Internet Historian plagiarized the Man in Cave video from Mental Floss article

There's a Hbomberguy (the H stands for hcute twink :marseysjw: ) video that talks about it in detail but it's :marseylongpost: video essay and the guy is insufferable to listen to so I'm not linking it.

Massive smugfest under IH's most recent video (uploaded like an hour ago lol poor timing)

The article in question https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/544782/1925-cave-rescue-that-captivated-the-united-states-floyd-collins

And the offending video:

Reddit links:




there's some "national geographic" nudity watch out

i didn't know the two photos were connected and i don't know how to flag this nsfw :marseybeanangry: edit: figured it out




This is very interesting. So it shows that in just less than a century, people were still walking around and living in unclothedness in present day South East Nigeria. Wow!!

Those in the top row are the Yoruba women of those days. That's exactly the way my loving Iya Agba dresses in those days and we will all be falling over one another to prostrate before her.

Those Yoruba women move with so much charisma and confidence that you dare not misbehave even in their absence. Those women were equally educated and rich!

That dressing of the Yoruba women you see up there costs a fortune o. Pictures of Yoruba women dressed like this over a century ago are now interesting subjects of studies in Yoruba history and culture today. As a proof that the Yoruba culture is ahead of most other Nigerian/African tribes, unclothedness has never been part of Yoruba history and culture.

I learnt that there are still some parts of present day Nigeria who still appear like those other set not wearing clothes as at that 1920.

God is great indeed.

The Yoruba civilised the Igbo yet this is not taught in our history books so that young Igbo can see and value and appreciate what the Yoruba did for the Igbo, we were made to memorise what Mungo Park did instead of teaching us what our Yoruba forebears including these Yoruba women did to help the Igbo tribe attain this present age civilisation. Smh

There's a random we wuzzer going on about egypt and pharos on page 2 but everyone is ignoring him

There's some great arguing over the philosophy of wearing clothing

lots of sources and questioning of sources



and LOTS of racism

How times flies...

I get am before no be property

Even Igbo lives on trees and bamboo in 90's

Today they're the envy of Yoruba race grin

And funny dunce is this ... they more they open thread on thread to mock a past ... the future and presents laughs hard at Yoruba .. talk more of Reno

His father's house has been bought over by bush and timid igbos .. while the 60% of Yoruba people now pay rent to same bush igbos

grin grin grin


Igbos remains Kong's of the entire south

Go and quote this anywhere

Then go back and ask why the jealousy hate and envy is real .. and strong ..

Igbos lord over them all...

They have no choice ... but competite

Now someone remind reason for the hate by Yoruba people and Reno... grin

Always hate what you can't conquer

.... after running tell us where you Dey...

This is 2023

Igbos still trailing behind in everything.

We own the media, we own the economy, you feed in our land, you want to dress like us, we control the music you hear. We educate you, we enlighten you

There are pictures of twitter posts that seem to be subtley racist memes? :marseyconfused:


Fallout trailer.
Christian wtf

Reportedly, she would automatically hang up on anyone who said that they liked Limp Bizkit :marseyxd: :chadwomannordic:

So what did they do?

:marseymacholegs: I'd never seen this one I'm glad it exists

Now how about marseys of the best battlemarseys? Especially dasli and chronos


I'm user rank 15235 btw


It's now some r-slurred three-way balkan-tier shitfest.

Somehow it's both existential crisis for every country east of Berlin, but Russian gas passes through Ukraine border better then their closest allies trucks. Covid-tier psyop shit.

:marseyxd: :marseyxd:

Best material since the Netyanhu-Modi barefoot beach pics.

They can't accept that German women are not worth it.

If I were single again and turned 30 I'd just go to the Philippines. Not worth the hassle tbh :marseygigachad:

Euro 2024 groups

Cornel West is broke

Wasted :marseyhungover: millions of dollars :marseymoney: on big booty :marseytwerking: bitches, apartments, cars, and didn't pay his taxes


Paki Hindu says India is a Hindu nation, chimp out in replies :marseypopcorntime:

So context of drama is the logo for National Medical Council was recently changed to featured the God of Medicine. :marseyshiva:(not him but representative image). This made the lolberals and muzzies sneed very hard. Please let muzzies boycott hospitals over this :marseybegging: God please release a fatwa mullahs do something productive for once.








I disagree.



Every katuwi Islamist needs to be catapulted over the border.

Potato Fairy on the Potato Fairy
this is cirno
most normal telegram group chat :marseytelegram:
Modern flag design is cancer
Gay for Law? Asian man wants to lie about being gay to gayme the system
Seattle no longer safe for jews






Man I remember when it was Trump, Bolosnaro and Boris Johnson on these compilations of :marseychud: heads of state. Only Modi remains from the original batch.


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ok i confess

i was sleeping with a guy (sue me) but he creeped me out so i hacked his tv so hed hear voices and shit :marseydarkxd:

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