dont believe in jesus or anyone else from the bible. i view it as a sort of rules for civilisation.

but these are short term orders, they're straight out of the shop into your hands, it gets out of control and time slips away from you faster than you could imagine. i've been drinking 3 times a week for atleast 7 years, and now that i'm all alone i've been drinking almost every day for about 2 years.

it is over for me, do you understand? i had a brain once upon a time when i got my masters and i've pickled it; i have become a giant ball of hate consumed by memes and trolling s man who pays for sex and wants to beat the shit out of prostitutes but hasnt yet.

you need to fckig step backthis is the stupidest drug to ever try and i genuinely wish it was illegal globally.

i am an evil person, i judge everybody i look at in te streets in the worst possible sense, even when ive got my head tucked down when im dry lipped sloping over to buy more booze.

i see the worst in them and i fume about how stupid they are and how they sont care about the inevitable future thats coming their way

i dont think about killing - i want to maim. i want everybody to struggle, to experience strife, and i dont want them to ever be happy. or satisfied or anthing else.

i only have 2 cans left so i will be going soon.

i wont kill myself, im not like that, ive woken up with my arms carved up before but im not doing it

life should be struggle.and you should do it sober, you arent worthy of life if you dont strive, you're deserving of noting. afte death there is nothing. and it's terrifiying for me.

i dont think most people realise what death actually means.

Unddit link

Related Bussy Singal tweet

Reminder that the religious right is ontologically evil and their political influence must be completely eradicated.


Jesse Singal

:marseyjanny: This dude's entire schtick is that trans kids don't exist, and if they do exist, they shouldn't be provided medical care because maybe they're secretly cis actually.

Verifiably untrue.

The Neoliberal Podcast once did an episode with Blocked and Reported. Singal's views have not changed since. Have /r/neoliberal's?

I didn't realize this sub was this transphobic. Maybe this isn't the group of people I want to associate with after all.

All the most upvoted posts are pro-trans. All comments not pro-trans enough have been mass downvoted or jannied. These people can't accept that someone might have some, even the slightest disagreement. about drugging/castrating children. Ignore the science. Everyone that disagrees is a bigot. Words are violence and must be dealt with as if they are a threat.

Do trains want the rest of the society to hate them? Because that seems like what they are trying to do.

/r/neoliberal has utterly gone downhill. My god that sub sucks now. :marseyraging:

rdrama Poker League, Week 4. [Unranked]

buy in is 10k (in lobby only). For all you :marseygigaretard: out there, this means in the poker lobby, set 10k to be your buy in for the game. Not DC to enter.

Not posted in /h/goomble this week as I have been exiled from there. Why? Oppression. :marseyrage:

Please use your username here as your nickname over there.

Game starts 25/50/20 bets, but I'll increase them manually as the game goes on depending on the speed of the game and how many people join.

Sorry for the late post.

Everyone can join in twice.

Current Ping List for games:































If you're on the ping list, please upvote this post. I want shekels.

You can ask to be added/removed from pings

Game starts soon.

Carp, you promised to pin these. Please do for like half an hour.

Current Poker Rankings:

Week 1: @Garry_Chess

Week 2: @Garry_Chess

Week 3: @Dramamine

Week 4: TBD





following case of cobra bite presents certain

features of interest :—

R., male, aged 36, accidentally stepped on a bino-

cellate cobra, some three inches in girth, which bit him

On the back of the leg about 4 inches above the heel

at 9 P.m. one evening. I saw the patient twenty minutes

later, and discovered two puncture marks from the

fangs, some three-quarters of an inch apart in that

Situation. When first seen, the patient showed no

Symptoms except numbness of the part bitten.

Having no antivenene available, I applied an indi-

genous treatment which is much in vogue in the Ratna-

giri district. The fang marks were well incised and

Chickens, one after the other, with their anuses well

Stretched were applied to the site of the bite. The

first few chickens dropped down dead within a few

minutes. From the 42nd chicken onwards, the patient

stated that he could distinctly feel the aspirating action

Of the chickens. In all 74 chickens died, 12 more were

half-dead but recovered in about six hours, and the

last 6 lost consciousness but recovered speedily; in all

96 chickens were used. The whole treatment took

three hours and a quarter. Most of the chickens died

within three minutes. The strongest suckers were hens

in their prime. Hens which had laid eggs were quite

useless, and young cocks unsatisfactory. Three or four

Incisions were made at the site of the bite, and from

time to time refreshed with the knife.

Cases of cobra bite are generally treated in this way

in the Ratnagiri district, and the patients are usually

cured if the treatment is begun early enough. This

case shows that cobra venom can be sucked out. Those

who are in a position to do so, should try whether wet-

cupping cannot cure such cases.—Yours, etc.,


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