Tag yourself. I'm the commune's little diapered up tardling

I'm a pig, and I smell bad. Mr. Smuther is my God, and that's what he says. He's always right. I kiss his butt. I suck everything down into my guts. I never shit. My body's greedy, there's nothing I can do about it. I'm bloated. I'm soft. I weigh 349 pounds. I'm fat scum. I despise myself. I'm sitting here in the pink pajama bottoms my mom gave me when I was fifteen. They still fit. I hate them, but I wear them. They're caked up around the crotch with various foods that I dripped and old sperm that I never wiped up. My sperm's sweet.

A lot of that sperm's there now because of Mr. Smuther, so I like it. I like to break it off in chunks and grind it between my fingers thinking about him. Then I feel disgusted with myself, but I like feeling that way for him. I'd like him to take a shit on my face while I lay on the sidewalk and people crowded around and laughed. He'd point down at my face and tell them how I deserved it, and they'd laugh again in agreement with him. I'd feel good, I like to feel good. I like to touch myself, especially when I pretend I'm someone else.

Sometimes in a restaurant I lose myself, I forget I exist. I sneak my hand up under my shirt and rub it, along the hair that collects around my bellybutton. The hair is soft, like the hair on a baby's head. I get hot and I can smell myself. I'm being smothered in my own armpit, then I c*m, but I don't feel anything. I discover a puddle of sperm in my crotch. I hurry and pay, then I leave, afraid they'll notice.


Did you actually listen to the lyrics? He's mocking black people.


Ben Shapiro is a known white supremacist, right wing commentator, homophobe, transphobe, denier of American chattel slavery, anti-DEI…

And the dungeon dragon lady is congratulating him on a #1 record which is a literal mockery of the art form she claims to champion.

congratulating someone who is Anti-DEI????:rag#ejak:

congratulating that man … the same man who wants the human rights of 90% of your fan base REVOKED … put the phone DOWN


Ben says that rap isn't real music. His song mocks Black women and pathologizes Black men. He disrespects the LGBTQ community. He clowns your rap peers. He's not trying to make hip hop music. He's making a mockery of us. I appreciate you being gracious. But he doesn't deserve your valuable stamp or respect, my sister.

This btch really congratulating a whole fcking racist….

:soy#cry: :soyja#ktantrum: :marseysoycry#:

When Ben Shapiro and your man link up

this one is actually kinda funny. For context, Nicki's husband is a s*x offender :marseyxd#:

hes a zionist, transphobic and god knows what else... if you support this lady after this sb me pls💀her fans love acting like shes this badass mean girl but shes just going out sad as heck, she didnt "gag" anyone nor did she "clock" anything im just embarrassed for her

:#marseytrans2genocide: :marseyflagpalestinegenocide#:

So Nicki Minaj is congratulating a racist bigoted white nationalist Ben Shapiro who is 💯 % against any black progress in America. Sis something is wrong with you but remember you was spreading disinformation about COVID 🤦🏾‍♂️

Not people being surprised she's co-signing a white supremacist. The same woman who lied about vaccines. This is who she is. Look at some of her collaborators, from 6ix9ine to Bill Cosby! This is her!

:#marseyvaxmaxx: :marseygigavaxxe#r: :marseycovidscare#:

ben saw these two black birds squawking, and like a real (((record executive))) he came in and was like “ah-ah-ah. not so fast bitches” lemme remind y'all who's in charge

:marseymerchant#: :#marseysoutherner: :marseycracka#:

Imagine having a fan base with a significant ammount of LGBT+ and BIPOC and the using your platform to amplify the presence of a literal white nationalist skinhead like what the actual frick.

:marseynuts#: :soymad#: :soysnooseethe#:

Quick update on the man who made the Taylor swift memes

This was his last post before going dark:

Public enemy number 1

RIP my friend. I never even knew you, but you were a heck of a shit poster.

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  • AnalKong : Wtf I thought they were supposed to be the master race
Infamous Jews :chadjew: in NYC Dig :marseyhole: Tunnel Across Street, Get Caught :marseycop:, and Chimp Out(On Camera :marseyneat:)

Because the original OP sucked due to lack of details and because most people on rdrama are low effort posters, here is an updated post.

This is incomprehensible so I looked into it. Since it's religious Jew drama in the US, only local/jew news outlets cover it and jew news outlets use jew terms.


Who are the Jews of New York and New Jersey?

I'm glad you noticed! :marseynoooticer: There are many Jews in New York but there are a few groups hated even by other Jews! Shocked? You'll never guess why!

The Hasids and Chabad

The Hasids are known for such bangers as B&H Photo and Video, getting killed by blacks, getting killed by the local blacks(again!), a cold case murder that was probably an inside job but no one will talk, taking over their local governments via organized voting and diverting funds to their interests(it's difficult finding links to this. Search just shows antisemitism articles :!marseydepressed:).

But why would so many people, including secular-ish Jews have hate in their hearts? Well... these Jews typically isolate themselves from society, take over local areas/governments, have disdain for local/state/federal laws, and treat you like a lesser person. (You are! Just read the Torah!) Naturally, if you lived near them, you'd get tired of them:chadjewrentfree: disobeying traffic law, siphoning taxpayer dollars via welfare, and making the government direct resources to them via block voting for their candidates :marseymerchant:.

But who are they, really? They're usually the funny hat and long sideburn people who spend their days obsessing over ancient...ish Jewish rules and following them to the letter. Imagine the worst strict christian living rent free :marseyrentfree: in a redditor's head and make it real and many times worse.

What happened

A faction of the local synagogue used their incels(trust me :marseywink:) :littlestchuddyjew:, called bochur(plural: bochurim), to dig a tunnel from one of their buildings to another across the street.

the tunnel, burrowed from the Mikvah on the corner of Union Street and Kingston Ave. The tunnel allegedly extended from the Mikvah under the Kingston Ave women's section of 770, where it exited into the building.

Working at night for an extended period of time, the bochurim began digging from the Mikvah building and hollowed out a tunnel

A mikvah is a ritual cleaning bath.

The tunnel would be about 300 feet long. :wow:

The Antisemites Find Out

construction work was underway placing new plumbing near 770. As the work neared completion, a trench was dug to lay a waterline and the surprised workers were shocked to find what appeared to be a tunnel underground

Details are scarce and I'm not going to spend another 30 minutes on this post but it looks like the government decided to pour concrete into the tunnel to close it off and prevent instability.

Friendly dramatards have discerned there is a property ownership dispute between two sects of this extreme Judaism for this "770" building. The owners of the building discovered the tunnel and got the police involved. Want to know partially why? You'll find out after the videos. :marseyexcited:

How did our friendly local Jews react to this pogrom? Well.... Their bochurim tore down part of a wall so they could get into the tunnel to prevent the antisemites from filling it in.

Courtesty of Twitter:

This one is a real banger. :marseypunching:

But Why the Jew on Jew Fighting?

Because the Jews are the rightful owners of the Jewish building, of course, not the other Jews!

Remember the building being called 770? No? Well it's probably somewhere in this post. It's the former home of the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of course! Don't know who he is? :marseypearlclutch: I'll tell you who he is!

the students who tried to stop the filling of the tunnel were mostly from Israel and associated with Chabad Messianism — whose adherents believe that Schneerson, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, was the Messiah. The Chabad-Lubavitch movement publicly disavows those beliefs.

So this Jewish area of NYC has a building where the Jewish messiah lived and now two groups of the same Jewish sect hated by everyone have been having a slow burn chimpout with one another. :marseypopcorntime:


@HoHoHotep 's Christmas wish came true today, he finally got this weird anime thing on the calendar! :marseychristmasparty:


Good luck today! Final calendar out tomorrow!


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  • 69 : Impassionata Impersonata pls Banata






Esteemed colleagues,

Fellow citizens of the Vulgate,

Happy chewers of dewy sewers

And other neat stuff like that;



and some, in their desperation, turn to failed methods of the past in order to seek the






Thus do I bind a circle on those collected here,

The Registry of Impassionatas!


~ keep it light

because it's heavy ~











As presiding Impassionata, I hereby open the floor. Any citizen may submit their public comment to the body politic.

@Impassionata3 will please ring the gong. It is also appropriate at this time to thank @Impassionata4 for the image above.

Steam Deck must haves?

Just looking for something for the weekend. Preferably something short. These games have been good to me:

  • Bioshock Infinite

  • GTA 4

  • He Fricked The Girl Out Of Me

  • Jusant

  • Max Payne 2

  • Neverending Nightmares

  • Quantum Break

  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

  • Tell Me Why

  • Goodbye Volcnao High

  • Mirror's Edge

Is Pentiment any good? It looks cool.

[MEGATHREAD] Emoji requests and commissions

Describe a site emoji you want to commission and how much you are willing to pay for it as a parent comment on this thread. It would help to include at least one reference image with your description.

Commissioners stand to gain the Patron of the Arts badge!

!marseyartists should subscribe to this thread to print DC

I was the one who put malware in Five Nights at Cobson's :soyjakcobsongenocide:

F.Y.I. Don't install it and if you did, uninstall it right meow unless you want me stealing all your paywalled patreon content :marsey4chan: :marseyanon:

TL;DR: I'm a game developer and I made it onto the team. What better way to strike back at the chuddies than to ruin their little game? Serves them right after they tried flooding here. :marseytroll:

This is in country club so it won't be visible to any plebs, especially shitty little soyteens! :marseyindignant:

TRANS. LIVES. FRICKING. MATTER. :#donkeykongchestbeat3:

EFFORTPOST List of anti-Wikipedia websites and communities

Wikipedia's stifling bureaucracy, large-scale edit wars, deeply-rooted cliques, and appeal to the socially inept have produced scores of current and former editors with an all-consuming grudge against Wikipedia and its powerusers. Many of these Wikipedians have harnessed their boiling hatred and spoken out against the free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Their activism has, of course, been extremely ineffective.

But it's great drama. The internet is littered with dead blogs and surprisingly active anti-wikipedia communities that detail abuses of power, personal scandals among wikipedians, paid and biased editing, various 'cabal' leaks, and a host of other primo content. Here's a list of some of them for your entertainment.

Common terms

  • Wikimedia Foundation (WMF): The org that hosts Wikipedia. Known for being poorly-managed, opaque, and occasionally hiring abusive admins.

  • Jimmy/Jimbo Wales: Wikipedia co-founder and former porn hawker, the guy whose face you see every time Wikipedia begs for money. Known to be a bit of a gaffing idiot who stumbled onto a successful idea during the 90's dotcom boom. In Wikipedia's early days, he was embroiled in numerous scandals, so the Wikimedia Foundation stripped him of any real power.

  • Larry Sanger: Wikipedia's other co-founder and public critic. Tried and failed to create several Wikipedia competitors.

  • Admin/Administrator/Sysop: :marseyjanny:

  • Bureaucrat: (unpaid) giga:marseyjanny:

  • Steward: (unpaid) ultra-giga:marseyjanny:

  • Arbitration Committee/Arbcom: The system Wikipedia uses to settle disputes and discipline users via a panel of respected editors (i.e. powerusers). Exceptionally dramatic.

  • Articles for Deletion (AfD): The system where editors vote on whether to keep an article and include their rationale. Unsurprisingly gamed during edit wars and through the involvement of cabal members, causing seethe and drama.

  • Request for Adminship (RfA): The system for nominating and voting in admins. Success is achieved through popularity and politicking.

  • Cabal: A clique of editors and/or admins who spend way too much time on Wikipedia. It's such an entrenched and undeniable part of the culture that Wikipedia pokes fun at it.

  • Vandalism: The act of making high-quality, accurate contributions to Wikipedia.

  • Wikipedo/Wikipedocracy: A pejorative that developed due to the perception that Wikipedia was too friendly towards p-dophiles. You can find gentle reference to these scandals here.

  • Israel-Palestine: The cause of initial disillusionment for a huge proportion of anti-Wikipedians. The most controversial topic on the wiki.


Spoiler alert: Like all blogs, they're dead. Still a good read though.

The corpse of ED also has numerous pages on Wikipedia power brokers, all a decade stale but they summarize the dramatic happenings surrounding particular people like SlimVirgin (RIP).



These are all very small but much more populated with content than the average tiny sub. If you look at most users' post histories (e.g. /u/bbb23sucks -- bbb23 is a Wikipedian), it's ALL about wikipedia.

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there's really only one way to address wealth inequality and it's simple

take the money away from the people who have too much.

don't listen to their whining, their excuses.

they look at this sort of talk as biting the hand that feeds them because by their ideology, they're the hand that feeds (even though if you notice, they're the hand that takes).

but by their own ideology, they're failing to feed people.

so since they've failed, it's straightforward. if you have assets valued at above a cool million, you lose those assets and they become distributed and a new round begins.

there really isn't any other way this ends that's legal to speak about.

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  • PermaChudRanch : Is this gonna be an ambatukam tribute video? That would be cool



Potential sites to farm drama :marseytroublemaker:

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[metadrama] Username/IP Leak

Hi guys, as you all might know I'm a !codecel. Recently I discovered a vulnerability in the site, which from what I can tell has existed for a while. In exchange for the countless hours of work I put into combing through the code and testing exploits, I'd like a little sum sum from @A (not monetary, just stupid shit/basic respect, see below) but he does not seem interested in cooperating with me.

Among the options presented to @A he had were reinstating HeyMoon or calling me on groomercord/snapchat, both of which he denied without explanation. I'm happy to help him out with his (arguably transphobic) website, but I'm not going to just spoonfeed him code while he gives me the cold shoulder. I would like to mention that HeyMoon (@CarpathianMoon) had utterly no knowledge or consent or anything to do with this, I just recently heard about the drama and thought that it's something nice that I could do as, from what I have heard, HeyMoon was unjustly removed.

For your information: I am NOT going to give this info out to anyone or use it nefariously. I INTEND to do good for the website; I have not stolen any IPs or anything, but I have verified that the exploit works and would give an attacker that ability. I would best describe my alignment as "Chaotic Good". I'm not intending to hold this over anyone or anything; I will NEVER release the exploit unless given explicit permission from @A after it's patched. But I would like to use my small bit of leverage that I've stumbled upon to improve the site, further my own (innocuous) goals, and maybe take @A down a peg.

Please note that an IP/username leak isn't the worst in the world either. Worst case scenario, people figure out what city you live in and your ISP. Note that large institutions might be their own ISP, so people might, by extension, be able to figure out where you work. (Of course, law enforcement would be able to find you too). But otherwise it's not that bad. If you are super concerned about this, you should be using TOR or a VPN anyways, as any website on the internet can see your IP. The real kicker here is that this exploit allows you to connect a username to an IP, which is perhaps a bit more information than many would be willing to give out.

TL;DR: There is an IP leak exploit. I would like to work with @A to remedy this on my own terms, but he is refusing. Use a VPN if you care, or don't idgaf.



i love this schizo bulgarian grifter so much is unreal, go get that bag kween!

:marseyburn: prepare your CPU :marseyburn: :redlight: GENERAL CODECEL/CSS BOUNTY THREAD. GET IN HERE WEBSHITTERS. :marseycoin::marseycoin::marseycoin:200DC:marseycoin::marseycoin::marseycoin: CSS REWARDS :redlight:

Hello. this is a thread dedicated to showcasing the wacky and :marseydanc#e: quirky effects that can be achieved with CSS/HTML shittery.

HOW DO I GET THE MONEY? :marseyexcited:

:m#arseyhacker: you need to do cool shit that hasn't been shown off in the thread, epic style. Post it in the thread! That's it! if it's new, and hasn't been showcased, you'll get 100DC.

if it's certifiably epic, you'll get a 100DC bonus If you explain what the arguments for any given thing does, (and there's no suitable explanation in the thread already) you'll get a 50DC bonus! Documentation is important :marseywholesome:

What DOESN'T count:
  • anything sufficently covered in . I'm not paying you to show me how to bold things or some gay shit :marseyindignant:

  • Anything that repeats an existing thing. if someone shows off a marquee (though I already showed them off in the thread so no money for that :marseycheeky: ), putting a dozen of them together to make an r-slured pattern is NOT new.

  • you are however encouraged to post any wacky patterns/things you make even if they're duplicated . if I like them I may give you money anyway

  • Anything I deem not worth my money even if it follows the above rules

  • anything posted by carp

!codecels get your MONEY

Marseygen is around for good now

unless it turns out to be too spammy or something

tell yo franz

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  • TT___TT : I once pet a llama and they smell weird
Meta releases LLaMA 2 Chat, the most absurdly censored AI yet

Not the base model, presumably that's fine. There'll be finetunes like Wizard or Orca that don't have these issues.

The base model was probably under $2 million on their in-house GPUs. The data that turned it into this cost them another $20 million.

The smaller models will refuse to tell you how to make mayonnaise.

Try 70b here:

And 13b and 7b here:


The only data filtering they did was remove Kiwi Farms :marseylaughpoundfist:


Even with no system prompt, it refuses to tell you how to survive a bomb :marseymushroomcloud:


Stolen from

They’re adding more realism

More r-slurred experiments with language models

With all the new open source LLMs out, I wanted to give finetuning on rDrama another try.

This time I picked MPT-7b, a model released back in May by MosaicML. It has a few interesting properties - including similar performance to LLaMA-7b and the ability to increase the context window past the size it was trained on - but the main thing that sets it apart is its training efficiency. Mosaic's a really competent group, and they created MPT as a tech demo of their main product, which is a platform for training models with SOTA performance. As a result, it's about ten times more cost-effective than LLaMA to finetune.

For the training data, I took the comment chain with the highest truescore from every thread, ending with 60M tokens. I trained on this for four epochs on an 8xA100 80gb. Altogether this took around two hours and $30. (!codecels this is a very fun thing and I recommend trying it. You could train on a smaller dataset like a group chat for <$10)


Before jumping into the output, let's first take a look at the effects of introducing MPT to the wonderful minds on this website :marseybigbrain:

Here are the results of re-evaluating the model against the MMLU benchmark:

CategoryOld Accuracy.New Accuracy.Percent change.

Looking good! Other than some blips in high school chemistry :marseychemist: and professional law :marseygrouns:, the new model seems to have taken pretty well to the userbase.

Demos and examples

:!marseypoint2: Try it here: :marseypoint2:

Or look at the fake threads below. The usernames are all whatever they were during Donkey Kong December.

Threads by MPT

Threads by GPT-J for comparison

For how much MPT improves over GPT-J, I was expecting better sadly. I'm thinking I made the learning rate too low :marseytabletired:. Oh well.

Instruction tuning

Next, I applied another light finetuning step using the LIMA dataset, to see if I could get an instruct model out of this. The paper for LIMA used 15 epochs, but I found that I could only do two before it forgot about rDrama entirely.

:!marseypoint2: Demo: (fixed link) :marseypoint2:

This one's also not great, although I wasn't really expecting it to work. Sometimes takes a few tries to even get it to answer. Still, some responses can be pretty funny:

I'd like to troll reddit users and need ideas for a bait subreddit that I can create. In the past, subreddits like /r/transparenttranskid, /r/Justice4Darrell, and /r/TXBountyHunters have all been very successful in generating seethe. What are some other ideas?

1. /r/MakeKidsHear - Make kids wear hearing aids.

2. /r/SavingBlackKids - Save black kids from drowning in the ocean.

3. /r/SaveAbusedKids - Don't let abused kids go to jail.

Who is Aevann?

Aevann (the only known human, at least from his perspective), is a young, agendaposting, "Megamind"-loving autist who runs the site. He is a master of coding and works closely with Janny to maintain and develop the site to better serve its users. Aevann made the site as an alternative to Facebook due to his discontent with Facebook's privacy policies and terms of service. Most users are aware of Aevann's obsession with programming and his love for web development. When aevann is not here, other users on his "list of friends" may log into Aevann's account to see his online status. Aevann prefers a more serious tone and enjoys humor that is on the obscure side of things. Aevann has no problems getting away with offensive jokes since he is an Internet user. This doesn't mean that he is mean and rude; it just means that he is honest. Due to his honesty, he isn't afraid to be offensive and take things away from users. The only person that can access Aevann's (real) email address and phone number is Janny, the only human being that Aevann has met in real life. In fact, Janny is also the only person Aevann has ever met in real life. Aevann also has a brother named Kitten.

Anyway, give it a try, maybe it'll come up with something fun. And hopefully Mosaic releases a larger model soon. The training cost for these scales linearly with the number of tokens and number of parameters, so with the same budget I should be able to do 1 epoch on a 30b model.

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