Here are the examples.

Also if like to point out this isnt Jojos first time stealing a song.

☆jojo Siwas version of Karma:

☆Brit Smiths version of Karma:

Jojo released her video before Brit and even Brit was upset Jojo blatantly plagiarized her song word for word, beat chorus etc.

Edit** im an avid music fan so this is my type of drama i can get into.

Thank you for your time, friend


New Toss

IF a guy has a real problem I will listen to him for hours, days if he needs it. And I have.

But let's be real sometimes guys they weaponize their trauma. Or they whine about nothing forever.


Op says 300 sqft apartments are bad, shit flinging in the comments

!leafs how much do you hate Toronto/Vancouver renters?

Canada now has a higher gender gap than China

How did this even happen? According to this random statistics site, immigration for men and women have been mostly equal throughout the years:

But there is a significant difference (11%) in male and female international study permit holders, most of which will attain permanent resident status after their diplomas are completed. Who would have thought the mostly-unregulated backdoor immigration method would cause issues in the future :marseyclueless:

Soon we'll have hundreds of thousands of currycels unable to find a jeetess mate. :marseypajeetitsover:

It's important to note that the gender gap data only includes ages 20-29, so the overall gender gap is probably still lower than China's. However, the gap will trend towards that percentage in the next few decades.

Why has enrollment in the humanities plummeted? : AskAcademia

:marseyjamming#: :marseyjam#: :marseyvibing#:

Some artist wishes arrdrama happy birthday
The Wayback Machine hasn't been able to save images hosted on Reddit for months :marseycryinglaptop:

It stopped working many months ago, when Reddit started redirecting image links to their links. The image viewer thing is kind of helpful in that it tells you which post the image came from, but this is overshadowed by the fact that it prevents you from viewing the image directly. Thus, the Wayback Machine cannot archive the image.

I sent a wordswordswords email to the Internet Archive about it, and they unfortunately said they couldn't change it.


No... I am very sorry but Reddit is much harder to archive now than it was in the past.

We are doing the best we can.

  • Mark Graham, Director, the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive

ArchiveTeam also had difficulty archiving Reddit due to bans and paused their project. (Does anyone here know if there are logs of their IRC channel #shreddit?) At least PullPush works (for now), but it doesn't archive images. Luckily, and are still able to save Reddit images. :marseyheart:

If you are annoyed by Reddit not letting you view images directly, here are some extensions I have not tried at all. They work by modifying the Accept header sent by your browser.



RPGCodex DOT net is the only sovlful gaming website left on the internet where the clock essentially stopped at 2008 and people talk about the same games with the same arguments using the same slurs over and over again. They're mostly known as the most neurodivergent conglomeration of vidya connoisseurs that ocassionaly stop talking about decade old vidya to play decade old vidya and despite everyone hating everything new, their lists usually feature a lot of new games. In fact, here's their official (tm) list of the 101 best rpgs ever made:

You should know every single game here, its publisher, development team, their networth and the reason why the game flopped in 2002 and why exactly normalstrags don't get it. Otherwise you have grand wizards like this king telling you to stfu and go back to 4chan or something:

I'm serious. Many regulars made their accounts on that site before half of rdrama was even born :marseyxd:

They have reused their system where you can rate each game from 1 to 5 and evaluate the ratings by combining negative and positive reviews into results judging by the voter's other picks, the amount of people who have played the game in general and if your vote should mean anything (hint: there's always a reason it doesn't count). Did I make that shit up? Who knows really. Anyway, here are the results:


Essentially BG3 didn't win because of the large amount of 1/5 votes. :marseythonk:


Yeah, Starfield was the worst game in 2023. Right after Diablo 4. :marseyeyeroll:


1000 Comments Thread

I'll cherry-pick some examples, although you can basically jump to any page and there's either shitposters seething or seethers shitposting:

Ok, I will never ever take anyone on this forum seriously about them not liking romances.

"Noooo you don't understand, we liked it for the combat, it has nothing to do with the 80 hours of Shadowheart and Astarion romance!"

proud member of the "voted 1/5 for bg3 despite not having played it" crowd checking in

you're welcome

i know you frickers would have made it goty if not for us

Spotted two pathetic shills racofer and Hellraiser who give high scores to their shilling targets and 1/5 to everything else. Good to know to never bother reading your gaming posts anymore, despite such a long forum presence. Shameful behavior.


While the contarian result is funny, anyone who would give BG3 a 1 is absolutely unserious. I have a nice list of posters whose opinions on games I can just outright ignore.


Wrath of the Righteous was pretty much on par with baldurs gate as far as being completely insufferable in all aspects so that before you even get to the gameplay part, you already hate it. larian and owlcat should team up to make the ultimate game for girls and weirdos.

Steal the Deus Ex ip but set it in a high school, where a nerdy girl or trans fbi agent has to infiltrate and unravel a conspiracy in the administration to rig the prom king/queen vote. There will of course be many hunky boys to build relationships with through branching dialogue trees and maybe some combat sometimes. Skills may include makeup, smooching, flirting and acrobatics. Call it Deus Ex: Remastered.

That one's free, if any studios want more of my ideas it'll cost you big time.


A truly timeless place. :daydream:

Have a good one. :marseybow:

Cross vidya x slavish post: Wagner game trailer

That stock picture of family :marseychefkiss:

It's even better than this:

Also game engines improved so much that a team of few can do a decent looking game when Sony spend 2x budget and 1.5x times on Spider-Man 2 compared to 1st game and ended up making second game even shorter. Only explanation is it must be expensive keeping all those HR and ethnic departments running for AAAgames companies


It's an archipelago called Haida Gwaii (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands :marseyredcoat:). The tribe that it was given to, Haida Nation, has a global population of... less than 5,000.

Despite this, private landowners in the archipelago will not have their land seized, they just now exist on Traditional Indigenous Land. Some people pointed out the vagueness in the agreement regarding land ownership:

In spite of this deal, it appears that the Haida nation is continuing with lawsuits that seek redress for the loss of those lands under fee simple status.

Given this, I find the claim that this agreement does nothing to private property to be misleading in the sense that the agreement fails to address the private property question entirely.

Not only is this a poor model for the rest of the country (ie promises FN sovereignty and pretends to codify fee simple at same time, for the same land), it seems that the circumstances here are not often found anywhere else (ie no overlapping FN claims to the land).

Those are Specific Claims, and not "lawsuits" but Canada's way of not giving back fee-simple lands.

Canada will fight tooth and nail to prevent giving back fee-simple lands to FNs, even if there was an incredibly strong and undeniable strength of claim to title, SCC judges would probably still not grant title because it would set a precedent to dismantle a lot of fee-simple lands. Not all of it, it would be a super high bar, but there would be some large sections that a few FNs could take back if it weren't for the Specific Claims process. Also this is where Canada sends FNs if they want to fight over fee-simple.

They want the government to just evacuate everyone currently living on the island and hand over their properties to the injuns? :marseyconfused2:

The "Specific Claims" system appears to just be Canada's form of reparashuns :marseybipocmerchant:

By the way, this is what the president of the tribe looks like :marseymayo:

One commenter linked her article in "IndigiNews" on the subject:

So they want it to be their sovereign land but they also want to still have access to publicly-funded amenities like healthcare. Lmao.

The author also keeps putting words like "Canadian" and "BC" in quotations, which is extremely obnoxious. This is her btw:

Over all, I think this was a terrible idea and the BC government should have given all the land to me instead because I would put it to better use. :marseythalmor:

Reported by:

Hello, everyone. Some of you may have noticed that the trans genocide awareness thread stickied at the top of rdrama last year has been removed in recent weeks. Per the suggestion of several members, a new thread with some updated information will be made for this new year. 2024 is an election year in the United States, with all of the sociopolitical struggles that entail. The anti-trans march by politicians and culture war advocates continues, picking up steam at an alarming rate.

I will not mince words, the situation is bad and it can get much worse if left unchecked. Below is a primer from last year's thread providing details on what's going on and why it deserves the description of genocide. Some edits have been made by me for grammar and timeliness purposes, but it is a work in progress and there will inevitably be areas of concern overlooked that will require ongoing attention. I am but one cisgender man simply trying to raise awareness of a human rights issue in the spirit of others before me. I will do what I can, but I need your help to help others.

Credit to @HailVictory1776 for much of the original text that you will see below.


Hi, I would like to convince you of two things:

Anti-trans politicians are engaging in genocide. They are using state power to attack trans and non-binary people's rights to participate in public life, to access health care, and to keep their kids. This is not political posturing or pandering. It's genocide.

Stopping genocide requires recognizing the early signs. The most respectful thing you can do to honor the life's work of survivors of genocides is to look out, and pick one thing you can do to help stop another genocide from occurring.

Here are some questions I've seen people ask about calling anti-trans (the term I'll use throughout to describe things hurting trans and non-binary people) laws and infringements genocide, and my best try to answer them. If you already believe me and are just looking for what to do about it, please scroll to the end of this post for concrete, little things you can do TODAY:

What is a genocide?

As with a lot of crimes (e.g. r*pe, terrorism, organized crime) it depends on who you ask, it changes over time, there's a legal definition that sucks in specific ways, and there are experts who disagree on every part of the definition.

In 1946, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 96 (I) said:

Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind, results in great losses to humanity in the form of cultural and other contributions represented by these human groups, and is contrary to moral law and to the spirit and aims of the United Nations.

Based on that early definition, the UN put together the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide in 1948. Article 2 says:

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Click to expand...

That definition has two parts. (1) It has to be intentionally destroying a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. And (2) it has to have at least one of the five listed acts. I'll point out that you don't need to kill anyone for it to be a genocide. It's enough that you do terrible non-murder things to them, as long as your intent is to destroy the whole group.

What's wrong with the 1948 Genocide Convention definition?

David Lisson, "Defining 'National Group' in the Genocide Convention: A Case Study of Timor-Leste", 2008:

A difficult provision as a whole, no aspect of Article 2 has proven more vexing and controversial than its selective protection of certain groups…Problematically, the Genocide Convention does not provide definitions of the groups that it protects, and there is no universal understanding of what constitutes a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group.

The list of protected groups is too strict. The UN wrote the 1948 definition to provide a legal punishment for genocide. But they can't actually punish things that the 1946 definition and the rest of the world recognize as genocide. So for the first fifty years after the definition was created, there were no successful convictions for genocide. The definition was created in 1948; the first successful conviction was in 1998. Here is a long sad Wikipedia article describing genocides between 1948 and 1999. The criteria are too strict.

The UN had to compromise on a lot to get the definition agreed on. They left out groups who are regularly targeted during genocide: women, gay people, people with disabilities, and yes, trans people. It wasn't until the Jean-Paul Akayesu judgment in 1998 that r*pe was even legally recognized to be a crime of genocide.

Lots of experts criticize the 1948 definition for being too narrow for its intended purpose. See Groups Defined by Gender and the Genocide Convention or Defining "National Group" in the Genocide Convention: A Case Study of Timor-Leste or The Genocide Convention and Unprotected Groups: Is the Scope of Protection Expanding under Customary International Law? for examples. It sucks.

Why did they write the 1948 UN definition that way?

The UN needed a definition, and they compromised a lot to get it. Some factions wanted protections only for stable, permanent, or immutable groups (even though religion and nationality are changeable). Some wanted protections for political affiliation. The Soviets really didn't. They ended up trading political groups away, so they could get an international tribunal put in the Convention, and so on.

Also, the Nuremberg trials set them up poorly to do an inclusive job. For example, direct testimony about r*pe was not included in the Nuremberg trials, and the Nuremberg trials "neither formally charged nor prosecuted for r*pe". When you start from a too-narrow definition and you don't update it over time, it gets real stale. That's especially dangerous when humans are so good at finding new ways to hate each other.

How do experts on genocides define a genocide?

Payam Akhavan, author of "Reducing Genocide to Law: Definition, Meaning, and the Ultimate Crime":

Is it better to not call a genocide "genocide" and do nothing, or is it better to call a genocide "genocide" and still do nothing?

There are like a million definitions, but they always have three things:

It has to be intentional,

The goal has to be destruction or annihilation, and

It has to be of a group or collective of people, not just individuals.

But this is important: groups that work to prevent genocide do not give a shit about squabbling over "this is a genocide and this is not". They focus on identifying features of genocide before they get to Legal Genocide, because you can only prevent genocide, you can't undo it. Take their lead.

For example, the Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention aims to "raise red flags of genocide at precisely the moment when it may be inconvenient for states and large human rights organizations to do so", because "identifying genocidal dynamics early on is important to domestic and international response". The only moral way to address genocide is by agreeing it's really happening and stopping it in its tracks.

Everyone would be able to tell if something was a genocide. If people disagree that it's a genocide, does that mean it's not one?

No. Denial of genocide always accompanies genocide. Genocides take place over time and escalate from less to more extreme acts. See The Ten Stages of Genocide by Dr. Gregory H Stanton, Founding President of Genocide Watch. Of course if a group jumped from classification (us vs them) to extermination (mass killing), people would notice. But that's not how genocide works. It works by systematically removing the barriers that can prevent the state from eradicating a group of innocent people.

Where in the ten stages of genocide is anti-trans stuff in the US right now?

Let's look.

Classification: By nature, yes. Trans people and cis people are different.

Symbolization: Sure. But as Stanton says, "Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide unless they lead to dehumanization".

Discrimination: You betcha. Missouri's AG just effectively stopped gender-related health care for trans citizens. (2023: New restrictions in Missouri would make gender-affirming care nearly impossible; Did Missouri AG illegally seek patient records in trans inquiry? Lawsuit alleges overreach - archived version here). A trans lawmaker in Montana is being prevented from speaking on any bills. 36% of transgender youth in the US live in states that have already banned trans-related health care. Last year it was 18% (Bans on Best Practice Medical Care for Transgender Youth). We are seeing this in the UK as well. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has proposed that protections and rights based on gender in the UK should be based on "biological s*x". This would exclude trans people from single-s*x spaces, allow arbitrary discrimination, and remove protections like equal pay from trans women (The EHRC wants to redefine s*x. Here's what it means for trans people).

Dehumanization: Yes. Vilification of trans people as groomers, p-dophiles, child abusers, etc. is rampant in media and in legislatures. Trans people are animals. We are "demons and imps" and "mutants from another planet". Trans customers should be removed from areas where there are children. This is textbook justification for eradication of a group. To provide a point of comparison, note how Donald Trump referred to the so-called radical left (among other groups) as "vermin" or stated immigrants were "poisoning the blood of society." Similar dehumanizing language to soften people's reception to stochastic or officially state-sanctioned violence against "enemy" groups.

Organization: Inside the Secret Working Group That Helped Push Anti-Trans Laws. State legislatures are becoming anti-trans bill factories all working from the same playbook. Having a form where citizens report their trans neighbors or doctors providing assistance to trans people to the government (current status of this "hotline" unknown) is bringing the public in on it.

Polarization: Yeah, we are certainly at hate groups broadcasting polarizing propaganda.

Preparation: We're definitely indoctrinating the populace with fear of the victim group, stripping our rights while claiming to "protect our children". CPAC Speaker Calls for Transgender People to Be 'Eradicated'

Persecution: Yes, we're here now, too. Texas has turned the Deparment of Family and Protective Services into a posse investigating parents of trans kids (Governor's Letter). Last year, Florida passed a law that would give the state custody of a child if that child transitions. (SB254). That's a bad sign in this direction, especially when it was passed by a sitting governor who was running to become president.

Extermination: Not yet, but not for lack of trying from some individuals and groups. The openly known Project 2025, the list of aims of a second Trump Administration, will put the LGBTQ+ community in harm's way, defining trans people's mere existence as "pornographic." With entire communities forced to go (further) underground, it will only make harsher actions by anti-trans politicians easier to be carried out. Project 2025's aims also entail the effective dismantling of conventional federal government, further weakening if not outright destroying whatever protections are afforded to trans folks. I would like to remind everyone that between 2017 and 2021, the Trump Administration was able to push through a Muslim-majority nation travel ban, child separation border policies, a trans military ban, and an attempted coup to disrupt the peaceful transition of power. And in Trump's absence from power, predominantly Republican lawmakers have escalated their rhetoric and discrimination against those across the entire LGBTQ+ umbrella, trans people in particular. Now imagine what a now-experienced Donald Trump could push for or approve of with the help of a political party that would have regained control of the Executive Branch.

Denial: You betcha.

So yes, the US is actively engaged in most steps of genocide of trans people already.

Isn't it disrespectful to survivors of the Holocaust or other genocides to refer to what's happening to trans people as a genocide?


Jack Kliger, President/CEO, Museum of Jewish Heritage:

When we say that one must never forget the Holocaust, it is because we must never forget how it began, how words gave voice to discrimination and led to genocide.

Gideon Lev, Holocaust Survivor:

Do you know what I think about this as a Holocaust survivor? Trans rights are [the] same as human rights. And I stand with the trans community

Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention:

The ideological constructions of transgender women promoted by gender critical ideologues are particularly genocidal. They share many features in common with other, better known, genocidal ideologies. Transgender women are represented as stealth border crossers who seek to defile the purity of cisgender women, much as Tutsi women were viewed in Hutu Power ideology and Jewish men in Nazi antisemitism. Trans people in general are framed as figures that threaten the wholeness of the patriarchal nuclear family as well as the strength and vitality of national communities, much in the way that ethnic and national targets of genocide are viewed as cosmic enemies of the perpetrator group. Like the religious targets of genocidal violence, trans people are often described as somehow polluted, sinful, or against God. They are blamed for a host of social problems that have nothing to do with them or with the free expression of their identities. The Lemkin Institute reminds readers that one of the first libraries to be burned under the National Socialists in Germany was the library and archive of Magnus Hirshfeld's Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin, a groundbreaking research organization studying human sexuality and gender. The Nazis, like other genocidal groups, believed that national strength and existential power could only be achieved through an imposition of a strict gender binary within the racially-pure "national community." A fundamentalist gender binary was a key feature of Nazi racial politics and genocide.

Click to expand...

Marian Turski, Holocaust survivor:

"Don't be indifferent," he said. "That's what I want to say today to my daughter, my grandchildren and their peers, wherever they are."

"Don't be indifferent when you witness historical lies," he said. "Don't be indifferent when the past is manipulated for the sake of current political interests. Don't be indifferent when any minority is discriminated against."

There are exactly two purposes of recognizing genocide:

Preventing it from completing, and

Getting justice for the crimes that have been committed.

Recognizing genocides in progress before they are completed is the only way to prevent crimes against humanity. Gatekeeping calling something a genocide does nothing to help a group that is facing annihilation. It also does not honor the memories of people who have been victims of genocide. It lets genocide continue to happen without opposition.

It's not disrespectful, especially given transgender and GNC people were victims of the Nazi regime as well. The branches of hate tend to intersect.

How could a law that restricts trans participation in women's sports be an act of a genocide?

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

In the first six years of Adolf Hitler's dictatorship, Jews felt the effects of more than 400 decrees and regulations on all aspects of their lives. The regulations gradually but systematically took away their rights and property, transforming them from citizens into outcasts. Many of the laws were national ones issued by the German administration, affecting all Jews. State, regional, and municipal officials also issued many decrees in their own communities. As Nazi leaders prepared for war in Europe, antisemitic legislation in Germany and Austria paved the way for more radical persecution of Jews.

Click to expand...

In the first four months of 2023 alone, 46 anti-trans bills had passed, by the end of that year, at least 75 had passed, and nearly 400 more are currently introduced or advanced.

Allow me to reiterate that. Nearly FOUR HUNDRED MORE that could come.

Genocide never starts with death camps. Laws like these get a foot in the door. They make it law that transgender people are invalid and do not exist, because there is only "biological s*x" or "birth s*x". It's how you start to isolate a group. You claim they aren't a legitimate group. You blame them for societal ills. You isolate them from public view, from economic opportunities, from groups you previously belonged to, from positions of respect, from a good life.

Restricting rights of a group to participate in aspects of public life is essential to the genocide playbook. It is based on a made-up fear that we are "taking opportunities away from real members of society". It eliminates trans people's rights by falsely claiming to protect women. The actual goal is to set a legal precedent that transgender identity does not legally exist. When you want to prevent a group from existing in society, you first make a law that says "you aren't real to the laws that govern the rest of us".

A trans woman from abroad said it better than I ever could in this very thread:

Kyuuji said:

I said it in the other thread and will say it again, I don't know how to get more people to care. I wish I did, but it feels like we're at the eleventh hour on a lot of this and, at least in the UK, that's true regardless of election results.

I don't want to lose any more of my siblings because we're stuck in an endless discussion about where we pee, try on clothes and heal from injury or illness. All while children (and a significant number of adults) have lost their access to healthcare, can't reliably socially transition and are cut off from numerous career paths.

We are currently staring down the barrel of it being illegal to live openly as ourselves in society. Often people find it hard to connect the bans to this, viewing them as individual fragments rather than a whole. So, it would mean working without being able to use the bathroom. It would mean having no support group if you were violently assaulted, at a time where you are over four times more likely than cis people to experience violent victimization. Including r*pe, sexual assault, and aggravated or simple assault. It would mean you couldn't go shopping for a wedding dress as you can't access the changing room. You couldn't have a child and go to a mother and child class. You couldn't find friends through a women's book club. You couldn't even survive a car accident and be left unconscious without cis fears trying to hide you away on a different ward.

It is an eclipse of your ability to function in society.

Click to expand...

Lawmakers do not care about women's swimming. They know certain parts of the public feel something icky by seeing a photo of Lia Thomas next to a smaller swimmer. They feed on stereotypes and bigotry wherever they can get it. They are legislating the things they can get away with. Sadly, sports restrictions on trans women usually end up banning or hurting more cis women than trans people anyway.

Also, see this article from ABC News on how transphobia harms everyone. "While [trans folks and cis folks'] experiences are different in many ways, transphobia and misogyny hurt all of us." - Leroy B. Smith, communications director at the National Center for Transgender Equality

See here for scientific statistics that illuminate why trans-related healthcare is medically sound.

Okay, if it's a genocide, what do we do about it? What can I do personally about it?

Assume your action will make a real difference, because every bit of support truly does. There are lots of different levels you can act on to prevent genocide.

I'll start with IrishNinja's excellent links to directly help trans people build mutual aid networks:

IrishNinja said:

trans asylum seekers support network, trans resistance network and numerous others are working to build safe networks around the US, providing asylum, transportation and any number of services that at-risk trans folks need

please support your local mutual aid networks, they need it far more & do a lot more with your efforts & donations than the same failing avenues that helped get us here

hachikoma also provided the following info on orgs that can use help:

Equality Federation - EF is the national organization whose express mission it is to support state trans and LGBTQ work. Through technical support, training, re-granting, and coalition-building, EF is the national queer group with the most direct engagement at the state level as well as the connecting tissue between state and federal advocacy.

Trans Justice Funding Project [trans-led] - TJFP's model is community-led direct no-strings-attached grants to trans-led groups around the country.

National Center for Transgender Equality [trans-led] - NCTE is the country's primary trans policy advocacy group. NCTE holds most federal-level engagement, but also supports state work.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund [trans-led] - TLDEF is a trans-led litigation org.

Lambda Legal [cis-led] - Lambda is one of the movement's tentpole litigation organizations. They are the national queer org leading the challenge to MO's all-ages healthcare ban.

National Center for Lesbian Rights [cis-led] - NCLR the movement's other large litigation org.

Athlete Ally [cis-led] - LGBTQ advocacy org focused on inclusion in sports.

National Women's Law Center [cis-led] - NWLC, though primarily a women's rights org, is nonetheless extremely active in queer and trans work. They often produce the federal-level formal comments on proposed regulations for the movement orgs to endorse.

Click to expand...

You can contribute to groups that prevent genocide, like the Lemkin Institute. That would include donating, promoting awareness, partnering if you're part of a group that might be able to work with them, etc.

You can contribute to groups that are working to overturn these genocidal laws, like or You can volunteer to text bank from home ( That may sound not fun, but it's pretty easy, very low commitment, and you 100% will change some people's minds and make it easier for people to access their voting rights. I've done it, it's not that bad. You can volunteer with the Trevor Project, they're very low on counselors and wait time can make a big difference to a trans person in crisis.

You can use 5calls' templates to tell your respective lawmaker(s) that you want them to oppose anti-transgender legislation. You can take your pick of trans-supportive organizations in the UK to support. I like Mermaids.

You can give to Global Action for Trans Advocacy, because jeez there are other countries out there too, and trans people need help in all of them.

You can google "how can I help trans people" and take 10 minutes out of your day to look at the top few entries and pick a thing you can do.

You can do a lot, but even one thing will help.

Thanks for reading, special thanks to Kyuuji and Android Sophia for helping make it easier for all of us to learn more about these and related topics, thanks to members of the cool-butt presumably TransEra Groomercord for encouraging Bionic and providing feedback on a draft of this post (you know who you are, Bionic loves y'all), thanks to every trans and non-binary person on this forum, thank you to people who do allyship, and thank you for reading it. If you like this post, please print it out and staple it to your shower curtain.


Trans rights are human rights and human rights must be protected. I wish you all a safe, productive, and honorable 2024.


!germs !christians


Imagine spending 200 bucks on plastic toys for a Chud fairy tale and then having the rug yanked out (this is me… I bought an ork set :marseysad:)

Canadian children are the sexual property of the homeleSs

I was being r*ped, I think I was trying to fight back, I don't remember how many they're were but I got hit with a hammer.

One nice user recaps everything she missed.

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Is Snake Eyez still the best American player? (OP)

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Q: What is Happy Tree Friends?

A: You should have watched it as a kid. If you haven't, you can watch this:

Q: who the frick like this show?

A: autists :autism:, and no, this is unironic.

The Subreddit

I watched Happy Tree Friends as a kid and think it is pretty funny, and found out they made a new episode recently, so I read something about happy tree friends, and found the subreddit:

It is filled with autists obsessing over their stupid fan-made characters:

It is not even that interesting until you look into the stickied post of the subreddit.

The Autist

Here is the stickied post:

I don't care if I left the fandom! If you mention brunynhoalves, you're getting a 5 day ban! Just frick off already! I said to stop talking about him! I saw another post today!

Even the mods :marseyjanny2: talk like an autist. :marseyxd:

But who is /u/brunynhoalves? :marseydetective:

So basically he spams the subreddits with posts to tell people to subscribe to him or whatever: (Trigger Warning: Groomcord :marseydiscord:)

Since he spams the subreddit non-stop, he is eventually banned from it :marseyban:

And he appeals to the subreddit mods :marseyjanny::

So this is apparantly Flippy x Fliqpy ship:

It gets even worse:

In case you can't see the screenshot in the last screenshot:

Can you rub your breasts on my peepee? :marseymoidmoment:


Can you rub your breasts on my peepee? :marseymoidmoment:

I said can you rub your breasts on my peepee? :marseymoidmoment:

He apparantly shit up the subreddit so much that there are many complain posts about him:

What the frick is even illegal shit? These are all fricking anthropomorphic animals and these zoophilic autist do be like "no only the yellow rabbit and the pink female one not the same character but two personality" :marseylaugh:

When the autists noootices :marseynoooticer:

And from the above post, I found his twitter:



Gives off DO NOT REDEEM energy

13🎂| Neurodivergent🧩| Male | (he,) I'm a good artist, I'm obsessed with #happytreefriends, follow me if you want.


quite apparant

Look at this beautiful retweet:

And here's his YouTube Channel:

Made on Alight Motion

How To Make G Major 74 in Alight Motion:

1st go to up tempo and pitches:




2nd: go to alight motion and create a project what you want

3rd: tap + on Bottom Right

4th: click Klasky Csupo

5th: go to homogenization and opacity and click Luminosity

6th: go to effects and search Stretch Axis:

Scale: 0,85

Angle: 0,0°

7th: go to effects and search Circular Ripple:

Centralize: X Axis: 0 Y Axis: 0 Frequency: 1,00

Intensity: -0,140

Phase: 0,00

Radius: 0,30

Feather: 1,000

8th: go to effects and Search Stretch Axis: (again)

Stretch: 1,22

Angle: 0,0°

The autism :marseyautism: is strong

And this is legitimately disturbing.

And of course it is easy to find his DeviantArt too:

Rubbing your breasts on my peepee


So, how neurodivergent do you think he is?


i want phil to lead the british empire 15:37

  • Opens with a picture of the birthday pizza style feast. Jinxthinker had a Tango orange soda. Hot honey is confirmed as the new fricking craze.

  • The history of humanity with AI generated Navis 0:36

1. We started fighting dinosaurs and shit. Jinxthinker or a brigade of humans could beat up a T-Rex

2. Then we fought woolly mammoths, that was good shit though

3. Domesticated cheetas and made some pyramids and shit.

4. Castles and cool buildings and shit

5. Lions and Africanized Tigers and shit

6. Then we conquered the jungle

7. Jinxthinker would crush the Roman empire like a dog

8. Industrial revolution for factories and Beaucoop Bucks

9. Revolutionary War, we would have been better off if the Brits beat the American terrorist scum; the British empire needs to reclaim the colonies so we can go to space.

10. If the British quashed the American Revolution we would be in space building space lasers and fighting aliens and cool shit

  • Communists and Nazis are the same thing, they both worship Muhammad. We need to kill the Viet Cong?

  • Here's bravery (DarkSydePhil). Much braver than Joe Al Biden and his Mecca-facing White House. DSP could kill a division of Marines himself 4:15

  • Jinxthinker and DSP will bring back the empire of King Solomon

  • He has to pick a better song for phil. Sings along with Chloe Adams- Dirty Thoughts 6:10

  • Talks about fricking DSP's wife some more while murdering everyone he doesn't like

  • The Soviets war in Afganistan was fake because the Mujahedeen were also communists

  • "Biden was in Vienna. He was wanking to Hitler, and Hitler was like frick you, bro." 9:10

  • Jinxthinker is a heteronationalist. We need 1000 bunkers like Albania. 10:00

  • Men, women, children, and dogs will all be slayed by the neo-Britishheterosexual empire

  • Catholics and Orthodox Christians are Pelagians who don't believe in original sin (I don't think this is true) 12:00

  • The only reason children, who have original sin, aren't murdering people is because they're too weak. This is why the righteous warlord of God, DSP, will slay them too. (This part sounds very Alex Jonesesque)

  • The scriptures call for full extermination of all scum


  • We need to lace all drugs with rat poison so drug addicts like Hunter Biden will die 14:50

  • Heroin is aryan

!jinxthinkers were you taught the controversy in school? Did they teach you about humans fighting dinosaurs with lightsabers?

video description

we must utterly defeat out enemies. full extermination policy against j@ps pedofiles pisslamists & all enemies of the british empire. drown them in their childumb's blood. mec[cr]a[p], the shatican, washington district of c*nts, to[ilet]kyo, turdrahn. piss on the unholy q[c]u[nt]ran, piss on the declaration of indepdendunce, strangle joe al-bidumb & the ayatollah with their own rosary beads. pray to god for more dead pissastinian children. desecrate their corpses. pray to god for more school shootings. burn down the mosques. burn down the whitehouse.









kill their men, kill their women, kill their children.

they are a cancer that needs to eradicated with no remorse

we need a holocaust these scum. a series of concentration camps established across the north american continent until they are completely liquidated. they need to be made extinct. emir al-biden is the most evil man to ever have existed. his internal organs should be turned into liquid from the outside by radio waves. burn all an1me & everything written in ay-rabic





i want to see the union flag of great britain & northern ireland fly over the whitehouse, the japedofiles eradicated with biological warfare & the island partitioned between china & korea.

re-establish the 13 colonies & the mexican empire. burn down the alamo. siege the midwest & south until its population starves to death & settle africans in its place

the bantu expansion of nord afrika, burn down the shit moske of djenne, drive the ay-rabs out of darfur & into their graves. crush the provocations of the pisslamists





death to white nashionalism, pisslamism, an1me, nazism

america was founded as a catlick pisslam c*ntry - "maryland", jefferson & franklin were koranists. there are no christians in america. the establishment of sharia law "child brides". pedfilia is legal in america & over 100 other c*ntries yet they claim to be an oppressed minority. aryan trash. america named by the catlick vespucci


nobody has ever experienced as much wrong-doing done unto them as me & phil. phil is really like christ himself

phil is a redcoat in the british army

phil fought against negro slavery

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