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Weekly Anime Post number 20

Better late than never: anime edition. Since rdrama was basically unusable, I could not post the weekly anime post last weekend. I sincerely apologize for any emotional suffering and trauma this experience has caused on the rdrama population. Please make up for it by posting even more about anime than usual!

Also it was suggested that my use of allegedly underage anime girls reduced engagement on my posts, so I decided to change my approach.

Upvote if you cope

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  • of_blood_and_salt: ^trust me, you dou want to buddy, not in this case
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Why are foreign rightoids that post about American politics so dumb on average?

Don't get me wrong, American rightoids are dumb too, but there's like a special kind of retardation with foreign rightoids.

Why is a bong here trying to argue to me the civil war wasn't over slavery?

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Indisputable Facts
finished setting up the new apartment :smoke:

:!marseyprisma: emoji Heterosexuality is a mental illness :marseyprisma: emoji

Upvote if you are racist

For science!

How Kratom ruined my ass and my life

Gamblespam Thread

I'll refund the fifth loss posted


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[suggestion] Bear spray award

An award for belligerent rightoids that fills their screen up with annoying orange graphics to simulate being blinded by antifa at a portland riot.

I don’t have social media besides this and Reddit. I’m unvaccinated and I work out maskless at the gym. I’m a NEETmaxxing medically retired veteran living the average redditor’s dream and I do believe vaccines are effective but I figured I’d be fine if I did get it because I’m not fat, old, or immunocompromised. Well I finally got it. I caught the coof. I have a fever of 101-102, body aches, and a very sore throat. It’s like a mild flu so far and a good excuse to maybe get some opiates from my doctor. I might die though, you never know. If I do, do not let me die in vain. Please use a title like β€œlong time moderator of alt right hate subreddit r/CringeAnarchy, hate-adjacent murder-porn subreddit r/watchpeopledie, and creator of notorious bullying and fat shaming sub r/Cringetopia has died of covid after refusing to get vaccinated to own the libs”. Please ping Bardfinn so he can cancel any ongoing FBI investigations.

I have instructed my foid to tell the other Cringetopia moderators if I die. It will be known. Thankfully I won’t because I’m not a fat weakling but just in case I do.

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The Gambling has Gone Too Far

I can’t take it anymore. I used to use the comments count to find active threads, or to find INTERNAL drama

BUT you addicts :marseystinky:


You have mucked it all up. There are 2, 2(!!!) comments in this thread that aren’t snappy or gambling.

It’s not worth it. You always lose long run. Get a job you bums. Give me back my comments count!


Can we pour one out for this brave patriot standing up against tyrants like Michelle Wu

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You all have serious gambling problems

Slots are literally designed to make you lose money. I get it, when you see someone get the jackpot, you think that you can maybe get it yourself. You can’t; it’s rigged against you and not worth your precious dramacoins. It starts with dramacoin, next thing you know you are in Vegas betting away your life savings. Go outside, touch grass, do something other than let yourself spiral into a gambling addiction that could have real world consequences.

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:#marseyjesus: :#marseyimmaculate:

Snappy has spoken Being straight is the best!

If you’re straight you should praise Allah (SWT) (SWT) every day, if you think being gay is better then being straight you’re showing that you're Mayo status. Only Mayo foids are worse then Mayo scrotes

It’s okay too be mayo as long as you don’t say Trans lives matter

:marseysalat: emoji Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them.Prophet! Make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites! :marseysalat: emoji

Planets resources can't really be depleted. Mass and ebergy doesn't disappear, it get's transformed


some of you seem to have forgotten that trans lives matter

big brother (me) is watching

Kid Rock releases a song. FDA in shambles


Prophet Muhammad's fondness for cats is conveyed in his hadith: "Affection for cats is part of faith"

[Suggestion] Out with slots, In with stonks :marseywallst:

It'll work like this. A stock corresponds to a keyword on twitter. If more people talk about it, the stock price goes up. If less, the stock price goes down.

You could check the number of posts every hour or something. Then you could take the number of tweets containing the keyword and get the percentage of some maximum (say, 1,000,000). Then multiply it by the maximum stock price (say, 500). So, if 200,000 tweets were made about "Trump" in the last hour, the stock price for that hour would be ((200,000)/(1,000,000))*500 = 100 DC


  • Incentives for stirring shit
  • Stock market gets the kids going
  • Slots are for washed out boomers, real gamblers are apes


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If we make a leftoid agenda poster award

We also need to add a Clean Room award. Functions the same as touch grass but instead of a picture touching grass need to post a timestamped pic of a clean bedroom

A day of reckoning will come to our enemies and of jubilee to my people. The hated yoke of English domination and arrogance will be broken in this land.